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Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 287

Amateur Radio Weekly

HamClock: Keep track of much more than the time
HamClock is a kiosk-style application that provides real time space weather, radio propagation models, operating events and other information particularly useful to the Radio Amateur.

Open Headset Interconnect Standard
We have no such standards for the interface between the user and the radio. Is the microphone a dynamic, or electret? Is it balanced, pseudo balanced, or unbalanced?

$100k offered for solutions to deliberate QRM
The Northern California DX Foundation recognizes the negative aspect deliberate QRMers are having on our hobby.

Titanic: Amateur Radio heard SOS 3,000 miles away
Among the first to respond was an amateur radio operator some 3,000 miles away in south Wales.

Photos of 2023 Hamvention
Mike (VE3MKX) shares photos from the 2023 Hamvention.
SWLing Post

FT8 Telegram bot
Maybe you do not want to spend time waiting for the magic red line to appear.


Arctic Circle Off Grid
An off-grid data communications field test above the Arctic Circle.

Fastest no tune 80 10 EFHW NVIS antenna
Chalk Line based Ham Radio Antenna.
Bucktail Outdoor Research

Receiving and decoding GreenCube CubeSat
Here we take a look at how to receive and decode GreenCube using an SDR receiver.
Tech Minds

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Skip Hamvention 2023, Go To ICU in Dayton

I had so many plans for my Hamvention 2023 visit on Friday and Saturday, May 19-20, 2023.  For example, I planned on many interviews including one with N3ZN, maker of great Morse code keys.  I also needed to visit the Card Checker Service of the ARRL DXCC program.  I had a handful of DX cards I was submitting toward DXCC credits.

NW7US, in ICU at the hospital, instead of attending Hamvention 2023).

NW7US, in ICU at the hospital, instead of attending Hamvention 2023.

But, I collapsed about 40 minutes after I got to the Hamvention, on Friday morning! I had just finished getting my DX QSL cards checked at the ARRL booth, then I collapsed. After only being at my first Hamvention for a brief 40-some minutes, I was taken by ambulance to an ER of a Xenia-area hospital.  My blood pressure was difficult to measure at the initial moments of being at the emergency room — it was about 60 over 40, and I had NO radial pulse.

After a CT scan of heart and neck, and blood lab work, I was transported again by ambulance to a hospital near Dayton. There, I was admitted to that hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) around 5:30 PM on Friday.

I’m writing this on Saturday, from my hospital bed, as I’m still in ICU in Dayton. I hope to be discharged tomorrow (Sunday, 21 May 2023).

The working diagnosis is Acute Kidney Injury (AKI), caused by a combination of issues starting with my parathyroidectomy surgery, a few months back. I had three of my four parathyroid glands removed because they were completely tumorous.  I wrote about that in my previous entry on this website.

Turns out my calcium levels were lower than they should be, causing problems throughout my body, but especially in my heart. Additionally, I was severally dehydrated due to two medications I had been taking because the VA doctors thought I should be on them.  But, these meds were working against me. One of those I don’t even need, but the VA had me taking. That one is FUROSEMIDE. The other is LISINOPRIL.  I don’t have high blood pressure, nor water retention.

At the ICU, I have stopped taking those meds.  I’m on an IV, getting hydrated, and getting calcium supplements.

My kidney function is improving but I’m going to spend another night in ICU until they feel confident I’ve made full recovery.  I hope to be discharged on Sunday, 21 May, 2023.

I hope all of you that were at this year’s Hamvention have enjoyed the fellowship of radio enthusiasts. Maybe I’ll meet many of you, next year!  I will make videos of Hamvention 2024, if all goes well in a year’s time.

If you were at Hamvention 2023, share some highlights in the comments!

UPDATE:  On Sunday, I was released from the ICU, and I am now home recuperating.  Monday is a bit rough, so am not at work, yet.  BP is normal, and I am on new medication for my heart so that I do not get dehydrated by the furosemide and lisinopril.  Here’s hoping for next year’s Hamvention, which I hope to attend.

73 de NW7US

Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 286

Amateur Radio Weekly

Announcing Amateur Radio Daily

I was planning to announce this as a celebration of the 300th issue of ARW, but events transpired to allow this to happen much sooner!
Amateur Radio Daily is a web site (and RSS feed) highlighting additional and more timely events beyond what’s featured in this email newsletter. So if you find yourself craving just a bit more Ham Radio news, please check out Amateur Radio Daily.
It’s all a big experiment and feedback is welcome. For more info around how this project came together, read on.
73, Cale K4HCK

Top Links

AuGratin: POTA hunter utility
AuGratin allows a POTA hunter to easily log contacts with activators.

Shortwave DB: Shortwave transmitter map
For radio enthusiasts, DXers or anybody with a shortwave radio to help identify shortwave signals or to view general broadcast schedules.
Shortwave DB

Simplest way to guy a telescopic fiberglass antenna pole
My needs are fairly basic: rapid deployment, lightweight and uncomplicated.
Ham Radio Outside the Box

SolderBaloney and SolderTruth
This is so nuts that it actually had me checking to see if this was possibly an April 1 joke. But alas, it is quite serious.
SolderSmoke Daily News

National Hurricane Center Amateur Radio Station annual test
The Amateur Radio station of the National Hurricane Center, WX4NHC, located in Miami, will conduct their on-the-air test on Saturday, May 27.

102 US Representatives ask carmakers to keep AM radio
They also ask if past federal loans and subsidies could mitigate the cost of interference remediation.
Radio World

Chairman of the DRM Consortium: DRM is smart and on the way up
It’s versatile, flexible, and spectrum and energy efficient — so much more so than classic radio broadcast.
Radio World

Marconi “T” HF aerial switch
It’s quite easy to make your conventional Doublet, Dipole, or G5RV become a “T” antenna.


Boeing 737 ground-to-air Ham Radio contact
Contact with AI7RP piloting a Boeing 737 from Detroit to Seattle from 284 miles at 34,000 feet on 10 meters.

Using your US HT in Europe
What kind of license do I need? Where and how can I operate?

Corner antenna
Having fun with a corner reflector dipole.

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Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 285

Amateur Radio Weekly

Bill to replace symbol rate limit reintroduced
Congresswoman Debbie Lesko introduced The Amateur Radio Communications Improvement Act on May 11.

Enhanced SKYWARN system embraces GMRS
Made up of both Ham and GMRS repeater systems, Ham and GMRS clubs join forces.
Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club

Introducing NetFinder
The definitive Ham Radio net directory.
Midnight Cheese

A Ham Radio Memorial Day
Amateur Radio is not and should not be just about radio.
Off Grid Ham

RepeaterPhone [iOS App]
Connect to AllStarLink and Echolink repeaters from a single iOS app.

The Perfect Bug
No one needs a $580 key, but this is a very fine piece of engineering.
Ham Radio QRP

Tuned CW filter made from PVC pipe
It gives at least a 6 db boost at 700-800 Hz.

Android tablet with a built in two way radio
136-174mhz, 400-490mhz DMR/FM – Embedded RTL-SDR.

Best bang-for-the-buck antenna ever
One of my best Ham-related purchases in 45 years.


Flying above downtown Seattle with Ham Radio operations
Flight over the majestic Seattle Skyline and Space Needle while conducting 2-meter FM radio operations.

What Morse Code taught me
A view from a non-Ham.

License-free WinLink
Sending Winlink over license-free walkie talkies.

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Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 284

Amateur Radio Weekly

DLARC Ham Radio library surpasses 75,000 items
Internet Archives Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communications continues to expand.

SSTV transmissions May 7-13
SSTV from ORBICRAFT-ZORKIY. Diplomas available upon receiving 3 of 6 images.

APRS Thursday
#APRSThursday is an APRS based net held each Thursday.

In the age of social media, Hams in Wyoming still use the airwaves
Besides connecting with people all over the world, operators also help out with emergency communications.
Cowboy State Daily

Preparing for ARRL Field Day
How are your coaxial cables looking these days?

Students wanted for online Ham Radio course
NRAO is looking for 20 learners (18-20 years old) with an interest in learning about the electromagnetic spectrum and Ham Radio.
National Radio Astronomy Observatory

$30 Lowe’s Antenna
I went to Lowe’s and after wandering around, here’s what I came up with.

Listening to satellites: A journey with my RTL-SDR V3
A log of my personal journey with satellite RF.
Mohsen Tahmasebi

LoRa moon bounce
A group of students is taking the long range moniker to the extreme.

Is RG-8X the general purpose coaxial cable?
Signal loss may be a more significant limitation.


Radio off-grid from a cabin in Norway
Everything is either solar or generator powered.

Say hello to FreeDATA
Setting up FreeDATA, keyboard-to-keyboard chat over RF.

Blowing up capacitors
Gav and Dan overload some capacitors and film the explosive results at 187,500 fps.
The Slow Mo Guys

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Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 283

Amateur Radio Weekly

Vacuum tube-making on the comeback in the US
Production will resume of the single-ended triode tube known as the 300B.
ICQ Podcast

The Morse Code revival
How dots and dashes are being embraced by a new generation.
National World

2023 Hamvention Awards
Club of the Year (W2ZQ), Technical Achievement (WA3FET), and Amateur of the Year (DM9EE).

A coax cable horror story
Two RG316 cables out of 3 from AliExpress had an attenuation of more than 4dB.

Omniangle omnidirectional antennas
Stacked for more fun.
K5ND celebrates 30 years
New operating award celebrates 3 decades of service.

Special event: K4A 9-11 Still in Our Hearts and Mind
The Alabama Contest Group will honor the victims of 9-11 September 8 through September 12.
Alabama Contest Group

Online Ham Radio bootcamp
Includes a series of demonstrations and tutorials designed to help new Hams.
Nashua Area Radio Society

Bob’s bespoke rack of radios
You simply cannot have enough radios – a principle I learned a long time ago.
SWLing Post


AREDN basics and tutorial
AREDN is a fast, IP-based wireless mesh network using cheap commercial components.

POTA setup and activation
From K-0661, Ocean Springs, MS with a live duck, Mochi.
Ham and Quackers

How photographs were transmitted by wire
Dramatization of how photographs are transmitted by wire, an exciting new technology in the 1930s.
Charlie Dean Archives

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Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 282

Amateur Radio Weekly

Meteor scatter propagation: How it works & getting on the air
Harnessing meteors for your VHF QSOs.

Your radio’s filters may be wider than you think
AM bandwidth confusion: IF filters today vs. yesterday.
SWLing Post

GNU Radio Tutorials
GNU Radio can be used with readily-available low-cost external RF hardware to create software-defined radios.
GNU Radio

FCC warns Portland church to shut down pirate FM station
Because Eastside Free Methodist Church owns the building, it is potentially on the hook for enforcement action.
Inside Radio

MicroHams Digital Conference
This conference is presented each year to inspire, inform, and educate about the leading edge of digital communications.

A beautiful day for SOTA
I woke up that morning, drank a cup of coffee, looked outside, and knew what would be in store the day: a SOTA activation!

It’s time for some Pi
Raspberry Pi is all new to me.

Wearable Morse Code trainer
WristMorse communicator can also act as a Bluetooth keyboard.

A surprise new field portable antenna
Some ideas worked, others failed, but now I believe I have found the ideal candidate.
Ham Radio Outside the Box


Radio communication for overlanding
Considerations when traveling to remote locations.

Ham and Quackers: Episode 1
Building a way for people to connect within the Ham Radio community.
Ham and Quackers

Easy to build vertical no-radial HF antenna
Multiband HF antenna for 20 through 10 meters.

2 meter FM via airplane
Flight from Tacoma Narrows Airport over Olympic National Park.
SOG Pilot

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