Wouxun KG-UV6D Dual-Band Handheld?

There are rumors afoot that Wouxun is releasing a new version of it’s popular KG-UVxD line, the KG-UV6D. Based on the popular KG-UVD1P, “updates” have popped up such as the KG-UV2D and KG-UV3D. The internals of the radio are the same (as is the FCC ID). Only the firmware and some cosmetic differences in their cases separate the different models.

Andrews Communications in Australia has this page up where they show the radio. While some owners of previous versions have complained that it can’t be tuned in 2.5kHz steps in compliance with narrowbanding rules that go into effect in 2013, it seems the KG-UV6D firmware corrects the problem.

Who will carry this radio in the US?  Maybe PowerWerx, current retailer of the KG-UV3D. Back on July 19th, they registered the web addresses KGUV6D.com and KG-UV6D.com. Could be a coincidence. Or maybe not.

One unknown is whether or not Wouxun.us and PowerWerx will update their firmware to reflect the new 2.5KHz tuning capability.

Do you have one of these Wouxun HTs?  What do you think of it?

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20 Responses to “Wouxun KG-UV6D Dual-Band Handheld?”

  • Michael N5TGL:

    Looks pretty good. The price is about as much as buying two batteries for my current HT!

  • Jeff Moore KE7ACY:

    Wouxun.us says on their web-site that 2.5KHz spacing will be available in an update soon.

  • Matt W1MST:

    Jeff, I can’t find where it says that. Where on the site does it say that?

  • Don N4KC:

    I do have one. Got it for $110, which included shipping, programming software/USB cable and a 1/4-wave whip antenna in addition to the stock helical. I like it. I use it on my every-other-day exercise walk and it does just fine. I also got an MFJ headset/mic (Icom version that works with the Wouxon). The battery is surprising long-lived. Local FM broadcast does not overpower the front end when I listen there as it does on my Yaesu VX-5. When there is no one on the repeaters, I listen to NPR, but when someone comes on the machine, I hear them and can respond. Both xmit and rcv audio are good. Reports of how difficult the menu system is to use are completely true. The software is a necessity…at least for me.

    I’ve gotten my hundred bucks worth of enjoyment out of it several times over.


    Don N4KC

  • John, W9JGO:

    I also have one. I haven’t had the opportunity to use it very much, but reports have been good and the receive audio is just fine for my old ears. I do have the cable, which makes programming memory channels easy. The battery runs out without notice and it is very dead! It did recharge just fine with the supplied charger. Would I recommend? So far, a resounding “YES!”

    John, W9JGO

  • Fred W0FMS:

    I own a TYT (competing Chinese HT). Once you get use to the “land mobile” setup as opposed to ham.. it’s really a good radio. The Wouxon’s are very similar.

    Now if they would only put APRS and or D-star into a HT for us at a good price…


  • Jay KC2TCM:

    Re: Firmware

    Unfortunately, Wouxun decided to use a write-once type firmware chip in their HT’s. I’ve asked Ed @ wouxun.us about this. We’re both kinda baffled as to why they’d make their firmware non-upgradable, but I think this is pretty common among all the Chinese manufacturers.

    Flash memory is so cheap, I can’t really see why they wouldn’t use it. A lot of controller chips include this anyway.

    73, Jay KC2TCM

  • KF7MJW:

    I JUST got one from Ed at wouxun.us 2 weeks ago (had a problem w/ the first one and he replaced it quickly).

    MY problem is that I bought it SPECIFICALLY for Search and Rescue work. We have just been hit with the 2.5 Khz step channels that we’ll be using and the KG-UV2D I JUST BOUGHT won’t do it!

    I asked Ed if he’d help me out by allowing me to trade up (plus cash) for the 6D, but he declined (still, GREAT customer service).

    I’ve emailed Wouxun directly (in China) and asked if they can help me out or is there a chip / firmware upgrade for the 2D I can get to make it 2.5 Khz-step compliant; awaiting response.

    I just don’t want to tell my wife I just wasted over $200 (w/ accessories) on a radio that won’t fulfill its primary duty! 🙁


    Shawn – KF7MJW

  • Manny (N1YLJ):

    Recently purchased the KG-UV6D for emergency management/RACES use. My only question, can this model be unlocked as I did with my KG-UVD1P? Tried the same procedure but no such luck.


    Manny (N1YLJ)

  • Matt W1MST:

    Manny, what do you mean by “unlocked”? Are you able to program is via the KG-UV Commander software (http://www.kc8unj.com/kguv.html)?

  • Manny (N1YLJ):


    With the Commander software I can not but with KG-UV6D programming with the USB cable that I have with the UVD1P n no problem. I just can not get the radio to go above 470 MHz to the 48x.xxx with the 1KG-XXX-unlock.exe file. Not sure if the unlocking software is not made for the UV6D or the radio itself can not go beyond 470.

    I am involved with emergency management in my area and hearing local police is essential not to mention the main reason was the 2.5 khz step to contact local fire when needed.


    Manny (N1YLJ)

  • Matt W1MST:

    Manny, I’m assuming that you’ve changed the band limits?

    As far as I know, the UV6D does not go above 470MHz — unlike the UV2D which has two versions: one that goes from 350-470 and another that goes from 420-520.


  • Manny (N1YLJ):

    Thanks Matt,

    Got a note from Powerwerx, whom I bought it from saying the same thing. Too bad would’ve been perfect to unlock 512 MHz AND have the 2.5 kc step but that is asking a bit much I guess. Anyways I’ll be carrying two Wouxun handhelds one for the UHF to 512 and another for the 2.5 kc step.

    73 N1YLJ

  • Manny (N1YLJ):


    Can’t change the band limits on UHF. The unlocking software won’t do it. I spoke with Powerwerx, where I purchased it, and they said the same thing you said. It’s not FCC certified past 470 MHz – unlike what the documentation says it can be “suitable for different countries or areas.”

    73 Thanks for the assist!!


  • Mark N4YAV:

    The 6D just received lists UHF band limits of 420-470. As stated before, the 3D came in several UHF “versions”. The interior of the 6D box indicates it does too. I do not know if Powerwerx will carry the other “versions” or not. The 6D programming software allows for control of the menu availability (like the ver.1,2 and 3 did) meaning you can lock it our or make it available to the user. The IP55 waterproof standard is nice for those in jobs exposed to weather extremes. Pryme offers a speaker mike that works well with this and is also waterproof for about $50-60 USD. It is also larger that the Wouxun(not watherproof) and has very good sound quality.

  • Craig, K5CAP:

    I have the KG-UV2D (V, TX 144-148 RX 136-174 / U, TX 420-450 RX 420-520). So far the radio has worked fine except the manual programming is next to impossible. I was not aware the firmware can not be updated. That will be an issue for me as well, as I am involved with public safety / communications. WOUXUN needs to be pro-active in updating or “swapping” for the updated versions. If not, they (WOUXUN) can expect to loose many customers and confidence in their brand will fall sharply.

    Why would a manufacturer produce any two-way radio that cannot be updated via firmware??? Makes no sense!

  • Mark, W5MEM:

    Beware! Apparently there are two flavors of the Wouxun KG-UV6D floating around and they are not the same – and they’re not easy to tell apart. There is the “upgrade” one that does 2.5K step and an “International Ver.” (as is stamped on aluminum inner frame) that does NOT do 2.5K. I just received a KG-UV6D from radioshop888.com (Hong Kong) and they sent me the international one which is useless. I have 5k step HTs coming out of my ears.
    The manual that came with my unit shows 2.5K as “optional”. There is also something called a “DEALER-CHANNEL” mode accessed by powering up with the 8 key pressed and then entering 268160. There is no further documentation on this mode other than how to enter it, and it doesn’t really seem to do anything. I dunno if it is related to the lack of 2.5K step capability or not. Still waiting on a reply from the dealer (hong kong time difference) to see if they are going to going to get me the right radio.


  • Angel:

    I have purchased another unit equal to bobo_radio and both (radioshop_888 as bobo_radio) within specifications put that step is not 2.5 kHz Frequency.
    I admit that when I bought this set in detail that even the red color.
    On the other hand, I have downloaded the powerwerx software and in Optional Functions/Step Frecuency it put 2.5 kHz. Will it be changed from there?

    Sorry for my english. I am spanish.

  • JJJJ:

    Yes, the Powerwerx /Wouxun programming software WILL program the channel spacing to the new FCC 2.5Khz — On the KGUV6D this is ONLY changeable using software. You will notice the out-of-box keypad programming goes only to 5 Khz.

    I CONFIRM the KGUV6D model radio does indeed program the 2.5Khz steps using software and USB programming cable.

    So, if you bought one of these to use on FCC type 90 accepted commercial band, you can still do this but require the free download software and a USB programming cable.

  • MATES:

    Hey Guys,

    got some Wouxon KG-UV6D 2.5 Version too, but can not unlock the Band / Frequency with every know tool (1KG-xxx-unlock.exe, Wouxon-Unlock.exe, Wouxon-Unlock1.exe)! I need to get it open cause its limited to crap 140-146 and 430-440!
    If it´s not possible, I will bring it back and take some 1P verson, but crap, I wanted the 2.5kHz and the 199 slots!

    Thanks guys!

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