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$20 Gift Card
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Entry Deadline:
1 September 2011 18:00 UTC

Nifty Accessories carries a complete line of quick reference guides and mini-manuals for ham radio equipment. When I first saw these, I wondered if they would be significantly more useful that the user manual.  Well, in the case of the Wouxun guide (pictured above), the answer is a resounding YES!  In fact, I’m not sure that, absent the user manual, I could successfully program the radio out in the field without this handy little guide.

The Quick Reference Guides offer:

  • Condensed setup and operating instructions printed on both sides
  • Simplified radio programming procedures
  • Pocket guide packed with useful operations
  • Laminated, color-coded, clear and easy to read instructions
  • HT reference cards fit in your wallet or radio pouch
  • Mobile cards fit in a map pocket or glove box

The Mini-Manuals:

  • Provide step-by-step instructions, augmented with hints and explanations
  • Reference information for all controls and setup menus
  • Indexed and organized for quick access
  • Short, clear and concise instructions
  • Smaller, faster, and easier than the factory instruction manual
  • Laminated and bound for durability
  • Compact (4.5 by 8 inches)


$20 Gift Card to Nifty Accessories
plus free shipping for US and Canadian customers only
(Gift card expires December 20, 2011 )


All licensed Amateur Radio Operators worldwide

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143 Responses to “Win a $20 Gift Card to Nifty Accessories!”

  • Charlie wx4cb:

    well seeing as it’s my birthday, it would be great to have one as a birthday present. it’ll also help me understand this ic-706 mark 2g i just had delivered. i already have one for my TS480

  • Jim Moody AF5S:

    Love ’em! Have at least one (sometimes two) for each piece of equipment that they make a Nifty for! I use them when I have to program my rigs.

  • Peter Riker, K4BKD:

    Purchased one of these manuals for my IC706. Easier to keep in the car than regular manual.


  • Frank NF8M:

    The FT-817ND and LDG Z11Pro are the perfect combination and the Nifty guides would be the ideal companion! I love the Z11 but can never remember which buttons to press for special functions.

  • Fred W0FMS:

    Got one with my TYT HT and I will admit it made the initial learning curve much less.

  • Aaron KJ6QIY:

    I’m a new Ham trying to get engaged. I’ve got lots to learn, good thing it’s lots of fun.

  • Michael N4ATL:

    My Nifty guide is a huge asset especially when setting up cross-band repeat on my 8800!

  • Jamie Lewis 2W0CDY:

    d-star guide needed here, the ic 91 book is good but need a dummies guide to dstar aswell

  • Chris kQ2RP:

    I’ve thought about getting a Nifty guide for the 817 ‘go kit’. This would be the perfect opportunity!

  • Dan Wiley N9BAV:

    Great Guides, I keep several in my go bag for my radios. The Operating guide keeps me in check while operating…

    Thanks Dan N9BAV

  • Gary K7GS:

    Hadn’t heard of this product until now. I will definitely check it out.

  • Jon Hart WB2RTA:

    I’d use my nifty guide when I go wilderness camping with the Ft-817 My first menu machine and it requires complete familiarity with it or else the instruction manual. The nifty guide would be SO much easier than the manual.

  • Don WD8ROR:

    These are especially handy for the radio that you do not use every day.

  • David KJ4IZW:

    i’m sure i could find a use for their products!

  • Tom AJ4UQ:

    Would be nice to have one for the FTM-10R…

  • Dan Darsey - W4DED:

    My ARES group has requested a 2M/440 Radio for the local hospital. We have submitted 3 different proposals with 3 different radios depending on funding. I would get the Nifty Reference for which radio is purchased allowing our ARES group to have a ready reference when on station.

  • Michael- KG0E:

    I always wanted and needed these. Great addition to the rigs.

    73, Michael, KG0E

  • Bill Taylor KC5DPJ:

    I had never heard of them before but it’s a dream to one day own a decent HF rig and I would sure be able to use one there.

    BTW Love your web site and I read the subscription every single day. Thank you.

  • Dan wa3mkn:

    If I win I may be able to finally use my ic 706 🙂

  • Michael E. Califf,Sr. AB7OC:

    This sounds like a nice little deal,in every way.

  • Jose Tavares CT1IEF:

    Great little pieces of paper!

  • N2AMW:

    These are great guides. Much better than having to drag around the full manual for each rig when you are out of the shack.

  • Ken WA4SQM:

    Very generous offer- thanks!

  • David Parkison:

    Nifty makes a great product. I currently have 3 different ones for my 5 radios. Another would be a great addition to my go bag.. David KB3VDY

  • Tim AK4JV:

    Thanks. Count me in!

  • Lee Ratcliff KC4ART:

    Could use a couple of these.

  • Mike, WV2ZOW:

    I’ve used some of the “NIFTY” products and they hold up well — much better than my homemade cheat sheets.


    Add me to the list please and thank you!

  • Steve - kb0olf:

    Would make a great addition to my ARES go box.

  • Bob W9WTF:

    I have Nifty! reference cards and mini manuals for almost every rig I own. Excellent resource. I carry them in the truck for my mobile radios and advise all of my friends to do the same.

  • N1TCB:

    Have and use Nifty and they are great.
    Easy and fun to use!

  • Jeff Moore KE7ACY:

    I’d love to carry around a Nifty reference for my TM-D710 or my IC-706MKII. Both are complex radios that would benefit from having a quick reference guide such as a Nifty manual available.

  • Joe KC7GZC:

    Cool idea!

  • Art K7WAH:

    I have Nifty guides for most of my radios, but it is a must for the Wouxun!

  • Jon:

    I love Nifty guides.

    There nifty!

  • Rick N7KO:

    Thank you for offering the nifty accessories gift card! They certainly seem to make it easier to operate those menus without a heavy manual to peruse.

  • Larry AD7GL:

    I enjoy having the nifty guide for my Icom W32-A and use it often when doing ARES work. Would like to have one for field work with my Yaesu FT 817.
    Keep up the good work.


  • jerry rappel WW0E:

    I still use one for my FT1000MP, it’s right under my rig, nice and handy !!


    It would be nice to win this so we can get the psk31 guide

  • Larry Faehling KL7IBV:

    Great stuff! I always had to make my own quick reference cards before, so these will be much appreciated.

  • William D. Hickman KI4YZN:

    I could really use this, just came into a ts-480 & it would be a great help to me. Thanks for the contest

  • Don Wilson:

    Very handy manuals. Especially for the mobile rig (706 MKIIG.) Just slips into the car door pocket and ready to grab if needed. I also have one for my FT950 and FT-250R. The Mini-manual for the FT950 just slides under the radio and is ready to check when needed for menu changes. I highly recommend these products.

  • Mike Crowe w0msc:

    Nifty Accessories is KOOL Thank You

  • Kevin Page:

    I love Nifty guides and could use one for my Kenwood TS-2000!!!

  • Jim Weber KD8NBA:

    Please enter me in drawing.

  • Shawn KL3DL:

    love the site.

  • John KI6NIC:

    I have a FT857D installed in my truck. I would really enjoy having one of these for quick refence while mobile. (It’s not the same as texting I don’t own a cell phone) Thanks for the drawing!!

  • Robert Mcleod NG4R:

    Nifty has always been at my side whenever I had a new rig and had to learn how to do things other than pressing the on/off button…

  • Peter KG5WY:

    I’m a nifty ham. I can do nifty things with a nifty gift card.

  • Sutter KI6ZON:

    Sounds like a cool product and contest. Thanks!

  • Joe K0NEB:

    Would be great for my 706 IIg! 73 de K0NEB

  • KD4QMY - George:

    Thanks for the opportunity. I could use one for the Yaesu VX5.
    73 de KD4QMY

  • Richard Headrick WQA7QCC:

    Very Nice… or should I say Nifty!!

  • Mark W3LZK:

    I need a nifty manual for my TS-480HX.

  • Scott N0VPL:

    Have u tried to change menu items during a contest on the Yeasu FT857D without a cheat sheet, nor have I yet, but if I were drawn GOD how I could write a review of one..

  • Phil Hayden KD0OYR:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • kd8afh:

    It would be nice to have one in the car when I use my FT-187 on the road. Sometimes the menu can be a bit tricky.

    73 Ron

  • kj6haq:

    I have read the advertisment and although I had never heard of the product I definitly would just love to give it a try,I’m new to ham radio and I think these mini manuals would be very very helpful,I have several MFJ items that do puzzle me at times.

  • Ron Hambric, N5SBN:

    I have several radios and belong to ARES so it is vital that I have at my finger
    tips instructions on each of the radios. Nifty Quick reference guides allow
    for this information to be carry in a small space and are well organize to be able to locate the needed instruction quickly.

  • Brenda Williams kb3kfs:

    This would really come in handy!!!!!!!!!

  • Dave k0uxb:

    What you need to know in bullet point format.

  • Omer Fournier AD7DY:

    Very interested in the one for Wouxun, it would be nice to be able to field-program this excellent radio. Thanks, and 73!

    Omer, AD7DY

  • Bill Buckley N2NKP:

    I have several radios that are not very intuitive to program. I would use the Nifty quick reference guide to assist with field programming of my Icom 2820. Special thanks to Nifty for sponsoring this award program.

  • Tony KB3CDA:

    I picked up a guide for my VX-7R, it’s stays in my wallet at all times, very helpful.

  • Martin Kirby W3MLK:

    Thanks for this chance. I would love to have a Nifty Quick reference guide for my 857D. Would really come in handy. 73 Martin W3MLK

  • Dan:

    Looks handy. I would not mind winning this.

  • Gene KC3RT:

    I could put one of those gift cards to good use purchasing a Quick Reference for my new/used Icom 703. I’m at that age where I’m challenged by these things called “menu navigation”. 73 Gene KC3RT

  • John Yochom KB3KEM:

    Yep. The reference cads are great.

  • Bryan KB3SRR:

    Pick me! Pick me! I have an FT-60 and an 1802, and I can never remember how to put a new freq in in the field. I win, and I won’t have to!

  • Harry Latterman K7ZOV:

    I have had a full size nifty manual for my past IC-706, IC-703, one came in my trade for a FT-817 and I have one for my current K2. A few weeks ago I got this ultra-cool fully loaded KX-1. Lots of radio in a tiny box. Lots of features that a nifty manual would really help in using all the features. So if I am lucky enough to win one I would be grateful. If not I will most likely have to get one later this year. 73 Harry

  • Peter ZL1PWD:

    I have 2 of the Nifty guides for my Elecraft K3 and the P3 panadaptor and find them very good value.

  • John, W9JGO:

    Nifty Guides… The only way I can “remember” how to change settings on my FT100D and Wouxun radios…

    Thanks and 73,
    John, W9JGO

  • Mike, KE5PNW:

    These guides are great! I have one for my MFJ369 and wouldn’t be without it! I wish they had one for the ICOM IC-V82. Would love to get the book on D-Star operation!

    Thanks and 73

    Mike, KE5PNW

  • kc9jhd:

    Excellent value,thankyou! I just got a used icom 706MK2g. I been following this newsletter. Have used the nifty ht reference vx7r thankyou 73′ Terry kc9jhd

  • Marsha N8FE:

    I need a Nifty for my Wouxom that I bought at Dayton. I already have several of them for different radios and they help so I can keep things straight.

  • Bill KC8ZBL:

    That great to have sponsors like this.

  • Bob N8QE:

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Chip KD2NL:

    Great to have the Nifty’s, better than digging through manuals when you need to get to that hard to find menu…

    Thanks and 73…

  • Alan WA4SCA:

    I have cards for my mobile and HTs. Much easier to carry and use than the full manual.

  • Jim G3OJI:

    Niffty products have the knack to get straight to the heart of the matter when you want to know what to do next. Many products have become more complex to operate as we benefit from programmable devices, but Niffty cuts through all of that and gives us the confidence to move forward!

  • kymm ky2mmm:

    These cards are the greatest!

  • kf4ivm:

    I could sure use a guide for my Yaesu Ft 840.

  • Harry Goeller N4HG:

    Love these guides.

  • W P S Perera 4S7WP/KE5CUN:

    these will come in handy for me as i shuttle up and down between Colombo and Houston

  • bruno gallizzi:

    There great reference tool.

  • Mike Babb, N4PF:

    I have one of these for my Kenwood rig, and I would love to have a few others.

    If you choose me, the certificate will go to good use!

    Thanks and 73,

    Mike N4PF

  • Chuck Heath K6ZIZ:

    The Nifty! guides cut through the details and give you just what you’re looking for. I have them for almost every radio and use Nifty! before turning to the user manual. Thanks, Bernie, N6FN, Nifty! author.

  • Andrew, W8FI:

    Sure, I’ll take one of those!

  • WB4AEG:

    I now have a Nifty Reference I use with my FT 897D. I love it. I should have bought one for my IC-706MKIIG, but didn’t. Would be nice to win one…Hal

  • Thanks for the chance to win one.

  • Chad KJ4VYI:

    Nifty!! I looked at these a while back — now i just need to get a new ht and was thinking of one of the wouxon units — so this would be a nice pair!!

  • Dave and Kay Wegner WB0VAK & WB0VAJ:

    I use one in the shack for the Kenwood 590 and one in the mobile for the Yaesu 857.
    They always have the information I need.

  • Joe ws4r:

    Like they say “Don’t Leave Home Without It”

    I have a nifty guide for all my radios,they are great. Today’s rigs are very menu driven so those functions you don’t always use are like a scavenger hunt to find. The Nifty Guides are a Godsend.


  • Francisc YO4PX:

    Congratulations! It’s the 3rd time I am trying my luck. Besy wishes!
    Francisc, YO4PX

  • Jon N5JLD:

    Nifty Guides are cool.

    Really well put together.


  • Geoff Ross K6TFZ:

    I have two books and a folder. They are quick, accurate, and compact with plenty of information contained in the small package.

  • David W7DAO:

    I’d like to win

  • Jeffrey Brady N9WSV:

    I have the nifty manual for my FT-817. I learned about several features I didn’t know about. The manual is so compact that I keep it in my “shack in a bag” that I use for RACES, portable ops, or when traveling.

  • Bill Rutz KB1VGS:

    I would love to have another NIFTY manual. They are great to have for quick look ups when I am using my IC-706MKIIG.

  • Allen KF7EST:

    Did not know there was a NIFTY manual for the Wouxun — I’ll have to get one. 73, KF7EST

  • Randy KD8JEB:

    It would be a good way for me to remember how to set up my mobile IC 2200

  • Don WD4ERA:

    I use one for my yaesu FT 60R

    I want more for my other radios..

  • Dan kb9qbt:

    i have several for different radios. these are one the best things anyone ever came up with. they are really handy to carry with handhelds and mobiles where you don’t have room to carry the manual.

  • Scott Wilcoxson:

    I need at least one of these, probably more!

  • Marty W5MRM:

    I would probably pick one up for my IC-703+. It would be a great companion to throw in my backpack when I go hiking QRP Portable.

  • Ron W8VZM:

    Very NIFTY!

  • Bob KK8ZZ:

    The DX field Reference provides all the current info for whomever you are working… Prefix, Country, CQ zone, ITU Zone, Prefix and Country… all in one easy to handle, easy to find spiral bound guide! All the pages are sturdy, plastic coated, so I know they will last for years under heavy use. I have a Nifty! Guide for each of my radios, and they make it easy to look up things I need to change in an instant. Try using the Icom IC-7000 mobile and finding out how to change parameters with the manual… the IC-7000 NIFTY! Guide nails it, first time, every time! Bob KK8ZZ

  • Ryan KD8ATF:

    Have one for my wouxon and i love it

  • K2LCT:

    Is there a book for the Wouxun?

  • hilary louis kt4vk:

    very impressive

  • Joel Schwartz, N3GSE:

    Got my fingers crossed!

  • Michael N1VSU:

    I like those Nifty Shortcut guide for all amateur radio equiptment due to fact in can be with you in your glove box or backpacking without worry of getting wet in all types of weather.

  • Tom Kb3hg:

    Great, Nifty Products work for me.


  • Michael N0WY:

    Have many items from Nifty – they are great! Could always use more, lol.

  • KB1QDC-Kevin:

    These are great, especially for the very menu driven Yaesu handhelds, I have the VX7-R and the VX3_R. I hear a lot of great things about these little guides from many fellow hams. Can always use a spare for glovebox or Go-kits..

  • Joe Murph WB4UGA:


  • Bob N2ESP:

    Finally, a document written in English, not some Asian varient of English.

  • Ken - N4PWP:

    The reference card is always nice to have, especially when you need to change something in a hurry and forgotten how to do it.

  • WA6NJV:

    After being away from Ham radio for 30 year’s I purchased a WOUXUN KG-UV3D thinking it was ready to go.After getting the software to program it I found out it was over my head.With 30 menu adjustments I shure home this handy card will do the trick. Tom

  • Stuart WB6RXG:

    This would definately be handy to have for my TS-2000.

  • Marv-KB5TJI:

    I wonder if Nifty might consider producing apps for iOS and Android? I take the iPhone everywhere and have a ton of amateur radio apps, including a guide for the Yaesu 857-D. It’s nice having everything organized in one place.
    I also like Nifty’s paper versions too. They’re great!

  • WD4DX - Brian:

    My Nifty guides sit right with my gear and when I need to do something and can’t quite remember, the Nifty guides provide a quick reference to help me on my way. This way, I file my manuals away for safe-keeping, and the Nifty guides are laminated and sturdy, rather than the paper manuals. My Nifty guide for my TS-590S has also helped me trouble-shoot many “user errors”!

  • KI6ZQY:

    Cool! I would like to have one to make it easier for family to operate my radio in a emergency.

  • Randy, KF4O:

    Reference cards are great! thanks for sponsoring this!

  • Janet, KI4YDS:

    Would be great for my 590S…thanks!!

  • Dave Karpiej K1THP:

    Sometimes when I have a brand new radio with all of its feature bells and whistles my 60 year old mind needs a bit of a kick start to find its way thru the menus.

  • Jeffrey Parker AC2AU:

    Perfect for Yeasu menu driven radios. Often need reminders to find my way through the miazma of menus just to set squelch or other should be easy to set settings (otherwize great radios). So I don’t have to carry several manuals out the door with me every day.

  • KD8UT:

    Thanks for the opportunity…

  • Jim KK4DJX:

    Really need one for my new HT.

  • Rynn KI5BC:

    Thanks for another opportunity to win!

  • Keith, G6NHU:

    What a great idea!

  • Stan K9SWX:

    I could use one of these on my VX8R or FT-857. Thanks!

  • Ned Newlin W8VFM:

    Thanks, looking forward to using the Niffty with my K2

  • Bob KA8SAF:

    It seems like I always have to go back to the file draw and pull out a manual to find out how to do something that I don’t normally do. Would be nice to put one one of those fold-up cards right under the rig for quick and easy access to and also not have to thumb through a bunch of pages trying to find out how to do something.. ( I have several different rigs. Might be nice to get one for each of them. )

  • Jon W4JRK:

    Thasnks for another contest. I can always use more info on my radios!
    Best 73

  • Kay, AI4IC:

    I’m in

  • jeff herr WW6L:

    you guys do such a nice job.
    i hope julian is doing well.

  • Al:

    These are handy when backpacking.

    Al – W0SY

  • Paul Griffith KE5WMA:

    I have a card for my Kenwood. I could use one for my other radios.

  • Bob - VK2ABP:

    The nifty quick reference card could live in my wallet so is always on hand for when I need to change settings on my radio. It would have to be much better than stumbling through the menus everytime – not sure why I cannot remember where these things are.

  • Howard KC2TYZ:

    I would use the Nifty Guide to program my HT in the field


    I have a few of these – they really are helpful!

  • Eric KC9MHE:

    Perfect addition to my go-bag.

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