AnyTone AT-588UV Dual Band Mobile Radio

Is this the Chinese mobile radio at a good price point ($275) people have been waiting for? The specs list a detachable head, cross-band repeat, 50/40 watts, 758 memories, AM aircraft receive, wide-band FM receive, and 2013 FCC compliant. Ed’s site even mentions that it’s Part 90 certified.

Here is the text of Ed’s e-mail:

After the dismal performance and high price of Wouxun’s dual band mobile radio, I’m excited to share information about the AnyTone AT-588UV. I have been testing this radio for a couple of weeks and I’m impressed. I think this will be the Chinese dual bander that takes the market.

It’s computer programmable and the control head separates from the radio via a CAT5 cable. This radio is easy to manually operate because there are no sub-menus and there are matching controls for the left and right sides. Either side can be set for VHF or UHF or both the same. It has dual receive (two signals at once) and when transmitting, you can set the off side to be muted if desired. Unlike the Wouxun, with the AnyTone, you can scan one side while monitoring the other side. It only takes a couple button pushes to set up cross band repeat. And unlike the other brand, this cross band repeat actually works! It has AM Aircraft receive plus 220-260 MHz receive (sorry NO 220 transmit).

The company has given me this timeline for availability. They plan to produce a small run at the end of September and hopefully full production by the end of October. I suggested they make a larger test run because I’ve found nothing major that needs improving. I’ve made a few suggestions for firmware changes which they quickly approved. This company is interested in producing a good product. When the AT-588UV is available to purchase, I will send an announcement to this mailing list.

The owners manual is not yet available but I have a list of the various functions. I will post this information and the programming software on my web site as soon as I can. This will take you to that location.

Question Poll
To get a better understand on how the AT-588UV will be used and some options that may be needed, I have written a pool of questions. The results of this survey will help convience the manufacturer of any changes that need to be made or options added. Your participation will be appreciated. Here is a link to the poll:

Best Regards,
Ed Griffin


So, what do you think?  Will you be in for one of these?

Which would you choose, this radio or a Yaesu FT-7900R ($350) or Icom IC-208H ($345)?

Matt Thomas, W1MST, is the managing editor of Contact him at [email protected].

18 Responses to “AnyTone AT-588UV Dual Band Mobile Radio”

  • Keith-N4ZQ:

    Looks promising. Any price point been set yet ?

  • Matt W1MST:

    Hi Keith, it looks like the price is going to be somewhere around $275.

  • Keith-N4ZQ:

    Thanks Matt.. I just reread it and must have missed that the first time. Seems the Chinese are taking small steps, but who knows, maybe a HF/6 might be in the future that will come in at a Great price..

  • Richard Schwenke N8GBA:

    I would be interested in these radios

  • Eric W2EEC:

    I would love to be able to clone from one unit to the other if you got two.
    Question please. Are the buttons backlight on the mic and the head for easy use at night while mobile?
    Thanks 🙂

  • Fred Mouser KD8JIP:

    Sounds like a good deal,would like to be on the beta list.

  • Bill K4EOD:

    Does it have a packet port?

  • Chad KJ4VYI:

    would like to be able to do aprs and voice on this radio

  • Terry KJ6EGZ:

    Will purchase when available.

  • bill wg9wg:

    definitely interested. please keep me informed as to price and availability.

  • ke3jh:

    Why cant other radios sell for prices like this one !

  • ta3asa:

    200/250 If the dollar is very good greetings from

  • N0JJA Bill:

    I have a FT-8800 and Anytone AT-588UV I purchased at Dayton. Programing the Anytone is easy using only the Radio and real easy with the Free Software. A Seperation Kit, and programing cable makes it a better deal. I only wish it had a data jack in the back. If I were to purchase a FT-8800 or AT-588UV it would be a AT-588UV because of extras and because ease of operation.

  • kf5zuq:

    Hello, Just pulled the trigger on a AT-5888uv. I’m a little confused, is the AT-588uv and the AT-5888uv the same radio? The similar nomenclature is used across the board. Is there a difference? I see there is a tri-band model in the works, will it be called the AT-58-588-5888-58888-588888-5888888uv? Would a family, in China, name all their sons Bob, really?

  • John Milton G1RUV:

    I am looking at one of these as a cheap dual band rig for the car. Can they be programmed to cover only the 2 Metre and 70Cm band on TX? Wideband RX is fine, but I prefer “limited” TX if possible.

  • mike mccrann, wd0gsy:

    you can progran the radio any way you like, and then lock it, to changes. You will then transmit where you want and won’t where4 youi do not weant to go.

  • mike mccrann, wd0gsy:

    Seems the mic buttons are back lite but the radio buttons are not. Don’t like that for driving with in..Just like the Yaesu 8900, a dangerous radio at night.

  • Derek WB4DAM:

    I have a number of radios from WOUXUN and one from ANYTONE. Neither manufacturer apparently has the language expertise to write a reasonably good operators manual. The ANYTONE AT5888UV came with one of the worst manuals I’ve ever tried to read.

    Also, to be clear, WOUXUN supposedly manufactured the model AT-5888UV and ANYTONE produced the AT-588UV. This does not explain the ANYTONE branded AT-5888UV (NOT AT-588UV) I have in front of me right now…a radio that was supposed to have been built by ANYTONE. There is confusion, somewhere. Assuming “AT” in the model denotes ANYTONE, it makes little sense that WOUXUN would have used the same “AT” in their model number (unless WOUXUN and ANYTONE are the same company.)

    The issue with funky model numbering is not minor since the AT588 and AT-5888 radios are said to be different and appear to be sold and supported? by different companies. Now the website lists four portable radios as their products and the AT mobile is not listed.

    Not a good way for either of these companies to do business.

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