HRD Software, LLC has released version 5.11a of Ham Radio Deluxe, the first version since their acquisition of HRD from Simon Brown, HB9DRV.  The release appears to be a minor update with the most notable changes being cosmetic updates to splash screens, showing the new ownership of the product.

As many predicted at the time of the acquisition, the next version of HRD, 6.0, will be a pay-only product.  The 5.x version will continue to be free and will have bug fixes released for an unidentified amount of time.  Version 6.0 will be released at the Dayton Hamvention, but customers can receive a $20 discount for the product by subscribing to HRD support for $59.95 prior to Dayton.  At Dayton and afterwards the price for 6.0 will be $79.95.  That is a one year subscription.  Subsequent support subscription renewals are $39.95 for two years of support.  The software doesn’t expire and can continue to be used after support expiration, however users must have a subscription in order to get software updates.

Personally I think Ham Radio Deluxe is worth this price.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I think it’s the best amateur radio logging software ever written (though in a sea of outdated and badly designed sophomoric applications, the bar is often set low).  But considering how good version 5.x is, it may take quite awhile for people to actually want or need to upgrade.  Unless the trial version of 6.0 really knocks my socks off, I’m going to wait until perhaps version 6.1 or 6.2 to consider upgrading.

13 Responses to “HRD”

  • Mike VE3WDM:

    Good afternoon Anthony, I have no problem paying the fee I am an HRD user and love the product….BUT…..I hope the fee is not just a make money deal. I sure am against paying the money and not getting some major improvements and updates! I am against just paying the fee to have version 6.0.

  • Ernest Gregoire, AA1IK:

    It will have to be a superb upgrade for me to pay any more than I have already. I sent a volunteer contribution every year to Simon for his superior work over the years.

    I am somewhat disenchanted with PSK 31 lately. Its become a ‘my macro talking you his macro in many cases. I went so far as to change my CQ to “Live Chat only pse” and AA1IK is a ‘Low macro use station’ in order to tell those who won’t ‘chat’ that they should look elsewhere for their ‘hit and run’ QSO’s.

    73 de AA1IK

    Ernest Gregoire

  • Harry K7ZOV:

    My first time with HRD was when the first Ft-817 came out. It has been my main control and logging program. I have also sent money over the years to keep it going. As stated version 6 better be something beyond special and support JT-65A/B, WSPR and any other missing mods. No way can I afford $80 to get it and $30 for support. If it looks basically like it is now then 5.0 and 5.11, which does all I need, will be my last revision. Will the economy the way it is now, and will be getting much worst in the near future, every dime in my life has to be justified. Be it in radios, antennas, computer and software. What I have works and to move up or sideways will require a good reason. A VERY good reason.

    Harry k7zov

  • Goody K3NG:

    I suspect any purchases of HRD versions I make will be like buying ARRL Handbooks where I buy it once every six or seven years. I won’t be buying ongoing support renewals unless they’re releasing phenomenal updates regularly.

  • Alex, g7kse:

    I’m not surprised that its a paid application although I don’t think I’ll be paying. I remember reading on Simon’s website that ‘HRD is free and will remain so’ or words to that effect. Not any more then.

    Many of the alternatives probably do just as much but don’t look as good.

    The logging program is what I tend to use the most and since the qrz lookup button went a bit wonky it might be time to look at web based alternatives. Obviously digimodes are different.

    I’ll be very reluctant to get rid of it from my shack and I’m not convinced on the pricing. Yet.

  • Steve, KB0OLF:

    Sad to see such a great program go payware. Is it worth $80, no software is worth $80 in my opinion. I can understand wanting to get out from underneath something due to time constraints, however, there are better alternatives than selling to a for proffit company that’s going to sell it at a price that could very well kill the product. I would have LOVED to see HRD go open source. I’m not a programmer, but love the OpenSource movement and feel it could have taken the program to new heights.

    Time to fire up the ol’ search engines and look for an alternative.

  • Goody K3NG:

    I agree that open sourcing it would have been a landmark decision and a boost to amateur radio. I do feel though that having it commercial is better than it remaining freeware. I have an upcoming article on this topic. It sounds counter-intuitive, but I think closed source freeware is detrimental and problematic when compared to commercial software. But I’d much prefer to see our closed source freeware go open source. In the post-PC era we’re going to suffer without some more cross-platform applications in logging and contesting.

  • Bob KF3AA:

    I wonder if there will be a free trial period. I’d like to see what I’m going to get before I buy it.

  • Goody K3NG:

    There’s going to be a 30 day trial for 6.0.

  • André PD5URK:

    Is there a good working contest mode in version 6??.
    I wait for that before buying version 6

  • Goody K3NG:

    I have not heard much about what features will be in 6.0. There was a mention of integrating DM780 with the N1MM program. I get the feeling they will not be putting contest features into HRD.

  • LX1EA:

    hello, since I use the HRD Release of All parameters working very slow, it is impossible to use this version for quick QSO 10 to 15 seconds to wait for enter the next call…. this is not the same in the 5.11 release.
    Wait for better future of HRD.
    Ed LX1EA

  • wb9al:

    dear Sir!
    I paid the 59.95 in May 20/2012 order # ……..38289.Today I wanted to download the new version it went OK ,but now all the nummbers I have from you dont period….Al Wb9al

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