Yet in Quarantine, Life Blossoms!

About a month ago, I asked,

What is going on with you during this challenging situation?” and, “How do you use amateur radio, now that we are all stuck at home?  Are you using ham radio more, now?  Less?

I am moved to say, “Thank you, to each of you who commented and even those who made a video response. I sure appreciate it!

During that video blog (or, Vlog), back a month ago (link: Chat From a Quarantined Software Engineer – Welfare Check!), I mentioned my need for dental surgery. 

I did have to have the tooth removed.  It was completely split down the middle (top to bottom), down to the root.  There was no justifiable way to save the tooth. 

I now am missing two bottom back-most teeth, and one bottom, back-most tooth.  I can report that I have healed up nicely.  I am starting to enjoy a hamburger or two.

Through all of this, I’ve still been working. Also, I’ve been involved with a LOT more ham radio–especially with Morse code activities.

How has the last month treated you?  After watching this new video (below), please leave a comment or two, or three; let hear from you, okay?

More than anything, please leave a comment to let me know how you are doing.  I hope to hear from you.

Here’s the video:

73 de NW7US dit dit


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7 Responses to “Yet in Quarantine, Life Blossoms!”

  • Trevor G4CLE:

    Hi Tomas
    My wife and I haven’t been far these last two months, only to get food or medication. Restaurants, coffee shops, clothes shops are closed. We have been home…
    I’ve been catching up on homebrew projects and going on the air. I take part in Zoom club meetings and ‘Lockdown’ nets on 2m every few days or so. My old Kenwood TS-711 died a few weeks ago – my XYL said, “Well get a new one”. I said, “Do you know how much an Icom IC-9700 costs?” She said, “Just buy it!” … I didn’t need telling twice! The couple across the street caught the virus and fortunately got better.
    Life goes on, my friend.
    Enough of my ramblings,
    Take care and stay safe!
    73 es gud dx de G4CLE

  • Logan, KE7AZ:

    I used part of the time to finish off the last ten stations for my DXCC. Certificate is now in hand. Then our church decided to do live streaming and that is now consuming my time. What an experience, started with an Android phone on a tripod and makeshift dolly. We have graduated to a pan, tilt, zoom camera, a digital sound board, and live streaming software for dual Facebook and YouTube live streams. The broadcast and audio folks play by a different set of rules. For example, I cut a patch cord in half to make an adapter and found out it was a single conductor, no shield. I know why they did it, ground loop prevention, but didn’t expect it. And even if you RTFM, there still things that you have to Google or ask support. No boredom here.
    Stay healthy
    73, Logan

  • Art WB2WFJ:

    I’m retired so I get to spend plenty of time on the air pretty much whenever I want. The lockdown really hasn’t changed my activity levels all that much. What I have noticed, however, is lots more activity during the day from those who would otherwise have been working. In the early days of the pandemic, when Italy and then Spain were in total lockdown, increased 20M activity from those countries was apparent. Then it became Europe in general and, finally, the US. As lockdowns are beginning to lift, daytime activity has likewise decreased. Let’s hope activity continues to slow, which would indicate people around the world getting back to normal living. Stay healthy, my friends. 73.

  • Jim Hudson:

    I’m new to the Ham World. In fact, I am signed up to take the Tech test June 9th. Till then I am reading everything I can find on line about using a ham radio and setting up my own equipment. The local libraries are closed, local ham clubs are having virtual meetings and our book store doesn’t have any material on amateur radios at all. So I am staying busy learning and trying to enter the world of radio. It is something new for a 70 year old to keep my mind occupied<

  • Larry Ve7VJ:

    Good to hear the tooth got fixed. I go in next week to have a crown put in, well the preliminary work anyway. Had one cusp break off. I do not bother with freezing so it is a constant reminder every time I go in to put the needles away.
    I was on the radio a lot as the local rptrs heated up quite a bit as well as local 6M ssb activity. Was almost too much after a few weeks so turned it all off for a few days. Other projects to concentrate on, or ignore 🙂
    The local club has been doing ZOOM meetings after some initial pearl clutching and it is working well. A bonus is that it allows some of our home bound members to attend.
    I see the restrictions lifting but do fear there will a second round. The Spanish flu came in 3 (possibly 4) waves. Guess we shall see what happens.

  • DG1RUG:

    Hi Everyboddy

    Yes more QRV but the number of chat´s is small. May the CONDX are quite poor.
    In case of LOCK DOWN, i am a teacher for my two daughter´s and some more, but in the morning you will find me on 40 meter´s in PSK or Olivia depent on activity or CONDX. Even a short or alonger chat will made your day or you sleep better.
    The Time is and will be a long time hard, so we have to proof in patience.
    But i will see forward to have a chat whit you guys.
    We can be happy about oure hobby, we can chat about thing´s the are more far from the situation around us.
    So stay calm, Stay safe.
    will see forward to catch you on the air wave´s

    VY 73 de DG1RUG Uwe

  • Igor VE7AXO:

    We are locked down as well and not going out except for some shopping (early in the morning is a “seniors’ hour” at most grocery stores) and going out for walks on less busy trails in the neighbourhood. There is always something to do around the house or garden, so keeping busy is not too hard, although interaction with other people is missing. Zoom comes in handy for keeping in touch with the family and our club has a daily “Health & Wellfare” net on the club repeater, so we do get to keep in touch with other hams as well. With some businesses being allowed to open now, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon, but I will not be a guinea pig and plan to stay at home until I see how things work out in the next few weeks.

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