Popular Electronics 1954-1982 available as PDF downloads


I’ve discovered an archive of several older electronics and radio-related magazines available for download in PDF format.


In addition to Popular Electronics, they also have archives of the following titles available:

Electronics Illustrated (1958-1972)
Electronics World (1959-1972)
Radio Electronics (1948-1992)
Elementary Electronics (1964-1980 sporadic)
BYTE (1975-1984)

And many more….

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20 Responses to “Popular Electronics 1954-1982 available as PDF downloads”

  • Dick F8WBD:

    I can’t thank you enough for posting this great source of publications. My interest is very early radio and these publications have been my best source, to date. Again, a big thanks and 73.

  • Gilbert ZL3GIL:

    Nice! I’ve been trying to track down an article from one of these magazines since the late 1980s. From my sketchy recollection the article described a circuit that simulated a bouncing ball and display the ball’s movements on a CRO. Maybe it was in Radio Electronics… I’m going to have a ball(!) trawling through these pdfs. Thank you for posting this link.

  • Peter kg5wy:


  • Harry K7ZOV:

    Thank you for sharing. I sent the link to a few friends who like myself use to live to these magazine. Looks like I will be going down memory lane for quite sometime.

    73 Harry K7ZOV

  • Harry K7ZOV:

    Be sure to check out the Home Page… WOW!

  • Fred AE2DX:

    Boy does this bring back wonderful memories of time gone by, can’t thank you enough for listing this, will forward to all my old fart friends to search out.

  • Michael N1VSU:

    I thank you for posting website about this famous magazine that I enjoying reading .

  • Peter kg5wy:

    Check out the home page, then scroll down to Technical – Consumer Electronics, then the 1968 Feb/Mar issue of Radio TV Experimenter. There is an article on a QRP transmitter. I haven’t checked it out, but it may be a neat project.

  • Harry K7ZOV:

    I was looking at some of the old magazines from the 1924 days. I was shocked to see that the radios, home not ham, were in the $110 to $190 range. Tubes and batteries included. That would make a simple long wave radio in today’s dollars to be well over $5,000 more or less… At those prices it is a wonder anyone could afford one, and yet the radio industry still made it.

  • Peter kg5wy:

    Thank you again Matt.
    You’ve become very popular with this post.
    Everyone is having a great time reminiscing.

  • Matt W1MST:

    Happy to share, Peter. I’m having a blast looking at some of the ads!

  • Hussein:

    No one can express what you deserve, I do have number of issues of these publications 80’s and 90’s , but this is fantastic in the form of PDF, I do appreciate your help, thanks.

  • Alfredo Lopez:

    I am interested Electronics Illustrated magazine july 1968
    thanks you

  • gilbert ZL3GIL:

    the issue you are looking for was in electronic experimenter’s handbook ether spring or fall 1974 was featured on the frount cover and the leading artical. THEtital was “build the bouncing ball computer’ A anlog computer.

  • W Thomas, ON9CVS:

    Thank you for the nostalgia and good memories. Much appreciated. Walt

  • Muhammad Arshad:

    simply great…

  • Paul Manoli , KB1NCD:

    Excellent website.

  • Howard Rollins III:

    Hi, I love radio Electronics with a passion. I am highly intrigued by all aspects of it. I love the beauty & practical elegance of simple circuits. Particularly those that perform as though they must consist of more than they are. There is beauty in simplicity. I love experimenting with circuit designs to improve their capabilities. Nothing is more fun for me to do. Take care for now.


    Professor: Howard Daniel Rollins III
    Devoted Inventor & Scientist

  • Mike Calkins W4MCX:

    Really glad I found you via face book post. Those older magazine articles are priceless to older hams i.e., me!

  • VE7NGB:

    Great resource for us “Old Folks”! Thanks

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