WSJT-X: Why won’t it work for me?

Over the last month or two, I’ve been watching the development of WSJT-X and the increase of activity on the mode. In fact I tried it quite early on, on 3.5MHz with Mark, M0DEV. However, although I could get it to receive and transmit, Mark couldn’t decode me.

Mark looked at my signals and there seemed to be some sort of artefact with the audio. We wondered if that was the problem. Time came and went and I didn’t have a chance to look at it properly.

New versions of the software have come out and seeing Julian G4ILO’s post at RTTY and JT9 earlier this week, I thought it would be fun to try it again. Although this morning, I have tried two different rigs and two different interfaces, no one has yet decoded me! Of course, that could be sheer bad luck – but no decodes on PSK Reporter either.

I’ve tried reducing the audio output as much as I could in case there was anything causing an issue.No! Bear in mind that I can use exactly the same setup on JT65A and pretty much any other data mode that you care to shake a stick at. It’s all rather puzzling.

The next experiment will, I think, be to try a different USB soundcard and see if that makes a difference.

It’d be great to get it going, as it looks an interesting and a useful mode.

Tim Kirby, G4VXE, is a regular contributor to and writes from Oxfordshire, England. Contact him at [email protected].

15 Responses to “WSJT-X: Why won’t it work for me?”

  • Kurt HS0ZBS:

    Hi Tim.
    Have just downloaded JT9
    But its not decoding.tried several times
    times no probleme with JT65A.
    Not so easy for me as iam on my own here up country hi.
    Will watch the blog.
    Hope see you on 10m soon.
    73 Kurt HS0ZBS

  • N0LWF:

    I run the same setup as I do with JT65 and works fine. Been working the world with 500mw. Make sure you got your audio input and outputs correct. That would be the only thing it could be. 73 and GL

  • PY3FBI:

    All 73 to:
    I installed the program and I get the screen sequences of numbers but got no call on the screen. Is there something I did not do right. I spent two days trying to get and I could not get my windowns is an XP. 73 keep trying. receive signals in JT9 I use my usb transceiver believe this Gilberto PY3FBI sure. QTH Port Alegre RS Brazil GL: GF49JV

  • John KC9ON:

    I am seeing the same problem here with WSJT-x. I decode JT65 signals but all with -1db readings. JT9 just doesn’t decode at all. No problems using JT-65-HF software. I checked Sound card for 48KHz, etc. Any Ideas?? This is also a new Windoze 8 machine.

  • Damien F5RRS:

    Same issue here on Win 7 x64.
    I changed my graphic card and I made a fresh Win7 install.
    I changed sampling of the soundcard, updated all devices driver but still no decode.
    If I do not move the mouse, decode is OK. When I move the mouse : nothing
    I changed mouse, updated mouse driver but no results.
    When I click on “tune” button and monitoring, I hear clicks or glitches when moving mouse…
    Any idea ?

  • Damien F5RRS:

    I found the solution :
    Video driver issue.
    The latest official driver is very bad… A beta driver was the solution.

    73 – Damien F5RRS

  • John G4VQZ:

    Hi, I notice that I am not the only having a problem with WSJTX . I can run the 1.1 Version fine. All works and very sensitive. Changed to the 130r3673 which looks great.. Works fully apart from it wont Decode a thing. Nothing changed from the previous Version. Deleted all Keeping a copy of 1.1 on a USB Drive… Fully cleared all folders, Bits, Scraps left on the PC. ReBooted, Re-installed 130r3673 but still wont DE-code anything, though showing all on the waterfall will get Rig and TX. Using XP/RigExpert Sound Card. Drive C, Drive J, makes no difference. Tried varying levels but Nothing. Put back 1.1 making sure links to drive where correct in the .INI file as I use J Drive.. Worked first time De-codes fine no problems…Have given up…..John (G4VQZ QTH’r)

  • AB9U - Wil:

    Inetersting that I also have this problem now, almost a year later. All my other decoding software works fine but this Rev. 3673 does not decode anything. Did anoyone find the problem yet?

  • mathison kj6dzb:

    Same problem here… radio control works i can transmit jt65 signals but and see the waterfall but the program is not decoding signals. I tryed 1.4.0 and 1.5.0 rc same problem. Ideas PLEASE

  • KD0KHV:

    On JT65 my receiving signals will no longer decode. I can transmit, once in a while a signal will decode. Is the problem in the setting currently running window 8, Signalink USB sound card ICOM 7410, thanks.

  • Don Richards W7UPF:

    I’m trying to configure WSJT-X (v. 1.5.0 r5512)software while using my computer, a K3 transceiver, and a RIGblaster Advantage unit. All seemed ok in terms of copying signals but transmitting signals is a failure. Has anyone used the same units and has ‘full’ success–if so I would appreciate knowing their configure settings as well as knowing the connections used between the units. It should be noted that when using WSJT software I have no problem. I would APPRECIATE help.

  • Pontus-SM0KIN:

    Hi I have installed WSJT-X as JT65-HF was not working 100% it did work @ 1st but then went AWOL ie it would TX but little to no decodes, I now have the same problem with WSJT-X ?
    System is windows XP TS850S and Signalink.
    I also work SIM31 and ROS on 20 Mtrs with no problems @ all.
    Any help would be most welcome.
    best 73’s DE Pontus SM0KIN

  • Ed WD4ED:

    I don’t see anybody mentioning Time. It’s the very first reason for no decodes. You MUST be synced to an NTP time source at a minimum. If you are much more than 1 second off, you will probably not decode… RX or TX. Once you see some decodes watch the decoded Time deltas and you can get a sense of where your time is and it’s sync quality.

    Another issue is computing power. If your computer is old and wimpy it may not decode RX. If you have a computer that is also doing a lot of non-WSJT-X processing… you may not decode. Under the “DECODE” menu try a less intensive decode level. May help. May not.

    Audio card settings aren’t really all that critical. It will decode better with 48khz over 44khz. Levels are not super critical either. But I target a level of 30-35 with just air noise and 40 db during the receive cycle. Adjust the video in the waterfall for best contrast. Just so there is barely noise showing. You’ll see every thing. Often stuff that is out of decode level. And that’s saying something, because it can decode what you can’t hear. It can even decode two stations on almost exactly the same frequency.

    Watch ALC levels on transmit. Too much and you will splatter the entire JT sub-band and you’ll generate multiple decodes on the receive end. Using newer rigs that use ALC to control output requires a different approach. Many set power to max rig, normally 100 watts and drive to desired power levels with audio. Probably not the best way to do this. Your power output levels will wander all over the place with each tone and with transmitter heating. Set the power where you want it, then use the ALC normally. You will get best transmitter performance.

    Set your VFO to the frequency WSJT-X sets when you use the WSJT-X band selection. This is the correct frequency. There is not need to move the VFO during operations. In fact, doing so will make the frequency calculations during logging and other functions incorrect.

    Some will tune to the frequency to then narrow the receiver IF bandwidth to improve performance. I’ve never found this to help. The software does such a good job of pulling out the signals it really just doesn’t help much. And it does throw off the your frequency and you lose awareness of what else is going on elsewhere in the JT sub-band.

    I normally run 3khz of IF bandwidth, Audio BW to allow 100-3k. Roofing filter no tighter than 3khz.

    Following these steps I regularly decode 15-17 contacts per cycle. I have seen more than 20 during busy band conditions. These signals are all levels of strength. Keep your power reasonable and ALC under wraps and you’ll be a good JT op.



  • Bob Eison, KX4VU:

    Can’t get FT8 working with USB SignaLink, FT DX 1200, and windows 8.1. No matter what the sound card setting (computer or WSJT-X application/Signalink) I keep getting “Error in sound output, An error opening the audio output deice has occurred”. Obviously no received signal nor transmit power (no LED in PTT). Oddly, I go it working a few days ago and made several contacts. My computer playback sound card works. Do I have a bad sound card in the USB SigaLink? Any suggestions?

  • Bill, NG4T:

    Try as I might, I can not find a answer online so far to my question:
    Will WSJT-X or WSJTCALL work with a RigExpert S/D (and Yaesu FT-857)???
    I have not been successful after a week or so of trying, so, before wasting more time, I’m hoping someone can give me an answer.

    Thanks all,
    Bill, NG4T
    (just now getting active again)

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