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Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 327

Amateur Radio Weekly

Utah students use Ham Radio to connect with astronaut during eclipse
A Utah school district participated in an international program that helps students connect with astronauts using Amateur Radio.
Desert News

The Zombie Apocalypse
Exploring the feasibility for radio communication during an actual SHTF situation.

USB-C charger for the MD-(UV)380/RT3(S)/GD-77
Using a 2S 2A USB-C charger PCB.

Simple guide to meteor scatter MSK144 contacts
If you are using FT-8 you are already half way there.

International Ham Radio events calendar
Add your event.
QSO Today

Lightning scatter at 144 MHz
Making use of the short scatter signals from lightning strikes.

Building HamClock on an old Raspberry Pi
This is a great addition to any Ham shack.

Comparing prices of two 20AH LiFePO4 batteries: $60 vs. $265
The $60 battery delivers the goods.

Crystal substitute using si5351
An inexpensive substitute for the 1647kHz LSB crystal.
Owen Duffy


A novice’s guide to radio astronomy
SDR all the way.
Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers

DIY spark gap transmitter
Assembly and analysis of a DIY spark gap transmitter.
Baltic Lab

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Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 326

Amateur Radio Weekly

HamSCI solar eclipse events
Monday: Solar Eclipse QSO Party and Gladstone Signal Spotting Challenge.

ROC-HAM Solar Eclipse QSO Party
Monday: W2E special event takes place over HF.

How to DX the 2024 solar eclipse
DXing the mediumwaves promises to be an exciting event on April 8.
SWLing Post

Get involved using LoRa APRS on 433 MHz.

Performance of trees as radio antennas
Conventional whip antennas compared with the performance of Hybrid Electromagnetic Antenna Couplers (HEMAC) in conjunction with jungle trees as antennas.
United States Army Electronics Command

Ham mobile install–A few suggestions for dealing with noise issues
RF signals can emanate from your vehicle ignition system, fuel pump, fans, electric motors, onboard computers, and many other sources.

Spain opens up the 40 MHz (8m) Amateur Radio band
Spain is the first big country to allow Radio Amateurs access to the 8m band.

Eavesdropping on security camera via unintentional RF emissions
Eavesdrop and wirelessly recover images from security cameras via RF unintentionally leaking from the camera electronics.


Icom IC-7300 twins for DX hunting
The poor man’s 7610.

What is the bandwidth of a CW signal?
Morse code signal is primarily dependent upon the keying speed (Words per minute) and the rise/fall time of the RF envelope.

Activating five new POTA parks in a day
Joe and I hit the road to activate five newly added Parks on the Air entities in Central Wisconsin.

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Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 325

Amateur Radio Weekly

The most hackable handheld Ham Radio yet
The UV-K5 can be modded at the click of a mouse.
IEEE Spectrum

Designing a physical satellite tracking widget
Satellite tracking widget in a single small display.

Whats going on with Morse Code?
CW seems to be on the rise within our ranks.

M17 project announces ‘repeater in a box’
M17 aims to provide a comprehensive FM/M17 repeater for remote sites or masts.

Set up your own WIRES-X PDN
Operate a WIRES-X digital node station by directly connecting a compatible C4FM digital transceiver with a Windows PC.

Ham Radio films
Films featuring Ham Radio.

HF APRS with JS8Call
How to configure JS8Call to report your location into the APRS network.
Lonneys Notebook

Welcome500 Network
A friendly, multi-mode digital Amateur Radio network.

HamTV returns to International Space Station
AMSAT expects the equipment to be operating in the coming weeks.
Amateur Radio Daily

Pirate Hunt 2024
Log as many pirate stations as possible between March 29th and April 1st.
Sisä-Suomen Radioaktiiviset


I toured a Radio Shack
Video tour of one of the last Radio Shacks.

A cool APRS feature you probably don’t know about
APRS group messaging.

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Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 324

Amateur Radio Weekly

Open HT surgery gives cheap transceiver all-band capabilities
Watch out, Baofeng; there’s a new kid on the cheap handy talkie market.

Ultimate Direwolf TNC installation guide
For Windows and Linux.
The Modern Ham

Operators criss-cross country airwaves
A nationwide event occurred recently involving tens of thousands of North Americans.
The Community News

FCC to require two factor authentication for CORES
Beginning March 29, 2024, multifactor authentication will be implemented.

What became of Marlon Brando’s wonderland on the sea
Brando’s Tetiaroa Beach bungalow, circa 1979, is filled with his Ham Radio equipment.
LA Times

TinyGS: The Open Source Global Satellite Network
An open network of ground stations distributed around the world.

868Mhz ground plane vertical antenna
A neat little ground plane vertical antenna for the 868Mhz ISM band.

50 things you can do with a software defined radio
All you need is this simple USB dongle and an antenna kit.

This space physicist uses radios to study eclipses
Nathaniel Frissell works with Amateur Radio operators to learn more about our atmosphere.

The GM3OXX Oxo Transmitter
The two-transistor transmitter.


Go Kit Challenge 2024
Check out some AWESOME go kits.
Tank Radio

Flight over Glaciers of the Olympics
With 2M simplex operations.

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Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 323

Amateur Radio Weekly

2024 ARRL Field Day Theme: Be Radio Active
The theme encourages Radio Amateurs to take advantage of the peak of Solar Cycle 25.

Installing VARA on Debian 12 Linux
I thought it best to document it here, and maybe help another poor lost soul.
The Modern Ham

A cross-platform logging app with rig control, cluster, WSJT-X support, and more.

Girl Scouts gear up to talk to International Space Station
Here’s how they’ll do it.
The Sacramento Bee

My ATU is soooo good, it will give a perfect match on anything
Even without an antenna connected.

CATS APRS alternative featured on Hackaday
CATS uses raw FSK rather than the inefficient AFSK used by APRS.

Low band VHF tests in Western Australia
The frequencies were 30.8761 MHz , 36.6073 MHz, 39.1467 MHz and 40.6864 MHz.

How I do it: A complete POTA activation from start to finish
Watch me, in real time, as I deploy an end fed half wave antenna, set up my station on a picnic table, and do a QRP (5 watt) POTA activation on the 15 meter band.

Handmade QSLs from the 1930s
Hams would purchase post cards from the post office (only a penny each, including postage!) and created their own designs.

Source of major RFI identified
You may note that it is at least 5,9+10dB.
Johnson’s Techworld

APRS RX comparison
Anytone 878 vs Yaesu FT-5DR.


Portable DIY adjustable 2m J-Pole
Peel and stick some metal tape on a strap, cut out a J-Pole pattern.

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Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 322

Amateur Radio Weekly

Bob Heil, K9EID, Silent Key
Heil was known as a mentor who enjoyed helping others find success in Ham Radio.

America’s last Morse-Code station
The Radio Squirrels keep the tradition alive.
The Atlantic

EchoLink Web
An edition of EchoLink that runs entirely within a Web browser.

At peace with Amateur Radio over Internet
Internet is so integral to the current generation that any communications technology that doesn’t incorporate Internet to some degree might be perceived as irrelevant.
Zero Retries

New Amateur Radio newsletter
An emphasis on radio experiments and the VHF bands.

First SOTA activation
My furthest contact was with Z36T in The Republic of North Macedonia at 1501 miles.

Restoring a mystery key
It didn’t have any markings on it and the seller said he thinks it was home made.

Installing your Ham Radio mobile antenna on a vehicle
We will explore everything from the simplest configuration to the most complex.

Winlink wishlist
Have officially supported clients for Mac and Linux.


D75 versus FT5
Let’s take a look at the Kenwood TH-D75 radio compared to the Yaesu FT5.

Hidden APRS Igate in your Yaesu mobile radio
Plug your radio into your PC or Raspberry Pi and install Ygate.

ARRL DX Contest from the nuclear bunker
We return to the nuclear bunker on the North York Moors UK.

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Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 321

Amateur Radio Weekly

Inclusivity in Amateur Radio
ARRL CEO David Minster responds to open letter from 45 Hams.

2024 Amateur Radio Booklet
A summary of all the needed data when you are operating. The booklet covers all the IARU regions.

RSGB updates list of HF beacons [PDF]
Worldwide list of HF beacons updated January 2024.

International Space Station targets 2030 for end of life
NASA requests funding for $1 Billion to deorbit the ISS.

Carlos goes under the knife
Carlos has gone through several iterations since I got him. First I swapped out the 2, 5-pole filters for 5, 8-pole filters.

Chit in the Game
How low can we go before the large equipment manufacturers and dealers quit the hobby?

Repairing a dead Kenwood TS-850S
They suffer from an ailment that has struck down many pieces of electronic gear from that same era: Capacitor Plague.

Simple Arduino rotary tuning knob for SDR
Using an Arduino UNO R4 Minima.
Marxy’s musing on technology

Ham Radio tech: EchoLink & Broadcastify
You can access EchoLink with a radio, computer, or mobile device.

Experiencing Knife Edge diffraction
In short, when radio waves hit an edge, it bends and goes all over the place.

IndiaRocketGirl receives FengYun-2H S-VISSR satellite images
Build a satellite dish and feed to receive FengYun-2H S-VISSR signals and get beautiful full disk images of the earth.


Alaska POTA fly-in
Activating a remote park via plane.

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