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Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 264

Amateur Radio Weekly

Open-Source passive radar taken down for regulatory reasons
KrakenRF team has stumbled into an arms-trafficing legal roadblock for their KrakenSDR-based passive radar code.
Hack A Day

Turn a 20+ year old Yaesu FT-817 into a CW mean machine
It was quickly becoming clear to me that my humble FT-817 couldn’t cut the mustard in the world of serious CW operating.
Ham Radio Outside the Box

FCC OKs Ham-Military QSOs for Pearl Harbor Day
The FCC has approved an ARRL request to permit contacts to be made between amateur stations and military stations.
CQ Newsroom

Can you handle yet another ‘OTA?
Coming soon to a body of fresh water near you.

40 MHz beacon in Denmark off air due to electricity costs
OZ7IGY has an annual electricity bill of more than 2,800 EUR.

FCC Commissioner advocates for preservation of AM Radio
FCC Commissioner Nathan Simington said AM radio is an “indispensable resource.”
Radio World

Turning a trailer wiring harness into ready-made ground radials
Now we have four 25 foot radials. Bonus was all were different colors. Easy to untangle.

Raspberry NOAA V2 Edition 2023 image released
Raspberry Pi automated NOAA and Meteor weather satellite capture.

How to repair a broken solar panel
I learned that solar panels have bypass diodes and that if one fails, it will cause reduced output on a solar panel.
Mikes Tech Blog WB8ERJ

222 MHz: Is anybody there?
Amateur Radio on 222 MHz has endured several reallocations and other changes through the years.
On All Bands


Building your own electric motor
Hannah Fry delves into the inner workings of electric motors.

Innovative use of screwdriver antenna
Would counterpoises work better if the radials where pointed down at a 45 degree angle?
David Casler

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Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 263

Amateur Radio Weekly

SKYWARN Recognition Day set for December 3
The annual SKYWARN™ Recognition Day (SRD) on-the-air activity will take place Saturday.

Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communications surpasses 25,000 Items
DLARC has quickly grown to more than 25,000 items, including Ham Radio newsletters, podcasts, videos, books, and catalogs.

Survey: How do you find new nets?
We’re researching how the Ham Radio community discovers nets. All information is anonymous.
Amateur Radio Weekly

HF & VHF Ocean Radars – 26 MHz to 43 MHz
Ocean radars measure ocean currents by emitting radio waves from shore-based transmitting antennas.

Decoding the Artemis I Orion vehicle
Seven hours after launch, I used two spare antennas from the Allen Telescope Array to record RF signals from Orion and some of the cubesats.

Lithium batteries in the cold: A guide
As a lithium battery cools, the chemical process that creates electricity slows down and the internal resistance of the battery goes up.
Off Grid Ham

The Luxemburg-Gorky effect
A phenomenon of cross modulation between two radio waves.
The SWLing Post

Stand alone SSTV camera
Despite the crude nature of SSTV it works surprisingly well.
Dzls Evil Genius Lair

FUNcube-1 (AO-73) now celebrating nine years in orbit
It has now transmitted more that 16 million data frames.


Exploring a 1 million Watt FM tower
Tour the super tower in Crestwood, MO, serving the entire St. Louis metro area.
Geerling Engineering

DIY sand battery
The theory, practice, and use
Robert Murray-Smith

Iowa Marine Mobile
Had a lot of fun experimenting RMOOTA (Random Metal Objects On The Air) with the boat today.

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Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 262

Amateur Radio Weekly

Ever heard of the Heathkit SS-8000 Digital Transceiver?
The reason that very few Hams have heard of it is that it was never released.

CW Hotline
Think The Bat Phone for CW.
Ham Radio Solutions

DATV Trans-Atlantic experiments
Successful Digital Amateur TV tests on the 29 MHz band across the North Atlantic.

FediHams Digital Voice Network
This digital voice network is intended as a place to hang out for all the Fediverse Hams.

Pride Radio Group
Pride Radio Group is a virtual radio club set up to demonstrate and promote acceptance within the hobby.
Pride Radio Group

Solar powered Meshtastic network
Austin Mesh is a community group working to build a mesh network of solar-powered Meshtastic radios.
Austin Mesh

Why do I want to buy so many Ham Radios?
What is it with this obsession of collecting radio gear?

The enduring Yaesu FT-817 and FT-818 series transceivers
Why choose a legacy design like the 817/818 when newer QRP transceivers have better overall field specs and features?

Book: War Diaries – A Radio Amateur
What it’s been like for a radio listener and Ham Radio Operator living day-to-day in Kyiv since Russia invaded Ukraine earlier this year.
SWLing Post


When secret government numbers stations go wrong
Automated stations are prone to errors.
Ringway Manchester

A.I. and Amateur Radio
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and the future of Amateur Radio.
Open Research Institute

W6MRR balloon launch
High altitude balloon launch, Pasadena California. W6MRR, KN6KZF, and K6EAU.

RX888 MK2 16BIT Software Defined Radio
64 MHz real time bandwidth on HF.
Tech Minds

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Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 261

Amateur Radio Weekly

DLARC comes online
Digital Library of Amateur Radio and Communications now available with first batch of collections.
Internet Archive

[Podcast] Deep dive into the M17 Project
M17 is developing a new digital radio protocol for data and voice that is open source.
Linux in the Ham Shack

The decline and fall of RaDAR
Participants set up a station, make 5 contacts, then tear down and move on.
Ham Radio Outside the Box

Simplifying antenna tuning with a manual tuner and a nano VNA on location
Something I have always hated doing is the whole tuning operation and transmitting while I did it.

QRZ Jumpstart Program gives away 2,000 radios
QRZ places a brand new radio into the hands of any person who has been licensed within the past 30 days.

Measuring height with atmospheric pressure
We’re going to play around with the atmosphere around us, and do a little bit of math, to create a pressure sensor-based height measuring tool.

Radio manual archive
An archive of user manuals, service manuals, and schematics for hundreds of Amateur Radios.

BBC broadcast tech: then and now
We look at the BBC’s pivotal role in making the broadcast and radio technology field what it is today.
Engineering and Technology

Special event station AU2JCB
A special event to commemorate the father of wireless communication, Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose.

Time to make a choke balun
These devices are present to control common mode currents.


10m FM QSO mobile: Florida <> Vermont
Conditions on 10m were fantastic this morning.

The giant Collins HF discone antenna at the Titan Missile Museum
An amazing place and a unique and equally amazing antenna that you can use.

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Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 260

Amateur Radio Weekly

Richard Brunton, G4TUT, Silent Key
For countless years, Richard was editor of the popular Southgate Amateur Radio News website.

Why I Quit QRP (and maybe shouldn’t have)
I placed the blame for my lack of portable QRP QSOs on poor propagation. In hindsight, there could have been another explanation.
Ham Radio Outside the Box

AMSAT Amateur Satellite Database
Radio frequencies for Amateur satellites orbiting Earth. Search and sort them by name, number and mode.

Build a passive radar with Software-Defined Radio
Spot stuff with the KrakenSDR and two TV antennas.
IEEE Spectrum

Drone to raise antenna using bait drop servo
This approach seems promising and I hope to try it out with a real antenna raising soon.
Marxys Musing On Technology

Making QO-100 contacts from North America–a new challenge
It is understandable that Amateur Radio operators in North America are disappointed that they cannot experience the fun of using QO-100.

Identify that antenna by sight
It’s a skill that Radio Amateurs pick up over years but which it sometimes comes as a surprise to find that is not shared by everyone.
Hack A Day

Radio silence grows in Venezuela as government shutters dozens of stations
At least 50 stations in Venezuela have been closed so far this year by the Conatel regulator because it says they lack valid licenses.

Baluns and common-mode impedance: How much is enough?
This article starts by defining what a balun is (and is not) along with common-mode current and impedance.
On All Bands

Exploring the handy Prusik Knot
The Prusik knot is a simple, yet effective means to provide needed strain relief to wire antennas and coax.

POTAXXIA may be right for you
Pursue your passion while remaining in control.


GNU Radio Conference 2022 talks
YouTube playlist of all talks from the 2022 GNU Radio Conference.

Creating homemade tubes
Building a 1920s tube amplifier (and tubes!)

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Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 259

Amateur Radio Weekly

If China declares war, these Ham Radio enthusiasts could be crucial
Ham Radio might turn out to be more than just a pleasant pastime.
L.A. Times

Mastodon.Radio: A Twitter alternative for Hams
Mastodon.Radio is a community space for the Amateur Radio community. It’s entirely funded by its users.

More information about the NOAA-15 failure
The technical aspects of the AVHRR Scan Motor failure.

Building a local network with LoRaWAN
The core of the build is the LoRaWAN gateway which sits at the top of a tall building to maximize the wireless range.
Hack A Day

Understanding the basics of APRS and how to get started
APRS stands for Automatic Packet Reporting System.

A tour and deep-dive of my SOTA/POTA Backpack
A deep dive into my world of packs, bags, and organization. It’s not for the faint of heart.

Building a field expedient Amateur Radio kit
The ability to rapidly move to a remote area and set up reliable multi-band, multi-mode communications in very short order.
On All Bands

History of the 11m Ham band
11m was a legal Ham band in North America from 1947-1958.

Why I’m keeping my IC-7300
There’s been a lot of hoopla over the new Yaesu Radios.


Hamilton Hamfest walkthrough
A walkthrough of the excellent Hamilton Hamfest.

Installing FT8, JS8Call, FLDIGI, and Gridtracker on Linux
Let’s get FT8, JS8Call, FLDIGI, and gridtracker installed on the Evolve Maestro laptop running Linux Mint.

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Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 258

Amateur Radio Weekly

US opts to not rebuild Arecibo telescope
The agency issued a solicitation for the creation of a $5 million education center at the site.

Ham TV to return to the ISS
AMSAT announced the Ham TV unit for the ISS is repaired and on the way to Houston for testing.

Take a long hard look at our community
Im distressed to report that, yet another amateur has been bullied out of our community.

Ghosts in the Air Glow
An ionospheric transmission art project using the HAARP Ionospheric Research Instrument transmitting NBTV and SSTV.
Ghosts in the Air Glow

ARRL to offer training for club officers
Webinars will offer training for the skills needed to build and run a successful club.

Make your own solder flux
Lets make a healthier soldering flux using only natural ingredients.

Log 10 meter CW beacon activity
Some beacon ops will request QSL card reports the old school way via mail.
The SWLing Post

How to build aluminum antennas
Next to wires, antennas made of aluminum tubing and rod are the most common type of amateur radio antenna construction.

Anatomy of Blockstream Satellite
Blockstream Satellite is a service that broadcasts the Bitcoin blockchain and some additional related data from GEO satellites.
Daniel Estévez

1956 Philips 353A Bakelite vacuum tube radio restoration
The 353A is a reasonably complex mains-powered seven-tube superheterodyne radio receiver.
Adams Vintage Computer Restorations

Crusty leaking battery cells
What has happened here and how can I fix it?
Hack A Day


Internet Archives Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communications
The Internet Archive is preserving more than 100 years of Amateur Radio knowledge and is looking for your donations of media.

Dollar Store Permeability Tuned Oscillators
Experimenting with PTOs following Farhans use of one in his new Daylight Again transceiver.

Arborist throwing line for hanging antennas
How to use an arborist throw line to hang antennas in trees high enough to work properly.


QSL? (Do You Confirm Receipt of My Transmission?) is a hardcover book featuring 150 QSL cards that highlight the visual language of Amateur Radio.
Ham Radio Prep makes it easy to get your amateur radio license.
100 foot length of LMR-400 feed line with PL-259 connectors on each end.
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