New dual-band mobile from Wouxun?

Ham radio forums have been alive with buzz in recent days about the pending release of the KG-UV920R, a new dual-band 2m/440 mobile radio from Wouxun. Ed Griffin from Wouxun.US is in China until October 25th and was not available for comment, but a photo of the radio appears on his website.  An anonymous but reliable source said that the radio is not yet in production, but that it could be available by early 2011 pending FCC certification.

How much will it cost?  The same reliable source did not have a firm answer but expected the price to be less than $300.  They also said that they expected a 2m/220 version in addition to the 2m/440 version.  When you start looking through the feature set (remote front panel, cross-band repeat), that’s quite a bit less than a comparable radio from other manufacturers.  Obviously, a lot can change between now and the final production release.  The specs and price could very well change significantly.  Hopefully Ed will stop by soon and provide us with some more information.

What do you think of Wouxun’s apparent entry into the mobile radio market?  Will you buy one?

(Images above from Wouxun.US and re-formatted for viewing)

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48 Responses to “New dual-band mobile from Wouxun?”

  • Chris kc9pdm:

    Looks nice. And if its like their handhelds with a good price (sub $200) then these will sell like wild fire.

    If they were to offer a 2m/1.25m mobile rig I would buy both.

    Will be waiting and watching to see anymore news on this rig.

  • Tim Bass N1TCB:

    I am excited about this new radio!
    I have3 a Wouxun 2mtr/440 HT and I am really happy with it’s performance. Had a couple of issues at first that quickly became non issues.
    Plan to get one of the mobiles when they arrive.
    FYI there is a review in the November QST on the HT’s.
    Best part is the price….Affordable for many hams

  • Steve KB0OLF:

    Hopefuly the Big 3 will take notice and know that they are no longer the only contenders in the market. I have yet to hear anything bad about this brand, or any of the low cost alternatives coming out of China. I would LOVE to see some of Yaesu’s radios drop in price as a result of more competition. Perhaps Wouxun will see the potential of D-Star and and incorporte the technology in their radios. Certainly would throw a stick in the Icom mud.

  • Greg KI8AF:

    Sounds great. Looks like the company is serious about getting some amateur radio business.

  • Bruno KA6HAV:

    sure would like to get the 2 meter and 220 mhz for the car. Also news is that there going to have HF Rigs with a nice price tag well see 73s KA6HAV

  • N2SCL (Gary):

    Personally, I rather have a 220/440 version, so that I could put my 2 meter all mode in the car with it. I have the KG-UVD1P 2m/220 HT, which is a nice radio for a low budget ($100). They need to (as do ALL current manufacturers) watch their assembly/quality control methods, as reliability on many new electronic products is NOT adequate. If you get a good unit fine, but, if not, you can only hope you realize it in time to return it for a replacement. Hopefully, before you waste a lot of time programming it. Who wants to do double work and have hassles. I wish Wouxun good luck. BTW, I had to get a second HT. The first one wasn’t so good, but the second one made it worthwhile.

  • Danny KJ4FXZ:

    I have purchased 3 144/2m one for my XYL and one for a friend. No problemns with any currently, and plan to use mine on the next outing.

  • n2ppv:

    I second that wouxun should design a 220/440 model of each radio!

  • Steve W8SRB:

    That mobile sure does look promising. If the Wouxon company keeps it up with their equipment, I forsee alot of others gonna lose alot of business to them. It’s hard not to purchase one for the prices. Could imagine what the HF radio gonna look like.

  • K9LXH:

    COME ON! GET THE 920 ON THE MARKET SO I CAN BUY ONE! I am looking to buy
    the 2m/220 mobile and will as soon as it is available!

  • VK2FCOM:

    I would like one too.

  • Ron KG5BZ:

    Have programmed several of the 2M/220 Wouxun HT’s with the free down-loaded software for friends. Really like my 2M/220 Wouxun HT too! Will definitely by at least 1 Wouxun KG-UV920R 2 meter 1.25 meter (220 MHz) mobile as Soon as they become available. The sooner the better!

  • Don W5JAD:

    Ready to buy one 2M/220. Let us know when they become available.

  • N2RAI:

    I can’t wait either…I heard the price wasn’t going to be too bad..I have the KG-UVD1P and love it….for a little over $100.00 you can’t go wrong!

  • james m0cru:

    great radios! when are they starting production of HF radios, they would outsell the other manufacturers hands down

  • john s./kc5odt:

    yes im ready for the wouxon can go to the u.s. wouxon website and reserve the radio with no deposit.

  • KD0MCI:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these babies. Thanks to kc50dt for pointing out you can reserve one without obligation on their website! Rockin!

  • Steve Fritts W4SEF:

    I have one of the 2 meter/220 handhelds and it is excellent! can’t wait for the mobile dual band to come out. Icom, Kenwood and Yeasu better wake up! The era of over priced rigs may be over!

  • Dave Schneider K2DES:

    Our group here is getting the new KG-UVD1P 144/440 HT’s next week. For the price and ability these new radios are capable of doing it’s worth it! Next will be the 144/220 radios. LONG LIVE WOUXUM!!!! “IEEE”

  • Robert Gough N4MQB:

    These folks are gonna give the “big three” a run for their money. I’m gonna buy the 2meter/220 as soon as they come available!!!

  • Joey KD8OZN:

    I have one of the 2m/440 HT’s and I will definitely look forward to buying this mobile.

  • Simon VK3XEM:

    I have the 2M/70cm HT and looking forward to the dual band mobile to be released, the specs are truly impressive.

    I have nick named the Wouxun dual-band HT the Pensioner’s radio, if it breaks you just have to wait for Pension day to buy a new one!

  • Ronnie K5OCQ:

    Lets get her done. I’ll take the first one off the production line. Good bye to alinco,kenwood,yeasu and icom. Sell it back to japan.

  • KC0Wef:

    I have bought the 2 meter 220 hand held and I am also planning on buying the mobile rig, probably the 220 version. 73’s Forest

  • Byron, W7RDF:

    I also have the 144/440 handheld (KG-UVD1) and am extremely pleased with it’s performance. For the money ($108 on E-Bay at the time) it was a great deal! The only thing I would have liked is the bandwidth and mode to have allowed VHF Air band receive. That would have made the radio better for me. Otherwise, no complaints. I CAN recommend this radio to other users, particularly first time techs, that don’t have a lot of money to spend. Enjoy.
    Byron, W7RDF

  • m0cru:

    RIGHT….. whats the delay? are they really making these rigs or what, its april fools isnt it ??
    weve been had, well done wouxun, good trick!

  • wayne(KG4GEP):


  • 9z4apa:

    hey my dual band ht works fine just odered the mobile antenna to match oh not to mention the soft case cant wait to see price for the dual band mobile.73s

  • Jari OH6TX:

    I am ready for second wouxun.. i currently have 2m/70cm handheld from wouxun.
    That’s good value for money..

    if new mobile is too i am ready because my Yaesu jus broke for no reason.. that i am dissapointed.. i would expect more than 2 years of operation..

  • Kevin WA7VTD:

    I would not buy one unless, unlike the HT, this radio has an easy front-panel, individual memory channel, scan skip function.

  • Axel W8MPX:

    I DON’T THINK I WILL BY ANOTHER YAESU ICOM KENWOOD WITH WOUXUN PERFORMANCE and price do you see yaesu radios price are going up like the 8800 yaesu for 429.00 universal radio the 857d 799.00 let see when wouxun came out with the mobile Huuummm

  • Richard N6UZS:

    Wouxun performance?
    Their transmit audio sounds like crap! They need to work on that big time

  • Ken, W4KEN:

    I like to buy the 2 meter and 220 MHz mobile as Soon as they become available. I like to see a 2 meter,220,and 440 triband mobile also. (W4KEN)



  • Don KJ5JY:

    I have been waiting on this one for a long time, reserved mine but have heard nothing regarding the radio.. hope it happens soon because I am in need to replace my Alinco DR 600 so may have to go ahead and buy Alinco DR-635..but will hold out for a while longer.

  • elpidio PY3TJ:

    Está muito demorado a venda deste radio , o que será que está acontecendo ????????

  • Ken W7lty:

    Its been 4 years.. Vapor radio.. Don’t think it will happen. Otherwise, they would make MILLIONS selling that cheap for those specs.. I don’t know about you, but if I could make something that cheap, with thousands chomping at the bit to buy it, it would be something real, and you’d get it available ASAP. Not hints and watering everyone’s mouth.. The ipad3 is coming out soon. Just don’t think this is a real radio with the specs and the cost.. Rub the magic lantern though.. =)

  • Mike n3xxh:

    It’s great to see more 220 radios on the market. 2 meter radios are a dime a dozen and cheap . 2 meter / 440 radios are a dime a dozen and cost more. Now a days we can only fit so many radios in modern vehicles, so why not a 220 / 440 mobile ? Now another thing to point out, with the uhf long range radar the government is using, many 440 repeaters on the coast lines are getting put off the air and 220 and 900 repeaters are replacing many of them so, why not a 220 / 900 duel band mobile ? Yet another band not combined with anything other than hf radios is 6 meters , many repeaters are found there also. Lets go deeper, to see the real advantage of 220 consider the low noise floor on single side band and to see the real advantage of 6 meter dx , aww yes single side band. So lots of possibility’s . Why not a 220 / 900 fm mobile and a 6 meter / 220 all mode mobile or a tri band 6 meter / 220 / 900 all mode or why not go all mode on all bands from 6 meters thru 1296 . I feel with today’s technology it’s possible to cover 160 meters thru 1296 MHz with two radios. Wouxun I dare you to kick all three of the big radio manufactures buts and produce a crown jewel of radios ! As repeater owner and a commercial driver I could really put a radio like that to the test. Mike n3xxh

  • Jim KD4BKZ:

    With the new FCC reqs coming out for Narrow Fm…..the specs so far show no
    Selection for either FM wide or Fm Narrow…. with Devation at +- 5hz… would surley be obsolute by 2013…… hopefully they will have provisions for this….

  • John, K5ZF:

    So WHERE is this wonderful new radio????? It seems like WOUXUN has made so many models of their HT already….what about the mobile?

  • Fredy-KP4CSI:

    Estamos esperando en Puerto Rico este juguete,promete mucho y se ve muy bien…yo quiero 3 de ellos..saludos a todos los compañeros aficionados 73’s.

    We are waiting on Puerto Rico this toy, promises much and looks very good… I want 3 of them…greetings to all fellow amateur’s 73’s.

  • Jim KD4BKZ:

    i can hardly wait for the New dual band mobile…..Wouxun’s performance per cost is by far money well spent…..As for the BIG boys with their high price good luck catching up to these folks who put the operator before profits…. way to go Wouxun……

  • KJ6UFY:

    Made by people who aren’t making $25.00 per hour and are not union? And quality to boot! I’d like to buy American in this case but……..

  • Stu G3OCR:

    As long as they have sorted out the S-Meter that’s useless on the HT !!

    Kidding aside, my XYL and I have a UVD-1 each and they are great value for money. If the 920R adds “mobile power” to this, AND true Dual Band, AND cross-band repeating, with a pric that looks like being around $200 or even less, I’ll certainly be happy to leave my “all-band-all-mode” in the shack and a 920R in the car!

    As for posts about other frequency splits, remember that the US allocation of 220MHz is not common elsewhere, while the VHF-HI and UHF around 400-odd allocations are very common worldwide for commercial users, Wouxun’s products have a much bigger market that just us hams.

    Mind you, 23cms would be nice 😉



    Wow as early as 2011 this will be out !!!
    I can’t wait until then !!

    ohh hang on my watch is out by 2 years, I thought today was 2010.
    ohh well I will keep waiting for the beast.

  • Jerry, KK4JAG:

    I have my name on the waiting list and am very anxious to “move up” to UHF. I have been happy with my 2 meter hand held but I want to become more active in ARES and the cross band repeater idea is very appealing. I am hoping that moving up from just 5 watts on the hand held will increase my simplex range. A mobile unit with a high gain antenna and 50 watts on top of the hill should help.

  • Jerry, KK4JAG:

    aBy the way my name is on the “waiting list” with Wouxun.US!

  • du3ph:

    nice rig…

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