Wouxun Dual Band Mobile

There’s a rumor afloat that Wouxun may be getting closer to releasing their much-anticipated dual band mobile rig.

My source says he’s actually operated a final prototype of the radio (in China) and that it has all the bells and whistles you’d expect in a serious competitor.

The big question mark at this point is how much it’s going to cost. I think that it has to be well under $325 (the approximate street price of a Yaesu FT-7900R). By well under, I’m talking at least $50 cheaper.

My prediction is the price will be $250 and they’ll sell like hotcakes.

What’s your guess?

Matt Thomas, W1MST, is the managing editor of AmateurRadio.com. Contact him at [email protected].

12 Responses to “Wouxun Dual Band Mobile”

  • Bill:

    Sure hope you are correct. I have two Wouxun dual bander hts and they are great. They have a long battery life and plenty of extras.
    I’m hoping the dual band mobile is less expensive so I can replace my TM-V7A that has the dreaded vertical lines in the display.

  • Bob KK8ZZ:

    Please let them come with the programming cable……

  • Bob KK8ZZ:

    ….and a manual that’s been edited in the US…… and available at Dayton!!! 🙂

  • Tim B. N1TCB:

    I am betting that their mobile rig will come in at about $250- $275
    I have one of their HT’s and love it.
    Pain in the ass to program till you get the hang of it.
    I have had mine for over 2 years and not one problem!


  • WA6NJV:

    I’ve been away from Ham Radio for 25 years and hold a advanced class license.My hearing went down hill and my understanding is very poor.I had Cochlea Impland 10 months ago and I have to learn how to hear over again.
    I purchased and Wouxun KG-UV3D and downloaded all the info to programs on how to set it up.But I haven’t seen an example of each step they just tell youthe steps.I live in Saint Petersburg Florida and the repeater directory gives a few repeaters but I just can’t program this hand held.If anyone has a list of repeater’s programed 2 meters they can E-mail me so I can download all the info and reload them into my Wouxun KG-UV3D so I can start to listen to the reapers.Thank’s Tom
    Wb2tej/Wa6njv/Wa6njv/4 [email protected]

  • Alan K5TEM:

    I’ve been holding off buying an FT-7900R in anticipation of this dual bander. As soon as they are available, I think I’ll pull the trigger and get one. If nothing else, it will be an experience figuring out how to program it!

  • Paul kb2muq:

    Well we have been waiting for them and have heard from our source they should be out in late April or May, we have 3 on order already.

  • W3FIS:

    The Wouxun and the Baofeng are simply NOT that hard to program.Assuming you are NOT using the cable and software.

    Set down a list/spreadsheet of:

    Receive frequency
    PL tone

    Key in and store, matching the order of your list.

    THAT simple.

    /paul W3FIS

  • Bruno w6usc:

    Someone told me that there about in the $200.00 range i hope so

  • Matt W1MST:

    That would be nice, Bruno. But according to my source, it’s going to be tough even getting it down to $250.

    I have my doubts that Wouxun has learned any lessons about improving the user interface. The UI on the HTs is still atrocious three generations in.

  • Michael N5TGL:

    If $250 is as low as it goes, I don’t think the sales will be all that hot.

    Which brings to mind another thought…if they can sell dual band HT’s, with a battery, mic and desk charger for ~$58 (shipped!) I’m a bit baffled as to why they can’t do a mobile for $200. I realize the higher power component are probably a significant part of the cost, but you’d think that it wouldn’t make up that much of the cost…

  • Ben PA2OLD:

    I hope that it will be cheaper then that!
    Maybe 190 or max. 200 USD, if they do that then
    these radios will sell like hell!
    Better a cheaper price, making less money per radio but sell like hell, then more like the Big Brands and make per radio more money, but sell less…

    73e Ben – PA2OLD
    Please visit my website: http://www.pa2old.nl

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