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More bother

So the site went down again and it managed to destroy a bunch of boring old posts and a few photos. No big deal as its all back together again

WebProp is broken

Many of you will have seen these propagation banners on many ham web sites. They are generated by a script on the G4ILO’s Shack website.

WebProp propagation banner

It appears that NOAA changed the format of the wwv.txt solar data file with effect from I January . When I turned on the computer I was greeted by a pile of “bad data” messages from the PHP script that processes wwv.txt and turns it into an intermediate data file which is used by WebProp (and also VOAProp) to display the current solar data.

Unfortumately I cannot fix iy. My vision is too confused to read  type very well and my brain is too befuddled to deal with technical compouter stuffany more. Even typing a blog post is a trial for me at the moment. I have hade to make dozens of corrections even to get this far (one reason for the dearth if blog postings recently.

Is there anyone who knows PHP who would be willing to take a look at the script and fix it so tyhat it will work with the current bersion if the wwvntxt file?

I foolishly thought that if I just left erything as it is then it would juat carry on running without any work from me. Unfortunately things get updated and require changes to be made. Maintaining this website has become  burden I could do without right now It causes me a lot of stress and upset that I can’t manage to do things i could easily do before. The easiest solution might be just shut down for good.

Website woes

The tranquility of my morning was disturbed by receiving an email “Disk Usage Warning” from the web hosting service for the website.

This was worrying as I had not made any significant changes to the site for several months. I was concerned that hackers might have found a way to upload files to the server so that it was serving porn or some other equally objectional stuff.

After a look around using the disk management tools in cPanel the public_html directory seemed to be excessively large.

I FTP’ed in to the server with FileZilla  and found that the error_log file was astronomically large. I took a look at it and the file was full of warnings about a deprecated PHP function:

PHP Deprecated: Function split() is deprecated in /home/g4ilo/public_html/lib/classes/ on line 881

A sI hadn’t changed anything my suspicion was that the web host had changed some global PHP setting. When I submitted a support ticket they didn’t admit to anything but with a bit of help I was able to turn error logging off. This seems to have solved the problem so I am crossing my fingers that ‘s  the end of it.

It was fine maintaining and supporting a website when my mind was sharp and my eyesight good. But I don’t find messing with this kind of thing very easy nowadays and I could do without the hassle and stress of things like this.

Time for some radio now

I’ve spent far too much time putting this blog back in line thanks to some dodgy code that got into my site. The site as a whole has shrunk a bit and I’m adding content back in as I go along. Its all very time consuming even though I have loads of back ups.

Having said that I’ve found a bit of time to do some planning for the new mast and feeders etc which I’ll order as soon as I get firm quotes for the building work I need to do for the extra room. Scam 12There’s still a bit of a battle at home over the position of the thing which looks a bit like this one. They are fairly compact masts in as much as they are telescopic but pretty heavy too at 80+Kg.

Plans are to make up a tilt bracket and to mount it on the side of the new room (with enough space for a decent beam in the future).

With it being telescopic the feeder needs to be carefully considered so it doesn’t fracture from being raised and lowered regularly. This is part planning application and part saving antennas from strong winds and salt spray. Ideally a good quality VHF coax will be used for yep, VHF antenna’s but getting the right one is crucial to avoid expensive mistakes. Time for a chat to the DX shop I think.

A little bird tells me

@G4ILO is on Twitter!  You can follow me from the widget in the left hand column of the blog.

Visitors Book gone!

They say that to err is human, to really foul things up you need a computer. And I have been fouling a lot of things up recently. The latest thing that I fouled up is the G4ILO’s Shack visitors book.

On the site I also have a contact log. This runs from a backup of my KComm (MixW format) log file. KComm automatically backs up my log to the web server, in order to create an off-site backup of my log. As a bonus, I have a PHP script that reads this backup file and displays the contents in a human-readable format.

What I stupidly did, when re-configuring KComm after my computer troubles a couple of weeks ago, was put the guest book file name log.dat for the backup file name, instead of what it should have been: g4ilo.log. So when KComm uploaded my contact log backup it overwrote the guest book data file instead. I only discovered this after wondering why the contact log on the site wasn’t updating.

I looked back in the site backups maintained by the hosting service but they only go back a couple of weeks.  I must have made the error before then. All I have managed to salvage is the most recent 3 entries. I’m rather upset about that, because the guest book contained comments made over many years from the early days of the site, which I had painstakingly preserved over various versions of guest book script.

At least I didn’t lose my contact log going back to 2001. That would have been a disaster!

A new review

I have just added a review of the Nevada WH3080 Solar weather station to my G4ILO’s Shack website.

The website gets a lot more visitors than the blog so I will be adding new content over the coming months.

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