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LHS Episode #198: Jingle Bells

It's time for Episode 198. Thank you for turning in. In this episode, we discuss earthquakes and hurricanes, WSJT-X and FT8, contesting and sweeps, Synergy and Wayland, caveats for open-source coders, the latest Linux kernel, CloudShack, Mexican food and a Scotch of a different color. There is also much, much more. All the best.

73 de The LHS Crew

Shakin’ – Not The Eddie Money Song – Earthquake Hits Albany, NY [VIDEO]

While I was at my “regular job” yesterday, I along with countless others on the east coast, felt a 5.9 magnitude earthquake. I was leaning against a table helping someone with setting up a new computer and felt the table start to move. The first thing that ran through my mind was someone was shaking the table. It was almost surreal.

A map showing reports of where the quake was felt.

Courtesy Google Maps

No one else really realized what was going on or even felt it. And I didn’t even think it was an earthquake till I saw on twitter what it really was. But because of that, I have decided to post a few links to information to have in case a bigger quake should hit. And even a little video from a couple of my co-workers.

First up, I found an article from the San Fransisco Gate on making a preparedness kit. It’s usually a good idea to have these around on a regular basis anyways for not just an earthquake, but any other kind of disaster that could happen. Food, water, a First Aid kit and a radio with some extra batteries are a good idea to have, along with clothing and important documents to take with you. You could also buy a premade kit, but those seem to be way more expensive compared to what you could do with just what you have at home.

But as Ham Radio operators, some of us are prepared for even more, having generators to power the house, as well as battery backups for the radios and computers. These kind of things are on the “To Do” list for when I do get a house with the YL. For now, I’m ready with the basic kit.

This little “rumbler” was just a reminder that even here in the Northeast, that we can feel the effects of an earthquake too. While It was thankfully a “small” one by comparison to many others that have caused countless deaths and millions or even billions of dollars of damage, it’s still a kind of sobering thought that these can happen. But, there is a side of humor too it as well, as shown in this video from my co-worker Brian Sinkoff, who is host of a local sports talk show and program director of the ESPN radio affiliate here in town. Even my program director Rob Dawes gets in on the act. But note at the :20 second mark of the video, you see a quick pan of the camera and you get a glimpse of Rob standing in the door way, which from what I understand is something you should do in a quake.You can’t miss him in his bright yellow shirt. I have to remember to call him out compliment him on his fashion sense.


Rich also writes a Tech blog and posts stories every Tuesday and Thursday on Q103, The Rock of Albany’s website, as well as Amateur Radio stories every Monday thru Friday on AmiZed Studios.

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