A Christmas Story – Shep style!

Undoubtedly, most of you are familiar with and may have watched (many times!) the movie "A Christmas Story".

I am hoping that all of you (or at least MOST of you) know that this story was written by one of the most famous Amateur Radio celebrities - Jean Shepherd K2ORS (SK - call re-issued). What you may not know, is that this story originally appeared as only one chapter in Jean's book, "In God We Trust, All Other's Pay Cash".  The story was also published in Playboy magazine (of all places!) under the title "Duel In The Snow, Or, Red Ryder Nails the Cleveland Street Kid".

Shep, as he was affectionately known, had a long running radio program on WOR-AM radio in NYC when I was a kid. If I remember correctly, it began at 10:00 PM, so we had to listen to it clandestinely, with our trusty transistor radios tucked under our pillows with the earphone running to our ears - as this was way past our appointed bed time. On Christmas Eve of 1974 (when I was a teenager and could listen with no bedtime repercussions), Shep gifted his audience with a reading of this hilarious Holiday tale. Here it is for you to listen to - commercials and all!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

72 de Larry W2LJ
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Larry Makoski, W2LJ, is a regular contributor to AmateurRadio.com and writes from New Jersey, USA. Contact him at [email protected].

5 Responses to “A Christmas Story – Shep style!”

  • Mike, WV2ZOW:

    Larry: He came on at 10:15 after the news, but I also remember Basil Rathbone reading Sherlock Holmes, so maybe I have it wrong. My parents were wise to the transistor radio trick, so I needed something else. Since I grew up in Colonia, WOR from Carteret pounded in. A germanium diode paralleled across a crystal earphone, some wire and the bedspring brought Shep’s show into my bed. I’ve also had two brushes with greatness — I worked Jean on the Greenbrook repeater, and, once at a live show, I was parked next to him in the Newark State College parking lot — he had call letter plates. Thanks for reminding us. –Mike, WV2ZOW

  • Richard KWøU:

    Grew up listening to him late at night. His story about getting a Class A ham ticket while all his friend were figuring out how date girls was priceless. My mother met him once, got an autographed book for me. The current K2ORS mentions him on QRZ, so he is remembered by many. Glad he’ll live on in the Christmas story too, though wish more people heard his other material, of which there is a lot.

  • Bob K2QPN:

    In 1956, my folks moved to NJ and The Shep started at WOR-AM. He was an instant hit with my buddies and I. He announced that he would be at a Nedick’s Orange drink stand in north Jersey. We piled into a car and set out on a pilgrimage. We couldn’t get near the place. It was total grid lock for blocks.

    My favorite Shepism is “Life is like a Popsicle. Full of artificial colors and artificial flavors and everyone wants the “free” stick. In those days, if your Good Humor Popsicle stick was imprinted with “FREE”, you got a free ice pop.

  • Ron W0EAX:

    Thanks Larry
    Nice history lesson. Watched the movie many times

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