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A new addition.....well I did have it in the past and sold it....don't ask

As you know I enjoy my CW contesting and am always looking to make things more easy. When contesting I use N1MM+ logging software which works great. During non-contesting times I use Win4icom radio control software. As a side note this software by VA2FSQ Tom is great and very well supported. He also offers radio control software for Yaesu and Elecraft as well, I have used the Elecraft radio control software (Win4k3) and it was great as well.

When contesting there are times when radio adjustments are needed such as filter settings, APF settings and digi select. To get to these adjustments you have to dig down a few menu settings to get where you want to be. Then I came up with what seemed to be an easy solution......but as they say, nothing is easy.
Using Win4icom the multi-menu changes could be done with one mouse click! With Win4icom you can use multiple 3rd party programs and N1MM+ is one of them. After setting up Win4icom and N1MM+ to speak with each other via virtual com ports I was good to I thought. 
Win4Icom software

The communication between the two programs was all good except for the N1MM+ cw macros would not key the radio and send the CW message. That is a big issue when contesting, I contacted Tom from Win4icom and he informed me that Win4icom does not support the use of DTR over virtual ports. He then informed me to overcome this issue I needed the Winkeyer from K1EL. The funny thing is I used to have a Winkeyer but sold it! 

I then ordered the Winkeyer and waited for it to come in, when it did I followed very closely the installation instructions for the Winkey. When I started both Win4icom and N1MM+ low and behold all the macros worked like a charm! But as always there is always a hiccup when dealing with computers, software and hardware. 

I had my 9A5N touch keyer connected to the Winkeyer port and then I tried to send code from the key it did not work. I have an early edition of the 9A5N key and it does not like the Winkeyer. I solved the issue by connecting the touch key directly to the Icom 7610 radio.
So now I am off to the races and can have Win4icom, N1MM+ and Winkey all happy and working together.

Get over it move on and enjoy the hobby.


We have a very diverse hobby with a huge array of opportunities in many directions. You can stick with one forte and then jump in another direction. For me it keeps things interesting and challenging, our hobby has doors of interest that can be opened by old and young alike. But I just don't get it, in this great hobby we have a minority that spends most of their time, energy and blog posts on bashing. FT8, DXpeditions and contesting seem to be the flavour of the times. Some just go on and on seeking to discredit it at every corner. Why...I just don't get it! Move on and spend your time and energy doing other things and get lost in the pleasure our hobby has to offer. 

I get it I too like to work rare ones and yes I have been disappointed that some operations spend more time on certain modes than others. The solution is not to DQRM them.
Get over it move on and enjoy the hobby.

 I get it PCs are getting more involved to some way too involved within ham radio While you complain and whine you at the same time miss opportunities. Get over it move on and enjoy the hobby. 

I get it contesting can be a great thing and to others a thorn. The larger contests happen now and then but they do light up the bands with energy and that is good for keeping our bandwidth from the commercial vultures Do what I do hit the WARC bands for a day if you want. Get over it and enjoy the hobby. 

The World of CW is my blog name and for me it's my passion at this time in the hobby, this is the aspect I want to explore. I have gone down SSB, digital and now CW but to bash a part of the hobby is throwing my time away. To those who get bent out of shape, I just don't get it. Get over it and enjoy the hobby.

Moving right along………


 As of yesterday, I have surpassed my total QSO count from last year. Now I am not in a QSO counting game but this confirms my contesting skills must be improving as I am taking part in the same CW contests but the contacts are increasing.

Lee will huff and puff…..


Greetings from Atlantic Canada, seems we are in for our first major storm this summer from the unfolding hurricane season. We moved to the Maritimes almost 5 years ago and before that time I only had seen reporting on the news regarding hurricanes. Since we have lived here we have had 2 and the first one was only after 2 weeks of living here.......that should have been our sign! But we love it here, the lifestyle, the ocean, the clean air and so on. We are gearing up here for Sunday's arrival of Hurricane Lee, the winds in this area are now forecast around 100 km. That is enough for me to remove the Hustler 4BTV and store it in the shed, put away the patio furniture, take down all hanging plants and anything else that may blow around. We have a generator back up at our home so a power interruption will only be temporary. As you know I am a big CW contesting fan and thank goodness there is no major CW contest this weekend....BUT.......if there was I still have the EndFed ready to go and that would give me my contest fix!

Been there done that but it seems I am now doing it again!


 In quest to be frugal and when ham bucks are needed for a purchase I have in the past taken a look around the shack and put up for sale items that I just were not using or felt I would no long need. Way to often I have found this practice has bitten me more than one time. How many of you have sold a piece of equipment to later find you need it!
I have done that with too many items and it can get very frustrating but I do have to understand that in some cases the new piece of gear that was purchased would never had happened if I did not liquidate some gear. Here are some of the items I have sold and turned around to only purchase the same item later on down the line. LG auto tuner, external SWR meter, noise cancelling unit, antenna switch, Asus Xonar U7 external sound card and the list goes on. Actually it goes on to my most recent purchase the K1EL Winusb keyer, yup had one and sold it and now I need it.
How many of you out there have done the same thing? I have now learned my lesson as I am keeping on my self the external SWR meter, antenna switch and Astron power supply just in case I need them. I have become a ham horder.

Hold on folks!


 Now that I am retired long weekends seem to sneak up on me as when I was working it seemed they never could come fast enough. As with CW contesting they just don't seem to come fast enough  but space weather has a way of sneaking up and spoiling the contest....well that is what I used to think anyway. In the past, I would faithfully check out the space weather to get a sniff of upcoming conditions for a weekend contest. If things looked rough I would either skip the contest or dip my toes in it just to see how the ride would go. 

Recently I have changed my outlook on the dreaded solar storms. This weekend was the CWops open contest and it is divided into 3 sessions. I took part in the 2nd session only as I had other things on my agenda for the weekend. From 9 am local time to 1 pm is session 2 I jumped in even with a Kp index of 5. I understood it was going to be rough, and I most likely will not beat last year's score but I have decided to use the poor conditions to hone my CW skills. 

In the past when calling CQ contest and having a station come back to me who was almost non-existent and fading in and out I struggled. Now I have the opportunity thanks to the poor solar conditions to practice this skill! I had a ton of fish on 40m and 20m just waiting for me to dig them out of the mud and toss and turn with them as we both faded in and out.

That was how I spent my 4 hours in session 2 of the CWops CW open contest. My score was not the greatest but that was not my goal and considering the poor conditions I would have been frustrated. Instead, I used it as a learning session to work weak and fading stations. When I say weak at times their signal was not even moving my S meter and fading as well. 

Below is my final score and I ended up operating for 3 of the 4 hours as I started late by 30 minutes and I took some breaks. 


Blogger issue solved I can now add followers.

Here are the steps I followed


Way back on August 15, I asked my readers a question regarding my blog not being able to add new blogs to follow. From the comments, some had the same issue as well when trying to add a new blog to follow. My blog is also re-posted on and on this site, Rick KE6LL wondered if somehow the blog was limited to how my blogs I could follow. I have seen other Blogger blogs that did have more followed blogs than me and it got me thinking about his question. 

To make a long story short I was able to fix the issue and here is what I did:
1. I signed into my blog and on the sidebar I clicked on "Theme"

2. I clicked on customize and selected "Edit HTML"

3. In the top left corner I selected the first icon with 3 squares and a diamond. Put your mouse over it and it reads "Jump to Widget" and click on it.

Jump to widget icon

4. In the list you have "blog list 1" and "blog list 2" You may just have blog list one but I have one and two. 

5. I clicked on blog list one and the HTML came to life for that widget. Now look for "<b:widget-setting name='numItemsToShow'>10</b:widget-setting>" It should be very close to the top. Notice the number shown in on this line. If it is 5 change it to 10 which I did not have to do as it was already 10. If you do have to change it then click on the floppy disk icon in the top right corner to save the changes. 

6. Now click the Jump widget again and go to blog list two and in the HTML look for the same HTML code. In my case, this read 5 and not 10. I changed it to 15. "<b:widget-setting name='numItemsToShow'>15</b:widget-setting>" Then click the same floppy icon and sign out of your blog and sign back in again.
I then tried to add a new blog to my blog roll and I had no issues in doing so. I did at first change it to 10 and tried it and things worked so I went back in and tried 15 and all was still good so I stayed with 15.

Now a word of caution...BEFORE YOU BEGIN SAVE A BACKUP COPY OF YOUR PRESENT BLOG. As we all know if things can go wrong they will play things on the safe side. 

Rick KE6LL thanks very much for getting me thinking in the right direction.

HTML changed to 15

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