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Being heard, but not hearing…

I have been playing around with PSK31, WSPR and JT65 since I got my 30′ long wire with UNUN installed in the attic.

I have noticed something that is bugging me a bit.

It appears that I am being heard much better than I am hearing other stations.

When I call CQ on PSK31 – the PSK REPORTER site shows my signal being heard from coast to coast and beyond.  Most time I get a return call, but many times I can just barely see them on the waterfall.

I have noticed the same thing with WSPR – heard all over the place, but hardly hearing anyone.

So it has me thinking about the antenna.  Could it be that it is a better radiator than it is a receiver?

I am going to be putting a 66′ ladder fed dipole up there sometime in the next month – so that might tell me more.

You guys with more experience – what do you think might be going on here?

Events in Ukraine

I have just got off the air after making several  contactsintoRussia and Ukraine on 10m PSK31. Ham radio transcends political boundaries and engenders friendships betweenpeople of all nations. All politicians could learn from it. My thoughts today are particularly with my radio friends living in Ukraine I hope that peace and normality are restored soon

до свидания!

Show Notes #118

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LHS Episode #118: Making Flippy Floppy, Sol Style

506449main_FAQ2Hello, friends! Episode #118 of Linux in the Ham Shack is ready for your immediate consumption. Lots of ham radio and Linux related news in this episode, including discussion of Ham Radio Now, the sun's magnetosphere, digital contacts on 28MHz, Linux Mint, Linux news aggregation sites and more. Sit back in your easy chair, put on your headphones, and enjoy a sweet slice of podcast nirvana. Until next time...

73 de The LHS Guys

Two 2xK3 contacts in PSK31

Conditoins remain excellent on the 10m band. I made several contacts and even had Stateside DX stations reply to my CQs. Two of my contacts were with Elecraft K3 users – don’t often hear K3s on digital though they are the perfect rig for it.

When I’m not actively working stations I like to look at the PSK Reporter reception reports map.  It’s more interesting than WSPR as the reports are of actual PSK31 signals. It’s a pity there isn’t a beacon mode because you have got to transmit or call CQ to see reports of your own signal. At least it is motivation to actually go on the air rather than just lurk!

Special events

HF propagation conditions have not been great today. There was not much happening on 15m at all.

I worked a couple of special event stations on 20m PSK31. DL100OUI was a special call to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first commercial radio communication between Germany and USA. The operator was Reinhard, DK1IO.
The other one was S503EO which was to commemorate 50 years in amateur radio by the operator Milos, S53EO!
That gives me an idea. My 60th birthday is in a few weeks time, perhaps Ofcom would let me have a special event call to mark that? 🙂

Fun on Fifteen

I have spent the entire day on 15m, mostly using PSK31. The band has been pretty lively all day. I worked a number of Russian stations including UB3YL Katya from Orel. That’s her picture below. Pity about the corrugated iron roof shadow.

I made a couple of contacts into the Far East. One was with Yasuda JA1OTT, the other was with Chen BG9GYI.

Youkits TJ2B

Chen is a university student from Lanzhou. Chinese stations are becoming more common as more and more get on the bands. From the admittedly small sample I have managed to work Chinese hams form a different demographic from those from Europe or the USA. While your average EU or US ham is likely to be older than 60 (judging by those who tell me their age), Chinese hams seem to be mostly young people with an interest in technology.

It’s good, too, to see Chinese firms entering the ham radio market with QRP products such as the kits from Youkits (take a look at the new TJ2B SSB handheld!)

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