Geomagnetic storm

There is a geomagnetic storm going on. The noise floor is 12 dB less at the moment. I could work HB3ØOK and 9A282TN on 40m CW. I did hear ZL2AGY (!) but could not work him. Despite of a geomagnetic storm, I could hear the other end of the world.

Paul Stam, PC4T, is a regular contributor to and writes from the Netherlands. Contact him at [email protected].

2 Responses to “Geomagnetic storm”

  • Tomas, NW7US:

    Geomagnetic disturbances (active levels up through major storm levels) in simple terms cause a lowering of the maximum usable frequency of any given path of HF signals between two stations. MUFs can be depressed under the normal expected frequency by as much as 40% or so during the most intense storm. This event (initiated on 29 September 2013) caused a level-2 geomagnetic storm (G2 on the NOAA scales). This depressed the MUFs by as much as 30 percent in many regions of the ionosphere, around the world. <— a video of the 29 September 2013 event that caused the geomagnetic storm.

    73 de NW7US (Propagation Editor, CQ Magazine)

  • Richard KWØU:

    Worked CYØP on 15 phone from Minnesota, but it was a fight with noise and a weak signal, and could barely hear anyone on 20. Hope conditions improve for next week. Wake Island, though I’ll probably be gone :(

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