Wouxun KG-UV8D launching this month


Behold the new Wouxun KG-UV8D. While rumors of an upgraded Wouxun HT have been out for awhile, we have received confirmation from several sources that the KG-UV8D 144/440 version will be available in the United States in late March, 2014. Though no vendor would confirm specific pricing, one source indicated that it will have a street price of less than $150.

According to Wouxun, features will include a large color screen, true dual receive, full-duplex operation (ham sats!) with cross-band repeat, and FCC Part 90 approval (FCC ID: WVTWOUXUN07). Wouxun has yet to publish full specs on their website.

Based on the wild success of the previous Wouxun models, I suspect this radio will sell briskly (especially at the sub-$150 price point). I do hope that Wouxun has addressed the loss of programming issue seen occasionally in some of the earlier versions.

As soon as we get our hands on one, we’ll provide you with a more thorough review of its features. I suspect we’ll also see great reviews from Brick and Jason KC5HWB. It looks like a fun little radio.


Brick has posted on his blog that BuyTwoWayRadios.com will be selling the KG-UV8D for $139.99 (with free  shipping) and will be taking pre-orders beginning Tuesday.

Matt Thomas, W1MST, is the managing editor of AmateurRadio.com. Contact him at [email protected].

31 Responses to “Wouxun KG-UV8D launching this month”

  • Caleb, KK4DDX:

    I.. I.. Want

  • Lyman W6GP:

    Very Interested purhaps will order

  • Mike KB3MJZ:

    Sounds exciting!

  • bob kk8zz:

    Note that the original importer of Wouxun radios to the US has dropped them recently due to quality control and lack of support from the company ?

  • Art KK6GST:

    Nice! i’l get one…

  • Clint K6LCS:

    Alinco couldn’t get true duplex operations right for V/U / U/V mode for the FM birds at the $250 price point … let’s cross our fingers! The only place I would purchase Wouxun is from Powerwerx.

  • Arnel Van DV6WAV:

    …kudos! our 12 units of Wouxun KG-UV6D are still doing good (purchased directly from China last 3 years ago! we have not encountered troublesome and technical operating problems! its good news that there are new improvements such as crossbanding!

  • yukselkoruçestepe:

    bu telsizin fiyatları nerelerde kac paradır bende woxun 6 uvd var takas edebilrmiyim

  • Clint K6LCS:

    I wonder why the largest dealer of Wouxun radios in the US has not heard/seen of this model.

  • Matt W1MST:

    I dunno, Clint. My info and the photo at the top of this post came direct in an email from Wouxun in China.

  • N2NXZ:

    Do they have ssb modes?That would make it worth it.

  • SQ9KRI:

    999 komórek pamięci z tego co widać na wyświetlaczu :).

  • Clint K6LCS:

    It has not hit the FCC’s OET site for certification yet, either … Someone asked me why I wrote that I would only purchase Wouxun from Powerwerx.

    Well, due the their relationship with Wouxun, they can get things done (like case changes, firmware updates, et al).

    I also know the gentlemen who run it – and they are honest, they are hams, and they are devoted to bringing quality products to market.

    Are they my direct “competitor?” Sure. Should I shun them just because I am bringing one or two HT models to the US? THAT would not be prudent nor honest of me.

    Clint K6LCS

  • Matt W1MST:

    Fair enough. Powerwerx has an excellent reputation. I own a Wouxun UV3D from Powerwerx (HRO). Their UV3D was a nice aesthetic improvement over the UVD1P and UV2D, in my opinion. There are other reputable dealers, however.

    Now I’m about to wade into territory I know little to nothing about: the FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology and the Part 90 type-acceptance process….

    I see a variety of Wouxun radios being offered for sale by US dealers bearing the FCC ID WVTWOUXUN04. For example, Powerwerx lists this as the ID for the KG-UV3D and Universal lists it for the KG-UV6D. Wouxun themselves list it for the KG-UVD1P.

    Several radios also share the ID WVTWOUXUN07 such as the KG-UV6X and the Powerwerx DB-16X. The DB-16X also comes preprogrammed with, among others, MURS channels (for which, I would guess, the radio should be Part 95 type-accepted to be eligible to operate on those channels).

    So, here’s where my question comes in…. Would there always necessarily be new FCC OET paperwork generated when Wouxun releases a new model (such as the KG-UV8D) or can they just use, say, “WVTWOUXUN07” when the transceiver or other internals are essentially the same?

  • n3el:

    nice. i buy one

  • AJ, W0AJA:

    Clint, Ed from Wouxun.US will no longer be selling anything from Wouxun because they screwed him over and their customer service sucks.

  • Buddy, KB5ELV:

    I will (eventually) be getting my hands on one of these to write yet another “guide for eyes-free operation”, courtesy of the guys at buytwowayradios.com. I don’t have any reason to think ill of those guys, though I’ve also done business with and had good correspondences with the guys at Powerwerx. BTW, the people at Wouxun tell me they’ve fixed the Wouxun losing its mind problem, at least in the upcoming KG-UV859, which sounds a bit like the current KG-UV6D with a different case design and taking a different battery. That would lead me to believe they would also claim to have fixed the problem in the KG-UV8D. Either that, or they’re lying. We have no way of knowing unless or until one of the radios exhibits the problem. FWIW, my KG-UVD1P, purchased from Ed in 2010, is still doing all right, though my current favorite Chinese HT is the Puxing PX-UV973, purchased from Clint/K6LCS not terribly long ago. Also, for those interested in the eyes-free guides, I have them for the Wouxun KG-UVD1P/2D/3D, should also mostly work with the 6D, though there are a couple menu adjustments; the Baofeng UV5R, and the Puxing PX-UV973. I’ll be working on one for the Wouxun KG-UV920P dual band mobile soon. I’d really like to get my hands on the TYT TH-UV9800 as well, but I haven’t. Unfortunately, indications are that the Anytone AT-5888UV is probably not a great radio for blind ops at all, so I don’t think I’ll be working with it or with their AT-3318UV that Ed is now selling. A shame, because I had, and hope to continue to have, a good relationship with Ed as well.

  • Josep EB3GH:

    .Soy usuario del WOUXUN KG-UVD1 , mi problema es que ha desaparecido
    la imagen del “DISPLAY” no puedo ver ninguna informacion sobre el canal ó
    frequencias que estoy trabajando, mi pregunta es ¿le ha ocurrido a alguien mas? ¿tiene solucion facil este problema?.
    .Espero vuestros comentarios:



  • ivaldo santos:

    conto custa u rdio KG-UV8D Dual Band HT Radio

  • jose caldeira ct2gkd:

    please one dc jack 12 volt built in 😡

  • N3WVH:

    I want one right now…gimmie gimmie gimmie!

  • mark k2csx:

    look’s like wouxun did it with a low cost ht. the kg uv 8d look’s great.im looking to pick one or 2 up. great for murs frs and pmr.73’s. k2csx mark

  • LA5OTA:

    We start selling the Wouxun KG UV 8D from april 14. Pricerange is about the same as KG UV6D. Our Norwegian webshop is http://www.radiosalg.com

    If you live in the States please contact our friend Danny at BuyTwoWayRadios.com

    BTW, Wouxun is launching a new dual band radio, its Wouxun KG UV 899. See picture: http://radiosalg.com/images/KG-UV899.jpg Dont have crossband repeater. Best of all – low price 🙂

    73`s LA5OTA , Stig

  • Doug - W2GTX:

    Mine is pre-ordered from BuyTwoWayRadios – hard to order from PowerWerks when they don’t have it on their site! I think it’s a little weird that these US distributors are whining about a Chinese company’s poor customer service, seems like they could have seen this coming, doesn’t it? Everyone gets focused on being the cheapest, in Ed’s case, he seemed to still want to offer good service to his customer at these prices. The companies that ‘get it’ just make additional mark-up on each unit knowing that some are coming back defective and they’re not getting paid for them, Amazon, for example, is about $20 more expensive on a KGUV6D than Ed was charging and I gladly paid that for the level of service Amazon provides. Wouxun is a company to watch, every new model seems to be better than the last and they will eventually get it right, whoever is ‘sitting down’ in the USA distributor ‘musical chairs’ game when they do will be a big winner!

  • Bill WG2N:

    new public forum for this wouxun radio! please join and contribute!


  • Bill, K0SSI:

    I have had no problems with my UV6. There are several 1’s and 5’s being used by SARC here and have had NO problems with them. Main Trading Co. in Paris, Tx. is also selling these units. I’ve heard nothing bad about them yet.


  • Jeff WQQL573:

    I bought 2 of these and programmed them for various amateur, and commercial frequencies. I LOVE this radio, except for one problem. Out of the blue after a few weeks of operation it has begun to intermittently shut off when transmitting on certain UHF frequencies at high power. Switching to low power solves this, but it bleeds over and receives simultaneously on VHF frequencies while transmitting on UHF if you’re in dual watch mode. The frequencies affected seem to be between 465-469 MHZ, so basically almost all of the commercial repeater inputs I would use. This problem comes and goes now and is totally unpredictable. Does anyone have any ideas as to what this issue is? I have 2 more radios ordered (the newer 2.5 khi stepped models) and I’m crossing my fingers these don’t have the same issue. Other than this TX problem, I absolutely am in love with this radio and it’s very solid feel and great features. I’m wondering if this could be a battery issue?

  • k7vbg:

    Worked first day. Then could only change channels. nothing else , would not let me change any setting or go into vfo mode, could not even turn off keypad light. Saw a similar post from 2011 on an earlier model that did same thing from a K1___ forgot the call. Do not know what to do vendor not responding. Company will not honor warranty their warranty card reads”if repair or service is required…….repair will be made free of charge by dealer through whom the equipment was purchase”. Be careful who you buy from!!!!!! There is no service manual even yet. How can they fix it??


    ya tengo un wouxung en mis manos espero disfrutarlo cualquier asunto nuevo por favor informeme.

  • rolando raul correa infante:

    tengo un kg-uv6d, de exelente resultado, pero la bateria que me duro por dos años, se me descargo, y en mi pais no consigo una batweria para reponer, les agradeceria, si por vuestro interemedio, lo pudiera lograr. muy agradecido, desde ya por vuestra gentileza.Resido en san miguel de tucuman republica Argentina.

  • Jeff KE7POS:

    I am looking for the unlock software for the KG-UV8D. I was told that I could this by joining a Yahoo group that provided it. I cannot find the group nor do I have anyplace to go for help.

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