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Digital Dinner

I see that Pacificon has organized a Digital Dinner this evening.

I suppose it will be a bit of this and a byte of that.

I’ll get my coat…

cAPS Lock Anguish!

Several times a week I have been on the brink of writing this. It’s time to get it off my chest. I curse whoever it was that decided to place the caps lock key to the left of the A on the keyboard. For what seems like one time in two when I go to type a letter “a” I hit caps lock instead (or as well.) I hAVE USually typed several more letters before I realize my mistake and have to bACKTRack, to the accompaniment of loud cursing.

A couple of decades ago, in the days of MS-DOS, it was possible to write a little program called a TSR (from Terminate and Stay Resident.) This program could intercept your keystrokes and convert them to anything you liked. I wrote one that trapped Shift+3 and turned it into the pound sign instead of the US default hash (#). Microsoft provided a utility called KEYB.COM that could do this but it occupied several K of memory and in those days you counted every byte.

I don’t know if that is possible in Windows. But I’d really love a program that could intercept the caps lock key and turn it into an A (or rather, an a) unless you gave it a long press!

The fault that wasn’t

I thought my Baofeng UV-3R+ had developed a fault today. Whenever I changed channel the rig went into transmit.

Eventually I realized that the VOX was turned on. The clicks from the rotary channel knob were triggering it! Doh! I think I’m getting too dumb for this game.

Spot the mistake

Flash in the pan

I’m not exactly a fan of Flash in websites but I think you’ll agree that that this example from the home page of the Dutch store HEMA is very amusing. When the page opens, don’t click on anything, just wait…

The End of the Internet

For those who don’t believe that the internet is flat.

Deaf by design

I’ve never been a fan of Apple products. I have always felt that Apple was a brand aimed at fashionistas concerned more with style and the coolness associated with owning a particular product than with practicality. So for example phones were made with non user-replaceable batteries in order to make them very slim.

Now it appears Apple’s engineers have made another slip-up in the name of style. Users of the new iPhone 4 are reporting that they lose the signal whenever they hold the phone. Apparently a section of the stainless steel band that runs around the phone is used as the antenna, and the part that radiates is on the lower left hand side – nicely surrounded by the fleshy palm of your hand if you hold the phone in your left hand.

It seems to be that Apple could do with a radio ham on its design team. Even the newest Foundation licensee – in fact even a CBer – could have told them that antennas are supposed to point upwards.

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