Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 292

Amateur Radio Weekly

New Packet Radio
IP over 430MHz Ham Radio, 50 to 500kbps, 20W RF. Extension for HSMM-Hamnet-AREDN.
New Packet Radio

Solar cycle 25s maximum might arrive earlier and hit harder
The current solar cycle has a forecasted peak sometime in 2025.

Field Day with 4 AA batteries
I used a tiny rig that fits in a 3 X 5 inch box and runs on 4 AA batteries.

Hamsat: Working the birds? Let the world know
Post an activation alert when you plan to be on a satellite.

It is possible to have an RF-quiet home PV (solar) electric system
For the past several years an incremental nemesis of Amateur Radio operation on the HF bands is solar power.

Roll your own tube tester
Not comprehensive, but good enough most of the time.

Art installation listens to zombie satellites.

Receiving unintentional voice transmissions from GPS satellites
Malicious pirates may be actively using these SAR repeaters for their own communications.


Short Film: Aberdeen Amateur Radio Society
This Ham focused film won a top award at the 2023 Doric Film Festival.
Scots Radio

Hamvention 1987
Destination Dayton is a video shot by myself and WB0CMC on 8mm camcorders and edited at WOWT Channel 6 in Omaha in 1987.

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Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 291

Amateur Radio Weekly

This weekend is Field Day
Find an event happening near you.

13 Colonies special event begins July 1
Event runs from July 1 through July 8 and consists of 13 colony stations and 2 bonus stations.
13 Colonies

Ofcom proposes multitude of changes to licensing framework
Changes include additional access to spectrum and airborne use.
Amateur Radio Daily

Report sheds some light on Icom’s Amateur Radio strategy
The report paints a picture of what Icom’s business strategy will be over the next three years.

Amateur Radio Moonshots
The 5 things that show the most promise in revolutionizing Amateur Radio.
Zero Retries

Cornbread Road: An episodic Ham Radio mystery
Thirteen episodes originally released once per week from the summer solstice until the autumnal equinox.

Amateur Radio helps air show fly high
Middle Tennessee radio clubs partnered to provide operations support throughout the 2023 Great Tennessee Air Show.

My father may be gone, but our radio is still going
My most prized possession was once somebody’s trash.
Los Angeles Times

How to take advantage of ARRL log archives
The original logs from the 1977 KA1S operation were indeed on file.

Modding the Quansheng UV-K5 HT
A collection of modified firmwares for the Quansheng UV-K5 radio.

The NVIS illusion
I don’t think there is any subject that is so misunderstood by hams as NVIS.
Ham Radio Outside the Box

Get in over your head
Starting off on something that you don’t already know how to do provides you with a fearlessness.


Ham Radio enthusiast’s long road since the Derecho
Tower collapse and community to the rescue.

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Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 290

Amateur Radio Weekly

Legislation to remove antenna restrictions on Amateur Radio introduced in Congress
Bill to remove barriers to disaster and emergency communications and training.

Listening to the ISS on the cheap
What do you need to talk to a $100 billion space station? As it turns out, about $60 worth of stuff will do.

King Hussein radio equipment donated to RSGB
A permanent display is being organised at the RSGB National Radio Centre.

Video showing Flipper Zero smoking a smart meter may be fake
Meter featured in the video does not have any ability to be switched on and off wirelessly.

June 2023 VHF Contest — A non-stop Es blast
The 2023 edition of the ARRL June VHF Contest hit an all-time high for my home station.

Field Day countdown
To QRP or QRO?

Five tips for a successful Field Day
Here are a few friendly reminders to help make this year’s event the most successful ever.

Ham Radio & the Art of Bushcraft
Keep calm and carry in.
Ham Radio Outside the Box


Detecting meteors with software defined radio
We take a look at how we receive and detect meteors as they burn their way into earths atmosphere.
Tech Minds

Adventures on 122GHz
An introduction to the challenges of operating on 122GHz.

Get local weather info over APRS
Send the message “n 3” to “WXNOW” to get a weather report.

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Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 289

Amateur Radio Weekly

Hamvention sets attendance record
Attendance even surpassed the previous pre-pandemic record at the Greene County Fairgrounds.

Some radical thinking
Removing inline fuses between our radio and power supply.

OpenHam Wiki
An open repository of all things Amateur Radio.

Why is GPS free?
I’m a GPS engineer. I’ll answer this in a sort of roundabout way by explaining the history of GPS.

[Podcast] The Ham Radio Guy
Providing education and news to the Ham Radio community, including discussion with Bob Heil, volunteering, and more.
The Ham Radio Guy

Six Meters — How I Love It!
Case in point, I’ve worked 24 grids in Argentina.

Lewis and Clark Trail on the Air through Jun 18th
This special event is an on air activity that commemorates the historic Lewis and Clark Trail.
Lewis and Clark Trail on the Air

Installing AllStarLink on a Dell Wyse 3040
How to, plus some tips and tricks that make it easier.
Random Wire

One-way radio
KE9V ponders whether two-way radio has become boring.

No cellphone? No problem!
Ham Radio users, from teenagers to eightysomethings, are ready to communicate in the next crisis.
The Gaurdian


The perils of the Flipper Zero
Flipper Zero user lets the magic smoke out of smart electric meter.

POTA activation + wildfire smoke
The overcast smokey skies definitely effected my signal reports.

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Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 288

Amateur Radio Weekly

MM0UKI adventurers reach Rockall
After defying rough seas, team leader Cam Cameron aims to beat 45-day record for staying on isolated rock.
The Guardian

Museum Ships Weekend
All stations that work at least 15 different ships will receive a certificate.
Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station

International Women in Engineering Day
Celebrate its 10th year in 2023 on June 23rd.
Women’s Engineering Society

Decentralized Amateur Paging Network
DAPNET consists of a decentralized server cluster feeding paging data to distributed transmitters.

Cornbread Road
An audio format short story about a secret society of Hams.

HF summertime propagation
Illumination of the ionosphere with UV varies greatly with time of day and the seasons.

Long-delayed echo
The delay was 1.272 seconds.

The joy of a low-slung wire
Something between 4 and 10 feet off the ground and horizontal in orientation.


Super cheap single pole beam for 21 MHz
Beams can be heavy and bulky so are rarely used by HF portable operators. But not this one!

High power shortwave high in the Andes
HCJB, The Voice of The Andes, was the first radio station with daily programming in Ecuador.
Antique Wireless Museum

[Throwback] Morse Code vs. SMS speed contest on the Tonight Show
K7JA faces off against world text-messaging champ. RIP K7JA.

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Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 287

Amateur Radio Weekly

HamClock: Keep track of much more than the time
HamClock is a kiosk-style application that provides real time space weather, radio propagation models, operating events and other information particularly useful to the Radio Amateur.

Open Headset Interconnect Standard
We have no such standards for the interface between the user and the radio. Is the microphone a dynamic, or electret? Is it balanced, pseudo balanced, or unbalanced?

$100k offered for solutions to deliberate QRM
The Northern California DX Foundation recognizes the negative aspect deliberate QRMers are having on our hobby.

Titanic: Amateur Radio heard SOS 3,000 miles away
Among the first to respond was an amateur radio operator some 3,000 miles away in south Wales.

Photos of 2023 Hamvention
Mike (VE3MKX) shares photos from the 2023 Hamvention.
SWLing Post

FT8 Telegram bot
Maybe you do not want to spend time waiting for the magic red line to appear.


Arctic Circle Off Grid
An off-grid data communications field test above the Arctic Circle.

Fastest no tune 80 10 EFHW NVIS antenna
Chalk Line based Ham Radio Antenna.
Bucktail Outdoor Research

Receiving and decoding GreenCube CubeSat
Here we take a look at how to receive and decode GreenCube using an SDR receiver.
Tech Minds

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Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 286

Amateur Radio Weekly

Announcing Amateur Radio Daily

I was planning to announce this as a celebration of the 300th issue of ARW, but events transpired to allow this to happen much sooner!
Amateur Radio Daily is a web site (and RSS feed) highlighting additional and more timely events beyond what’s featured in this email newsletter. So if you find yourself craving just a bit more Ham Radio news, please check out Amateur Radio Daily.
It’s all a big experiment and feedback is welcome. For more info around how this project came together, read on.
73, Cale K4HCK

Top Links

AuGratin: POTA hunter utility
AuGratin allows a POTA hunter to easily log contacts with activators.

Shortwave DB: Shortwave transmitter map
For radio enthusiasts, DXers or anybody with a shortwave radio to help identify shortwave signals or to view general broadcast schedules.
Shortwave DB

Simplest way to guy a telescopic fiberglass antenna pole
My needs are fairly basic: rapid deployment, lightweight and uncomplicated.
Ham Radio Outside the Box

SolderBaloney and SolderTruth
This is so nuts that it actually had me checking to see if this was possibly an April 1 joke. But alas, it is quite serious.
SolderSmoke Daily News

National Hurricane Center Amateur Radio Station annual test
The Amateur Radio station of the National Hurricane Center, WX4NHC, located in Miami, will conduct their on-the-air test on Saturday, May 27.

102 US Representatives ask carmakers to keep AM radio
They also ask if past federal loans and subsidies could mitigate the cost of interference remediation.
Radio World

Chairman of the DRM Consortium: DRM is smart and on the way up
It’s versatile, flexible, and spectrum and energy efficient — so much more so than classic radio broadcast.
Radio World

Marconi “T” HF aerial switch
It’s quite easy to make your conventional Doublet, Dipole, or G5RV become a “T” antenna.


Boeing 737 ground-to-air Ham Radio contact
Contact with AI7RP piloting a Boeing 737 from Detroit to Seattle from 284 miles at 34,000 feet on 10 meters.

Using your US HT in Europe
What kind of license do I need? Where and how can I operate?

Corner antenna
Having fun with a corner reflector dipole.

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