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Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 272

Amateur Radio Weekly

Propagation prediction for 3Y0J on Bouvet Island
Regardless of what band you’re on, look for sunrise and sunset times for Bouvet and your own location.

Device transmits radio waves with almost no power
A new ultra-low-power method of communication at first glance seems to violate the laws of physics.
The Conversation

Michigan: The first state to issue a Ham license plate
The first plates with Ham call signs on them were issued in Michigan for 1939.

Ham Radio and the Cult
The ARRL was not exactly enthusiastic about the operations from Jonestown.

A magic ground mobile antenna
I mount one of my two portable vertical antennas on a short aluminum pole which in turn is mounted on the hitch of my truck.
Ham Radio Outside the Box

AntRunner: Testing a low cost satellite antenna rotator
Overall the AntRunner works as expected and was easily able to follow HRPT satellites across the sky.

What is a Spartan Sprint?
The Adventure Radio Society Spartan Sprint is a two hour QRP contest on the first Monday of every month.
Adventure Radio Society

The Pocket CB
In 1977, the world’s smallest citizens band transceiver.


Yaesu FTM-500D announced
50W dual band C4FM mobile rig.
KK6USY Ham Radio Adventures

Rescued by Ham Radio
The story of a roadside rescue thanks to a Ham Radio Operator.

Talking to ChatGPT over DSTAR
A quick proof of concept connecting ChatGPT to Amateur Radio.

Angry Radio Relay League
A talk with an ARRL Director under the gun for an alleged ethics violation.
Ham Radio Now

1946 secret listening post radio receiver
Will it Work? Let’s Restore it – The RCA CR-88
Mr Carlson’s Lab

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Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 271

Amateur Radio Weekly

Director Ria Jairam recused by ARRL, and it seems political to me
Ria discussed the issue with me, and this is my understanding.
Bruce Perens

Innovation on Morse Code for US Military
In 1991 this system revolutionized the training of Morse code copying skills for both students and instructors.

The Meteor M2 LRPT weather satellite has failed
Meteor M2 is a Russian meteorological satellite whose LRPT transmissions at 137 MHz were relatively easily received by anyone with a simple satellite antenna.

BBC Lights Out
A man, a mouse and a morse key: The story of a Radio Amateur in Kyiv.
BBC Radio

Archive for Amateur Radio grows to 51,000 items
The newest additions include books, journals and magazines, newsletters, and archives of early Internet discussion lists.

How to become a Shortwave listener with Fedora Linux
Replace the radio receiver with Fedora Linux.
Fedora Magazine

There are still quite a few POTA sites that have never been activated.

I fell off the QRP wagon and regret it already
Here is the backstory of my most recent park activation and how I got it all wrong.
Ham Radio Outside the Box

Pros and cons of HF attic antennas
Want to work more than a single band? Parallel/fan dipoles are a good solution.

Voice vs asynchronous data for survival
Asynchronous messaging works in parallel with our real-time comms plan.


Downloading images directly from weather satellites
This is an introductory video to a series that will show you how you can do the same.

Learn Morse Code in 20 minutes
Classic US Army Training (1966)

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First Ever: Olivia Digital Mode on HF Weekend QSO Party

Announcement: Special Event Weekend, 02/11/2023


When is this special QSO party?

Valentine’s Day Weekend.  This event is held this year on February 11, 1400 UTC, through February 13, 0200 UTC

First Ever Valentine's Day Special QSO Weekend Event: The Olivia Digital Mode on HF

First Ever Valentine’s Day Special QSO Weekend Event: The Olivia Digital Mode on HF

Join our mailing group for live interaction with other Olivia users:

Sponsored by the Olivia Digital DXers Club (on Clublog, and on Facebook: Olivia Digital Mode on HF Radio (Contestia included))

Example frequencies:

Olivia Digital Mode Suggested Calling Frequencies on HF

Olivia Digital Mode Suggested Calling Frequencies on HF

Certificate for participants, and more.  Organizer: Tomas Hood (NW7US), PO Box 110, Fayetteville, OH 45118.

This is the FIRST ever weekend QSO party for Olivia.



Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 270

Amateur Radio Weekly

Topband’s poor winter performance
The rapid growth of solar Cycle 25 and its seemingly continuous flaring was the prime culprit.

Looking to ditch Twitter? Morse Code is back
Reviving a 200-year-old system, enthusiasts are putting the digit back in digital communication.
Smithsonian Magazine

How to install Winter Field Day logging software for Raspberry Pi
It has a similar look and feel to the infamous N3FJP Winter Field Day software.

Antennas popping up all over the foothills
We want to stop it now before it becomes a dumping ground for dozens and dozens of more antennas.

wfview: Open Source interface for Icom transceivers
Real-time spectrum analyzer data are displayed, and rig controls are presented.

Intro to AllStarLink
What it is, how to get started, and how I use it.
The Random Wire

10-Meter mayhem
Taking advantage of the hottest band in town.

SDRangel: ADS-B, AIS, APT, Digital Voice, POCSAG, APRS, RS41 Radiosonde Decoders
SDRAngel is set apart because of its huge swath of built in demodulators and decoders.

Reducing RF noise from solar inverter by replacing capacitors
We quickly identified that the culprit was the Australian Selectronic SE42 inverter.
Marxy’s Musing on Technology

How well do compromise antennas actually work?
Well, they work really good… for what they are.


Building a VHF/UHF antenna from copper tape
Tech Minds

Long Island CW Club featured on BBC Radio 4

Respect for the discontinued Yaesu FT-818
Checking into the Georgia AuxComm 60m net.

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Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 269

Amateur Radio Weekly

It’s finally dead! Yaesu FT-818 discontinued
Yaesu says parts availability is the reason for discontinuing the radio.

U.S. begins installing ‘Mighty’ over-the-horizon radar
The sensor station, known as the Tactical Mobile Over-the-Horizon Radar, or TACMOR, will be set up on the highly strategic island of Palau.
The EurAsian Times

More Amateur Radio Astronauts head for the space station
Three of the four new astronauts on February’s planned launch of the SpaceX Crew-6 mission to the ISS are Amateur radio Operators.

Survey results: Ham Radio Nets
This survey was an attempt to understand how people seek out information about nets and how they discover new ones.

How to win a Ham Radio contest with low power
Remember, the most important thing is to enjoy the experience.

PI9CAM bounces Slow Scan TV signals off the moon
PI9CAM used the 25-metre dish at the site which was originally built in 1956.

QRPp: Activate a park with ⅒ of a watt
Let’s face it, I was drunk with a lack of power.

All-in-one cable for audio and APRS
The AIOC enumerates as a sound card as well as a virtual serial device.

Radio stations power down at night, because of the laws of physics
If your favorite station shuts down at night, blame the laws of physics.

Encoding NTSC
NTSC-CRT is a video signal encoding/decoding simulator with no hardware acceleration, floating point math, or third-party libraries. Just basic C.

Exploring a 10 MHz OCXO (Oven-controlled Crystal Oscillator)
It’s been used for a few projects requiring good frequency stability.


AT&T Archives: Stepping along with television
In 1949, this film was part of the very first hour of broadcasting following the linkup of the East Coast television networks to the Midwestern states.

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Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 268

Amateur Radio Weekly

As is tradition, the last issue of the year takes a look back at the most popular links from the past 12 months. 2022 was an abbreviated year (ARW spun back up in April), but plenty of great articles were published in the past 9 months. So without further delay, here are the top links measured by number of clicks for 2022!

The most clicked links of 2022

1. TAP: A Morse Code alternative
This mode has roots in ancient Greece.

2. KrakenSDR locates a repeater jammer in 1 hour
Using the KrakenSDR Radio Direction Finder, we were at his house in 60 minutes.

3. Sun is more active than NASA predicted
It could be in its strongest cycle since records began.

4. sBitx: The SDR for the homebrewer
$100 40 Watt HF transceiver based on a Raspberry Pi.

5. Taking a long hard look at our community
Without the efforts of each individual amateur, our worldwide license to experiment is doomed.

6. An economical solar kit for a 100W Ham Station
These starter kits can be easily expanded with a larger battery and additional series or parallel cells.

7. Morsle: The daily Morse code challenge
You have 21 tries to guess the word

8. Icom announces IC-905 SHF SDR transceiver
The IC-905 covers 144MHz, 430Mhz, 1.2GHz, 2.4GHz, 5.6GHz and (with the help of an optional module) 10GHz.

9. Why I quit QRP (and maybe shouldn’t have)
For many years I was a dedicated QRP operator, then came along the gloomy depths of the solar minimum.
Ham Radio Outside the Box

10. Yes, Amateur Radio is still a thing: Here’s why
With great power comes greater responsibility, and Amateur Radio is no exception.

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Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 267

Amateur Radio Weekly

Bill introduced to replace symbol rate limit with bandwidth limit
Congresswoman Lesko introduced a bill to require the FCC to replace the current HF digital symbol rate limit with a 2.8 kHz bandwidth limit.

Geostationary Amateur satellite in the works?
Zero Retries outlines the possibility of a QO-100 equivalent for the western hemisphere.

LoRa: Field testing antennas
Determine which will suit your long-range needs.

Lets Dump RS(T) Signal Reports
How much use is a signal report – really?
Ham Radio Outside the Box

In a future filled with electric cars, AM radio may be left behind
BMW, Tesla, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, and Volvo have removed AM radio from their electric vehicles.
New York Times

X-Mas CW Jokes
Celebrate the festive season in style: sending each other jokes in CW.

Too good to be true LiFePO4 battery prices?

Guide to Ham Radio weather watching
One does not have to be a Ham to participate in the SKYWARN program.

10 meter beacon DXing
MW DXing is great, but that involves DXing primarily during the night time and early morning hours.
SWLing Post

Mid-Winter Sporadic-E opening on 28 MHz
What caught my attention was the fact that the skip distance was short for 10m.

Jim’s Elecraft KX2 leg mount
I recently came up with a new way (for me) to hold the KX2 when I am out in the field.


Using a drone to put up a dipole antenna
Instructional video on putting up a dipole antenna using a Mavic Pro DJI Drone.
Human Geno Project

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