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6m GDX

I have now closed down on 6m for the night, but not before spotting G8JNJ/A (184km) at -25dB S/N at 2032z. A little  earlier he spotted me. Otherwise the band is quiet apart from local G4IKZ (18km).

Around teatime I had a couple of Es spots from German stations on 6m.

Back on 6m

After most of the day on 10m (lots of Es around Europe) it has been back on 6m since about 1708z. So far only G4IKZ (18km) spotting me.

6m early evening WSPR spots 1W ERP

Last night there were some new 6m GDX WSPR spots including G3ZJO (79km) so I am hopeful of some more GDX and maybe Es this evening on 6m.  Eddie G3ZJO is more often seen on 472kHz running 1mW ERP.  I have not tried 472kHz for some months now because of my health issues (stroke). Sticking to the higher HF bands and VHF (6m and 2m) have been easier. I need a better antenna for MF.

UPDATE 1950z: Been on 6m for over an hour and a half and not even the  briefest hint of a signal seen yet. Just the spots from G4IKZ proving the kit is on and working. Very disappointing so far this evening. No Es or GDX at all.

UPDATE 2000z:   Decided to go back to 10m even though 20-30MHz propagation is now forecast to be “poor”.

6m Es and GDX

6m Es, with my 1W ERP WSPR signal, started today at 1216z here with spots of my QRP signal by IK1WVQ (1084km) followed by DL4MFC (916km).  A better start on 6m than yesterday! A little later IK1NET (981km) was spotting me at 1244z..

I spotted both IK1WVQ and DL4MFC around 1238z.  I am now hopeful of more Es during the day.

UPDATE 1315z:    DL4RU (879km) spotted me at 1304z.

UPDATE 1830z:    No more Es her since 1654z with OK2RO (1282km). Since then just locals and GDX –  G4IKZ (18km), G8KNN (12km), G3ZJO (79km), G8EPA (61km), G0LRD (25km). Earlier in the day G4KPX (12km) and G4FFC (45km).

UPDATE 1940z:   Still no more 6m Es (here at least) after OK2RO, just Gs.

UPDATE 2030z:  Just 6m G locals and semi-locals.

6m locals and semi-locals this evening on WSPR

UPDATE 2122z:   G6AVK (78km) is now spotting me too.

Doppler on locals and a VERY quiet day on 6m

Today, so far, it has been exclusively local G4IKZ (18km) on 6m WSPR  One thing I have noticed both on his spots and those by G4FFC (45km) yesterday is that when there is a lot of Doppler my reports are poorer. I assume the aircraft reflections sometimes result in destructive interference and an effective drop in S/N.

This month, so far, sunspot numbers have been lower (70 today), although 20-30MHz propagation is described as “normal”. I think the slide downwards is starting, sadly. But, even next autumn 10m should still be good though – we are a LONG way from the minimum yet. I think long distance 6m F-layer propagation openings will be few unless one is lucky enough to be closer to the equator and may catch TEP openings. CN8LI and stations in Israel were managing to catch 6m TEP openings quite recently, as were some VK and JA stations.

UPDATE 1700z:   Just G4IKZ (18km) spotting me since I switched on 6m WSPR at 0556z – a very very quiet day on 6m so far today: no Es and no GDX seen here, so far. There is at least one “wandering” signal that has been seen several times drifting across the band but with too much drift to decode. Strong, but no Doppler. At one point it was stable enough to decode but the signal faded out after 1 minute. I think this was an Es signal. May never know though. I am tempted to QSY to 472kHz WSPR this evening unless things markedly improve on 6m.

UPDATE 1808z:  another new local(ish) station has just appeared on 6m spotting me:   M0MVB (30km) up in the Fens.  Still no 6m Es here.I presume M0MVB is just in from work and just turned the gear on.

UPDATE 1925z:   Still no 6m Es here today. Tomorrow can only be better.

UPDATE 2050z:  I stuck with 6m, but only locals today. Very disappointing indeed.

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