KN-Q10 SSB/CW 5W kit – US$280

Recently there was an interesting discussion here on about some of the barriers to a wider takeup of the new wave of Chinese QRP or DIY ham radio kitset activity. One of the hurdles of course is language and the current lack of an English language user base to grow and deliver email support for kit builders.

Overnight Adam, BD6CR has made available an English translation of the construction manual for the KN-Q10 QRP kit designed by Ke Shi BA6BF. The KN-Q10 is a four band (3.5, 7, 14 & 21MHz) 5W SSB/CW transceiver kit.

The KN-Q10 4 band SSB/CW QRP kit designed by Ke Shi BA6BF

The KN-Q10 4 band SSB/CW QRP kit designed by Ke Shi BA6BF

Adam has also revived the Yahoo group China_QRP -

“I have made a decision to turn this yahoo group into a forum to support overseas  Chinese kit builders and merchants. We will see more overseas kit builders and merchants joining.”

John AE5X posted a report about the manual translation earlier today. He also included a link to a discussion thread about the kit on the Chinese language HelloCQ forum. The photos here are sourced from the designer Ke Shi, BA6BF’s own postings and give some sense of the finish and quality of the project. There’s a large number of photos of the Q10 under construction on the thread.

A view of the BA6BF designed KN-Q10's PCB under construction

A view of the BA6BF designed KN-Q10

John AE5X noticed the current lack of a schematic & parts placement diagrams and an operating manual for the kit even though this appears to be referenced in the translation. Certainly this version of the manual doesn’t offer the comprehensive ‘hand-holding’ guidance Elecraft, SWLabs or Softrock kit builders are used to. John sees no inherent problem with this – as long as prospective buyers are aware. I see this manual translation as an important first step towards opening up this exciting DIY/QRP activity to a wider audience.

Today on the China QRP Yahoogroup Adam has explained that he is selling the KN-Q10 kit for US$280 which includes air parcel delivery anywhere worldwide and that he accepts PayPal. If you’re keen to buy, it might be best to contact Adam via the Yahoogroup to identify the appropriate email address for that.

UPDATE 15 October: Adam BD6CR has already posted an updated version of the manual and it now also includes photos and links to the schematic diagram of the KN-Q10 and a Chinese language document with photos illustrating the modification to the encoder.

One of the photos from the currently Chinese language KN-Q10 encoder modification guide

One of the photos from the currently Chinese language KN-Q10 encoder modification guide

Stephen Rapley, VK2RH, is a regular contributor to and writes from New South Wales, Australia. Contact him at [email protected].

7 Responses to “KN-Q10 SSB/CW 5W kit – US$280”

  • BOB AF2Q:

    I had the 3 band CW rig and it was nice.
    I then decided to try out the Ten Tec 2 band rig since I am not a real fan of 30 meters.
    I found the receiver and transmitter on both rigs to be spot on frequency.
    My Phillips ear buds seemed to give more audio then the dollar store buds:-)
    I think it’s great that China is selling us rigs many of us can afford.

  • BOB AF2Q:

    I have let the 3 band rig go and now only have the 2 band rig with the Ten Tec LOGO on it.
    However Ten Tec is selling the radio with the 47 ohm diode in it when it should be 37 ohms.
    After doing some A/B testing I found that the 2 band radio CW audio filter needs some improvement.
    I cannot notice any difference going from 700hz down to 500 hz and when I go to 400hz I do detect a slight change but it seems rather wide ant the bottom of the skirt.
    Some improvements to the rig would be to locate the phone and key jack to the side.
    This will allow you to stand the rig up straight on tour dash and then you can just run out a end fed wire

    Using the NE/QRP-club SCAF filter will make the rig sound as good as my ICOM IC-7000
    However after doing some thinking about waiting for the new 4 band HB1B,I decided that the FT 817-ND has whole lot bore going for it for a little bit more.
    The China rig is supposed to be a pocket radio like most other small kits.
    However when you consider using the external battery,antenna wire,tuner,SCAF filter,coax adapters.ear buds and the RS external speaker you now have a small package that is far from fitting in your pocket.
    I still think it a nice radio but the FT 817-ND gives you a heck of a lot more for your money plus just about any mode you want to operate.
    Even if you don’t use the other modes their there if you decide to use them at a later date.
    If your 100% CW operator then this rig will fill your needs but be aware that the 400hz setting sounds more like 500hz to me.
    For a CW only rig there should be provisions for something more like 300hz with steep skirts

  • BOB AF2Q:

    I was doing some testing with the Ten Tec 2 band rig and the pfr3 3 band rig.
    With a quality set of head phones both rigs did seem tight but the 2 band HB1A has no changes noticed by ear going from 900hz until I got to 400hz setting and it did sound very good.
    I use the NE/scaf filter on both rigs so if I could only have one of the rigs I would pick the 2 BAND HB1A since 40 and 20 meters are my best bands and both seem to have much more CW activity..

  • co q 10 reviews:

    Ditto. Thanks so much!

  • BOB AF2Q:

    Regular Contributors
    HA!! I think I qualify but don’t see my name on the left side bar

  • taking coq10:

    Well done. You win the internets for today. Thanks!

  • Zafar Khan N5ZQB:

    Hello everyone,
    Greetings from Texas
    I have HX-C810+ Transceiver which is supposedly same as KN-Q9. I am looking for schematic for the HX-C810+. Could some one please help me recommending where I can find it. Even when antenna is disconnected, there is an internal whistling sound generated when frequency is changed. It’s like every 10-20 kilohertz apart on 80, 40, 20 and 15m. I checked the shielding around the DDS, it shielded with very thin metal film. Any suggestions how to get rid of this annoying internal noise?
    Thank you,
    Zafar Khan

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