It was time to pack up the shack for the move.

And so it begins
I sure do hope this is the last move for a very very long time. Today it was time to pack up the shack equipment and all the millions of cables. I was very fortunate I kept the boxes for most of the gear as packing it in the OEM box is the way to go and make sure it arrives in one piece at the other end. For the past few weeks I would not had been able to get on the air anyway as the room where the radio is has been over run with packed boxes. Once we get down to the new place in New Brunswick time will be spent setting up the house and fixing little odd's and ends that the home inspector made us aware of. Once all these jobs have been taken care of then it will be time to set things in motion and
begin the setup of the radio. As for an antenna I am for the short term going to use the MFJ 1788 loop unit I get my bearings regarding an antenna. One thing I am looking forward to is getting on WSPR and finding out where my signal carries from the new location on the east coast. Before all this happens I will look into my new 2 letter VE9 call not sure how long this application process will be. I will look after this as soon as we move, by the time the boxes are unpacked and we are settled in I hope to be sporting a new VE9 call. The Icom 7610 in it's own OEM box will be riding the trip in my SUV and not the truck. As well as the other 2 boxes of goodies that will be not in the truck but the smooth ride of the SUV. Once things were all packed it was hard to believe all the power and control cables I had. When you slowly add items to the shack you just don't see all the cables you really do have. One thing I always took the time to do was label each cable. When you pull and pack everything no matter how sharp you are it's impossible to remember where each cable goes. The labeling of each cable has made a possible grey hair experience way more pleasurable.
To top off the box...cables and cables. 
Mike Weir, VE9KK, is a regular contributor to and writes from New Brunswick, Canada. Contact him at [email protected].

10 Responses to “It was time to pack up the shack for the move.”

  • Kyle N4NSS:

    Yup, good thing you labeled the cables, relying on your memory will only frustrate as you hook it all back up.
    I’m excited for you and your family. This is a new adventure and I hope all goes well.

  • Mike VE3WDM:

    Good evening Kyle and thanks for stopping by, in the past I have thought that I would remember the cabling and ended up doing it over and over again before finally getting it right, as you said that can be very frustrating. As for the adventure of moving to a new province and home I am sure we will adjust and things will normalize over time.
    Have a great weekend Kyle

  • Nolan K. KI5IO:


    As a ‘now retired’ home inspector (retired in April-2019 after 18 years of inspecting) I recall the many “to do” lists I created for new home owners or gave them the head’s up to keep away from a given property.

    So many hills & valleys when it comes to moving. I would look on the plus side and such change/cleaning will give you an opportunity to really fine-tune your new shack setup for power distribution, grounding, bonding, etc., etc..

    This will certainly keep you busy with all the other relocation elements y’all are dealing with.

    Congrats on the move and ‘retirement’.

    73 – Nolan K.

  • Karl WA8NVW - OH:

    As we retirees enter the age of high-tech, I recommend taking and archiving digital photos of your station, using either a cell phone or digital camera. Capture at least one view each of the front and back panels of each device, showing all the cables still attached. Take a few pix with extra detail where things are complex, I even built a spreadsheet that lists the connector type and endpoint location for both ends of every cable, and the function of that cable. You will be amazed how much detail you forget before you unpack the contents of all those boxes and try to reassemble your station several months from now. Hope this tip reduces the fallout.
    Enjoy your retirement and maintain your sanity during the big move. Looking forward to your brief notes and humorous stories as the journey unfolds.

  • KJ4CMY, David:

    Karl, that is excellent advice!

  • K4RCM , Bob:

    Yep I know what you are going though I had to move stuff around in my shack too got high impact windows in the whole house so I had to move stuff around and paint my rooms , thank heaven for 2m 440 IRLP in clermont i use the uhf vhf radio hand held

  • Mike VE3WDM:

    Good afternoon Nolan, we did have a home inspection done and he was great and did find some items that need to be looked after. One job that I am getting a contractor for (some bathroom issues) the other items I will be just fine looking after myself. Some very minor electrical issues but not a big deal as I am a licensed electrician and it will keep me busy.
    With the few jobs here and there around the house and unpacking then setting up the rig I am sure this fall and winter I will be kept busy.
    Nolan thanks for taking the time to drop by and leave a comment.

  • Mike VE3WDM:

    Good afternoon Karl, well it’s too late for the digi photos now as everything is pack and ready to go. Being retired I will take my time and go at it slow and easy. For me moving can be stressful as I am not keen on change but as for my wife she is all excited and just can’t wait for it all to begin. Oh and not to worry I will be filling the blog with stories of the move and setup.
    Have a great day and evening.

  • Mike VE3WDM:

    David I agree with you regarding Karl’s advice and if we all just spent some extra time to track things at the shack not only physical cables but the computer ports, software updates.

  • Mike VE3WDM:

    Good afternoon Bob, we all sure have been there at one time or another for sure! I have even changed things around to only learn that the way it was is much better. So it was another day but I ended up changing everything back to the way it was.
    Thanks for the comment.

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