Win a Buddistick™ Deluxe Package! & Buddipole Antennas have teamed up to give away a Buddistick™ Deluxe Package to a very lucky ham!
(a 175 USD value!)

Designed as a multi-band, portable antenna for 40m – 10m, the Buddistick™ is an excellent performer with any rig up to 250 watts.  It works exceptionally well with the FT 817, Elecraft K2 and KX1, IC-703 and other QRP rigs. The Buddistick™ comes packaged in a compartmentalized 1000 denier cordura portfolio bag.


Buddistick Deluxe Package w/ black whips
(winner pays shipping costs from USA)

The Buddistick Deluxe Package contains the following:
Buddistick Antenna, Vertical Antenna Clamp,
2 Telescopic Whips, and 3 Coil Clips
(camera tripod or other mounting platform not included)

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All licensed Amateur Radio Operators worldwide

How to Enter

It’s simple!
Leave a comment to this post.
You don’t have to tell us, but we’d love to
hear how you’d use your Buddistick.
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Entry Duration

Only 1 week!

You may enter only once from
27 March 2011 19:00 UTC
3 April 2011 19:00 UTC

(multiple entries from the same entrant will be discarded)

Winner Announcement

3 April 2011

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The winner will be chosen at random (using from all valid comment entries to this post received by the contest deadline. Entries will be deemed valid at the sole discretion of and may be rejected for any reason, including inappropriate comments. Entries received after will not be considered. The prize may not be transferred. The prize may not be exchanged for cash. Winner agrees to allow to use their name and callsign to announce them as the winner on our site, and to share their contact information with the sponsor for the purposes of awarding the prize. E-mail addresses of all other entrants will not be shared with any third party, including the sponsor. staff is ineligible to win. No purchase necessary to win. Odds of winning dependent on total number of entries received. Void where prohibited by law.
Matt Thomas, W1MST, is the managing editor of Contact him at [email protected].

1,124 Responses to “Win a Buddistick™ Deluxe Package!”

  • Paul N8HM:

    Sign me up for the prize!

  • Chris Seright KE5ZRT:

    Thanks for the link to this site. I will check it out

  • Adam Hicks, AE7KN:

    Great contest, great website! Thanks again.

  • Philip Painter F8VNZ:

    What a great idea. 73

  • Clifton Anglin wa5opt:

    Sounds like a great contest. I sure could use it.



  • Larry N2AMW:

    That’s an excellent package for hilltopping and other in the field QRP ops! Thanks for the interesting newsletter.

  • Alan WA4SCA:

    I do portable satellite operations, and it might be fun to try HF.


  • Eric KC9MHE:

    Oh boy do I need that Buddistick. I am ordering my first HF transceiver with my tax refund money and I won’t have any money to spare for an antenna until this summer.

  • Jim KD8LWP:

    I’m new to the hobby and would love to have the antenna. Please sign me up.

  • Joe Heffler, W2DRS:

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    Joe, W2DRS

  • Sam KA4ATT:

    Sign me up……….. I’ll be glad to pay shipping costs!! 73

  • Tim KJ4JDJ:

    This would be cool for field day! Thanks!

  • Jamie Lewis 2W0CDY:

    something collapsible the nimby’s by me cant complain about

  • Chris G8YPE:

    Fantastic prize, put me down for that one!

  • K5HIL:

    Nice prize.

  • K5AGS:

    I could certainly use this antenna.

  • Jim Kvochick WB8AZP:

    Thanks! I would use it to replace my current portable antenna.

  • kevin n2kze:

    would be great to pack on my motorcycle. sign me up

  • Eric AJ4LN:

    Thanks for the contest.

  • Roberta Estes K8RJE:

    I’m always looking fro something that doubles as a clothesline and antenna!

  • Stuart WB6RXG:

    It would be nice to be capable of portable operation

  • Rich K7RFH:

    Would love to pair this up with my FT-897D. Currently, don’t have HF capability. Thanks for offering up this great prize.

  • Clint W5AMU:

    Argonaut V and this would be fantastic

  • David KJ4IZW:

    another fun contest!

  • Tim N1TCB:

    As I travel the coasts and mountains of the Pacific North West this would be a great addition to my ability to transmit to the world!

  • Delrey Marshall K4WJR:

    One thing I would definitely do with the Buddipole antenna is use it for my field day station. Other portable applications come to mind, but Field Day is a definite use for it.

  • Jim Brogan, W0FRG:

    Once again a great contest and super articles too.

  • ni7aa:

    Just as I figured… the video looks like a snow job!

  • Demetre Valaris - SV1UY:

    Buddipoles and Buddisticks are great antennas for operating HF Walking Portable.
    73 de Demetre SV1UY

  • Don Rand KA5DON:

    I’m within 6 months of retirement. I have waited a lifetime for “portable / dxpedition” travel. I want a Buddipole along for the trip. Whether it is POTA, Summit operations, IOTA or just working outside.

  • Jim Weber KD8NBA:

    Please enter me in the free antenna giveaway.

    Thanks Jim

  • Ken K7MAL:

    Now this would be fun!!

  • kd8fjm tom lutz:

    thanks for the offer to win such a nice prize

  • Adrian Lewis MW6 ADZ:

    nice antenna for a spot of remote dxing, whilst taking in the wildlife..

  • Paul KB2VEC:

    Like to win it. My wire antenna is down and I am at home recuperating from quadruple bypass surgery. Need a new sky hook!!

  • Scott AD7MI:

    Just used a Buddipole during CQ WW WPX – I am a Buddipole believer!

    73 Scott HL9MI

  • John, W9JGO:

    Perhaps this prize would encourage me to get on the HF bands with one of my kit QRP rigs in a field situation. Be a nice birthday gift, for sure!
    73 and thanks for the opportunity to enter,
    John, W9JGO

  • Tom AJ4UQ:

    Sounds like a great contest!

  • Jerry Ehlers w0sat:

    Hi: I talked to a lot of friends that are using one because they have
    antenna restictions.
    They seem to perform well and I would like to own one.
    Jerry w0sat

  • Mike Parks ~ G4UPD:

    The Buddipole completes the package when going out operating portable. Fantastic piece of electrical & constructional engineering; it’s a possession I’d be very proud to own.

  • George - KD4QMY:

    This would be the perfect match to my Yaesu FT-817D. Thanks for the opportunity! 73 de KD4QMY

  • Bill W2WJH:

    I would use the Buddipole to get On the air in my antenna restricted community.

  • john sickles/kc5odt:

    i enjoy your posts everyday.the articles are interesting and up to date.thanks,keep it interesting,john sickles

  • Jim KD8UT:

    This package might inspire me to “Take a Hike” as the xyl has requested of me at different times in our 42 year adventure!

  • Randy Kc9isj:

    It would be a great thing to have for emergency communication

  • Tom Phipps, KA4CSG:

    I would throw the Buddi-Pole in my antique GMC Motorhome, with the FT-857D and use it during my travels.

  • K4TOJ - Tom:

    I’d use mine for camping!

  • ANTHONY SHUTT kj6haq:

    I have entered so any contest up to now and never won a thing. It would be wonderful to win this one and chalk it up to ARRL.

  • Kevin N8VKX:

    I just moved from being in the country to a house in my home town and I haven’t had time to put up any antennas. In other words I went from a acre to a small lot and a Buddipole Buddistick Deluxe would be the ticket to get me back on the air the quickest and easiest way!

  • KG4ARS:

    I enjoy QRP from high spots in GA, sometimes there are no trees where I want to sit and enjoy the view so a tripod mounted antenna would be a wonderful tool.

  • I am just starting to do portable HF trips with my (original) Icom 706 and PowerPort Store battery backpack and LDG autotuner. I am now using a random longwire but the BuddiStick to get out better!

  • Simon Jaworski KQ2V:

    I saw one in use a few weeks ago working dx on 20 meters. It will be great for camping.


  • Mo IZ1CRR:

    It could be a nice way to start again my IOTA dxpeds.

  • art,, al2o:

    Handy dandy pack for the trail, or the backyard. a functional deal.

  • Cliff KU4GW:

    I would love to have a Buddipole for use with a Ten-Tec 4020 for QRP in the field. I’m kind of tied to the shack with my FT-1000MP Mark V since it requires a 30 volt power supply, but with a Buddipole I could operate at the town park, mountain topping, or whereever I choose. Especially with warm weather coming on soon I hope!

    Very 73 de Cliff KU4GW
    NAQCC#1491 FPQRP#1183 SKCC#652

  • Stuart Simon K2QBU:

    Thanks for the chance to improve my capabilities.

  • John kd0jek:

    How would I use it? Let’s seenow, I have have had my ticket for less than 2 years. My rig is a Yeasu FT 897d that I use for home but would love to pack it up and hit the road at times. I do not own a portable antenna but a Buddistick™ Deluxe Package would be great to have and use.

  • Larry Faehling KL7IBV:

    Count me in! I would love to have one of those for ARES/RACES work. We are trying to put together portable packages for hf work here in out county.

    73, Larry KL7IBV

  • Sutter Laird KI6ZON:

    Very cool contest! Thanks for the cool site.

  • Bob NG4R:

    Summer is on the way. Would be nice for my portable work…Bob NG4R

  • maria KI4WAX:

    looks great for travel!

  • Bryan K8BEC:

    Would use it when I go hiking in the mountains.

  • Ron N9XEQ:

    It would give me a chance to use one of my 706’s at field day.

  • Lorne VE3HQV:

    love the articles in your newsletter …. keep up the good work



  • Larry W2LJ:

    One of the best portable antennas – sets up anywhere and is very easy to use! Portable QRP was never so easy!

  • Daniel VE3GNO:

    Nice set-up for comming summer. Excellent choise for portable.

  • Paul - KE5WMA:

    I’m thinking about field day. This would be great.

  • Tom SQ5RIX:

    I have a lot of travel ahead of me in summer. Buddipole would go with me to to Spain, Montenegro, Latvia, Turkey….. maybe some more

  • Don N4KC:

    That BuddiPole sure would look nice outside our rental at the beach! And I could give lots of people a relatively rare county, too.

  • David - K2DSL:

    Thanks for the contest & all the aggregated content!

    K2DSL – David

  • Jim Moody AF5SS:

    The “Buddistick™ Deluxe Package” would make a great addition to my emergency communications deployment package! If I can’t win it, I will have to see about buying one.

  • Ed Best AK4W:

    I would love to use the Buddipole Antenna with my 300 milliwatt Qrp transceiver. By the way I really enjoy

  • W8DM Don Martin:

    Thanks for the support!

  • Tim - K6ACF:

    What a great promotion! I’ve heard good things about this product and I think the winner will be very pleased.

    73, Tim – K6ACF

  • Don Wilson kd4w:

    I’ve looked at these antenna packages (for a complete package is what it is) for some time, but just never had the cash at the right time. These are great for traveling, field days, and the best ever for a “go box!”

  • Al Rundall, K4DEY:

    We have use a Buddy Pole at several club meetings to demo rigs and software. They worked great. A fine piece of gear. Al, K4DEY

  • JIM--KD0QV:



  • Tom Brewer W0RPH:

    Sounds like a great portable traveling companion.

  • K6CMB:

    Looking forward to using the Buddistick on my QRP rig.

  • David R Smith KD5OIJ:

    sign me up, I’ll use it on my 817…. Thanks

  • Jason aj4om:

    I hope I win

  • Chip - WB8ALW:

    Ditto on the QRP. It’s new to me and would love a portable, quick set-up radiator!!

  • Rand Ve7hra:

    Amateur radio .com rocks

  • William McFadden, WD8RIF:

    I’ve long been intrigued by the Buddipole products. Were I to win the Buddistick I would use it in field-operations with my QRP K2.

  • Fred (k6wiz):

    Stupendous! This “Buddypole Antenna Pack” will be the “Cat’s Meow” at our local field day when I pull up on my bicycle mobile. Thanks for the demo video. 73, Fred (k6wiz).

  • Jeff Moore KE7ACY:

    I’d use the BuddyStick setup to operate remotely using my IC-706MKII for Field Day and for ARES operations. Some occasional mountain topping might be in the works also.

  • kf4ivm:

    Looks like an easy antenna for remote work.

  • Steven Phillips, KB0OLF:

    I’d LOVE to have a BuddiPole for camping and hiking.

  • Bill Lippard N4WFL:

    Looks like just the thing for operating from my RV. Sign me up!

    73 de N4WFL

  • Peter Hague KG5WY:

    I’m in an antenna restricted area. HELP!

  • Chris VA3CMX:

    I’m fairly new to the hobby and am actually looking for something like a buddystick that I can use on HF in my restrictive condo development (can’t wait to get a real house, can’t afford to either hahaha)

  • Tony Hoffman AA2TH:

    I use an indoor Buddipole as my base-station antenna on 15, 17, 20, and 40 meters, as I’m not allowed outdoor antennas. It does a good job under the circumstances, especially on 15, 17, and 20, though it’s finicky to tune. I’d welcome a chance to get a Buddistick as well

  • Barney KD5ZI:

    A friend of mine swears by his Buddistick. I am looking forward to trying one out.

  • Rick N7KO:

    Hi and thanks for offering the great package as a gift for someone! I would definitely put the pole to good use on vacation. Try to go to Hawaii every year and play radio, so the buddipole would be a great travelling companion. Thanks again es 73’s de Rick N7KO.

  • Thomas Witherspoon K4SWL:

    I bet these are great antlers for beach DXing!

  • F. Tweed N9FWM:

    I am in an antenna free area and want to get back on the air after 10 years of not being able to be on the air.

  • kf6rpj:

    I’ll learn to type eventually, or not.

  • David AA9UC:

    Winning this great prize would allow me to set up and operate portable within just a few minutes. Summer storms are coming and the ability to operate portable just might save a life. Plus, this would be a great setup for camping, field days, and contests. Thanks very much!

  • John K2JLM:

    That looks like a great antenna. I live in a townhouse so I would use it on my back deck. I might even try it on the sailboat.

  • Bill KC5DPJ:

    What a great opportunity to use in ARES.

  • Peter Nintzel:

    I would use the buddy pole for ARES/RACES events.

  • KJ4ZIZ:

    Hi, Fantastic idea. I am working with a wire on the summit on the air program.
    Winning an antenna like this would sure make it easier to carry the gear up to the summit. This would also allow for more contacts with the use of more bands…
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest.

    Richard KJ4ZIZ

  • Gurbux Singh W6BUX:

    A fellow ham has one and we use it regularly when we operate portable for ham radio demonstrations at various events. Have always wanted one of my own.
    73, Gurbux. W6BUX

  • Roland Smith K7OJL:

    Would love to use one of these portable up in the mountains here in Idaho!

  • Frank KC2MBV:

    It will go good with the go-bag. Thanks for running the contest again.

  • Phil Thomas N2MKK:

    Just the thing for those camping trips this summer!

  • Ed Muro K2EPM:

    I would use it on a portable set up along the water in town known as Oyster Bay, Long Island.

  • Robert W6RH:

    This has become my favorite Ham blog.
    A great “time sink” draining away many hours by sparking new interests.



  • Mike Dancey:

    The buddipole looks great for portable emcomm. That is how I would use it.

  • Fred - KE5HTB:

    this is cool product and would be nice in any ones go-kit for ares or races needs. its weird I am just now starting to build my go-kit for next hurricane season. got laptop and small battery system is all so far but its a nice start for a disabled guy living on SSI.
    I didn’t think it was going to cost so much to build a simple dual band go-kit for the field and have a decent box not the best but to do the job at hand. hardest for me right now is charging the battery up via solar or generator. I don’t have either but I keep it charged in garage with regular charger for that battery.

  • Eddie Li KD0KXS:

    My dad and I could use this to go on QRP excursions on our farm.

  • Lyle Fisher N0LWF:

    Would love to go portable on top of a hill and work DX. The Buddy Pole would be perfect!

  • Ted Axtell W7TED:

    I would use this fine antenna for Portable ECOMM situations. Thanks for the contest.

  • Joe Murph WB4UGA:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a great antenna.

  • Benny Terry KI4ACP:

    I watched the video and discovered that even I could set this antenna up.

  • jeff herr WW6L:

    i read your site and i do a lot of camping so a portable antenna would be cool!

  • Alan KE4NU:

    Well, I sure would like to try one out. Here in western montana we often climb mountain and hike long distances and would be nice to care hf along as alot of times no vhf is in range…73, Alan

  • Mike Schaub KE5PNW:

    Buddipole is built very well and of high quality. This makes a great travel antenna kit! Also great for Field Ops.

  • Bruno Gallizzi W6USC:

    Good Luck to all

  • Bill Bishop K0BL:

    I would love to take it on a camping trip and work some qrp!

  • Dave N9GQ:

    What a great prize – sign me up.

  • John Herman - KJ4ZFE:

    This is what I need to make my weekend complete. It would be a great prize for me to use when I go camping!

  • Erik, K6IT:

    Thanks for allowing me to enter the drawing. I would pair it up with my FT-817 for a fun Field Day at the beach .

  • Scott KD8AZC:

    This would be great for camping trips. Sign me up!

    Good luck to all and 73!

  • BX2ABT:

    Since I live in an earthquake prone area it would be a good addition to my emergency radio kit. I could also use it for field trips with my school. But then again, I can afford to buy one myself, so I rather see the antenna end up in the hands of a Japanese ham who has lost everything in the tsunami.

  • A.G. Pippin K5ZRR:

    Would use this with my RV while camping. I travel the US and this is just what is needed while park in the campground to be able to get on the air.

  • Duncan KF6YYT:

    Howdy, I’m new to your site, I just found it by accident, but i will mention it on the club net
    Thursday night, Will I love to win and I’ve thought of many great ways to use the antenna and
    places I’d like to take it to. I’m disabled and I try not to let it get in the way of my radio play time
    BUT! ?. Anywho, I’m trying to make a trip to Southern California, to visit family and my sister
    has a cabin in the mountains, It’s at 5300 ft, It’s called MacGREGOR’s look-out. In the 60’s and
    70’s you could look dew west and see the top of Catalina Inland off the coast, about 150 miles.

    That’s just one of the many great DX spots I know of and I’m a repairer and experimenter and
    I’ve thought of alot of great uses for the antenna?! Thanks very much.

    73 and Siezures. ( sorry it’s a medical joke ) hi hi.
    Duncan KF6YYT

  • Bryan KB3SRR:

    Buddy pole, my HF rig, a backpack. Sounds like a Summer DX Expedition! Please, Please ,Please pick ME! (I really must see the shrink about that 5 year old that keeps taking over my mind when I see your products…)

  • ai4ri:

    was going to buy one tax time, but would prefer to win one.

    great for doing parks on the air – be used a ton in the florida national parks when the warm weather starts settling in for the year

  • Omer Fournier AD7DY:

    When I get a Buddipole (should I not win, I will purchase one), I will use it when we take our camper to the beach, or elsewhere- Looks perfect for portable HF operation. I wish I had one of them when I was in New Orleans for Katrina, and would have been REALLY handy at Galveston when I was there for Ike. Thanks for the opportunity, and good luck to all! Omer, AD7DY

  • Alan Baker, VK8AB:

    Thank you for a chance to win this great Buddistick antenna package.

  • Fred, 9H1FF:

    Regards to all from Sunny Malta

  • Sivan Toledo 4X6IZ:

    I visit the site regularly.

  • Joe VK6AAO:

    One of these would be great when the noise levels get high at the home qth . I could quickly deploy this antenna and and my ft 857 in a near by park which is very quiet electrically .

  • Chris G7DDN:


    Compact &

  • Augustin Nomikos - SV1GK:

    Dear friends ,
    Thanks for offering this great prize of Buddistick , please sign me up .
    73΄s , Dinos – SV1GK.

  • Neven, 9A5YY:

    I have got Buddipole Deluxe Package but I am sure that Buddistick™ Deluxe Package also works fine. 73 de Neven, 9A5YY

  • Regin, OY1R:

    Great looking antenna indeed. if i had one i would probably pair it with my ft-817 and activate some summits and work portable around the islands. 73’s de OY1R

  • zl1dgk:


  • Oli, DL1OLI:

    That would be a good antenna to go with my portable HF-radio. 73 Oli

  • John Pethard G3PNJ:

    This could be the answer to my /P operation with my Ft-817….

  • Francis ZL2FDH:

    great idea for a competition. good luck.

  • John Yochom KB3KEM:

    What a nice idea. Great promo.
    John, KB3KEM

  • Paul Dumpleton M0XDX:

    This would be ideal for my beach portable outings!

  • Pedro Ribeiro CR7ABP:

    If I win this, will be a good reason to acquire the FT857D that I’m a eye on since Christmas.

  • Jon Goering N7AZ:

    I’d use the buddipole backpacking and for SOTA. 73

  • K9DPM:

    I have an FT-857D and a motorcycle. This would be a great combo for long trips,

  • M1ACB:

    Looking for the best antenna for SOTA activations during the Camb-Hams GS3PYE/P DXPedition to the Isle of Arran EU-123

  • F. Cassidy:

    Would love to have as do a lot of portable work while away with Motorhome.

    Thanks for opertunity to enter.

  • John KD8LDN:

    Have seen good things from the Buddistick crew, would love to see it up close. 🙂
    John KD8LDN

  • Steve kc0tmn:

    Like to do qrp on the local bike trail. The Buddystick package would make this a snap!
    Thanks for your time

  • Greg Lane N4KGL:

    I have used buddistick with QRP rigs on many trips. It is a nice size for travel. I worked Italy with 3 watts and the Buddistick. I could always use another one.

  • Pat n2vyt:

    Sounds great. Thanks for making this possible!

  • Greg KI8AF:

    Great idea for a great antenna system.

  • Leon ON4VLM:

    I would like to own one to make qso’s in digital modes with it. I think that the antenna and my ft-817 are the best choices for my /P operations outdoors…

  • Alden K6ZU:

    I’d love the opportunity to give one of these a workout.

  • Sid Grant W8SFC:

    Used a friend’s buddipole, and it was great!

  • Bill Langtry GI4AAM:

    I would love one of these for portable operation!!

  • Andre' M0JEK:

    I don’t have a buddipole/bussistick yet, but I have always wanted to get one, especially now that I have started to look at doing SOTA. Once I have cleared some debt I am sure I will buy a buddipole one day. Just need to convince the XYL!

  • Tom VE3TSA:

    Great idea, summers coming and so is fieldday, would begreat for that and camping..73

  • Charles R Tropp N2SO:

    Hello Friends! I live in NYC but I often visit my daughter in California. It would be great to set up the Buddistick with a QRP rig and transmit from her pool deck!

    73, Charles N2SO

  • Don AC2DX:

    My other hobby is riding motorcycles. Would be great to have this Buddiestick for mobile fun.

  • Andrew, W8FI:

    I’d definitely be heading out for some QRPp work and it would surely give me good cause to get my FT-817ND sooner than later!

  • OZ1TMK Torben M. Kristensen:

    Shure would love to replace my hombrew sticks with this fine thing 🙂

    73 de oz1tmk

  • Jeff N1KDO:

    I like to take my radio hobby with me when I go camping. However, stringing antennas in the trees takes a lot of time that could be better spent operating. A Buddistick would give me more time to make QSOs!

  • Sarge WV1Q:

    Great prize and great webpage! I would use it for my ARES operations while portable.

  • Brock Thomsen, W6GMT:


  • Joel schwartz:

    I will use while on business trips.

  • Ken N9ZRZ:

    Great time lapse! I love the fact you can get it setup easily in any weather.

  • David Okrent W7DAO:

    I want to be a buddy of the Buddipole

  • Fred W0FMS:

    This would be nice for a “go-kit” for sure!

  • Danny Veseth, K9KHJ:

    I run a battery powered QRP station every day and am frequently asked if I take the rig portable. After resuming ham radio operations after a 10 yr hiatus, I’d love to be able to enjoy some nice weather and operate portable. I think setting up on the playground at my wife’s elementary school would be quite interesting for the kids and probably wind up in sparking some interest in ham radio.

    I work for a newspaper/broadcast company as well and think a portable setup on our deck overlooking the city would draw some real interest.

  • John K4TXQ:

    I would use it for ARES and other emergency related events.

  • tony 2e0txc:

    nice one fellers,can we have more prizes please…

  • Choy 9W2PCK:

    I first saw the buddy pole used to demonstrate amateur radio to delegates to UUM-ITU organised disaster communication 2 years ago. It was easily deployed and impressed me… but just can’t get one of these off the racks in Malaysia or Singapore. Would sure like to have the buddypole to do a fast and efficient amateur radio demonstration on emcom.

  • Chris WB2VEN:

    So many possibilities if I won this… Portable QRP mountaintop hikes, camping in Maine, Field Day, battery powered qrp in the fishing boat on the lake!

  • Philip G0ISW:

    I would use the Buddipole with my FT-817 from my beach apartment whilst on holiday!

  • Curt Parrish:

    I would use the Buddistick in my back yard because of HOA restrictions. I usually run low power using one of my Kenwood transceivers. I would be able to compare it with my PAC-12 antenna which I use now.

  • keith furlong M6BPB:

    What a wonderful Idea …well done yet again the USA is leading the way.

  • Chad KJ4VYI:

    Would use this on my adventures out of town ( heck even in town at local parks!) a quick setup would be great — just started working some qrp gear and this would be the beast addition!!

  • Scott Wilcoxson:

    This would be great for a demonstration station at public service events.

  • N2DW:

    It would be a great addition for emergency communications.

  • Jens, OZØF:

    Noticed the announcement on the Southgate Amateur Radio Club

  • Martin 2E0CHT:

    Sounds a great idea to take along fishing.73


    well the buddistick will definately bring my dxing life to a new level. i Hope i will set it up on my home it will look fantastik and will for sure drew everybody’s attention.

  • Roger KJ4QIS:

    I’ve had my eye on one of these packages for a while now.

    This would be great since I don’t have an HF antenna yet, but have 2 rigs that I’d like to start using!


  • john munro - 2m0fad:

    Hi! I’d love a Buddystick – am taking up sota this year and it would be a FANTASTIC addition to the kit bag

  • dave maskew kb8wgq:

    would be a welcomne addition to my field day package as I would finally be able to work a lot of qrp stations

  • Tomas, NW7US:

    I hope to hike the Sapphire and Bitterroot Mountains here in Montana, to put the summits on the air for amateur radio operators to work this county, these summits, and the grid. I need this antenna to accomplish this effort.

  • Mitch DJ0QN:

    Looks like a great antenna to take along on my hikes in the Alps.

    Mitch DJ0QN

  • Ken K8OAE:

    We had real good luck using a Buddystick last year on one of our field day stations. I would use one in my restricted-community back yard. If I had half the success that we had at field day I would be one happy “ham-er.”

    Thanks for the opportunity to be a Buddy.


  • Bob / KC2TFI:

    I would use the for all ARRL Field Days, and any type of Emergency where a Ham operator is needed and during any other needed time of any sorta when called upon during all weather conditions such as power outage, snow storms and rain, sleet and snow.


    Bob KC2TFI

  • Ole OZ1CJS:

    I would love to win this antenna:-)

  • Randy KC9ISJ:

    Would be a great thing to have for field day and in case of an emergency

  • Andrew M6AAE:

    I have now successfully achieved my Foundation certificate, and awaiting a date for my Intermediate exam. As a treat on passing I used my savings and bought an FT817. Now I am license, I do a lot of camping, and I would like to start my new hobby by taking it out and about with me in my expeditions, and the Buddistick would be a dream come true! I have long-looked at the Buddistick as the ideal antenna system for my setup, (especially as an efficient antenna like the Buddistick, is essential for a QRP rig like the FT817)and it would be put to great use! This is one of the main problems in starting out in this hobby; the expense, and I really do think there should be some sort of concession for newly licensed Amateurs, to help them get started.

  • Gary K7GS:

    Plan to do some portable operating this summer and this would make a wonderful antenna.

  • Jeff Dillon - N9BBE:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a Buddistick system. This system would be awesome for road trips, Field Day and emergency comms. I have read nothing but glowing reports about the Buddistick. I’d love to try one out. Again thanks for the opportunity.

  • BOB N2MDA:

    I’d sure like to try this antenna out on my next DXPedition to Hutchinson Island. NA-141 Ham Radio… Lunch… and BEER… boy,! what a concept!!!

  • Pieter-ZL1PDT:

    Here in NZ we do not have all the goodie what you guy have in USA and to me to have a buddistick system would be great for AREC work ,rally coms as were I live is inside a crater in Rotorua New Zealand,I do a lot of HF Mobile and it can be very good and neede antenna system,

  • KA3ZHB:

    I’ll give you two. COMMENT COMMENT

  • Danielle Nichol m0fdy:

    would make such a difference to me having one of these, they look really good kk

  • Don N4UJW:

    I am always experimenting with various antennas. This would certainly be a good one to use. Since my time is very limited, the easy setup for it would certainly be a big plus for me..
    Good luck to all but I hope I am the one!
    Don N4UJW

  • John - N7MZ:

    I sit here this morning, day dreaming about connecting my IC-703 to this Buddipole Antenna and sitting on top of a ridge in Eastern Washington, calling CQ.. Ah, just heaven…

    Damn, I just woke, sorry back to work!

    Gud Luck Everyone! N7MZ

  • Rynn KI5BC:

    Hey, been reading the blog for awhile. Thanks for the chance to win!


  • gregory neiers kc9tmx:

    i do alotta motorcycle camping & this would be the perfect antenna for me

  • Paul Kimberlee M3XEV:

    A buddistick would be a great bonus for me as I am new to the bands.

  • J R Groeger:

    I would use it when I am operating portable while visiting my in-laws in Japan some time later this year



  • Ian McCallum 2M0ISM:

    I’d love to give one of these a try when I’m /P…

  • Bob N8QE:

    I would love to team one of these up with my Yaesu FT-817 QRP Transceiver for portable QRP operation.

  • Jacek SQ5BPF:

    Very nice antenna. Nice that it is self-supporting.

    I would like to use this antenna when i operated as JW/SQ5BPF – it is very hard to hang up an inverted V when there are no trees around 🙂

    VY 73 de Jacek / SQ5BPF

  • Tom Rigdon KD8ADO:

    I,ve had my eye on this for a while. im moving into a townhome soon so im going to need a portable antenna for the no permanent antennas there.

  • Chris KC2SYK:

    Would be great to give this antenna a try for portable ops. Please enter me into the drawing.

    Thanks and 73.
    -Chris KC2SYK

  • Jeff - W4GPL:

    Spiffy. Good luck everyone.

  • mike KC9RXE:

    hope I win I can use some new toys being new to the hobby.

  • allen cordier M1CXK:

    I would use the Buddypole as a perfect antenna for my potable qrp work,now that i have retired.

  • Harry Goeller. N4HG:

    I think I could hide this thing from the antenna police here at The Landings. It might work better than a wire in the attic.

  • Jeremy Chase N1JER:

    I will use the Buddipole after the zombie apocalypse.


    wow would be great for me, new ham and just picked up my first hf radio, kenwood ts-440.


  • David Lankford N0DKS:

    Well if i was to win, I would use it when my wife and i go camping,
    I’d keep the buddie pole in my truck with my ic-706, have it ready
    for any emergency that may happen.

    Thank you
    David Lankford N0DKS

  • David (G3ZPF):

    5 gets you 10 I don’t win this 🙂

    Only if there was a prize for never winning any competitions would I finally win something

  • Rick KA5EZQ:

    My uses would be for ARES/RACES EMCOMM (and drills) as a portable, quickly set up HF operation. Also for Field Day and SET ops, as well as a rover in QSO Parties.
    A fantastic addition to the to-go package for use with my Alinco DR-70TH in portable mode!

    3’s & 8″s
    Rick KA5EZQ

  • Nathan Kd5BLZ:

    If I was to win I would use it as a emergency antenna since I live in the area hit by Hurricane Katrina and for portable playing around at the park,

  • Doug Shaw wa0emx:

    I would make this prize an integral part of an EMCOMM Go-pack, testing it on campouts with Scout troops.

  • Richard Wilt K8TPH:

    I have used many single band verticals over my 50+ years as a ham
    and everything from dipole, beams, and rhombics but never a portable
    buddystick as a moble unit. I with my club Stonewall Jackson Amateur Radio Association maintain a working including an MOU with our local OEM of Harrison County, WV and a portable HF vertical would be a great asset to
    our operating equipment. Have always wondered about the proformance of the Buddystick compared to other fixed verticals. Good luck to whom every wins.

  • ASCRA w0shq:

    If won by this entry from our Amateur Radio association, a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational and public service organization. It would become part of the association’s expanded EMCOMM plan.
    Douglas Shaw, WA0EMX
    Executive Director
    ASCRA, Inc.
    Independence, Missouri

  • Bill KB0CDD:

    As an 89 year old ham and WW2 Navy pilot, winning such a prize might give me the incentive to upgrade from my venerable Novice license, held since 1979.

  • wb5b richard desrosiers:

    traveling in a truck camper for 10 years plus have many ant. to compare against, portable from cost to coast and texas to alaska. 73 dick

  • ZL2TZE Phillip Conza:

    My mate has one and I watched him put this bad boy up in no time. I have to have one of these and it will complete my camping equipment.

    Thanks for the chance to take part in the give away

    73 Phil

  • Steve Silverwood KB6OJS:

    I’m an FT-817 user, and live in a gated community with a lot of restrictions. I’d use my Buddistick package to set up a little “Field Day” in the yard every time I wanted to operate. A temporary setup like that cannot be objected to, and a system that’s fast to setup and take down would be ideal for me! Naturally, I’ll take it along wherever I operate, especially the REAL Field Day! 🙂


  • Jon N5JLD:

    I would only use my Buddy Stick for good and not evil.

    Have fun,
    Jon N5JLD

  • John ZL1GWE:

    They work very well used in Western Samoa and Vanuatu on vacation, especially the longer version, but needs a guide string stop it flagging about. Simple to tune up and find a suitable post.

  • Edward crane vo1um:

    Edward Crane 364 newfoundland dr st john’s newfoundland canada
    catch me on aprs at vo1um-4 also vo1ehc-9 both my calls..
    have a wonderful day.

  • John Freeman ZL1JK:

    I cant hear anything at home – so field work would be good.

  • Don Leitch ZL1ATB:

    Yes love one for our motorhome trips Then I have no excuse for not being on air

  • bob gregory ZL2GBS:

    fabulous idea, like you I am a winner!!!

  • Tony Cacciamani ZL1UTC:

    Many thanks for the chance to win a buddistick, I would use it for emergency comms and field station setups .. Ah only if we had company like this down here !!!

    73 ZL1UTC Tony

  • Mike Stubberfield ZL3MJS:

    Looks an interesting antenna, also an interesting way to acquire one.

  • Blair ZL3TOY:

    Awesome Deal, might have to buy one if I don’t win!

  • Rory Deans ZL3HB:

    I’ve been looking at this neat bit of kit for awhile. Go portable from my motorhome a lot & would be a nice quick set up. Good luck to all!

  • Ed Roney - KD8OSM:

    Perfect timing. I was considering just this past weekend how I would like to move my ability in equipment to a portable capability. The Buddistick would come in nicely. I’ll get on top of a hill and see what she will do.

  • John L Turnbull, ZL1DT:

    This will go very nicely with my FT817

  • Andrew White ZL3ADW:

    Would love to try this antenna in the great outdoors!


    looks great for field day and search and rescue comms.

  • Kevin Bisset, ZL2KC:

    I would very much like to win the Buddistick to have available for emergency communications. Especially in the event of a VERY big earthquake, where tower and fixed antenna configurations might not survive. With the major earthquake in Christchurch, and now in Northern Japan, it is a very good time for Amateur Radio Operators to think about how they could recover from such an event, and get operating. Kevin, ZL2KC – Marton, NEW ZEALAND.

  • Brian Houghton ZL3BCO:

    Looks ideal to tuck in the corner and not spoil the view

  • Wayne Roberts zl2cs:

    A great looking antenna, Just what the xyl need’s to go with her FT-817

  • Ralph Sutton ZL2AOH:

    I have a friend who has used a Buddipole with great success from several interesting locations including Ascension Island and Saint Helena.

  • Bert Wilson ZL1VT:

    I could use one of these!

  • Neil ZL2UN:

    I really could use one of these

  • Randal N4AC:

    Another great prize giveaway… good luck to all.

  • Mike Crowe w0msc:

    I’d use the BuddyStick setup to operate 7days a week 365 day a yr I live in
    apartment with restrictions

  • Gene Fahrer WA8MCN:

    Great antenna to take on vacations and useful during spring storm & Tornado season. Thanks 73

  • Mark - ZL2WOL:

    You’ve got to be in to win.

  • Phillip KJ4VFO:

    I’d love to win this

  • Keith Browning ZL2TPQ:

    What a generous oportunuity!
    If I owned one of these, It would live in the floor compartment of my Subaru wagon with the tripod that is already there. I would use it instead of the whip my XYL will not let me install on the(our?)car. (Stationary mobile of course). I’m sure the FT-847 will love it.
    73 Keith ZL2TPQ

  • Denis Dawson ZL2TDA:

    Looks like a very useful little antenna.

  • Blue smith ZL3TT:

    its so refreshing to see so much on a good site with heaps of info to read up about, thanks and keep it up.

  • Maki Kato - K4RQZ:

    I would love to try that antenna in the park.

  • Kevin Mitchell, ZL1KFM:

    Do a bit or island camping, would be a great antenna to allow me to use portable, activate some islands. Easy to carry. Thanks for the chance to get one. KM

  • Joel Schwartz N3GSE:

    This is a great way to acquire a great product for some lucky ham!

  • KF5HRF Jim:

    Like most beginning hams, money is limited. Currently operating of a couple home-brew sky hooks.

  • Brian Heywood ZL1IE:

    Just the thing for our next feild station operation.

  • Richie, W5OKL:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • Ed/N3KWI:

    I would use my budy pole when I go camping and while I am at my hunting camp, as I do not have room for a antenna farm either way.

  • Joey Cook. NF1T:

    Sign me up. I hear the Buddy Stick rocks

  • Joey Cook. NF1T:

    Looks like a great package

  • Mark KC1ML:

    Hey where’s Rooster and Peanut! LOL

  • John de Burgh ZL2TG:

    This will be ideal for my numerous off-road 4×4 trips around the country!! Great package and not much room needed!

  • Daniel Erickson:

    Just got my first brand new HF rig FT897. Be awesome to have a new antenna to get straight on the air waves. Cheers Daniel ZL4DE

  • vincent mortimer zl4vpm:

    this would be wounderful to take camping and road trips 4 wheel driving great product.

  • Gary Steinhour, KF6U:

    I enjoy riding my recumbent tricycle out in the countryside. It would be fun
    to operate portable using my Hendricks PFR-3A and a portable antenna system
    like the Buddistick delux package.
    72, Gary

  • Mike ZL2CC:

    I’d use it for emergency communications and portable working.

  • William Hurley K4GDR:

    Please enter me for the Buddistick Deluxe drawing. I love QRP and would use the Buddistick with my Elecraft K1 QRP radio on camping trips.

  • Mick,MI0GRG:

    I hope to take up SOTA in the near future,so this antenna would be great for hill-topping!!

  • Bernard Westerbaan ZL1WT:

    I would use it on fieldays, holidays and the like. Looks an easy setup and a very good aerial!

  • Alan KC8OLA:

    Would be great for this years field day!! Sign me up!

  • Stewart Cooper GM4AFF:

    Would be great for travelling with my K3.

  • Tony Buckland ZL3HAM:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these excellent packages. I’d use it with my new FT-817ND on our treks around our wonderful countryside with my wife of course.
    Best 73 Tony ZL3HAM

  • Tony Magon VK2IC:

    I live in a unit in Sydney and I think this would be an ideal antenna

  • Michael Bailey ZL4OM:

    Wow, looks like an awesome product, and thanks for the chance to enter. Going to have to look at their products now… 🙂

  • Vernon ZL4VM:

    Sounds great for car rally’s & AREC activities…

  • George K4IIO:

    I plan to use the Buddiestick on top of the beautiful hills of Scotland, the beaches of European holiday locaations, and the along the coasts of Florida.

    George K4IIO, GM0IIO, GM4O

  • VK4DGG:

    I have an FT 817, a Buddipole Deluxe Antenna would be a great asset for me to operate portable. I have read nothing but glowing reports about the Buddipole’s quality and performance.

  • Jee E20TCM:

    Thank you for this opportunity. 73 // E20TCM

  • Jon W4JRK:

    A great prize! thanks to all!

  • alan g8xlh:


    I have an Icom-703 and tried many different portable type antenna, including chap stick, miricle whip, wonderwand etc. If I am lucky enough to win, I hope this would be the antenna to beat all the others I have tried.

  • Ken Duffy ZL4KD:

    Great prize, would love one of these for field trips and Arec (US Emergency comms equvilent) would go great with my 897

  • John K3TN:

    I have used a homemade dipole with my FT-817, always wanted to try a Buddipole since I have heard great reports of their use.

  • Kevin ON7KEL:

    Lovely contest, equally good prize!

    I’d use the buddipole stick to bring amateur radio closer to the youth here in ON-country, portable and swift operation is always a seller when you’re trying to give a demonstration at a local school/event.

  • Jeff N3YEA:

    With this economy, I sometimes have to work several hours from home for extended periods of time – this would be ideal to allow me to still be on the air during those times – sign me up !

  • Bob, K9OSC:

    The “Buddi” system is just terrific. Wish I had one for my QRP work. A friend does and he uses is all over the place with his K2/10. Hope to be a winner!

  • Craig Teel KF5IEW:

    I’d like t win a Buddi stick.

  • Bob, KB2VMG:

    I would use the Budipole to activate several islands in Florida as part of the IOTA program.


    Bob, KB2VMG

  • ZL2MUR Robin Murray:

    I look forward to using this Buddistick with my FT 857

  • Richard AE5SM:

    Would love to match it up with my FT897 and solar panel for a portable HF rig.

  • Brian, KJ4VRB:

    Looks like a great package!

  • Bart Harmon KB4FJ:

    Nice ham radio site.

  • Jim N7KFD:

    The Buddistick would be a great replacement for my aging home brewed PAC -12. The PAC-12 has done a great job with my Elecraft K1 but it maybe time for a change.

  • Jim Bridge K7LA:

    I’d use the Buddistick for HF Pack ops in the outdoors, and as an emergency backup antenna in case of natural disasters.

  • Don Barber N3LP:

    I live in an area subject to HOA rules against antennas and a Buddipole would be perfect for setting up when I want to get on HF! It’d also be great for use while camping or on field day.

  • David Sanders W4DES:

    I will use the Buddipole to get on the HF bands.

  • Steve McNaughton KB3JC:

    Cool site – cool contest.

  • Drew N4ABA:

    Built a copy…worked OK. Would love to try the “industrial” model. Using Par end feds…sometimes tough to lug that portable Skyhook along to support the other end for QRP/P work!


  • Don Pritchard W6ZPC:

    I would use the Buddistick at field day and other opportunities in the field.

  • Linda Pritchard KD0EAF:

    I would give the Buddistick to my husband as a gift.

  • David Rose VK5MRD:

    I would use the Buddistick for portable activities like Feild days and or at my QTH due to a lack of any decent antenna for 20m to 80m. Thankyou.

  • Arnold Whitlow NM8K:

    Just lost a tower and all the antenna on it…. A free Buddistick would help get back on the air…

  • NB9A Chris:

    Another great giveaway. I hope to win. Good luck everyone.

  • Rodney Forbes (KC2NAX):

    I’ve been wanting one of these for a long time.

  • Rob Hurd N3HU:

    sign me up. I’d be using it portable when camping

  • Ed Gansen K8DSS:

    The Buddistick has the quality and excellent design heritage of the Buddipole – can’t go wrong.

  • Zed Freeman, WØAAA:

    I would use the Buddistick from my ice fishing shack in the winter and from my pontoon in the summer and I’ll bet I would catch more ‘ham’ than fish!

  • Rick Ruhl W4PC:

    This is a good promtion. WTG guys. I wonder if someday I’ll need to check DXCC cards for 100 countries from a Buddistick

  • Carmine Scappaticci W5NM:

    Want to compile a good quick hurry and run emergency portable station for
    all sorts of contigencies

  • Kyle N4NSS:

    Two things I’d do: (Not necessarily in this order.)

    1. Get outside and play radio.
    2. Find some young budding ham and give this prize to them.

  • Don WS4E:

    This is a very interesting idea. Keep up the good work.

  • Ray N4EAT:

    I would play radio more since I can’t have antennas at the condo.

  • K8SOR- Skip Hall:

    Wow, I’d love to win one of these—Would be great with my ft817.

  • John Sager W7SAG:

    I need the Buddistick for field day!

  • Dave, W6DLF:

    It’s amazing how well these antennas perform, even with qrp.

  • Kurt K8YZK:

    Moving to a antenna restricted area. I can have a antenna just nothing big and this would fit my needs.

  • Anthony KB3CDA:

    I would use the antenna for mobile disaster situations, field day, and general backpacking/mobile operations.

    There’s nothing like sitting on top of a mountain and throwing your signal to the world.

  • WB5SCY:

    I would use this at my home QTH due to the fact that I happen to live in one of those CCR zones in San Antonio, TX. I have a small lot and it has made it very troublesome to put up an antenna. I am restricted as for putting up one in my attic but it has a solar reflective material.

    So I would very much enjoy putting on an arrangement of portable in my backyard and mobile.


  • WB5SCY:

    I very much enjoy ham radio and miss it. I happen to live in a restricted CCR in San Antonio, Tx. And the lot I have makes it very troublesome to arrange a wire antenna. I am also hindered from putting one in my attice due to the fact it is a solar reflective roof.

    So I would arrange to make this a portable style antenna in my backyard.

  • Bob- KB3HEY:

    Hope to upgrade to general and a Buddistick would be a great present!

  • Bob Wanek - N2ESP:

    Look forward to winning…getting tired of string wires for portable ops. 72, Bob

  • Jonathan Cox k3unx:

    Wow !!! Looking forward to using my new buddipole for HF emcomm drills 🙂

  • William KF7HXF:

    I’ve LOVED this hobby for about a year, however I have only explored the 2 meter/70 bands. I would absolutely LOVE to have such a flexible antenna to help me discover so much more. Thanks!

  • LES N2IR:

    73 LES N2IR

  • Dave W0CH:

    Thanks for the great web site. It’s on my daily-read list here. 73


    This would be a great antenna for the portable ops I would like to do, like going around activating different counties here in Utah that are hardly ever on the air.
    Great Prize!

  • Joseph / KD8BKB:

    i would use the buddistick out camping, and when i go portable and dont see the need to take out a big wire,and at the house since i live in a HOA neighborhood i could attach it to the stairs on the patio and work dx in the summers!

  • Josh - AC1N:

    Great site – I particularly liked your commentary on the state of Amateur Radio and the need to embrace spread spectrum technologies, smart antennas, etc. A buddistick would be great for EMCOM, but also for introducing new folks to HF.

  • Clark Cox KA6PIZ:

    I am heavily involved in emergency communications and I am on call 24/7. This would be a great addition to my jump kit for immediate deployment. I live in a mountainous area and this antenna would be of benefit in getting transmissions out. Thanks

  • Brian N3MIQ:

    This will go real good with the rest of my QRP equipment.

  • Frank Hagar K6FJH:

    Have one already — great balcony antenna! Next one is dedicated portable

  • Mike Mellor, KL7MJ:

    I made a homebrew BuddiStick that I have used in the past, and I would love to have a real BuddiStick for camping!

  • John Borkowski, K3JCB:

    I would love to use that antenna while out with the boy scouts!

  • Thomas Eicher, AB0DI:

    Nice prize. I’d enjoy ttrying it out with JT65.

  • Carl Blanchard, N7CVB:

    I picture myself on such a hill top with one of my QRP rigs and my new Buddipole—-but on a nice warm, sunny spring or summer day!

  • Wayne Pearce KI4WDY:

    This would be an excellent addition to our emergency communications cache.

  • Noel KD5PMU:

    I would love to win a buddistick antenna out in the field on field day or on emergency drills and excercises out in the field.

  • Joe Partlow W6JWP:

    Very cute. Somehow I think it took more than 60 second to put up the antenna. Look kinda cold too.

  • AD6RE:

    love to try this antenna on my fiends sailboat, want to use it to determine its effectiveness in making contacts out on the pacific ocean, as I help bring his sail boat down from Portland to Half Moon Bay this summer.

  • Ian Wilson ZL1OGX:

    Shoot a free prize, sign me up!!!!

  • Jeff KJ4NOO:

    Thanks for the chance to win !

  • Todd - N3MMH:

    Looks like a nice, neat package. Keeping fingers crossed!

  • Michael AE5MW:

    After hurricane Katrina the need for a quick and portable antenna system went from a need to a must. This would be a must have in any gokit.

  • Trip - KT4WO:

    Looks like a good ECOMM setup.


    I’ll take it where ever we travel and show my friends just how much fun one can have talking to strangers and friends alike. Also probably also use it as a second antenna on Field Day. (My other antenna is a BuddiPole.)
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Bill KC9XG:

    Will use with my Flex 1500

  • Jim Schultz K9JCS:

    I love my Buddipole. Can’t wait to try the Buddistick.

  • JoAnne K9JKM:

    The buddi-stick package will be ideal for operating portable on my camping trips! Please enter me in the contest.

  • Hejo Nie DO1YHN:

    Fine Parts for Ham Radio , easy to use.
    73 `s de Hejo

  • KG7HQ:

    The Buddipole system has been a great portable antenna system for my on the go operations. I have had great success from the basic setup through to using it as a 2 element 6 meter beam for mountain top contests.

  • Rick N5RB:

    Good for go pack, field day, or a day at the park

  • Justin K0JFM:

    The Buddistick would be great for an upcoming Boy Scout campout, I am teaching the Radio merit badge.

  • Greg Danes KJ4DGE:

    I would use it on field day and everyday

  • M3EXE:

    Beautifully successful go anywhere HF antenna package which I have seen demonstrated before, would love to own one!

    73’s de M3EXE

    Follow me on Twitter @M3EXE

  • Haywood Webb KJ4UUX:

    To da beach!!

  • Jeff Records KF7ATW:

    Sounds like a good deal to me. I have been looking for a portable antenna to run with my new rig.

  • W0FK:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a great antenna!

    73, Lou, W0FK

  • Raymond Winter W5RAW:

    Just what I need for trips to the farm in South Dakota or for operating in the great outdoors!

  • Steve Cleverly N9YK:

    Great product

  • Steve Conklin AI4QR:

    I travel to a lot of conferences internationally and am an evangelist for amateur radio and open source software. I could use this to do demos and get on the air while I travel.

    Nice contest!

  • Chuck Heath K6ZIZ:

    A ham radio friend who is wheel-chair bound uses his Buddistick as his mobile antenna. It sets up very quickly and performs very well. I was amazed at its performance!

  • Ernie Howard, W8EH:

    I’ve always wanted a Buddipole antenna for my portable station.

  • Jim KI9E:

    I’d like to use this while camping or for emergency use.

  • Del aj4em:

    Experimenting with different antennas is one of the biggest reasons I wanted to be a ham, I look forward to having all the options these kits offer!

  • Stan, N3LU:

    I would have my buddypole ready for use in Camping or, more inportantly, use for an emergency setup when I’m performing ARES activities.

  • Karl, K1ARL:

    sure will beat a crooked stick and nest of wire for portable ops.

  • Max, KI4ENS:

    If I was to win, I would use it with my FT-817ND while hiking.

  • Andy KC2ZTJ:

    I just passed my technician and now general tests this past month, thanks to JSARS, my local ham club.
    However, as a proud owner of a new Yaesu 857d and a Larsen dual band VHF mobile antenna, I have found that my use of the HF spectrum is somewhat….um, antenna equipment limited.
    A Buddipole/Buddistick kit is the at the very top of my shortlist for a portable HF antenna solution.
    So whether I save up for a Buddistick or DIY my own version, i’d love to be considered as a winning candidate.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Bruce N7XGR:

    I plan on using these ‘My Favorite Martian’ style to
    ‘Phone Home’ in a quick.

  • gfkeith ka5qfi:

    I am on the road a lot and I like to pull off and see what I can pick up. As a recently retired Air Force member(served 30 years), I visit installations and I set up to scan and talk, The Buddistick would be just the thing!

  • N3MYB Kirby:

    Sign me up – I go camping in the mountains – this would be a great antenna!

  • Dennis VE7YM:

    It would be nice to win. I would give it to an old friend, who is Paraplegic and recently moved to assisted living, so he can get back on the air HF.

  • Ray WB5JJA:

    Great prize this newsletter is the best check it each day…

  • Dave K9WDB:

    Don’t have one, but it would be nice when I go camping.

  • Dave Cochran KD5AIU:

    A great item to have when traveling.

  • Bill - KK4XO:

    Great idea for a contest! I would use the BuddiStick for camping and emergency field operations.
    Bill – KK4XO

  • Howard KC2TYZ:

    Great Contest!! I would use the Buddystick for EMMCOMS, Field Day and Special events

  • Russ N8FZ:

    I love Buddistick!

  • Dallas N9UCV:

    Now that I became a General Class operator it would be good to have the Buddistick so that I could do some off site field day events. This would be the best field day antenna.

  • Ken - N4PWP:

    With the limited space I have here at the shack, it sure would come in handy.

  • hilary - kt4vk:

    with the space that I have here the Buddistick will be ideal for my space

  • Jim - n8cui:

    Very nice!

  • Gene, KC3RT:

    I could really use a portable antenna due to my HOA and restrictive covenants neighborhood. Please sign me up! Thanks.

  • Craig KY4RCE:

    I have two young boys, one that just turned 4 and the other is 2. They love to turn the buttons on my rig. The only thing my son can talk about is going camping. So I figure if I win this I can take my radio easily with us on a camp out. I also just started helping with the local boy scouts who now have a ham radio badge. I have not been able to take my rig to an outing yet do to the expense and convenience of a GOOD portable antenna.

  • Vince Garcell AF6YG:

    I don’t have a Buddipole, but could use one for field dx,ing.
    Great web site!

  • Jason O'Neill GM7VSB:

    I’d use my Buddistick when demonstrating Ham Radio to my local Scout Troop, and as an additional antenna when participating in contests whilst portable. Maybe it would be just the edge to get me a few more points for first place in my Zone for IARU HF 2011.

  • Arran O'Neill MM6ARN:

    I’d use the Buddistick, to get out of my Dad’s shack and enjoy some fresh air.

  • Bill Carter, NC7C:

    Looks like I could use it with Search & Rescue’s portable 2 -M Repeater!

  • Brian - WB9TPA:

    A great antenna for camping and the FT-817

  • Craig Gubbins ZL1KO:

    The perfect setup when away on holiday – fast and easy to assemble.

  • Jerry Giddens WB4LFC:

    I would have way to operate when I go to my daughter’s house in another city.I have no way to operate there. I am disabled and I beleive when my grandsons help I could erect the Buddistick.

  • Ted Colgan ZL2TED:

    Thanks ZLHAMS for the link

  • ken haskell kf7dkl:

    A friend has one an loves it!i am on second floor of apartments,this would get me on the air! appreciate a chance to win.73 de Ken KF7DKL.

  • Milo KB5YR:

    I’d like to have something portable to use when I tavel in our 5th wheel RV.

  • Eric, K1NUN:

    Looking forward to comparing the BP to my SuperAntenna. Inasmuch as SA seems to be no longer shipping… 73, ERIC K1NUN

  • Paul Culin W5TTW:

    I would use the BuddiStick to defeat the neighborhood association, a force for evil in the universe.

  • Malcolm Vy1FC:

    Great Prize, Sign me up

  • Lee Ratcliff KC4ART:

    I haven’t use a BuddiStick before, but can think of several ways I could.


  • Nick KC2VWI:

    Count me in!

  • Vic Henry:

    I would be using the buddistick to be able back pack into areas for
    SOTA and also for use in activating US Islands on the air here in the
    great north west Washington and B.C. Canada. I have noting now and
    have not been able to afford one due to being on SS. But as soon as
    I can scrape up enough will get one even if I don’t win this one. Always
    looking at hamfest for a used one, but they are so great no one sells them.
    thanks for the chance

  • Gary Simms WA8FEA:

    If I would win this prize, it would be part of my go to kit for emergency and or vacation use.


    Gary WA8FEA

  • Gary Simms WA8FEA:

    If I were to win this prize, I would use this as part of my go to kit to be used in case of emergency or even for vacation purposes


    Gary WA8FEA

  • Jeff KF7MSM:

    My wife and I love camping up in the foothills of Mt Rainier here in Washington State. It looks like the perfect addition to having fun while camping. It would make a good match for my little TS-50 in the camp trailer.

  • Yvon Hachey VE1VON:

    Hoping this antenna will be the beginning of portable HF operation during hiking and walking outings.

  • w8drs:

    have a deluxe bp……….GREAT

  • Mark W7MWL:

    This would be great. I have been wanting to try one what better way,

  • Randy- KD8JEB:

    That would be awesome to use at a mountaintop broadcast site I maintain. Count me in.

  • Greg Geyer N0LLH:

    Would use this antenna when operating portable on vacation and when visiting son & family to hopefully help get the grandkids interested.

  • John Lisignoli ZL1PO:

    This Buddistick would compliment my Yaesu FT817ND out on field ops.
    Thanks ZLHAMS for the link!

  • Dave, K3EL:

    Great competition! Looking forward to using Buddipole with my IC-7000 on a beach somewhere!

  • Adam, N1UAD:

    I definitely could use this for my IC-703.

  • Joe Bassett:

    What a great addition to my to-go kit this kit would be!

  • Larry Slight W4KTJ:

    I could use this with my FT-857D for my ARES effort.

  • Rommel VA6RBC:

    I could used one since i have problem w/ my neighbor apartment and cant used any antenna

  • Christian, KE5ZMX:

    Getting one of these Buddipoles for free would be much better than making my own HF antennas.

  • Bill Braun, K8ZCT:

    A new Buddistick would be a great antenna for QRP field day operation this June.

  • Shawn N1TGE:

    I recently sold my condo in East Hampton, CT and moved to Milford, CT to be closer to work. My hour plus commute each way was older than old after 7 years. During my move I finally upgraded to General Class and have had a few opportunities to work HF. My main problem is I cant erect an antenna where I live. I am in a three story brand new apartment buidling on the second floor so there is no way I can sneak anything up. My apartment also faces the parking lot so anything sticking out the windows is out of the question too.

  • Steve, K7FRY:

    I’m in!

  • Dan Martin, NY3V:

    You have a great antenna product that is excellent for field day and any emergency need to get communications established ASAP.


    I’m heavily involved in emergency communications with the Tennessee State Guard and Temmessee Emergency Management Agency…Will include package as part of unit’s rapid deployment kit.

  • Dave, W0NRW:

    I have heard great things about the Buddipole. It would be great for portable operations and demonstrations.

  • Brennan blicharski:

    I love ham radio! And I could always use another antenna!
    73 KD7SDY

  • Fred KA8EBI:

    Sign me up for the contest. This antenna would be great for working the MI QSO Party moving from county to county.

  • Troy:

    I have used one in the past and enjoyed it very much 73 N5ARK

  • Bill Dailey KX0O:


  • Jef KD0IBQ:

    I have been looking at getting one of these for the family camping that we do.

  • Miguel-AD4Y:

    I would love to try this portable antenna.

    73 de AD4Y Miguel
    South Florida, USA

  • John Johnson N4JAJ:

    I live in a HOA managed community with strict antenna requirements. This antenna system wouldallow me to easily set up and then dismantle my antenna. An added bonus is that I can now take my FT-897D with me on road trip vacations.

  • Michael Kernan KA7PLE:

    I work 100% QRP, and I would love to have a Buddistick to use while hiking. I’ve used wire antennas but if I’m in a place with no tree’s Im out of luck. Monoband hamsticks are just too difficult to carry around hiking. The Buddistick will solve that problem. I’ve seen several videos with hams using Buddisticks, so I know they work, and they are easy to set up.
    But that’s how I would use a Buddistick.


  • Mike N6MJS:

    I plan on using my BuddiStick at Double Peak Park in San Marcos CA. I am planning on purchasing the FT817 in the next month and am currently investigating battery packs, wind turbine and solar charging for the packs. Hope to purchase the HF Packer amp to go with the radio. My son is a film major at Cal State Long Beach so we will be doing some really cool videos to post on and other sites.
    73’s to all – look forward to talking on HF soon, N6MJS

  • josh ke5pcv:

    I want it!!

  • Todd KC9TJD:

    I could a antenna

  • Damon Wascom:

    The plan is to hike straight to summit of Pinnacle Mtn. and fire up my K2 this spring!

  • Tom W5TH:

    Would like to use this camping with the scouts

  • Patrick J McDougall KB6KRA:

    mountain topping!!

  • Grant KJ4FZT:

    Buddie Stick would sure work well with my Yaesu FT817 when i go camping.

  • Mike WB6FFC:

    Nice website.

    The Bud-pole would be great for Camping trips!

  • Mike N1VHY:

    Geat contest! *fingers crossed*

  • Lynn W3JLC:

    Sign me up! Can always use another antenna especially a portable one.

  • Stuart VK5STU:

    I am new to AR and very much like the idea of combining outdoor activities and AR and therefore would use it being exploring and learning all about portable/QRP operations.

  • Jim Flanders W0OOG:

    Occaisionally, I borrow a buddy-pole antenna when I attend an emergency practice drill. I mount it on the ladder to the back of my old 17-foot travel trailer.

  • Paul Huff - N8XMS:

    I do a lot of portable ops with my Kx1. the Buddipole would be great for that.

  • Jeremy N8YP:

    Saw the link on and thought I would sign up. Thank you very much for the chance at a great product. 73, de N8YP

  • Bob KD8A:

    Have been interested in one for my QRP portable activities. Would love to own one!

  • Jim Adams K0BAM:

    Woo hoo! That would be great for my condo patio!

  • Scott Kd5wgk:

    I would use this antenna As my base rig’s antenna and take it to the lake for field day..

  • merlin patterson wa8ius:

    nice to go camping with

  • Richard T Anderson KD0MNC:

    I’d use the Buddipole in my backyard as a temporary base antenna, and carry it with me on my travels to use as a portable station antenna (thus having a radiation pattern better than my mobile HF asntenna).

  • Mark Bradshaw KD8MWJ:

    This is a great contest….sign me up

  • N3YDN:

    great contest, thanks 73…de Ed

  • Keff - K4SEF:

    Looks like something that would come in very handy for emergency shelter ops and for Field Day.

  • Craig, KC0YHU:

    I would use it for Field Day, operating portable on vacations, and for emergency communications.

  • Paul Huff - N8XMS:

    I do a lot of portable ops with my KX1. The buddipole would be great!

  • Barbara, KD0NEZ:

    I am working on my General ticket; it would be a great first HF antenna for me!

  • Fred Cooper:

    I’m not lucky at winning prizes but it’s still exciting to have a chance at such a great little portable antenna.The Buddistick Deluxe would be a great addition to any amateurs equipment. 73

  • Gregg, KL1RV:

    I would love to have an antenna for my earthquake kit as versatile as this one.

  • Steve N1CZZ:

    I am going on a road trip this summer in my VW Bus. I will be staying at many campgrounds for one night only. This antenna would save me time setting up. Throughout the year we go camping for the weekend.

  • Dharma Agrahar AB3EH:

    You have an interesting web site. Thank you and good luck, 73

    de AB3EH

  • Steve, W4SJV:

    This antenna, once we receive funding, will be the primary deployable antenna for our Community Emergency Response Team. Slowly building things up and the Buddipole will fit in nicely with our plans.

  • Joseph Tock, K4RFS:

    The use of the Buddistick will be two-fold. I have two girl children, ages 10 and 6. Both are Girl Scouts. Both of my girls have begum to show interest in my use of HF radios. I use radio for MARS, DX and Rag Chewing (although my time is limited by family as far as the rag chewing). Through the years I have noticed a severely limited number of females on the air. So my thoughts are through the Girl Scouts and camp outs (we usually go up to the Blue Ridge Parkway and Appalachian Trail) I could help interest and influence young girls to become engaged in Ham Radio and hopefully nudge them into electronic theory and possible engineering pursuits. Wire antennas are fine, but take time that causes a loss of interest due to limited attention spans. A Buddistick would significantly hasten getting on the air time. I know a large ambition – but sometimes dreams come true.

  • Jay W9IUF:

    I would use the antenna with my KX1 QRP mobile!

  • Verne W6VMT:

    This package would be great for our Field Day in the Sierras!

  • ki4awz,david jordan:

    i would like to try one for field day and also just in my back yard. thank you

  • Fred Cooper W9FLH:

    Try again

  • K0CQN Rick:

    Hi guys thanks for this giveaway. If I was lucky enough to win this antenna would be used on one of my trips out west to The Badlands,The Needles or to Toadstool State Park in western Nebraska. We (my friend and I my wife deems these places as to dry,dusty and no deals hi} are planning a trip out to the Moab area so maybe in a couple of years you might hear it from there with my trusty SGC2020 .

  • Garth K2HM:

    Would be great for camping!

  • James KC5LQA:

    Great prize, would love to have for vacations

  • Lee Staley NI7I:

    I would use the antenna on field day.

  • Dave Karpiej K1THP:

    Would use it with an FT897D on vacations and with QRP rigs for summertime deck operation from home.

  • Marshall Dias:

    I’ve always dreamed of backpacking and operating from the great outdoors!

  • K2DN:

    I would love to win this for field day.

  • Arnel DU2XXA:

    This is a great help traveling antenna, ideally well-matched to all HAM operators who loves to travel and do hiking activities….For emergency stations as well in times of catastrophe…73′

  • W4IHI:

    Just started QRP operating and have been looking for a good portable antenna. This would be perfect for that

  • Keith Weisz W3ISZ:

    I received my license in October of 2010 and immediately found a home with QRP and the digital modes. However, in December I accepted a temporary job assignment which moved me from my rural high desert California town to the big city – Washington, DC.

    Alas, I enjoy a challenge and I brought my trusty ICOM IC-718 with me and bought a B&W AP-10A apartment antenna. So here I am on my 9th floor apartment and the B&W does an OK job. However, the Buddistick should be superior for an apartment terrace and that would be the choice to get out of the high rise jungle here.

    Next, I found a prime spot on the roof and I would make the Buddistick the center piece of my “new” 20 story tall antenna. Very cool!

    When I return to California, the next use would be for SOTA work as I enjoy hiking. Ahh — I can see it now – 11,000 foot high antenna better known as Telescope Peak.

    This antenna would be the enabler for years of ham radio enjoyment. Thanks for your consideration.

    73s – W3ISZ

  • KD8CMD:

    It would make a great temporary antenna for condo use.

  • Neil Armstrong KJ4CIA A:

    I would use the B=Pole at our club remote sessions every week. Lots of area hams participate and I would be proud to show off the Buddy-Pole.

  • Ji9m KL7IBT/7:

    Looking forward to receiving my Buddistick, camping season is just about upon us. It
    will be a nice companion to my Argonaut V.

  • Ron, WB5FFD:

    I would love to win the Buddistick as I enjoy portable QRP work with my FT 817 and would like a small vertical antenna that would be easy to take on trips. 73 and tnx.

  • mike hall ke7ajg:

    I sure would love to have one for camping and use with my 817nd

  • Jimmy Williams KJ4REV:

    This would be a great antenna to have when I make trips to visit my parents and my sons who live in other states. Thank you,73

  • Denny KD0EVI:

    WOW! Some lucky person will win an antenna for the cost of shipping. I hope it’s me.

  • Steve KB1UZE:

    I have read about it,definitly need one one for my newly asigned shelter responsibilities. I am a new ham and already have made my General and now studying for Extra. Wheter I win or not,great product and who ever wins…CONGRATS! 73’s KB1UZE

  • Scott patterson KC9VTK:

    As a newly minted ham – I will if i win the buddidtick I will need to obtain a Yaesu 857 , and push on to my General ticket.

    Thanks for the opportunity


  • Mike W5YY:

    I have the Elecraft K2. The Buddypole would be nice for portable operations.
    Looks like a well designed and manufactured piece of kit.

  • Daryll VE3LFN:

    Looks like the perfect companion for the FT-817ND I am dreaming of buying.


    I am an avid qrpp operator, and antenna’s are the key to success. I have drooled over the buddistick, read reviews, heard reports, and worked people using them. Unfortunately for me, much of my money goes to help other people, I guess fortunately for them. I always put myself last, and usually feel guilty if I want to buy something for me, because it takes from others. This would be a nice thing to happen to me, but then, it would also be a very nice thing to happen to another ham. I will get one some day, it is on my list after a yellow Camaro, etc. I tell my little brother that all my money goes toward helping him, and that he’s my Camaro. Same I guess with the antenna. Anyhow, some lucky person will enjoy this, and if not me, I will be happy for them. Best wishes. John W3IK

  • Ji9m KL7IBT/7:

    Looking forward to receiving my Buddistick, camping season is just around the corner
    and it will go nicely with my Argonaut V.

  • Jed K8QY:

    Great antenna for operating portable on HF.

  • Wink WA8KOQ:

    Just got a Ten Tec R4030 and want to try the Buddistick out on my deck and up in the Smoky Mountains. thanks 73 Wink

  • KD8OCT Dave:

    Please add me to your list. The Buddistick is a antenna I sure could use at the house, and the beach vacations!
    73′ Dave

  • If I won the Buddipole, as soon as I got done pinching myself, I would immediately hook it up to my Yaesu FT-857D. Then, I would crank the power all the way down and try every mode of communication at my disposal. After a few contacts for the log book, I would let my radio club know I had the best portable HF antenna system made in my shack for emergency communications. My wife & I would take weekend trips to My. Mitchell to do some qrp work as well. If it is possible to wear out an antenna, I would make mine Hollar UNCLE!

  • Ken KC9TTR:

    I would love to have the antenna for mobile use.

  • Richard St. John K5RSJ:

    I’ll use it with my K1, 817, or 9040.

  • Tim KK5H:

    I would love to take this along for the Boy Scout activities. Whether its JOTA or just a get together, the boys would love to play with a neat setup like this.

  • Gil KS4YX:

    I would use the Buddystick to do Summits on the Air from one of the mountains in my area. Having an active SOTA station on the air in South Carolina should bring a pile-up as there are not that many, if any, SOTA active amateur operators in the area. I have always wanted to try the event, and I have a rig capable of going portable, but the antenna has been one of the hurdles I have been challenged to overcome. The highest point in SC is less than an hours drive for me. I surely could use that prize.

  • Dave Hedrick KK4APU:

    Sign me up!

    I would be interested in seeing the capabilities of this antenna, I built a home brew similar to the Buddistick and so far it works decent. Made contacts in Moscow, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ireland, Canada ect. My homebrew seems to work, but it does look like the Buddistick is easier to setup and more compact.

  • Richard, kd9an:

    this ia a good portable antenna.

  • Frank Mathias WA3MD:

    Sign me up for the prize. Would be great for my first IOTA expedition coming up in July! 73’s Frank

  • Kathryn KJ4UZL:

    I’ve seen some pictures of hams in the field using these, looks really handy for portable operations. Would be an asset to any hams kit. 73

  • KB9RDS Steve:

    As a volunteer member of the Indiana Department of Homeland Security ( State RACES Ham Team) This would be use full in my go kit, and as well when doing events in the field.

    73 Steve

  • Dan Lawton KDOFSP:

    I would like to teach my sons while using this portable antenna to ignite their interest in ham radio. We would need to get an HF rig possibly a FT857D to talk to the world. Thanks for the opportunity to win this package.

  • Robert Snyder kc0mux:

    I think this would be a nice antenna to take with me for portable operating. It looks like it would not take up very much s[ace in the mobile.
    73s Robert

  • Dennis N3DG:

    I have worked several stations with BuddiPole Antennas and I am always amazed at how STRONG their signals are, even under marginal conditions.

    BuddiPoles and BuddiSticks are Serious Portable Antennas !!!

    I hope to win for my ham radio club and portable DXpeditions to IOTA NA-111.


    Dennis N3DG
    PennARC President
    eQSL Board Member

  • wd4ham jack:

    wud like to try some portable hf with that setup
    tnx for having the contest

  • Brad WM5X:

    Great idea. Sign me up.

  • Jeremy KDOHOD:

    I would use to talk to my Dad when I move to Pennsylvania. He lives in Iowa.

  • Dan Wiley N9BAV:

    I would the the buddistick Island operating, Camping, and EComm…

    Dan N9BAV /AG

  • Troy Simpson W9KVR:

    Would love to try this out at next Field Day! Good experience working the Budi-crew when they were in J6-land.

    -Troy W9KVR

  • Kay, AI4IC:

    Love the buddypole!

  • Sam N2TJX:

    Sign me up! Our college club could use something like that this summer when we go camping. 🙂

  • WB4OFT:

    I’m a QRP op who really likes the smell of salt air and the sweet sound of cw from the NC coast.

  • kc5mvv:

    Pretty cool set up the Buddistick™ Deluxe Package. Sign me up.

  • Bill, W1WH:

    I’ve been threatening to try portable QRP for some time and the Buddistick would be just the thing to push me over the edge!

  • Alex KA4AAA:

    Something like this is what I could use on the back of my old, tiny Toyota pickup and IC-7000.

    After I park somewhere, of course! So, sign me up!

  • N6ZP:

    Having moved to a downsized place, the Buddistick would be an ideal solution for me!

  • Marc - W4MPS:

    Thanks for the contest offer. I love operating portable and currently use a PAC-12. I’ve had my eye on a Buddipole as a sturdier alternative. Will be activating several SOTA summits while in Ireland in May and would love to have the Buddipole as my portable antenna.

  • John W4KPZ:

    Sign me up. It would be great to take to the park or beach with my FT-817. I have also been off the air a few days lately because the winds we wave been getting has put my wire on the ground several times. Since I can’t afford to buy a vertical or better supports it would make a great back up antenna while I make repairs.

  • K7WSB Bill:

    Great product….need one!

  • Saul W3WHK:

    Looking forward to using my new Buddistick!

  • Rob AL7AW:

    I’d like to try the Buddistick both mobile and portable as a vertical and as a rotatable dipole.

  • Tim W5FN:

    This is really cool. Thanks for the opportunity to throw my hat in the ring!!

  • Chris K4TKO:

    I’ve met Budd and his team at the Orlando Hamcation…they’re the nicest folks you’ll ever meet.

    If I win, then I’ll be taking one or two fellow ham on a mini-DXpedition way out into the Everglades where we’ll do breakfast & BBQ on the grille and DX from a genset for a weekend 🙂


    PS–Haven’t figured out what we’ll do for lunch…

    Oh wait,granola bars!


  • Don K3RLL:

    I’ve long admired the Buddistick as 95% of my hamming is QRP portable, usually from one of the local parks due to antenna restrictions where I live.
    I’d be more than willing to pay the cost of shipping to have such a highly portable HF antenna system for my KX1 and K1.

  • Carl N3ZZK:

    Haven’t tryed your antenna, I travel up into the Pocono(PA)mountains alot and would like to give it a try.

  • Sergio KF5IYS:

    Take the antenna to Field day!!! Show kids @ park to get them interested. Camping!
    Nice site by the way…

  • Douglas Clabaugh, KC0Z:

    Sounds like a great deal. Thanks

  • K4KHV Jimmy:

    I would use the Buddistick on field day and several other outings
    I participate throughout the year.
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Jimmy K4KHV

  • Mike KE0WW:

    I’m excited.

  • Charlie Ray W6GTE:

    The Buddistick Deluxe package looks like a great product in a really nice form factor. Can’t wait to see it in operation!

  • Tom KC2NHF:

    Sign me UP too. Would love to use it at field day and on vacation.

  • Garth, KF7ATL:

    This is a great offer! Sign me up! I would love to try some portable operating.

  • Fred, WB2PEM:

    An ideal antenna for backpacking!

  • Steve VA3TPS:

    I saw the bud-pole in ooperation at Field Day , very nice setup

  • Jess KC2NHF:

    This would be great to have for the family when we go to the Farm.

  • Donnie Bowe KD8FNT:

    WOW, I would love to have a Buddistick to use of the evenings while at the hunting or fishing camp. I may even get into field day then.

  • Francisco Ortega KG4ULT:

    I could use this antenna to go portable with while i am fishing here in South Mississippi. 73

  • John WA2EVL:

    Great to have for Field Day.

  • Don W7WLL:

    Just what I need for operating portables from the lighthouses here on the OR coast. Much simpler than going through the effort of throwing wire up in the air.

    Look for us on weekends from time to time and during the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend event, the third weekend of August, every year.

  • Rich, WD3C:

    A great little antenna for my soon to be finished QRP rig.

  • L. Maurice Riggins, AB8XA:

    If selected, I will use this Buddistick antenna in the field with my Elecraft KX1, especially in places where there is no support for a wire antenna. Thank you!

  • Tammi Toiv onen KF5IBK:

    If selected i would like to give this antenna as a gift to my husband. 73

  • John K6JRO:

    A lot of my operation is portable. The Buddistick would be a great addition to anyone’s portable setup.

  • Gary K4GHL:

    I am in the USA as well, so I guess that shipping is free huh? It says shipping from USA to where you are, so…

  • Bob Lyons KA9BHD:

    It would be my challenge to Worked All States CW or Mixed mode using just the Buddistick. I wonder if any ham has made an attempt to do this ever?

    —Bob ka9bhd

  • Tommy N5DUX:

    Cool antenna to take camping and traveling to use with my KX1 rig. (Especially in those hotels/campgrounds with no trees nearby.)

  • Tim KE5IQL:

    I have always wanted one of these. The ad says used by Special Forces.I can use mine on special weekend’s.

  • mike jones KJ4BLD:

    Id use my Buddy stick on camping trips.

  • Doyle WD4HXE:

    I would use it for field day, and for everyday work.

  • Sterling N0SSC:

    I would love a buddipole! I’ve been thinking about getting one but I’m a poor college student. It would be a fantastic addition to our club for portable and emcomm ops as well as public events…they’re so fast and simple to set up.

  • Paul Fischer K4PDF:

    Always wanted a Buddy Stick to use with scouting, field day.

  • Bryan Herbert - KE6ZGP:

    Ive had my general class license almost a year now. I live in an apartment with a very strict CC&R, not even allowed TV or satellite dishes which means I must go portable 100% of the time. I am also disabled with back problems so stringing and raising wire antennas while portable is out of the question. The only moderate success I’ve had so far is with a collapsed military whip attached to my ATU while it sits on the ground. I could really use a solid antenna system like the Buddipole.

  • Dan KD0NFP:

    I’ve been wanting to get into HF but don’t have any room for a dipole or beam or anything, and a friend of mine had one that I got to use for a moment. It’s a great portable antenna and doesn’t require a tuner at all. It’d be a perfect match for my FT-857.

  • Dale AB9VR:

    At this time we only have a 80M dipole, it would be great to have a multi band antenna to go along with it. Sounds like it would be a good antenna to take on our anniversery trip so we can stay on the air away from home.

  • w0psk:

    Outstanding performer for working digital modes as I have witnessed from many a contact. I’d like one just for the sake of being able to take that puppy with me and be able to operate outside of my QTH. And it’s a performer on SSB too.

  • KA9RSL:

    It would replace or at least supplement my homemade version of the buddipole. Would be a Great addition to the portable station and IC-703
    worked J79AVO with the 703 and homebrew vertical.

  • Steve Finch, AI0W:

    Being QRP in a covenant controlled community, the buddisiock is a great way to operate at home with a temporary antenna and not violate the CCR’s.

  • Caldwell WD5JND:

    Retired and back in the hobby after 40 years.
    Need an HF antenna for the beach!

  • Thomas Huff N0AYI:

    I carry a radio on my moped, and that would be nice.

  • Randy, W5KCM:

    Nice offer on the portable antenna. It will be a great antenna for my FT-817 and KX1 QRP station. 73

  • Roger ai0u:

    Been looking for something to be set up efficiently and used for Emcomm, this seems ideal!

  • Scott KB0NAZ:

    I’d like one for camping and such

    Scott KB0NAZ

  • Barbara Riggins, W8FCJ:

    If I win, I will use this with OUR Elecraft KX1. 🙂 Thanks!

  • Bob Spicer VE1CZ:

    Looks very interesting for iota ops

  • Kevin KJ5FA:

    Would love to use the buddistick when down at the lake. Thanks

  • Robert AB3MU:

    i would use mine when i go fishing to show youngster’s what ham radio is all about.Learning and teaching is the best feeling you get when you help someone.

  • James KE5OVE:

    I have used one of these before with superior comments on my signal/audio during a Field Day activity. Whomever the lucky winner is will not be disappointed. A must for the hiker, camper, RVer, mountain topper, EMCOM or that remote site Field Day operation.

  • Mark Ludwick W8BBQ:

    I’d use it to activate some surrounding WFF locations.

  • Roger Bell N4FPA:

    Being heavily involved in portable operations, I would use the Buddipole for conducting WIMOR (part of Winlink) data operations on HF. Given that this unit is compact and very portable, and can operate as an effective HF antenna, it is the perfect antenna to possess.

    Best, Roger Bell- N4FPA

  • Robert Emerson VE3OKA:

    I would love to use the buddistick when camping with my son and his scout troop.

  • Steven LeBlanc VE9SY:

    I’d use the Buddipole kit for both light house activations, and IOTA work. My wife and I are both amateurs, and are very active in portable ops at both Lighthouses and Islands.


  • Doug Maurer KF7NIO:

    I would love to have one of these for my yaesu 857,and i promise i wont poke my eye out.I am new to amateur and have a hf radio but no general ticket,so i see this as a perfect carrot to get my butt busy and pass it so i can be loud and proud around the world with the best portable antenna system available,did i suck up enough? nuf said i should have this antenna because after all,i will pass the word around how wonderful it is,and im like always on a radio all day long anyway,what better advertising than me bragging about my new buddistick and where i got it,im not known to be quiet about,i know i have sold you on me being the best candidate for this awesome chance,because i cant afford the antenna because my radio cost too much,so im antennaless.ok thx doug kf7nio

  • Nick Mills N9PAR:

    Never used one but you all have me curious

  • Missouri S&T ARC WoEEE:

    We are a club station and really wanted to get a hold of one for portability — it would complete our emergency communications system as well as be a good antenna to show off during our college’s resource fair, a public event showcasing the varous clubs. In the past we used a wire wrapped about a 2M beam to recieve the CQ WPX CW contest; a buddipole would not only be eyecatching and portable, but would also serve as a *working* antenna hihi. Currently we only have a dipole on the roof of our club building, and cannot be moved.

    Buddipoles are strong and well priced antennas, yet our club still is missing the funding from previous years — for four years the club died, basically, and this years class saved the club from losing thousands of dollars of space and equipment. Although we are operational, we are not portable, and our town is very centrally located in Missouri and could serve as an important link for the Madrid fault location in case of emergency. We hope to acquire a portable station just for that purpose — emcomms. A buddipole would be the best solution for us.

  • George Belcher K6GB:

    I would use it with my HW-8 when I motorcycle camp.

  • Bill McAuley, K4WJM::

    Finally, a simple to put up antenna system when I go camping. No more putting dipole wires in trees, and the pain of getting them back down.

  • Tedd Davison AI4WN:

    Our local high school is starting an amateur radio station and I would donate the antenna to them. Thanks for the contest.

  • Alan Bruster W0SY:

    This would be great on a campout with our Boy Scouts!

  • Eugene Hartzell AF6EG:

    I would use the Buddistick on camping trips. Gene AF6EG

  • Mike Newton W1BFA:

    I would use this antenna as an excuse to visit the most beautiful spots in Maine!

  • KC9NVP:

    Since we travel with a 20ft trailer, the antenna would make a great additional to when we are on the road or stopped for the night. It would also come in handle for ARES operation, and use after a weather event where additional range or coverage is required.


  • Luke Aurich KD0FIN:

    I’ve been looking at the Buddistick Package to facilitate portable radio operations in the mountains of Colorado, but so far have been unable to afford the Buddistick on my college student budget. My sole rig is a Yaesu FT-817 that I use portable from a campground most weekends during the summer months, and wherever else my wife and I happen to be. I love operating in the great outdoors, but often trees are not nearby or convenient for wire antennas, and I think the Buddistick would excel in the portable antenna role. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win the Buddistick Deluxe Package!


  • kb1pxo:

    I’d love to take that buddipole out backpacking and mountain topping!

  • Jeff Sherwin KB8PIH:

    Great video. Would use my buddipole at home and at field day. Really love the concept. Thanks.

    Jeff KB8PIH

  • KA3ZOF:

    Just getting back into ham radio after several years away from it and the antenna would pair up nicely with my qrp rig.

  • Jim W8BS:

    Nice web site

  • N9VPV:

    would like to try one out for camping and other portable activities. Heard many on the air from parks, DXpeditions, etc. seem to work well, but would like to try one from the Xmit end. 73 gud DX

  • KA7BSA:

    I am a fairly new Ham operator (just over 2 years), I am very active in Scouting. I would like to put together both Ham radio, and scouting. I have attended several camp-outs where I had to put up a dipole between trees to get the boys on the air. This antenna would make it easier to set-up and give me more options on locations (without trees) to set-up a portable station.

  • Rick KE5ZSR:

    I live in Albuquerque and we have a lot of mountains and places to take day trips or weekend camping. The Goat Guy that makes all the Buddipole Youtube videos is a huge inspiration. I will do that some day. I have a 857d and portable battery already and tested in the garage. I just need an antenna to complete the kit and set off on an adventure. Also, Field Day is coming up! Thank you for offering this contest, Rick

  • Kyle Pilquist KD0NDG:

    Great for renters like myself! Still waiting for the landlord to notice the 40m dipole hanging from tree to tree across the yard!

  • Mark Clausen N9PSE:

    I love backpacking with my Yaesu FT-817. Most times I throw a dipole up in the trees, or carry a 20 foot “Crappie-Stick” for a quick vertical. The Buddistick would be a great asset for operating portable on camping trips.

  • Jerry Mullen N3HAM:

    I would really like to give the antenna a workout with my portable Qrp operations. Currently using homebrew wire antennas, so looking for an easy setup and effective antenna. Tnx, Jerry N3ham

  • Harold kc2bpp:

    This would go great with my good ole Kenwood TS-50s!!!

  • Charles Jouglard, K5CFJ:

    Great contest. Nice Website. Thanks.

    73 de Charles, K5CFJ

  • Charles E Kaiser KD8JZR:

    This would be GREAT to have and use with my 857D Great antenna for field day. 73 Charles

  • Theo VK5FTDM:

    Would love to use it whilst mountain top portable here in South Australia!

  • Gale D. Wilkinson KC4PL:

    First I had heard about the newsletter.

  • W7EDM Ed Mattson:

    Perfect for Condo patio.

  • Stuart Kretch N0VYH:

    I’d like to use the Buddi-Stick to make my home station portable. I’d be able to pack up the rig and operate on the road.

  • Dan MacLerran N7IMC:

    This would be perfect for me to take my rig to the Mountains or Park to operate portable.

  • Rich W7RCS:

    Well this may start my roving activities around the state giving out new counties and grid squares.

  • John hanse ac8hz:

    on the road in my truck

  • Michael - KC2YKJ:

    Going to take my General test in 3 days. Will need an antenna to work my new privileges, why not make my first antenna a buddistick.

  • Mike Luongo K2NNN:

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter the contest.

  • Brad K7NNR:

    This would be great for my hunting/camping trips!

  • Nice idea and a great product. Hope to win. CU on the band!!
    Martin ve2bqa

  • Christopher Range KC0AMS:

    I would use this highly portable antenna to travel around and share ham radio with potential new operators and others interested in HF operation.

  • Steve Kuck K2ALS:

    I volunteer with 2 amateur radio organizations that are very active in public service. I am lacking an HF antenna that is easy to deploy and this would be the solution to my problem. This would make volunteering for these public service events more productive. Thak you for the opportunity to win this antenna!

  • W2HK:

    What great timing to have a portable antenna setup.Thanks for the possible opportunity to play while traveling during cycle 24.


  • Reo Grover KE5IKC:

    Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway. I have only been enjoying HF for a little over a year. The Buddistick has a great reputation and will be a part of my shack as it grows.

  • Bob Dittert:

    This looks like a cool antenna. Would love to use it at our field day set up.



  • Bob Dittert N0QIX:

    This looks like a cool antenna. Would love to use it at our field day set up.


    Sorry, forgot my call sign.

  • Kevin KF7GUG:

    Living in the city with no place for an antenna, hiking in the back country is one of the only ways I can enjoy HF.

  • Mike Johnson-N2WKT:

    I would love to win this to use in my area for Emergency Communications as a Red Cross DAT member and ARES member

  • Chris Patton W3CUM:

    Please enter me! I would love to be able to use the buddystik for when I travel! I love the fact that you can adjust the whip for multiple bands!

  • w6yba:

    Can’t wait to win!

  • Mike / KB1SDW:

    Would use the Buddy Pole for mountain-topping in the Bush.
    Also in the park, to get the young folks interested in HAM RADIO.
    Something as small and light as this is great gear for QRP Operating.

  • Allen McBroom KF5JOO:

    As a Scoutmaster who also teaches the Radio merit badge, I’d have plenty of opportunities to use this antenna during Scout field day exercises.

  • jim robinett n9pgi:

    please enter me in the buddystik giveaway

  • Erico Salutti PU2WHY:

    It would be great to get this Buddistick as my first multiband ham antenna ever, on my first multiband transceiver ever, my “new” TS-440S/AT.

    73 from Brazil.

  • John WA4IAX:

    I don’t have a Buddistick yet but if I win this, I’ll use it portable in state parks. Then I’ll be happy to tell you how I’ve used and enjoyed it.

  • Don KL7JFT:

    Buddy poles work real good for emergency commos and Emcomm. In Alaska we use 80 Meters mostly, but the system is great support for other type of antennas.

  • Tony KB1SUN:

    I’m going to be QRV in Switzerland in May. It’d be great to win one of these and take it along!

  • John Johnston K5EBQ:

    I travel around the state of Texas and would love to be able to throw up a HF antenna quickly and easily.


  • Rodney Waln KC0ZHF:

    hi, i would use it for areas and races events to show that you do not need a big station to communicate and also for emergeny events.

  • Ron W8VZM:

    I really need a Buddistick!

  • Carl Gilbert wb4nku:

    The Buddistick is a great way to set up when you travel. Gives you a good antenna to communicate and doesn’t need any space at all.

  • Jeremy KB1REQ:

    Portable antennas like this are great for operating right on the coast, one of the beast places from which to operate radio.

  • Geoff AE4RV:

    It would go great with my Elecraft K1.

  • Dana K4MP:

    I travel a lot and this would be a great companion to the K-Line.

  • Bill K9RWT:

    Would be nice to have for field but even more so for lazy summer afternoons in the park.

  • Otis NP4G:

    Thanks for the opportunity

  • Brady K0UC:

    Field day can be any day when you operate portable.

  • Joe K0NEB:

    I have a KX-1! This would be great to go with it for backpack portable!!

  • Keith Jackson AD7FT:

    Great! I hope I win!

  • Jim AD6WL:

    I would love to try one of these for field day or an emcomm practice session to see how it works.

    73, Jim

  • Phil W2PL:

    I will use this on my extended South American Vacation later this year.

  • Kelly K7MHI:

    I am a camper radio user, so from spring to fall I travel around in my camper and try to reach new places, this thing would be much sweeter then my wire setup there arnt always trees around to use as antenna masts!

  • Ron KD8AFH:

    My MP-1 broke. I need a new antenna for my FT-817

  • Joe N2YIR:

    If I had a Buddipole. Hmm….. If I had a Buddipole I’d probably use it for HF portable. Surprise Surprise! LoL. It would certainly be an incentive to work HF portable anyway. I knew someone who brought one out to field day one year, and I thought it was quite interesting. However, I never was able to bring myself to fork out the cash for one. So a free Buddipole would be very nice. My portable station would probably consist of my FT-857d that I also use mobile and a gell cell battery.

  • Dennis Moore NJ6G:

    Got a remote piece of land hidden in a valley way up in the hills, I’d like to take the K2 up there to see if it works to get out of that valley.

  • Lisa AB9VQ:

    One of the main reasons I got into amateur radio was the ability to help others in times of disaster, “when all else fails”. It looks to me like the buddistick would be very handy in emergency situations as well as enjoying the hobby “mobile”. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Mo Kittle AD8T:

    Thanks for the chance. I would use it at my cabin in the woods, for Field Day, and mountain topping! It would go well with my Argonaut-in-a-briefcase.

  • Grant KB7WSD:

    A Buddistick would be a great antenna to bring hiking with me!

  • Jerry KI4KCX:

    It would be good for me. I am new to HF so I would use it to use out doors.

  • Web WY3X:

    With my K2, on the beach where I live, obviously! I can see it now- me under the beach umbrella, an ice cold Corona in one hand, Heil handi-mike in the other, watching the bikinis in the surf… hey, stop hitting me!!! (My wife just walked into the room….) OK already, I WON’T be watching the bikinis… (fingers crossed behind my back…).

    Maybe I’d take it to nearby Huntington Beach state park where there’s an old Spanish-style castle and put that location on the air. It’s close enough to the beach where my beach umbrella would come in handy. Naturally I’d take along my K2, a few ice-cold Coronas, and get close enough to the beach where I could watch the bikinis in the surf.. HEY!!!! Stop hitting me with that frying pan!!! OK, OK already!!! Just don’t hit me anymore! (Wife was watching me again!)

    I know, I’d take it to a nearby island beach I know about where all the local nudie bar dancers lay out topless in the sun! Yeah, that’s it! Those bikinis in the surf don’t look so threatening to you now, do they wifey!!!

    My personal space shuttle then comes back to earth, and I disembark… K2 in one hand, Buddistick in the other. A soft cooler full of Coronas slung over my back, binoculars across my chest, Me and my N2DAN Mercury key just lookin’ for a cool place to set up and operate that rocks, oh yeah!

  • Charles Taylor KE7THQ:

    I would like to use it for mobile operations especially for emergencies.

  • Aaron Dettmer/N7UAV:

    I would use it for portable/backpacking. Here there are a lot of mountains at 9,000 to 12,000 ft. My General ticket is just 3 days old and I’m itching to do some HF!

  • Ken, KI9P:

    Would be most useful in my job as EMA Coordinator and taking our emergency communication trailer to any prolonged incident.


    An interesting package.

  • Alexander Tubonjic:

    Sign me up

  • Steve K9DY:

    My first look at so I am exploring what is here. A Buddistick would be great, as I enjoy portable operating.

  • AF6PU:

    I have come to find out the amateur radio really isn’t about radios, and antennas, and propagation, and so on… It is about people and the the great friendships that you development with your fellow hams. This is the best hobby in the world!


  • Jesse W. James, KK4ASA:

    Could you see a day at a quiet pond in the country? Or on your deck? Or at your in-laws at a cook-out? Or at a tail gate party? That could drum up some interest in ham radio.

  • John kd2l:

    interesting package. wouldn’t mind winning it

  • Rob Beatty kj6aiw:

    I would use the buddipole as a proper antenna to use with my ft897d as a portable setup. I am antenna restricted, hill top and mobile are my only choices these days.

  • Richard Stuart WF7A:

    Very cool, guys! It’d be cool to use in “stealth mode” in the tight quarters where we live.

  • Charlie KA0PLZ:

    BRAVO ZULU! Will use it in a antenna restricted area.

  • Doug Matthew/ Kb8dnq:

    This would work great with my new ft 897.

  • Mark AB0DX:

    I just built a “to-go” box with a 2m-440 radio and an HF radio-all in the same box. I would love to take a Buddi-stick and the to-go box to a park and set up on a picnic table and have fun operating!! It would be the perfect companion to my box!

  • WB6DAO Pete:

    I need a real HF antenna!

  • Michael McGougan NM8D:

    I would go up to the top of one of these mountains in West Virginia
    And set up the BuddiPole and do some DX.

  • Harry K7ZOV:

    I live in the White Mountains of Arizona and like the world of QRP. Thanks to some major luck in trading I have ended up with two ideal radio configurations for taking on a hike or a week-end camp trip by one of our many lakes. My K2 is a 10 or a 100. The main radio is a loaded K2/10 with DSP, internal ATU and battery. Remove 6 screws, change the cover add an external battery and I have a K2/100…but no ATU. The other radio is a IC-7200. Kind of a 7000/7600/7800 in a water resistant, build like a tank field radio. QRP-100 watts.

    In 2003 I lost it all. Job, home, truck and yes all my ham radio equipment. I am now in rebuilding my life and my hobby. Un-believable trades have given me radio I could only dream in having. This antenna would give me a truly fine antenna for the field and any EmComm that may happen in the future. Money is an issue but it will not stop me from spending my remaining years hamming (I am 63 this years and as I said I am starting over). So that is my story and my interest. The antenna would make my K2/10/100 and IC-7200 sing and touch others though out the world, something I do enjoy. Thank you for your time and consideration
    Harry K7ZOV

  • kb8bqe terry salem:

    im a qrp freak…would be perfect to add to the hf hiking kit

  • Bernhard Wolf KE5AKG:

    would be a great antenna for portable op with my FT-897 (currently used as a mobile in my Jeep)

  • Mike DelGiacco K1LRZ:

    Need a travel antenna for use in Greenland and Antarctica. Would be nice to operate from both ends of the globe on a Buddistick – K1LRZ

  • Loyd Headrick K4LCH:

    I would love to have this help me get back on air after having all my radios and gear stolen

  • Phil Peterson AC7NB:

    Would be great to have one

  • Linda Thomas KG4RSA:

    Would lov to win this, live in, disable, looks easy to set up.

  • Daniel Marsalone KF5JNN:

    I would use this guy when setting up camp during bicycle touring. It looks small enough to fit in a pannier. Looks nice. Peace.

  • Ollie AJ1O:

    The way it stows in that carrying case is awesome! Looks very well thought out.

  • Paul Cavnar, K7IN:

    I would use my Buddistick when I move into town as I will most likely not be able to have a perminant antenna installed like I have now. Then, I can do the 1-minute set up and be on the air when the urge arises and not have to worry about cranky neighbors. 🙂

  • W0LEA:

    I will use when traveling to my Mother’s home on visiting weekends as she does not have room for wire. W0LEA

  • Richard WB5CCO:

    A great antenna!

  • George Baltar n7qvp:

    love to have a portable antenna for fishing trips and camping, would be able to make my nets while not at home base.

  • Kyle N6KCB:

    SOTA QRP with a Buddistick would be so nice.

  • George KL1OQ:

    I’m in I would love to take it camping this summer

  • jackie wb5ari:

    I would use the antenna in my restricked antenna area in my neighborhood and for portable use when camping.

  • Robert Jones - n0yg:

    Fantastic for camping and hiking.

  • Martin, K3PBU:

    Nice antenna and nice web site! Good luck to all the participants in the contest.

  • Josh Steverson K4JNS:

    Great site maybe ill get lucky for once.


  • jennifer mccann n7sik:

    I would love to win this for my husband who is a true HAM,

  • Nick K7NIK:

    I would like to use the antenna for field day, Tnks…73

  • Roel GLorioso DV1VHK:

    Would be a great accessory for my 817.

  • Dan Musgrave wd8rmg:

    With my FT-817 to demonstrate Ham radio to students.

  • Gilbert Daniel:

    Looking forward to using it on one of my many hiking adventures

  • Matt KF7DVN:

    Looks like a great product. I would love to try one out and work from a hill top. Sounds like a lot of fun!

  • Aaron KC8JDA:

    Cool! This contest is circulating in a ham club in my area and I caught wind of it. Almost all of my hobbies involve being in the outdoors – the Buddistick would allow me to do some ham operating while on mountain bike rides in these beautiful WV hills! I already know on which trail I would set it up! I need to take advantage of my HF privileges, and this would be great for that.

  • Doug KF0WU:

    Would be an excellent addition to my portable operation equipment.

  • Jeremy KF7IJZ:

    This would be a great addition to my FT-817ND QRP station!

  • Philip N1OKM:

    Nice antenna. Nice to win too.

  • David KC8WPJ:

    Seeing that I live in an antenna restricted area, mobile home community, I need a good performing HF antenna. Presently I am running an end fed dipole that is 22′ long named “UltiMax 100”. I have it hooked to the shed about 12′ up, slopeing to maybe 22′ in a tree. It works, but not great. I have heard many buddisticks on the air, might be just what i need around here…

  • Jack/KV1E:

    Just the ticket for Rover operations in my favorite contests.

  • Jan Fine KI4GQQ:

    I will use the antenna on my patio with my ICOM IC-7000.
    Also for field days as I don’t currently have a portable antenna.

  • frank ae7is:

    I would use this as a portable with my ft-817 for when I was at the oregon coast or when I travel to my daughters home in hawaii.

  • Jan Fine KI4GQQ:

    I will use the antenna on my back patio with my ICOM IC-7000.

  • Ken Anderson N0VZ:

    The Buddistick is a great antenna for portable and HF Pack operating.

  • Andrew Quamme K7ASQ:

    Sweet! Sign me up! I want to start activating some Summits On The Air and this would be great!

  • Roger Moore N4RNM:

    Would use the buddistick for portable setup at local events.

  • Daryl Waggoner N5HNX:

    Neat setup. Everyone needs one.

  • Roger Moore N4RNM:

    Would use it portable at local events.

  • Mike Bishop KC4GS:

    Would like to have a quick set up portable antenna for temporary operations. Bicycle races, active events for multi-sports, camping or visiting the local state park.

  • Oscar K9wkw:

    I have had QSO s with many hams on vacation using a Buddy Stick on the beach.
    I think I would like to do that myself someday.

  • Robert - KG6BZL:

    This would be great to take backpacking and for S.O.T.A. activations!!!

  • AC2AU:

    I do a lot of offroading and this system woud be perfect for portable ops from the campground or just the backwoods. So sign me up and if I win I’ll use the heck out of it.

  • John Hobson WD5BFS:

    The Buddy Pole set would be a perfect match for my FY817 for portable use.

  • Matt Stanton KG4FQB:

    This would be a perfect antenna for an apartment-dweller with a mobile HF rig!

  • Charlie w3cwt:

    This would be great, i live on main st and no where to put an antenna. The ability to put it up and take it down easily would be awesome. Good luck to all.

  • Lance KF7JJZ:

    WOW! What an oppertunity. Setting up an HF go box for emcom with 100 watts or less on batteries.

  • Dave ZL3DRC:

    Yes Yes YES! I want one!

  • West ARC ZL3VV:

    What a GREAT mobile/portable solution!

  • William Ahrens KB2VNE:

    The question is more along the lines of what wouldn’t I do . QRP from hill top to hill top , tour the Adirondack Peaks working DX QRP solar style . Even give her a test on field day. Most of all I hope I would earn myself a stack of portable QSL cards from around the world.
    73 and thank you for the contest

  • Tony ZL3TSD:

    With this I don’t even need to have a car!

  • allan fagan KA5YDD:

    HEY GREAT VIDIO ! I would use the BUDDY STICK for my emergency kit / fishing adventures around the states too keep myself buisey in between the ones that get away 73 FROM CAVE CITY ARKANSAS ….

  • VE3BDE:

    Wow will work nice in the outdoors.
    Thank you QRZ for posting.
    Hope to win one.


  • Shane, W7SOG:

    I’d LOVE a buddistick! It was just a few days ago, even, that I discovered the buddistick and buddipole system – I was searching the web for a really nice, sturdy portable setup and this fits the bill perfectly! SIGN ME UP!

  • Crystal Quamme K7XK:

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • John Boyer KF5FEI:

    Sounds good. Sign me up!

  • Nicole Boyer KF5DXT:

    Hubby says I should sign up too!

  • Martin Nielsen W2NCS:

    What a great deal for a great antenna! I could really use this for many purposes, especially MARS work. Thanks for the opportunity to win a great prize.

  • George Simmons kg6lsb:

    I’d like to be able to get out in the field and make contacts and not be base station bound!

  • Dan Devlin KC2GYU:

    I’ve been interested in this antenna. Due to going to college and enlisting in the Navy, funding for it is a little bit short. I volunteer with the local Boy Scout trip, and need a portable antenna system to take on camping trips so I can show the scouts what Ham Radio is all about, and hopefully get them interested in the hobby!

  • kc8ysg:

    well i could use one.

  • John Garman WN9J:

    Pick me!

  • Jason N6EY:

    This would be a great teaching tool for our high school program!

  • Robert Gulley AK3Q:

    How would I use my buddistick?
    Well, I live on a VERY small lot and so I would pack up my rig and my buddistick and I would work from various hillsides in our area (lots of hills, but I live in the valley–go figure!). I would love to work some DX from high atop some hills overlooking the city.

    I’d be happy to report on my adventures for your newsletter should I win –


  • Matt K0BBC:

    I’d take it to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW)

  • Terry Snyder (WB3BKN):

    If I would win this, I would give it to my buddy Charley (W3CWT) to use at his apartment. We have tried so many ways to get him on the air. This would do it. Great product.

  • Steve, W9KXT:

    Would make a good antenna package to use with my FT-817 on Field Day.

  • Steve Shane, W6NRQ:

    I will be away from my home while going through a series of Radiation treatments and the antenna would be a perfect match for portable set up at my temporary location.

  • Jon KB2IFD:

    I just found my old 10/15M dipole and started listening to the HF bands after 15+ years inactive. I’m in an apartment now, can’t mount it outside, and could really use a simple HF antenna I could use indoors. Hear folks I’d like to work on 80, 40 and 20, but never had an antenna to get on those bands at home.

  • Scott KD8OUR:

    would love to get one of those up and ready. hope to upgrade to general soon.

  • Charles Sahutske, W6BIV:

    I’d like to use it on camping trips.

  • Rick Jacker KC2HTV:

    Looks like this would mate up with my FT-897D for fieldday and camping… Did not have much luck with the Super Antenna maybe this one will work the world…

  • tony zl1tlc:

    yes please,my ft817 would be greatful.good site.

  • Scott, K3BYU:

    Looks like the perfect setup for going portable. Hope I win! 🙂

  • Doug, K4EK:

    Thanks for a great contest. I’d love to see this used for portable setup in our local ARES club! 73

  • Toby Cobb- KK4AMP:

    As a new ham, I’m looking to start equipping myself for my first steps into the realm below 2 meters. The Buddistick would be a great first antenna!

  • Neil - N6VHF:

    I’d use this at Field Day, the beach, the park, the mountains, wherever I go portable! What a kick it would be to win this beauty! Keep your fingers crossed ladies and gents! 73, Neil – N6VHF

  • John Tidball WX4O:

    What a fantastic idea for a contest prize! I had to sell the buddystick I had due to money problems and would love to have another one! Being retired and on a ‘fixed income’ now, this could be the only way I could have one again. Thank you!


  • Ron - W6ONG:

    Wow! It would go great with my FT-817…W6ONG

  • tom layne LA1BRA:

    Sure would be nice addition to my QRP hill topping efforts.
    73 de LA1BRA tom

  • Bill, K7JBQ:

    great product, great support, would love to have one.


  • Ric K7DLX:

    Always wanted to try one!

  • Gary Freitag NL7LL:

    Like to have one for demos of amateur communication for the residents of this relatively isolated community here in Ketchikan Alaska

  • Steve KI6OQU:

    Would love to have as an addition to the motor home. Gets the kids curious and i really enjoy field ops with the family..

    Thank you,

    Steve Bluemel

  • Henry WD0DMO:

    I’d use it with my ft-817! I’ve built the home brew version and would really like to see if the factory built antenna is anything like my home brew one, if it is it rocks!

  • Terry Ketron, K4KID:

    I would probably donate it to the Ham Club… once I played with it to be sure it works.

  • John Perry W9SUN:

    Sounds like a great antenna that could be used for limited space work in close quarters where one cannot put up a regular antenna and it seems that it would be a great antenna to put up or take down when you need to for possible storms or other interfering conditions. Sounds like antenna that could be quite useful in a variety of situations from going to the mountains to the beach to just having fun in the backyard with a small rig, antenna, and a bucket of cold drinks and the barbeque cooking!

  • Matt KG6CLU:

    Heard a lot about it and would be a great reason to venture below 50MHz.

  • Virginia Ketron, N4ANF:

    I’ll probably give it to my husband… but he will have to do the dishes for a week.

  • Donald Giese:

    I want in on the Buddipole.

  • Donald Giese, AE6B:

    I want in on the Buddipole

  • Noel Encarnacion N6NVE:

    I would use it as a portable on top of one of the mountains near my QTH. Probably Double Peak Park in San Marcos. Or even when I’m travelling.


    Good antenna for portable use on a boat!

  • Richard WA7QCC:

    Been looking into this antenna, would like to use is for FD and portable use camping.

  • Ted Durst W6PFW:

    Hi, it would be my intention to use this antenna both during travel but usually at my home QTH where a combination of available supports and permit requirements make the use of conventioal antennas a bit of a problem. Verticals are not effective due to limited space of an adequate radial systwm without which such antennas simply do not work. Thanks for the opportunity to say hello.
    T. Durst W6PFW

  • Cosmos K6CDB:

    Love to win it!


  • John, ks4xn:

    I have a friend who’s having some marital issues and had to move into an apt. No longer has use of his tower. He does have a 2nd story balcony so I think the Buddistick would be of fantastic to let him enjoy our hobby.

    Thanks & 73

  • Marcel DO5TMM:

    73 ..

  • kj6bnr:

    Hopefully use it with my portable rig, more excuses to use it;)

  • Steve KB9HGI:

    Hey Just what I need I could use this out for a portable operation. Sign me up! If I win please check out my page I will have pictures of me and this setup on QRZ and my facebook group page called ham it up.

    73 Steve

  • Max KJ4WNA:

    I’ve got some qrp setups that I want to make 100% portable, and this would be perfect for getting on the air from pretty much anywhere.

  • Roger Horton K8CIX:

    I have wanted to purchase one of these for our search and rescue unit. Hope to win.

  • Geoff VK3AHT:

    Wow, Winning this; it would be put to good use for emergency coms at our local cash strapped volunteer emergency organization. A real asset!

  • Jeff N6OJU:

    From the 21st floor “observation deck” of the hi rise I live in.

  • A65CF:

    I saw my friend using this type of Antenna and it was perfect hope that i can get one 🙂

  • W0FH:

    I live in a townhouse with restrictive covenants concerning antennas. Would use the Buddipole on roadtrips during the warmer months.

  • Charles kd7owh:

    Great for camping here in northern Arizona

  • Gerald A65CB:

    I have the buddipole deluxe and works perfectly. I will probably give it to one of my friend if I am the lucky HAM.

  • A65BU:

    Nice one!
    If i get it what am i going to use it as/for?

    Well, i guess the best it will fit in to /portable operation of Nature Reserves in UAE/Asia. A6FF program. That is just getting started here.

    And other portable weekends, SOTA, or simple camping with some radio activity.

    And of course after every small or major /p .. there has to be a photo report to share with others… and Buddistick Deluxe will sure be on the pictures shared 🙂


    GL to everyone participating

  • Charles KI6BJV:

    I would love to get a buddistick

  • Philippe TROTTET - A65BI:

    As an Elecrafter (K3 #3616)I’ve seen many positive posts about the buddipole antennas and it would be great to use it in the desert during field days operations. On the technical side it would be interesting to see how the antenna reacts to very high temperature difference between day and night. Last year, middle of May, temperature was rising up to 53ºC.
    Bst 73’s
    A65BI (F5LTB) Ex 9Q1TB 2003-2008

  • Edgar A65BC:

    Our fellow ham Gerald A65CB got this Buddipole Antenna and he always share a good experience regarding the performance when using it.
    I think I will consider to have one someday.

  • Aaron ke5kaf:

    I would use this antenna attached to a rubber dingy in the middle of my swimming pool. Great picture for a QSL card too!

  • Andreas Schneider - A65BW:


    I could perfectly use this somewhere at the Beach because by no chance I can put a Antenna up where I live.

    Best 73
    A65BW ( DL9BAF / 8Q7DL )

  • Joe Wolfe WA6RKN:

    The buddipole/BuddieStick is perfect for field operations, and would be used for just that!

  • Sean AJ6B:

    I would use for emergency deployment for ARES/RACES and Red Cross sheltering.

    73 and good luck!

  • KI6VEN:


  • Jan DO1KEY:

    Great antenna – seems to be perfect for my SOTA activities!

  • WH6AA Bart:

    I am working on emergency digital communications and would use the buddistick for field operations.

  • Mike Anthony G4THN:

    I need a sneaky low profile antenna

  • Michael Duncan KJ4FKC:

    I will use mine for portable work 🙂

  • Michael KF6KDA:

    A Buddipole would be great to play with !!

    Thx for your efforts !

  • Dan Warco--K4KD:

    I would use the antenna when camping!

  • Greg K2KGG:

    Would love to have one for QRP / Travel use.


  • kc0mvf:

    Great for camping trips in the Black Hills.

  • sam KF4UGA:


  • Jerzy Najda SP1JPQ:

    Best portable antenna money can buy.

  • kc9kxt:

    i love buddiestik and would use it during feilday and camping with my family, i would love to have 1 for quick emplementation during (god forbid) didaster response. thanks 73

  • Bob - VK2ABP:

    I love going field portable with my FT-817, having an antenna like this will mean no more trying to find trees that are about the right height and distance apart for my various dipoles (always fun to untangle too hihi)

    Would be perfect for that – plus field days, and in times of emergency…

    The other obvious use – public demonstrations – never anywhere to put up a HF antenna – and this can be self contained effectively 🙂

    Great idea

  • Ingrid - VK2FLWR:

    I am new to amateur radio, mostly using my husband’s radio gear. Would love some of my own that he would want to ask me to use hihi

  • Orange and District ARC - VK2AOA:

    Club station, we have just moved club rooms and no longer have any antennas to use – this would be perfect for us until we can find a more suitable club room where we can once again setup permanent antennas

  • Graham ZL3TV:

    Would be a good antenna on my full-time housebus mobile home. So … gotta be in to win. Good luck all!

  • Chuck McCabe n8kcj:

    would try buddystick for main antenna

  • Micel Homsi OD5TX:

    Would love to try the Buddistick with my FT1000/FT-857D at 935 meters ASL in OD5 land.
    Thank you for offering up this great prize.
    Good luck to all ! 73 de OD5TX Michel

  • Fred KA3IRJ:

    I have an FT-817 and this would be perfect for backpacking SOTA expeditions!

  • William Hickman KI4YZN:

    Sounds like a cool prize, and a deal for one lucky winner. Sign me up

  • DL4TH:

    This would be great for my Danmark-Holiday this year! vy73 de DL4TH

  • Mike w2waw:

    Hello, If I was lucky enough to win I would take the antenna system with me camping all over the Adirondack Mountains and surely make many, many contacts.

  • KF7DMY:

    Anybody could make a buddistick using Home Depot materials but making it compact and commercially available is just an awesome idea. Parts are made of good quality. Whether I win this buddistick or not, it will soon be an addition to my qrp setup. 73. Al, KF7DMY

  • Dave Williams W8HSE:

    I would use the BuddiPole when I am in the woods hunting, fishing, or just camping. I have a TenTec transceiver which I currently operate into a long wire strung into the trees, but this package would be MUCH better.
    Dave, W8HSE

  • Robin N6RLS:

    Don’t disqualify me for saying this, but I’d love to do a “shootout” between the Buddystick and my SuperAntenna MP-1 … with my FT-897D supplying the wattage. I saw the Buddystick at Pacificon last year and was VERY tempted to buy one – but money is so tight these days.

  • Jim KE4INM:

    I would use it in my go kit and on field day.

  • Roxann Holwege AB7HO:

    I would love to win a Buddipole antenna. I have always wanted one but have not been able to afford one yet. I would keep it in my Emergency Kit along with the rest of my digital gear. I would love to be able to use it for camping, field day, special events, and also to use with the students in the Ham Radio Classes that I help teach.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this great antenna system.

    Roxann AB7HO

  • K8BU Larry Strickland:

    Never win, Larry

  • Roland Holwege AB7DN:

    Would love to win this antenna.

  • Jim Bond, KL1ZA:

    I’d use it at my remote work site in Alaska!

  • john, A65CE:

    Great! as a emergency responder i can easily set-up this during disaster. Hope to win the contest.

  • dave kb3trl:

    great website and info center thanks much 73.

  • Paul (KC8YHW) Mulford:

    This would be a great addition to set up at field day.

  • Earl McClure/ n0chn:

    I would use the Buddistick for amateur radio demonstrations, mostly for school kids and on camping trips.
    Earl n0chn

  • Jean-Francois VA2SS:

    Great product, I hope I will win. I already own a Buddipole since 2004.

  • Ray Parsons W9RAP:

    Sounds like a good antenna for going out doing QRP on a nice day in the woods, to have some fun.

    Yes, you may quote me.

    Ray W9RAP

  • Tony Kobylski - K3AK:

    This sounds like something I could use doing my lighthouse stations. Portabble and multi-band. Count me in!

  • Derek B. - KJ4YKO:

    Count me in! Love the website!



  • Dan ka1bno:

    I would like to use it for qrp portable operation with my small wonder labs qrp transmitter., and also use it with my club on field day.

  • Karl Diekevers, NM0H:

    Great contest, a Buddipole would be a great addition to the FT-897D for outdoor work!


  • Dave wo2x:

    Would be perfect for those lunch time QSOs on top of a mountain!

  • Jim K7END:

    The Buddistick package would be a most welcome and perfect companion to my IC703+.

  • kenneth leonard, kb2nby:

    read a little each day from Amateur radio dot com
    Buddipole antenna looks like it should be in everyone’s emergency bag

  • Richard Schwenke N8GBA:

    I would love to have this for use when I travel. I know a few people who them and say there are great. This e-mail will be changing in a few days.

  • Chris Hostetler:

    I would use the buddipole for emcomm purposes.

  • mike byerly 4z5pi:

    i want it thanks>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Don Haas KD8PTT:

    I hope I win

  • Tommie Wood - N4YZ:

    This would be a great addition to my wire antennas used when I travel in the motorhome.

  • Ken McCormick - VY2RU:

    Every year in May a group of six couples head out on a Mini DXpedition activating an Island and/or Lighthouse on the East Coast of Canada. The Buddistick would be a super addition to our wire antenna system!! As well, through out the year we take part in Field Day and Lighthouse activities in our area.

  • Tim Pepper K8NWD:

    This would go well with my FT-817 and K2 out in the field. It would be a nice addition to my all band/all mode go kit.

  • KC9OJV:

    I love the story of the buddistick and how it developed. I hope to come up with a Amateur radio product that seems irresistible to the ham community too!

  • Ed W3CC:

    A great addition to my station

  • Scott Deykes WT8S:

    Great contest!

  • David KC4GE:

    What an excellent field day solution!

  • KD0BWI:

    Good emergency antenna

    [email protected]

  • W.W. KB9TMP:

    Count me in, I need a Buddistick for my FT-817 for Field Day!

  • w8vfm:

    I would use it portable. It would make a great portable antenna for my K2.

    Ned, W8VFM

  • Michael OZ8AGB:

    Along with my K2 it would be a perfect antenna to go out and show new potential HAMs what the hobby is all about.

  • Russ ZS1VK:

    I would then be able to go portable.

  • Bob NA2X:

    What a great contest and a nice offer.

    I’ve heard a lot about these antennas. I would use it portable, I like to operate Rover in the state QSO Parties and this would be a nice setup to use.
    73, Bob

  • Don K1HUC:

    This is how I got started in Ham Radio back in Late 50’s
    on six meters on mountain tops in VT. The antenna was a halo or whip

  • Frank, K2NCC:

    Oh my goodness. This would be *so* sweet to own. I’d finally be able to get on bands my radio can use, but my antenna doesn’t. Having an antenna that can be setup quick-time would be a boon for my HF experiences. And to the XYL’s delight, not a permanent fixture!

    I’ve never owned a Buddipole product, which is really too bad for me since I’m a big fan of supporting local businesses.

    Thanks for offering this to us and good luck to all of you!

    f, k2ncc

  • Mike, W2HLD:

    I have several friends that use Buddipoles and really have a blast operating protable. I would like to have as much fun as they do… looking forward to trying out the Buddistick!

  • Mike WB2GLW:

    I would love to have this, I live in a apartment and can’t have a antenna. This would be great at the beach 5 blocks from my home.



  • Bob KF4IMF:

    our club has used the buddy pole at field day and out door events .
    A great item and loads of fun

  • William Reed K4YJI:

    Use it on my travels to operate QRP.

  • Bill AE5VT:

    Would be great for hill-topping here in Texas!

  • Dan, Ni9Y:

    I formed an Adventure Radio group years ago. The purpose of the group is to operate QRP from public locations such as parks, museums, and special events. The most difficult part of operating is where and how to install an antenna. We have tried dipoles, NIVIS antennas, end-fed wires, and verticals. One member of our group has a Buddy Pole and only takes him about five minutes to erect his Buddy Pole antenna. While the rest of us usually takes up to an hour to erect a proper antenna. He even set up on top of a railroad coal car and at the edge of a waterway inlet. You can’t to that very easy without proper supports. So it’s clear that the Buddy Pole antenna is the best answer to operating portable. Everything you need to erect an antenna is carried in a small canvas bag. I have decided the Buddy Pole antenna is the best antenna for fast portable operation and choices of both vertical and horizontal radiation.
    Dan, Ni9Y
    Mishawakaka, IN.

  • Tom KA8HUZ:

    I operate portable so I am interested!

  • Randy, KF4O:

    I’m also an apartment dweller…have heard much about these..would love one!

  • Bruce Miller, N0NSR:

    Just bought an FT-817. Would sure be gtreat to have a nice antenna to go with it!

  • Janet, KI4YDS:

    We have a small lot…not much space for even a dipole. Would love one of these!

  • Brad Petersen, NG2X:

    This would be the perfect antenna to set up outside my ground blind while bow hunting turkey this spring!!!

  • Michael KE5TJL:

    If I had this Buddipole system, I’d get the rig out of the house and go to our annual Field Day and set it up and contribute to the effort. That would be a great motivator!

  • Jarrett Dorough KB1LID:

    First of all, thank you guys for the contest! I plan on using my Buddistick mostly on the beaches of Connecticut seeking distant contacts on 10 meters. As my skills increase and I pass the General exam, I hope to chase 20 meters signals from all over the world. My main interest in amateur radio is mobile QRP and the idea of setting up my shack beachside with my 7wt flyrod in the truck ready for action when the bands slow down sounds like the best day I could have. Fishing and radio, could there be a better life?

  • Dan - W4DED:

    As an ARES AEC and member of SATERN, I would add it to my go kit. Portable antennas are necessary for setting up at shelters and PODs. The small package and great reception make the Buddi-Stick and excellent choice for this operation.

  • Bart N3GQ:

    This seems to be a versatile antenna that can be adapted to several uses including EmComm, Field Day, demos, camping, contesting,and DXpeditions.

    FB & 73,
    Bart N3GQ

  • Chuck Jones WD9GTE:

    This would be the perfect antenna for weekend and qrp.

  • Charles KJ4VEB:

    This would be great for camping, field day, and etc. Great Contest, Great Ham Blog!

  • Frank KA8SYV:

    I’d like to use the antenna to operate from the Scenic Highway in WV – altitiude of about 4400 feet.

  • Larry Trotter ki6yuk:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a Buddistick. Should I win, I would donate my Buddistick to my local club, Plumas Amateur radio Club here in the Northern Sierras, to use for EmComm with ARES/RACES and Field Day operations. 73

  • RJ Ambata:

    I really love this antenna for field operation

  • Rob Ellison AB9VN:

    Sign me up!

  • James Grupa N9MFI:

    I would use it for club events – special event stations, field day, etc.

  • Daniel Goodier, VE3NI/NI2D:

    The ideal antenna to compliment my IC-703+ when operating portable. Thanks for the opportunity to win one. Cheers.

  • Paul KF7NGK:

    What a great antenna for mobile operations in the mountains

  • Fred, VE3KYD:

    Great idea here and the antenna is a nice backup or main antenna.

  • George Kaneff N2GWK:

    Great Site ! Great Promo for a Great Product ! I do some portable PSK ops with FT817 and FT857 Buddistick looks a lot easier than a 31 foot vertical hihi!

  • Maarten van Damme PD4M:

    As a novice the next ‘big’ step will be going outdoors and get rid of the city QRM and experience amateur radio as it must have been many years ago. The crisis hit me hard and I am now without a job. As my motto is always going for the best (products)Buddystick and pole are currently way out of my league. I know, i know I can make do with a piece of wire 😉



  • Patrick Casey AB2II:

    A buddistick would be perfect with my KX1 for use on hiking trips. Enter me in the drawing!!

  • Butch WA8X:

    Lots of portable work.

  • Stephen Davis, KJ4FEL:

    As a newly licensed General Class Operator a Buddistick Deluxe package would be of great assistance to me in getting started with portable ops!

  • Ken Kelley KC8TEE:

    Summer is coming and I would love to be able to day camp in our local parks and play radio at the same time.

  • Brian - WD4DX:

    I like going remote and battery operated. This would definitely lighten the load, and make for an interesting contest weekend or Field Day at a remote campsite!

  • Rick Whitworth W4BDI:

    That antenna would go nicely with my Elecraft K1

  • Jim NX8Z:

    I am devoted to QRP portable and hilltopping. The Buddistick is a tried and proven antenna for such activities. I would be honored to add the Buddistick to my field pack. Thanks. 73.

  • Tom Mathison WU8C:

    I am a Michigan/Florida Snowbird and reside in a condo in both states. One of the problems of condo living is not being able to place an antenna to support my hobby. The BuddiPole will fit this solution very well as it would enable this antenna placement in a temporary rather than permanent setup.

  • Butch WA8X:

    A lot of portable work.

  • Kd8pol:

    Great for kayak camping!

  • N5SBN:

    The buddistick would be a great way to take an antenna
    when I visit my mom.

  • Larry - N1ZGI:

    This antenna will work great with my FT-857 & portable ops !

  • Rob Ke7brf:

    I would use it with my Ft-897 to go portable. We have plenty of mountains here in Easter Kentucky and it would make a great addition.

  • Art McLemore-N9HPO:

    Sure would be nice to have before Field Day
    Thanks for the sweepstakes

  • Larry, W1LSR:

    I’ve been interested in the Buddistick for some time now. Would be a great way to acquire one! 🙂

    I presently live in antenna restricted environment and would use the ‘stick both at home and portable.

  • Jeremy KB7QOA:

    I’ve heard good things about the Buddistick antennas, and would love to win one and give it a try. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Paul M. N1ZLP:

    A cool prize!! To be used for portable operations with my ft-900

  • Bob KB3TFT:

    I have a Buddipole and would love to had to it

  • Larry WB4FGF:

    Love the Buddipole antenna system. Foolishly sold mine a while back for financial reasons. Now,with two FT-817’s I would love to have one. I would use it for portable and RV use as well as for my ARES work.

  • Andrew K1YMI:

    I would use it for my SOTA (Summits on the Air) activations. Spring is here.. so a BuddiStick would do just great.

  • Frandy Johnson N1FJ:

    I plan on using the Buddistick with my Kx1 to activate SOTA peaks.

  • K5RJH:

    It sure would be cool to have a buddiestick to go with my FT-827.


  • Ray AE5HN:

    Thanks for the chance to win a BuddiStick. It would be a good emcomm option.

  • Bob Thornton K4KUB:

    I currently use a BuddiPole portable antenna for all kinds of ops with an FT-857D with fantastic results. Be patient with yourslf when you first start using it to get familiar with the tuning … then have fun!

  • Jim N8DOD:

    I would use the buddipole for portable operations activating a Lighthouse or island, on field day.and on vacations, it is so compact it would travel well.

  • James McQueen, N0ZSN:

    This could be a great birthday present to myself!

  • Fun Leung KC2TBA:

    Satisfied user of the BP and BS. Have taken to many states in the US
    as well to Asia.

    73, KC2TBA, Fun

  • nc8x:

    this would be a fun antenna to use at a park or while up on a hill making contacts in the summertime. plus it would be a great antenna to have in your bag in case of emergency operations

  • Don Gelinas NE!NH:

    I have had buddipoles for nearly ten years, I’ve had 3 of them through the years I also have a buddi pole set up on a three wheal recumbent bike almost an exact duplicate of Budd’s W3FF’s bike.

    As far as I am concerned you cant beat the buddipole for portability, customer support and performance.


  • Greg K7YDL:

    A perfect matching antenna system for my IC-703 portable QRP rig! Sign me up!

  • Jim KB0JTC:

    Great site. Looking forward to the giveaway conclusion. 73’s, Jim

  • Gene KF7BSF:

    This would be great for my desert excursions, weather spotting, and emergency comm use!

  • Greg KK4AAG:

    Just in time for this year’s hurricane season.

  • Fred Haney wz6h:

    Loved the video.


  • David Kaplan KJ6GLX:

    I have a homebrew Buddistick that works well that I use w my FT817nd. I have my setup clamped to my wheelchair. With a quick assist from my XYL I assemble the coil and whip and attatch it to a painters pole and my XYL clamps it to my wheelchair and away we go.

    Have had good reports so far.


    David, KJ6GLX

  • Grif KF4JG:

    Great contest and antenna. Perfect for emergency operations, especially on non-ham (MARS etc) frequencies, where trap antennas don’t work.

  • Maurice Greeson K6YNH:

    Sounds great! I’d use the Buddistick for all my portable and emergency contacts…

  • N2RFA:

    Looks like a great product. Hope I win so I can try one out.

  • Drue Powers NØOSC:

    The buddistick would be a great asset to our ARES group, when running test and on deployments!

  • Chris Howard 2E0CTH:

    Sounds great – count me in.

  • Chuck Wright K8MDB:

    Would be a great addition for HF outdoors.

  • Lee Boyles k0lgb:

    I would use it on camping trips and weekend outings.

  • John Dorson K2JHU:

    I use my Buddipole mostly in a vertical configuration. I operate it from my back yard and our beach parks here in Melbourne Beach, Florida.

    Don’t you just love this antenna.


  • Joe, N2GCZ:

    I don’t have a Buddistick, yet. But would like one for portable operation.

  • Peter ve3dpn:

    Pretty versatile piece of gear… used in the city where masts and towers are banned, to quick set up at the cottage or rail mount on the boat.

  • Elmer Gappi 4F1VS:

    Great for emergency antenna set up
    Great for Dxpedition
    Great for Campers
    Great for SOTA

    BUDDIPOLE THE BEST ANTENNA. I like to have one. 40 to 2 meters, wow

    73 4F1VS

  • Frank / N7ZEV:

    I would use the Buddipole for EMCOMM.

  • Tyrell Berry, KD7KUJ:

    I am extremely excited to win this antenna!

    I am just starting to get heavily into bicycling, and this antenna appears to be the Must Have antenna for when I put my radio on my bike 😉

  • Elmer Gappi 4F1VS:

    Great for emergency antenna set up, DXpedition, SOTA
    BUDDIPOLE THE BEST ANTENNA. I like to have one. 40 to 2 meters, wow

  • Linda / KC7IIT:

    I would use it in my RACES/ARES go kit.

  • Bill W7ZT:

    I would use a Buddipole for Pedestrian Mobile

  • NX8L:

    I would use the Buddstick to run QRP from my home QTH and Portable trips. Thanks Chris for a great prize, and to Amateur Radio for this opportunity.
    73 – gh

  • Ron Park:

    I would use the Buddistick for qrp operations of western. North Carolina.

  • W8RZN Fran Higgins:

    Will be using the Buddie pole as part of my HF go kit and every weekend as well out at our family campsite on the river. Might even try marine mobile as we fish the river at some point.

    Fran Higgins W8RZN

  • Ron Park:

    I would use the buddistick for qrp operations in the mountains of wesern north carolina.

  • John Scott KI6NIC:

    I have been looking at the buddistick to go with my Yaesu 857D. I enjoy working portable and I have been looking and reading the reviews. I’m going to Maui in May and I think the Buddistick would be perfect for my needs.
    73′ and good DX, John KI6NIC

  • Bill Pierce K1LP:

    I bet it would play great with my K1 while camping….Hoping!!!

  • Jeff - WD0GTY:

    Will be used as home QTH antenna.

  • KB0JWE:

    Sounds like fun.

  • Ron Rycek KB3QBB:

    I would carry it in the trunk of the car and whenever I have time to operate from the car it would be my antenna od choice.

  • Ron Notarius W3WN:

    Interesting promotion.

    I’d be interesting in using the BuddiStick at spring & summer outdoor hamfests, so that I could work a little DX (now that the bands are coming back) while sitting at my table. I’d also be interested in using it in future Pa. QSO Party contests, when I travel to other counties as a portable or rover.

  • Rich Greenwood AE6PS:

    I’d love to use this kit for backpacking operations.

  • Jim Doggett - W7CCZ:

    I live in an antenna restricted community. So, I need a stealthy, easy to put up/take down antenna. Due to the economy, I can not currently afford a commercial Buddistick. So, I’m currently using a homebrewed (cammo taped, PVC, speaker wire) Buddistick with limited success. I would thrilled to have the commercial version. It much better built and more portable than what I have now. 73, W7CCZ

  • Durham ZL3DAK:

    Just read the website, what a wonderful product!

  • Tim Edmonson:

    I would love to have this for ecomm and camping????

    Please pick me.

  • Andrey A65BJ:

    Very interesting!
    I need it!:-)


  • Ron N1RJB:

    Great learning tool for antennas and it works great.

  • David AK4EM:

    The buddy stick would put me one step closer in having an HF system I can make portable for emergency situations and club events

  • David - W9GF:

    Great Idea! I’d love to have one!

  • Mike WB2LCW:

    Neat product! It would come in handy as I may be living in a antenna restricted area in the naer future

  • Greg K7GTF:

    Would love to have this for travels in our motorhome!!

  • Gary-KJ4ZRS:

    This would be perfect to take along on a mountain bike trip! Hope I win it.

  • Kris, KF7GWG:

    I would use the Buddistick with my FT-817ND for expiremental purposes.

  • David Holt KI6JPE:

    Great giveaway – have heard nothing but good things about the buddistick (and buddipole) hope I win!

  • jack--wb2fxk:


  • Don Youngquist KE7OJV:

    Looks like fun to me.

  • n6fir:

    This looks like an awesome product. I have been wanting to build an HF kit that could be taking with me while in the RV or camping and such. Also the E-COMM capabilities of this antenna look endless. Even if I am not lucky enough to win this contest I will be looking to make a purchase.

    good luck to all

  • Markus DO4MGL:

    I would use it for my ft-817.



  • Hector/K4YD:

    Recently got back into ham radio and unfortunately now I’m disabled. It would be nice to win the Buddistick and work some DX on the shorelines around the coast of Florida.
    Thanks for the contest and a very useful website/Blog.

    73 De K4YD, Central Florida

  • Bill W3EMA:

    Be a nuce antenna for emergency use in Mexico where we live part of the year.73

  • Barry Keller KC2LZX:

    I have seen the buddistick in action, many times. My younger brother has one and he loves it. He and I go to the Big HamFest at Dayton each year and this is the antenna we take with us. It is the ultimate portable antenna for working HF anywhere you might go. We have set it up on site in the middle of the “flea market” and even on the balcony of the motels we stay at. I recently puchased an RV and would love to have one to use during our camping trips. Easy setup, fast tuning and in no time at all, you are on the air. Ya gotta’ love it.

  • Bill Husted KQ4YA:

    After years of big antennas and lots of power, I’m discovering how much fun it is to operate portable – either QRP or 100 watts. A Buddistick is a fine companion – either for the backyard or a cottage in Ireland. It’s effective yet it is amazingly compact when packed away. I also like the craftmanship of the construction.

  • Russ Riker - K8RUS:

    How would I use a buddistick? All the time. I live in a very small cabin that doesn’t have space around it. I already have a buddipole that I love, but even it doesn’t fit well in the space I have (it’s a really small lot). Also being in town, lots of noise. So most weekends are spent roving around parts of Northern Michigan finding places to setup my portable rig. It would get lots of use.

    So sign me up for this contest.

    Thanks and 73

  • Thomas Horne, W3TDH:

    I would use the Buddistick as part of my EMCOMM Go Kit. Thanks.

  • Bill, KG4SAQ:

    Hey, I want in on the contest too! Looks like a wonderful system for field day or a public service event.


    this buddistick looks like a winner. i want it!!

  • Bob KA8SAF:

    Wow… It looks like a great package to have and I would love to have one.!It would probably be a great field day antenna..!!


  • Liz KB3DZS:

    My husband may be going to work several hours from home , and this would allow him a portable setup to be able to talk to his elderly father who is also a ham , on a regular basis.

  • James Scott K5AFB:

    I think this would be just right for my KX-1.

  • Michael Zappe K0ZAP:

    Woo, sign me up! I have a homemade Buddipole, so it’d be nice to try the more ‘professional’ version.

  • Ian VK3FD:

    G’day from VK,
    The Buddistick would be great for helping us to keep safe in the remote and isolated Outback of Australia, HF is often the ONLY way to be in contact out there, and being able to quickly use the Buddistick would be wonderful. My wife and I are retired, and spend up to six months on the road with 4WD and caravan – a great life! Adding amateur radio to this and operating portable is an absolute bonus. Thanks for the contest, and 73 from Australia. Ian

  • Javi EB1GKP:

    I like hikking and mountaineering and I’d like to have the Buddistick, it’s the perfect companion of mi IC-703 in the backpack!

    73 from Spain,

  • Paul Passman, WB0BBC:

    I would use the reliable Buddistick to introduce others to amateur radio, and to keep my skills sharp for portable operation. It would also be fun to use!

    – Paul, WB0BBC
    South Florida, USA

  • Kevin W4ABQ:

    It would be great for camping.

  • Sidney Sudberg (KJ6KFQ):

    i would use the Buddistick on my patio since I cannot install an antenna at my residence. I plan on also taking it with me to the Amazon Jungle which i go to every October to set up with my QRP/CW rig & see if I can communicate with my wife at home in Southern California.

    Sidney KJ6KFQ

  • Kevin KI4HOZ:

    This would be great for camping and hilltopping. I would probably also use it to demonstrate ham radio to friends.

  • Ray K7RFW:

    I would use it to expand my Buddipole, some of the pieces would work very nice for some experiments I want to do and can’t with the standard BP parts.

  • Jim Berry:

    I would use the Buddistick with my FT-897 for portable use in the many parks and trails near my QTH.

  • Dave KD5FX:

    I’d use it to go portable with my new (to me) ICOM 706! I need a portable antenna to use for field day and weekend trips!

  • Bob McG, N9oqu:

    I like the buddipole system, winning a buddistick would be a nice system for a elecraft kx-1 that im saving $ for, Count me in! Thank you.

  • Rick K4UOL:

    I would use it to day pack with my FT-817……

  • Mike Califf,Sr. AB7OC:

    I would use it in combination with my Scooter as a Mobile/Portable,unit to do QRP CW use,also in conjunction with FT-817 as mobile/portable qrp hf.


    I would use the Buddistick while camping.

  • Mike K7MST:

    Used to have a Buddipole and would love to get back into the “Buddi” fraternity. It would be a huge help for my emcomm work.

  • Bob KK8ZZ:

    Wow! I have a Vertex VX-1210 backpack rig that’s never been used in the field! This would be the PERFECT antenna to get out to our local parks and put them on the air ! Heard great things about the BuddiStick, but never used one. Seems like the quick, portable answer to a “park-ham” dreams!

    Cheers…Bob KK8ZZ

  • Ron w0eax:

    This would make a great package for emergency communications

  • John AJ4NA:

    I am just starting out trying to set up for HF, and a radio shack, so anything helps.

  • Jon KB2IFD:

    I’d get back on the air on HF after 18 years quiet! 🙂

  • Jon KB2IFD:

    My mistake; I thought it was daily entries rather than once. 🙁 My apologies.

  • Chuck Gehring K2CG:

    This would be great for Backpacking QRP rig

  • Chuck Gehring K2CG:

    This is great for backpacking qrp

  • Bob W9TAJ:

    I would use the Buddistick with my IC 703 while tent camping and as a general purpose antenna for portable use on Field Day and other suitable events.

  • Chuck Gehring K2CG:

    Backpack QRP

  • Jose B Rivera N2LRB:

    This promotion is a great idea. Hope you get a lot of responses.

  • Matt K0MOS:

    need it for hiking, camping

  • Eric Van Norman KF0S:

    What a great idea. Thanks for giving away such a neat prize. I would put it to good use.

  • Owen KF5CZO:

    I live in a controlled neighborhood so permanent external antennas are forbidden. Something like the Buddistick would be ideal for a quick setup and teardown when I wanted to operate.
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter for such a great prize.
    73s KF5CZO

  • Damien VK2TDG:

    Cheers, will check out the rest of your site 🙂

  • Richard KD0IBG:

    The Buddistick would be a great addition to my QRP station. I have a dipole at the preasent, and this would give me the chance to do some portable QSO.

  • Steve N7MUT:

    I cant move anywhere near that fast, I figure on at least 5 minutes.

  • Kevin KB3HQX:

    Been looking at these for a while, hopefully conditions will continue to improve!

  • KC9JHD:

    Thankyou for the opportunity! I would utilize this antenna daily. Qrp would be the operation of use. I would use as portable station. This site is a resource full site good work! Regards

  • Ben NN9S:

    I’m a huge QRP fan and travel a lot for my job. Every hotel room would get an equal opportunity to try the buddistick. 🙂

  • Ben VK2FBRB:

    If I won, or even if I didn’t, I’d check out the friendly Buddipole Group at and download a copy of the helpful “Buddipole in the Field” by B. Scott Andersen (NE1RD) from

  • KB3VDY:

    This would be a great addition to my RACES go kit. Keep up the great job with the forum.

  • Dave WA9UCZ:

    Perfect for my party barge.

  • Tom W5GV:

    I own an Icom 703+ and currently use it with the Icom AH-703 antenna and in my truck. Yes, I run mobile QRP, Pedestrian Mobile QRP (HF PAck), and Portatble QRP. I would like to purchase a Buddipole when funds allow. I’ve been a member of the Buddipole group for several months and learning as much as I can about the Buddipole and Buddistick.

    I will probably use the Buddistick portable in the park and for hiking up into the mountains around me as a portable system. In addition, I would like to use it sitting out on my patio on nice evenings and making some contacts. Field Day would be another application that it would see use along with part of a Go Kit for EmCom.

    I guess I could sum it up by saying I would use it in most every application possible!

  • Don Drennon N4TZH:

    Thanks for the contest! I love to operate portable down by the beach, I live in Sunrise FL near the ocean.

  • Dave Morrow KD7YEG:

    Easy to carry to a mountain top

  • James N5YYX:

    Now I ask you.., What could be better than buying one of Bud’s antennas??
    To WIN one of his fine(famous!)antennas!!!
    Seriously, great guy and great products.

  • Boyd Robinson, AD7CK:

    This would be a neat prize to use during family camp outs. My oldest is studying to get his license, so hopefully in a few months there will be a third ham in the family!

  • Mike, N4PF:

    I would use it for portable demonstrations of ham radio to perspective hams and Buddistick owners! 73′ Mike. N4PF

  • Ralph, K5RWP:

    Just built Bud’s homebrew Buddipole and it works great!

  • Ken - K9KEN:

    Sign Me Up.. This would be a great addition to the go kit I am putting together.. thanks for the chance.

  • ryan woods:

    I would love this I would use it with my ft-817 portable

  • Greg, KF5KHC:

    Thank you for entering me in the drawing

  • Lonnie Owens KA4SEE:

    Hi, please sign me up and I can think of so many ways to use such a sweet set up. My first thought was how nice it would be in our ARES Emmcomm To-Go kits.
    or when you may need a back-up antenna. The Buddistick is first system that comes to mind, it is small and easy to pick up, it covers the basic bands that you would need in case of an emergence. Now for the sweet part of life,it would be a snap to set up when camping or thous cross country trips in the RV. (oh, well, one can still dream)
    73′ and keep on hamming
    L P Owens, KA4SEE

  • Richard WA7GFS:

    Best portable system, bar none. Would increase the ease of using my compact HF rig for portable operations, especially with summer coming and the sunspot cycle peaking over the next couple of years. Thanks.

  • Lee K4LHP:

    While I already use a Buddipole and love it, it would be great to have a Buddistick for the little portable operations I go on. These products are versatile and professionally made, and most of all they work!

  • Rob - KI6BEO:

    The Buddipole would allow me to start operating from my apartment. I’ve been off the air since we moved in two years ago. There are no trees nearby and I have no way to permanently mount an antenna outside.

    I got to talk to Bud at Pacificon a couple years ago and was really impressed both with the product and with the company.

  • N9SR:

    This would be a great antenna to take on camping trips and road trips! I would love to have it!

  • Ronald Spillers DV3JQL:

    What an exciting package, and we could sure use that here in the PHL for ARES work…




    This would be a great addition to the Club. Many members could benefit from the use of a BuddiStick!

  • Tom Zl2hgr:

    I would use the buddy pole when I am away from home on 4×4 trips and other ham weekends

  • Premanand A65BK:

    This will be of great use for all hams who find difficulty in installing a permanent antenna, especially for those who live in tall buildings. So we can use it as mobile station companion

  • Mike KD0MCV:

    Rookie (less than a year since my first card) and really driving head-first into emcomm. Would use for that and a chance to get out in the woods a bit more. 😀

  • Rick - N0CFL:

    Great website and contest! 73’s.

  • John GoKFO:

    I would use it portable with my IC-703

  • Dan kb9qbt:

    as an avid camper this will work great with my portable station.

  • John owens:

    Great deal.

  • Thomas Carpenter Kb3hg:

    Your Buddistick looks like the answer for RV camp sites.won’t be real noticeable at the RV campsites. Very Cool…

  • Steve Morgan WE8Q:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this great prize!

  • Gene KE5RTN:

    Put me in coach!

  • John/ KJ4BCF:

    Thanks for the opportunity. Winning this will help me get back on the air, as portable is all I can do at this time.

  • William Maugans:

    KB8ASC Please enter me in the drawing. Antenna will be added to my QRP setup.

  • gary adams af5k:


  • L Raymond Pearl, AA7IH:

    Thank you for the opportunity to own and use a Buddistick. Portable operation is always lots of fun and the Buddistick would provide a way to set up and quickly get on the air.


  • Ulis K3LU:

    Pick me please! 73 de K3LU

  • Tim, KB3OZA:

    Great idea. Count me in!

  • K3SSB:

    Great offer… I’m in a condo with all the HOA / CCR restrictions that implies. There isn’t anything that I can permanently mount (believe me, I’ve tried!). So, the Buddistick™ Deluxe Package would allow me to operate HF while remaining in the shadows… and then disassemble and store the Buddistick™. The PERFECT solution 🙂

    tnx es 73

    Tom G, Sr.