Skip Hamvention 2023, Go To ICU in Dayton

I had so many plans for my Hamvention 2023 visit on Friday and Saturday, May 19-20, 2023.  For example, I planned on many interviews including one with N3ZN, maker of great Morse code keys.  I also needed to visit the Card Checker Service of the ARRL DXCC program.  I had a handful of DX cards I was submitting toward DXCC credits.

NW7US, in ICU at the hospital, instead of attending Hamvention 2023).

NW7US, in ICU at the hospital, instead of attending Hamvention 2023.

But, I collapsed about 40 minutes after I got to the Hamvention, on Friday morning! I had just finished getting my DX QSL cards checked at the ARRL booth, then I collapsed. After only being at my first Hamvention for a brief 40-some minutes, I was taken by ambulance to an ER of a Xenia-area hospital.  My blood pressure was difficult to measure at the initial moments of being at the emergency room — it was about 60 over 40, and I had NO radial pulse.

After a CT scan of heart and neck, and blood lab work, I was transported again by ambulance to a hospital near Dayton. There, I was admitted to that hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) around 5:30 PM on Friday.

I’m writing this on Saturday, from my hospital bed, as I’m still in ICU in Dayton. I hope to be discharged tomorrow (Sunday, 21 May 2023).

The working diagnosis is Acute Kidney Injury (AKI), caused by a combination of issues starting with my parathyroidectomy surgery, a few months back. I had three of my four parathyroid glands removed because they were completely tumorous.  I wrote about that in my previous entry on this website.

Turns out my calcium levels were lower than they should be, causing problems throughout my body, but especially in my heart. Additionally, I was severally dehydrated due to two medications I had been taking because the VA doctors thought I should be on them.  But, these meds were working against me. One of those I don’t even need, but the VA had me taking. That one is FUROSEMIDE. The other is LISINOPRIL.  I don’t have high blood pressure, nor water retention.

At the ICU, I have stopped taking those meds.  I’m on an IV, getting hydrated, and getting calcium supplements.

My kidney function is improving but I’m going to spend another night in ICU until they feel confident I’ve made full recovery.  I hope to be discharged on Sunday, 21 May, 2023.

I hope all of you that were at this year’s Hamvention have enjoyed the fellowship of radio enthusiasts. Maybe I’ll meet many of you, next year!  I will make videos of Hamvention 2024, if all goes well in a year’s time.

If you were at Hamvention 2023, share some highlights in the comments!

UPDATE:  On Sunday, I was released from the ICU, and I am now home recuperating.  Monday is a bit rough, so am not at work, yet.  BP is normal, and I am on new medication for my heart so that I do not get dehydrated by the furosemide and lisinopril.  Here’s hoping for next year’s Hamvention, which I hope to attend.

73 de NW7US

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17 Responses to “Skip Hamvention 2023, Go To ICU in Dayton”

  • Robert WR3N:

    Wishing you a swift and full recovery and many excellent QSOs ahead.

  • NW7US:

    Thank you, Robert (WR3N).

  • Clinton Randolph KQ4HHI:

    Get well soon dude. Praying for you.

  • Monty Moore KQ4GZL:

    What a terrible event. I hope you’re on your way home. This was my 1st event and is was a great experience for me so I hope to see you next year.

  • K3ATW:

    Use the VA pharmacy . Go to a University cardiologist once a year, even at your own expense. RR73.

  • Stephen Tolbert W4TOL:

    Bummer! What a disappointment that must have been. Glad they figured out what was going on before it got worse. A speedy recovery to you. Will say a prayer for you.

  • Alex W5ALX:

    Hey man, get better soon! We need you on the boards!

  • Thanks, everyone, for the comments. It is Monday, and I am now home. I was released on Sunday from the ICU, and I’m doing better. Just a bit wonky still, today, though. I’m no longer taking furosemide nor the lisinopril. I am on a new medication that replaces the lisinopril. 73 de NW7US

  • WAØMQZ Steve Thaemert:

    Sorry to hear you didn’t get to attend but I am really thankful that you tell what happened to you! I take one of those but will review my prescriptions. Best of luck and will list you in my prayers

  • Elwood Downey WB0OEW:

    Holy cow Tomas, what an ordeal. Good thing, really, that you found out about the bogus meds. Wishing you all the best.

  • Mike VE9KK:

    Good morning Tomas, I was just catching up on my blog reading and came across your post. WOW life sure can give us a hard left hand turn at times. I was glad to read things have been sorted out. Get your needed rest and take care.

  • Ranjit Darnal 9N0001SWL:

    Praying for your fully speedy recovery sir.

  • Michael Mihailovic:

    Hi from Australia wishing you a speedy recovery and yes it is with medication you are robbing peter to pay Paul get well soon we need you.

  • Phil KB5EBB:

    Wishing you a speedy and full recovery.

  • Wayne KQ4GIK:

    Sounds like you are on the road to recovery, hoping you improve every day. Sorry you didn’t get to see more of the Hamvention this year.

  • rc KFoG:

    STEAM saved your life !
    GET WELL SOON and good DX. 73

  • Richard Swanson, K0RDS:

    Wishing you a fast recovery.

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