Radical, but I kinda like it!

Posted by Bobby AK4JA (who I’ve worked – fantastic op!) on QRP-L today. Provocative? Yes. Controversial? Yes. True? No, but I kinda like it anyway:

“QRP – a real man’s mode , not for sissies and certainly not for selfish, impatient , ego-maniacs – Man up, grow a set and go QRP if you dare!”

Not trying to start a QRO vs QRP war, but I enjoyed the humor. And it makes for a good battle cry. Definitely better than “Life is too short for $200 finals” or whatever some guys like to bandy about. And no, I won’t be changing my tag line.

Hey, Bobby! I think this would make a good T-shirt!  Something on the order of this:

Hee hee!  Is that a challenge, or what ?

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP – When you care to send the very least!

Larry Makoski, W2LJ, is a regular contributor to AmateurRadio.com and writes from New Jersey, USA. Contact him at [email protected].

9 Responses to “Radical, but I kinda like it!”

  • Harry K7ZOV:

    Thanks for the post and for the laugh… Sure glad I have my KX3 and a T-T Rebel in the mail. Also two Rockmites. Maybe I should not have traded my last FT-817 for the IC-7000 or should not have sold my Flex 1500 so I could by the 2 meter module for the KX3 and the PX3… On second thought those still keep me in the qrp world.

    Funny poster…Thank you again

    73 Harry K7ZOV
    KX3 #0064 now with 2 meter qrp

  • Dave K1THP:

    Been a QRPer for over 50 years (back then QRP was less than 100 Watt). I have a QRO station but very rarely use it. QRo is no challenge! Love the poster.
    K1THP Dave

  • BX2ABT:

    I wish you all would stop about QRP this and QRP that. It’s getting old and is definitely boring as hell. So you work QRP? Whatever you like! But if you ever want to work me, then crank it up, because I am located half across the world, the sun is not blessing us with many spots, I have a limited antenna setup, so 100 W is QRP in my neck of the woods. My KX3 is gathering dust; glad to have my IC-7200. And if that means I’m a sissy…..so be it.

  • Larry W2LJ:

    Hans – I think you missed the key word in there … HUMOR. It was not meant to be a serious post. Sorry if you were offended, but as you are so aptly demonstrating …. to each his own.

  • Hans (BX2ABT):

    No Larry, I didn’t miss the key word. But what kind of humor is it then? I am not offended, merely annoyed. Why I gave my comment is that I object to the “us” against “the rest” approach. QRPers seem to deliberately create a divide by constantly emphasizing that QRP is so great and that everyone should do it and if you don’t you miss all the fun. It seems QRPers adhere to a religion, with a holier-than-thou attitude. Why is what AK4JA wrote a battle cry? Where is the battle then? What is so wrong with QRO? Why the radicalism? The guys who build super class legal limit stations deserve the same respect, or maybe even more, because it is vastly more complicated to put such a station together and they can guarantee readable signals whatever the sun’s state is. And on the amateur bands you use the appropriate power to have a successful QSO, be it 5 or 500 Watts. We’re all hams, whatever we are interested in, so no need to polarize.

    We all know now that you are a QRPer, we know you love it. No need to constantly remind us of that and certainly no need to be provocative, radical or controversial. A while back I almost stopped reading AR.com because most articles were about QRP. Luckily that has changed, so I’m still here, but please keep AR.com pleasant to read for all, okay?

    BTW, as a fellow SKCCer I invite you to cranck up your power and get on the SKCC sked page. I never worked NJ and an SKCC exchange would be more than welcome with me.

  • Larry W2LJ:

    Fair enough, Hans. But I write for my own blog, not for AmateuRadio.com. Matt had asked me a couple of years ago, if I would mind if he mirrored my content here. At the time, I had no problem with it. But you’re 100% correct, my content is meant for a niche. And those outside that niche, well, yeah, I guess they can get offended or annoyed or whatever you want to call it.

    That being said, I write about what I want to write about, what interests me and those who have the same interests as me. That’s clearer to me more than ever. And you’re also correct that it’s not fair to foist my interests, or my sometimes weird sense of humor, or my religious or political views upon others who aren’t specifically looking for it. So I am going to ask Matt to discontinue mirroring my blog here.

    Those who want to read what I have to offer can follow me at w2lj.blogspot.com. They’re free “to change the channel” and go over there, or not. Their pleasure. I’m sure that’s the best solution and one that will keep everyone happy.

    Have a fantastic day!
    Larry W2LJ

  • Jim -W8LGZ:

    Conversely Hans, many QROers have the exact same outlook, hence the “battle cry”, “Life’s too short for QRP.” I guess it depends on which camp you’re in. As Larry said, it’s just humor. Yes, band conditions can, and often does, dictate the needed power levels, but I don’t think anyone here is trying to say QRP is the end-all, be-all; just a facet of the hobby that can put a spark back in the hobby for those who want to do/try something different and not as easy as QRO. Just my 1/2 cent opinion.


  • BX2ABT:

    It would be very unfortunate if you would do that and this was absolutely not my intention. I have the misfortune that I speak up when I find something objectable. Not to drive people away, merely to make a counterpoint and start a discussion. If nobody speaks up the world will never change, right?

    You do write interesting posts, but you also write some provocative stuff. Why? Other QRPers like ve3wdm or w1pid also tell about their QRP adventures, but they don’t polarize. Why would you? We’re all hams and should try to get along fine, without creating any unease.

    I know AR.com is an aggregate that mirrors other blogs, but I deliberately chose to not do that and write articles especially for AR.com. My blog is my blog, AR.com is AR.com. That might be too troublesome for you and I can appreciate that. So, please, do keep publishing on AR.com, but do also accept that your posts will create some reactions.

  • Mike WV2ZOW:

    A recording of one of my favorite QRP non-QSOs. Only 19 Seconds. V31BB responding to a station emphasizing he is QRP.

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