We’re giving away 10 free copies of Skilman Introduction to Morse Code!

Skilman and AmateurRadio.com
have teamed up to give away TEN free copies of
Skilman Introduction to Morse Code

($49.95 value each)
Open to all US and Canadian residents.

Deadline to enter is 10 January 2016 20:00 UTC.


Editor’s note:

Skilman has sent us a 10% off coupon code ‘U4YDIFM’ (valid through 1/24).

From the description:

Developed by Dr. Jessica Parks, an expert in memory and cognition with a doctoral degree in experimental psychology, this course on six audio compact discs will guide you step-by-step to mastery of Morse code.

Dr. Parks draws on long-standing research and scientifically validated principles to give you every advantage as you learn the letters, numbers, punctuation, and pro-signs that you will need to communicate using Morse code. A booklet and complimentary digital download of the entire course are also included.

Always wanted to learn Morse code? Now’s your chance — for free!
Listen to the sample lessons and then enter to win below…

Skilman Introduction to Morse Code – Lesson 1 (24:02) Download

Skilman Introduction to Morse Code – Lesson 2 (24:32) Download

Prize Packages

Ten (10) 6-disc copies of
skilman-introduction-to-morse-code Skilman Introduction to Morse Code


Residents of the
United States and Canada
(shipping is included!)

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Leave a comment to this post.
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Entry Duration

Only 1 week!

You may enter only once from
3 January 2016 12:00 UTC
10 January 2016 20:00 UTC

(multiple entries from the same entrant will be discarded)

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10 January 2016

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286 Responses to “We’re giving away 10 free copies of Skilman Introduction to Morse Code!”

  • M@rtin Hébert VA2HEB:

    I would like to learn morse code.


  • Todd Deckard KE0CMD:

    never mastered morse. fiddled around with Koch method and crash at 10 characters or so. Its a new years resolution for 2016 to plow thru!

  • Philip:

    I am just getting into ham radio. I am awaiting the arrival of my first radio from Amazon. Would be great to win.

  • Mike KK4TYE:

    I always wanted to learn morse code, this win would be great

  • Jerald Pemberton. K0IKZ:

    Pick me. Pick me. Pick me! Love the newsletter. Need to learn the code!

  • Mark KG7YNI:


  • Tim Fooks N5MBQ:

    Would love the opportunity to learn code with this tool.

  • Tim Hayes K6ACF:

    Thanks for the contest. Good luck to all!

  • Richard Siena Kd2jfi:

    Great promotion

  • Billy Blanchard KM4EFX:

    Great promotion, Thanks for the contest.

  • Michael KX6A:

    Thanks for the contest.

  • Craig W4CAN:

    I’m a new ham who would love to learn CW.

  • David - K2DSL:

    Thanks for the chance to win the course.

  • KE0ECQ:

    Morse Code is the “OG” of communication!

  • Kim N8QQX:

    Thank you.

  • Jay K3SE:

    Been working on learning CW. Hopefully this will help.

  • Don KA5DON:

    I looked hard at the Skilman method in the past, but for a myriad of reasons didn’t order the set. I am still very interested in improving my CW skills with this course.

  • Ed KD8OSM:

    I’ve been trying, but I need something to really lock it in.


  • Stephen VA3KXP:

    I have previously tried to learn morse code and plateaued at about 2.5 words per minute. Hopefully using this method will get me past that obstacle.

  • Rhonda KK6VST:

    I would love to learn Morse Code!

  • Fenton Fogle KY4FTF:

    I have gotten the Tech License &would like to learn CW before getting the General License, please let me win

  • Alden K6ZU:

    What a wonderful way to start 2016 off, learning the language of Morse. Happy New year to all! 73!

  • Doug KM4FWM:

    I’m also a new ham and would like to learn Morse. This looks like a very nice way to go.

  • Joe KC1BJG:

    This would be a real pleasant after-Holiday gift. Thank you for offering.

  • k0uxb:

    In my 70s but this old dog anxious to learn new tricks. Thank you.

  • Stephen Powell, KG4RXW:

    I need to relearn Morse code. I barely passed my licensing requirement.

  • Vinnie Aceto W2NST:

    Please enter me in the contest for the free morse code training CD’s

  • Greg AB3UN:

    I have no excuse now to learn Morse code again

  • Sam KA4ATT:

    Please enter me in the contest…


  • Stefanie W6SCG:

    Hope I win 🙂

  • Todd bloomingdale-KC9LOX:

    Would love to learn some CW.

  • Nick N6NGG:

    I want to learn CW.

  • N6VTS:

    Gladly take any help I can get!!

    73, John/N6VTS

  • Will N6WMG:

    I want to learn CW for SOTA.

  • Bob W2RWM:

    Wow! Great giveaway! Would love to master Morse code!


  • Harry K7ZOV:

    Really could use the added help.. Thank you
    Harry K7ZOV

  • N4DEL:

    I believe that knowing CW would be of significant importance in the years ahead.

  • Bruce,ka0tzx:

    I haven’t used CW since my novice days and I just purchased a rock might transceiver getting ready to build a complete QRP station all for CW I could sure use the disc so I’m running around delivering food at night best thing to be listening to

  • David W4DMC:

    This is a great prize to win. I have made it a goal this year to learn Morse Code.

  • Fred, VE3EE:

    With a 2 letter call like mine I need to polish up my CW which I have not used in years.

  • Ron Gibson VE7GOA:

    Without help I am struggling to learn CW.I work at it and then it’s gone. For some reason I can’t get the difference between dit and dah. In frustration I can’t challenge the exam yet. Help, what is the secret. Grrrrr !!

  • Lyle Lippert VE7LEL:

    Happy New Year to All.

  • Jim W4JRG:

    Great newsletter and a great contest.

  • eric broyles kj4keu:

    i have always wanted to learn cw now that i am retired i have time to study

  • Charlie Amico W1CBR:

    Thanks for the chance to learn Morse Code and the teaming with the newsletter! You guys rock!!!

  • Donald Eddy AA5DE:

    Always wanted to learn Morse code.

  • Lester King N7LLK:

    Learn d code 5wpm to get my novice ticket i 1980. I would like to kevto get back to code don’t know if I can at my age but I would like to try.

  • ND9E. Scott Young:

    I have tried other methods to learn code but no luck.

  • Robert VA3AOD:

    Would love to win this to donate to my club for one of the students in our amateur radio course.

  • KE7ZAC:

    My goal for 2016 is to learn Morse Code. Love to try your method.

  • W7OMM:

    I really appreciate this chance, thank you!

  • Claudia W7OMM:

    (Sorry, I forgot my name on my first post!)

  • Mark:

    We’re just starting to learn ham radio so no callsign yet. Hopefully we’ll have them soon! Learning morse code at the same time would be fun.

  • Jim N8RFT:

    Started learning CW in 1964 the WRONG WAY with flash cards. Gave up until 2014,still trying to hear more than one letter at a time. Can send SLOWLY but copying is a drag. Hope this system is the answer.

  • Michael VA3OTA:

    Learning CW is on the to-do list for 2016, this would be a great help!

  • Marilyn Mileham:

    Hello! I am brand new! I bought two ham radios and DVD s and books.
    I am studying and getting licensed this year and don’t have a handle yet. I am a CERT trained
    And just renewed my first aid. I brought supplies to the pioneer town fire station June 26,2015 as we had a very bad fire in
    Big bear and tons of smoke in Joshua tree. This was our teams first call to respond since we graduated.
    I could use some support in learning more skills.
    I know it is not a prerequisite for a license but it would be nice to know morse code. Thank you

  • Tom Field; KN6DR:

    I know a 14 year old who just got his tech license and has expressed a desire to learn Morse code. This would be perfect for him

  • Mike. WB4RSU:

    Great contest, great way to increase code.

  • Art Olson N2AJO:

    First two lessons really peaked my interest. Seems like a very good way to get my feet wet

  • KI4YZN:

    What a great way to learn code. Count me in as a hopeful winner 73’s

  • Art Olson N2AJO:

    First 2 lessons really peaked my interest 73

  • Al M KF5SMH:

    I just don’t seem to be able to grasp code on my own, maybe this would help!

  • Jeff K3JRZ:

    As a newer ham CW is something I definitely want to learn! Coming up on my 1 year anniversary.

  • Peter R2ABT:

    So many comments!
    Morse code will never die. 🙂


  • Fran Higgins W8RZN:

    This seems to be a good method. Thanks for the opportunity. Learning code is one of my
    Resolutions this year.

  • Clint Scott W5AMU:

    I’d love to operate CW!

  • Mike Hohmann, KEØGZT:

    What a great incentive to learn CW in 2016. Thanks for the opportunity!
    Great idea!

  • Chuck, K6ZIZ:

    I love CW – it just doesn’t love me! First licensed in 1953, it was a struggle to pass 13 wpm than, and it’s still difficult to do that speed now. Sure hope the prize will finally allow me to increase my speed.

  • KB3VIR:

    Would be nice to learn and be proficient in another mode of communication.

  • Chuck, K6ZIZ:

    I love CW – it just doesn’t love me! First licensed in 1953, it was a struggle to pass 13 wpm then, and it’s still difficult to do that speed now. Sure hope the prize will finally allow me to increase my speed.

  • Rich - KB3NZV:

    Fantastic! I have been contemplating as to what source to utilize for learning Morse Code. Hopefully, I will look no further.


  • David Gilbert KE4RTF:

    I want to learn code. Sounds like a great teaching program.

  • Jeff WB4WXD:

    Sounds like a really good program of study and a nice offer to get folks up and going. Very nicely done

  • Darryl, W2DLH:

    I would love to learn morse code and unlearn my bad habits.

  • Paul AF7HL:

    I’m almost there… just need another good push to internalize all the letters and get my speed up to Novice levels. 😉

  • N8CQX:

    Sounds like this might help someone to learn or refresh their knowledge of the code.

  • Mike Simpson KJ4YPY:

    I would like to try another shot at Morse code

  • Robert K4REG:

    Please select me! I need a way to learn morse code and become a “real” general.

  • Stan Frady, N1BBS:

    Looks interesting. Good luck to all who enter.

  • Dan KB5EAU:

    Morse code is the easiest 2nd language to learn. It can be sent and received by light or sound.
    Only those who learn it can understand can realize how handy it would be if everyone knew it. FB 73 de kb5eau

  • Mitch Smith KB3GKC:

    I’m interested in learning Morse code.

  • Steven Petrie, K7DAD:

    I’m an Amateur Extra but have never learned the code, other than the 5 wpm I needed to get a Tech+ license a long time ago. Alas, all is forgotten.

    I am anxious to learn the code to round out my amateur experience and practice. I feel like I’m missing a dimension of amateur radio that is important.

  • Colin - w5ccm:

    Thanks for the chance!!!

  • William:

    Thank you for this!

  • Forest P - K4FTP:

    Thanks for the chance!


  • Dave NK7Z:

    If I win, I will pass it on to our club for a new to CW person…

  • Marshall W9RVG:

    Ive seen this program work before, and I think it will be a big help in learning the code.

  • Michael Clarke kv4yn:

    Thanks for the chance to win and the contests that you sponsor.

  • Thomas W9TEL:

    Have been trying to learn Morse code on my own but finding it very hard. I tried the sample lessons and was impressed with the technique for learning.
    Hoping to win a copy!

  • N3SGD:

    Happy New Year!


    Ned Rubin N3SGD (ex-KN3HVH)

  • Dave Deitrick KB8XG:

    I would love to have a cw learning program from a real memory researcher.

    Thanks for the opportunity


  • John S Slater/KL1AZ:

    Awesome, sounds like a great course.

  • John, KD0JPE:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a nice prize.


  • Joe / W2DRS:

    Thanks for the chance.

  • Joe N9VX:

    I have been a HAM for 15 years and had to pass a 5 WPM test to get my General, but have never used the code. I would love to learn the code and enjoy using it.


    Joe N9VX

  • Joe N9VX:

    Thanks for this opportunity.

  • Tony w6xzz:

    I would love to learn morse it’s the dx way!

  • Michael. N1VSU:

    I hope to win the morse code learning disc so I can learn the code

  • Jim KK4GBK:

    Please enter me in the contest…

  • K5ARN:

    This is the last chance to learn Morse….please let me win!

  • Bill KC5DPJ:

    Maybe that would be the way I could learn it. Looks very interesting.

  • Bob Murrow K8KWG:

    Thanks for the contest. It has ben thirty years since I learned morse code and then never used it again. Now I want to get back on CW.

  • jerry Haynes kk6qmd:

    I have have some some other code courses but I have not very far tn to them,
    I would like to try the Skilman system.

  • Mike N2NSL:

    Would love to learn CW with Skilman

  • Bob WA8YCD:

    Been training Morse Code for decades. Looking for more effective ways.

  • George Porth NY4FD:

    Sounds great…

  • Mike Fleser k8ujf:

    I need to get code speed up.I would love to win this.

  • Anthony, kJ4RWZ:

    I would love to master Morse code someday, it’s a great skill to have.

  • Scott W0SGM:

    good luck everyone !! Be a nice prize to win

  • Rev. Quincy Collins VE1 PDQ:

    As a teen on a Nova Scotian farm I loved listening to far away SW stations. Little I know there were thousands doing this and that it was called”DXing.” Fast forward to last year when as a 62 year old, huddled by a small woodstove in the worst winter in decades ( 10 storms with 450cm of snowfall) with the encouragement of Elmers I studied on my own and obtained my coveted
    ( are ministers alliowed to covet?) the Basic with Honours Amateur Radio License. Now, at a time when my wife believes me to be going deaf ( due to playing bagpipes) I have decided this winter to try to pass the Morse License. Call me a romantic or a throwback to the Industrial Era but somehow learning Morse appeals to me so should I end up in prison I can communicate through the walls with other prisoners. OK, perhaps I want to learn simply for the joy of low power radio communication! So, all of this to say I would love to have a set of your training materials!
    Thanks for making this prize available to Canadian hams! Quincy Collins VE1 PDQ

  • Rob Lindsay W8MRL:

    It’s love to win a copy!

  • Ke0ccf:

    Thanks for a great contest. I’d like to learn this awesome code.

  • Chuck K0BOG:

    Would like to increase my speed! Thanks for the contest.

  • Mary KC1IHS:

    Would like to learn the code.

  • David WX2CIB:

    If I win, I’ll definitely start learning Morse Code.

  • KC5GKM:

    Great site.

  • Steve KE9AT:

    I would like to enter the contest.

  • Andy N9QPJ:

    I would love to master Morse code

  • K7DRO:

    I have been looking for a way to get proficient with Morse Code this product looks interesting

  • KE8BQS:

    I am relearning Morse Code. I originally learned it 40 years ago in the US Navy during Radio School for Naval Aircrewmen. I was a radio operator on P-3 Orion Antisubmarine Aircraft. I’m now relearning it for Summits on The Air. Great fun this Ham Radio stuff. Amazing what you can get into and thanks for the informative newsletters….very enjoyable! Steve

  • Tony KC2YPG:

    I wouldn’t mind learning morse code in this manner, especially since I’ve been having some real problems learning it every time I try.

  • Albert Huth W7KUL:


  • Chuck KB8YIT:

    Great way to start another year!
    Relearn the code and work some CW.

  • Rick Bernal N6HQY:

    I used to know the code at about 7 wpm, I’d be lucky to copy 2 or 3 now, is that pathetic or what? I’d like to get my speed up!

  • David Parkison, KB3VDY:

    Would like to learn CW. This seems like the best way.

  • Chris Schlegel, KB3CZK:

    I’m working with the Koch method now. Wouldn’t mind getting a chance to try these out.

  • Matthew Webster KC5RBJ:

    I have told myself that I am going to learn code this year. Let’s see what happens.

  • Denny Meek KD0EVI:

    This is just what I need to learn cw. Good luck to everyone. Hope I’m a winner.

  • Harlan Doliner, KC1CZZ:

    Wonderful idea. Wonderful prize. I’d like to be able to participate in next year’s Straight Key night.

  • Brian Umbrell, W3PDW:

    Great product, would like to win to help others learn the code.

  • Randy KF4O:

    This would be great for my wife to learn cw!

  • Janet KI4YDS:

    I could really use this to get my CW finally up to speed…thanks!

  • Marty KD2JQG:

    After years of avoiding CW, this would be a great opportunity.

  • Larry N2AMW:

    Count me in. I need to get back my cw skills that have been rusty for a long time. Great newsletter & thanks to the vendor!

  • Daniel W5CHE:

    I would love to get this and learn Morse Code.

  • john muskopf KI6IY:

    this fits my brain learning patterns. might be my path to trying and using CW again.

  • John Greene, W3MIT:

    Contest entry

  • Chuck - K7SQD:

    I’ve been wanting to get a grasp on CW but all the training courses are either to complicated or to time consuming. This program may fit the bill and I would be a grateful HAM if I should be chosen to receive one of the free copies.

  • David KK6ULX:

    Love to learn Morse – thanks!

  • Tom KK4OSO:

    This is what kept me out of Amateur Radio for years. No matter I tried I could not learn the code. Then the code test was dropped and now I a ham. Still I would like to know the code.

  • Christopher Barr KF6YSV:

    I would love to win, and become more proficient in Morse code. A tribute to my Father who is a silent key.

  • allan fagan KA5YDD:

    Sounds like a great way too learn the CODE ! Hope too get wife interested in learning Morse Code together and on her own when not here .on her own terms..TKS for the chance !..73 and good luck too all.

  • Sharon Wittenburg:

    I am studying to take my first test. I don’t need morse code for the test but want to learn it anyway.

  • Scott W9AFB:

    Looking to learn code

  • Jyoti Chakravartty vu3bgi:

    Love to increase my morse code speed great offer. I do have USA address to ship too. hope I will win

  • Joel - N3GSE:

    Anything to improve my CW is a good thing, Tks, Joel

  • Jason KF5OUD:

    Trying to learn the code, this would be great to win!

  • Reghuraman.S VU3YRN:

    I am HAM from India VU3YRN Restricted Grade just licensed . For advanced grade We need to get thro’ MORSE CODE . I have few info from old ARRL tapes on Code which I am trying but Skilman method seems to be fun and quick to teach the code. Thence I would like to get these material. Though I am from India , My son is resident of USA whose details I could furnish in the event of myself being eligible to receive the same


  • Gary L. Webster - N1PZB:

    Passed my Tech Plus in 1993, and have not done CW since. Would love to return and become proficient in CW as a new venture in Ham Radio.

  • fred rugar ke5htb:

    cool I need all the extra help I can and also be able to help scouts out when they wish to trty it also.

  • Paul K9PLG:

    Was a novice in the late 60’s and miss CW. Can still copy some but not nearly fast enough and miss the 4 part characters a lot (L, Y, J, etc.)

  • Sid Grant N8LOQ:

    This package would be great for my Club program to teach CW to members who desire to learn and use CW.

  • John / K3JWL:

    Just became a ham at 64 years old and CW always was an impossible challenge to overcome. Would love to have a professional course to help me do some CW on HF!

  • Oscar Hawkins KD8SOU:

    I think I’m to old to learn code, but I would like to try.

  • Sean KC2LWX:

    Great sessions. Very comfortable way to learn.

  • Chris, KK4VHF:

    Please accept this message as the entry for the sweepstakes.

  • Bill NQ6Z:

    I have learning disabilities which affect learning languages and Morse code. I am hoping this method will work.

  • Craig ke4dfv:

    Listen to the demo would be a great way to learn

  • Craig ke4dfv:

    Be a great way to learn

  • AJ4VA:

    Really want to learn CW, but it isn’t going too well.

  • Nick AA7QK:

    Thanks for this – Need to re-learn

  • Lyle VE5EE:

    Wow need to relearn the code and get my speed up

  • Lyle Ve5KKS:

    Love to learn the code a better way then what I do now. Good luck all!

  • Ken McCormick VY2RU:

    These would make a great addition to our Clubs’ Amateur Radio course study guides.

  • jeff n1kdo:

    oooh! oooh! pick me! pick me!

  • Richard Hoffman NI4S:

    I would love to learn Morse Code!

  • Gary Jones (WB7DIE):

    At 82 I’m back in the game and want to learn Morse code again.

  • peter huber KB1VBV:

    i like the sample lessons…would like to win the whole series. -p

  • Kevin Gilot NZ1I:

    Need help re-learning the code! Its been too long since I first learned it in 1983 and I’m not a young as I was then!

  • C. Mike Rice kf7vzz:

    Here’s some incentive to use the paddles!

  • Dennis K9DPF:

    I need to learn code to use the kits I’ve built. Thanks all.

  • KM4OWI:

    May be after 40 years I can get it

  • Fred PA1FJ:

    I’m doing a number of amateurs to learn morse. This would be a welcome addition to my curriculum.

    73 Fred PA1FJ

  • Gerry W0GV:

    Interested in your course for a young ham…Thank you!

    Gerry, W0GV

  • Pierre VE2PID:

    Very clever idea to promote the code for new/old hams 73

  • Marty AG3EK:

    Pick me! Pick me!


  • Elwood Downey, WB0OEW:

    I’ve been stuck at 15 WPM for decades. Maybe this will help?

  • bill wright kd5yyk:

    interesting approach.

  • Stuart Schaffert WB6RXG:

    Would love to relearn code the right way.

  • DAvid W7DAO:

    Please enter me. Thanks. Happy New Year.

  • Heath Taylor KD5HRT:

    My fingers are crossed!!!

  • Tom Slebodnik, KC3AAF:

    I am looking forward to receiving a copy of the Skilman Introduction to Morse Code. Thanks.

  • C Herrera:

    Learning CW is on my 2016 bucket list

  • Hari Volikas AJ4CU:

    This is a great opportunity for Amateur Radio as a whole!, If picked to win I will use it to increase my copy speed.

  • kymm ky2mmm:

    listen to sample and loved it!

  • Hendrik Magilsen VA3HA:

    Count me in!

  • Doug K6MXZ:

    Listen to Morse code. It is a beautiful art form every ham should know. Sit back and listen. I would put Morse code in the same category as Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner, and Bach. I want to learn this art form.

  • Richard Quinn KB3ZVH:

    Nice newsline. Enter me in CW training contest.

  • ad0mn:

    I would like to up my 5 word this would grate

  • kc8zkz:

    This would give me the push to finally learn Morse Code. I’ve tried several times in the past and each time failed for one reason or another.

  • Peter Newell KC2WI:

    Actually passed 13 wpm to get General and Advanced in early 80s but then no HF at all for a few years resulted in loss of proficiency. Would be nice to get back to CW especially for QRP portable ops. I miss the old Novice bands where one could always find slow code for practice.

  • Ed Lomax --- KM4PBY:

    I recently passed my Technician’s Licensing Exam (11/15) and would like to learn how to communicate in Morse Code (CW).

  • Charlie K4OSS:

    Becoming proficient in CW has been on my to-do list for many years now; I’d love to make it a reality in 2016! Thank you for this opportunity!

  • Whitney N3ZV:

    I would love to brush up on CW!

  • Kevin Ivey, K4IVE:

    Having just completed a Morse Code/CW class with my local Amateur Radio Club, I have gotten my sending speed and FIST back up to an acceptable quality. I’m happy to get back into CW operations, but I am still not comfortable on the air because my listening and copying is nowhere as good as my sending.
    I would love to try a different method for learning to copy Morse Code, and I think this program would be just what I need!

  • Joe Murph WB4UGA:


  • Pete K4BKD:

    Very nice review of the product…I have been working CW for many years but it is always nice to have a product that you can use to help others.

  • Brad K4NHA:

    Great review! I’m just about to start learning CW and this would be a great tool and method to learn quickly.

  • Dean KC9REN:

    I’d love to learn Morse Code. I’ve tried a couple of other programs but could never get it. Hopefully this will be the one.

  • Ivan KP3IV:

    Great review!! I love morse code…


  • Bob AC5BG:

    Learning the code is a great way to start the new year.

  • Dean N8YA:

    I love that people are helping people learn CW and keeping the great CW tradition alive! Many Thanks!

  • Doug Hall - VE3WRF:

    I would love to have my CW endorsement so I can participate in QRP operation. I have tried different ways but all have failed. Hopefully this time I can succeed. Being able to take part in CW contesting and making QRP contacts would be a great thrill. Tk de Doug VE3WRF

  • Cliff Avers AD0AN:

    Listening to the code on the DVD seem to jump out at you and you remember. Wow!

  • Jan Peverelli PD2JHP:

    Happy New Year!

    I always wanted to learn morse code, this win would be great!

    Greetings from The Netherlands,

    Jan PD2JHP

  • Chad - KJ4VYI:

    Cool!! Wanting to learn Morse, Thanks!!

  • Timothy AF5OI:

    Will donate any win to the Catholic High School radio club in Little Rock. Thanks for the contest.

  • John K6VFR:

    It’s time to finally time to seriously learn Morse Code the right way and explore the CW world.

  • James kc5jpz:

    The best motivation for learning telegraphy is because you are interested. The desire to learn must come from your heart. The elimination of the telegraph exam for FCC issued ARS licenses was a very good move. I want to learn telegraphy.

  • Mark Paye N7SCG:

    I enjoyed the sample classes. Having the CD’s to listen in the car will be very useful and pass some time while commuting.

  • Gary Smith - W6GVS:

    I’ve tried several times over the years to learn Morse code. I learned enough to pass my General exam but never used the mode on the air. Now I’m getting to old to put it off any longer..hi..hi.

  • KI4HTC:

    I have some dyslexia problem I do have a Genger License and I did pass the more code and it was not easy for me at all. I would like to win your ten disk on the morse code and it would help me to pass the extra class I have try several time and faill it. I think this course on the morse code will help me pass it for good.

    Who ever win GOOD LUCK

  • KI4HTC James:

    Sorry I did not give you my first name

  • Tim AK4YW:

    sounds with checking into. I got my ticket after the no code requirement, but would like to learn to work that mode.

  • KK4WCW:

    Would be a great addition to our Pender County ARES library. Hope to win it!

  • Bill KA2OFM:

    I have been a Ham for over 40 years and have not used CW in over 35 years. I would like to use your lessons to brush up on my code and start using Morse Code once aqain.

  • John W0JW:

    I never win anything,but what the hey I’ll try. I need to learn code and this sounds great. 73 John WOJW

  • Joe KC2UDL:

    Would I like to win the best way to learn CW. Affirmative.

  • leo savoian kg6wni:

    Sounds like a good way to learn cw. I have tried other ways but no luck.

  • Dale La France:

    I listened to the samples and from what I heard I think this could be a very productive way to learn the code. I learned the code just enough to get my license years ago and never used it after that. This program, I think, could get me back on the path to learning and using morse code.

  • Henry KB9YFG:

    I want to learn Morse Code. Other methods have not worked. Would like to try this method.

  • Andrew KD5RKo:

    I’ve been wanting to learn code for years. This could certainly help.

  • Don KB2YSI:

    Started studying for the EXTRA test, might as well get a chance to get materials for learning code too.

  • Paul Griffith, KE5WMA:

    I’ve been wanting to learn morse code but it has been one of the back burner projects needing a “roundtoit”

  • Garth Grugal N4AKA:

    This is perfect! I need all the help I can get.

  • David Munoz, KJ6CLM:

    Always wanted to learn Morse code

  • Len Woods - KA1LOR:

    This is great. One of my goals for 2016 is to learn the code to expand my exposure to amateur radio.

  • scott n0jzq:


  • Paul KG7OWO:

    Wow, I just have to enter this! I have several disabilities that make this difficult for me to learn in the conventional way! Hope it is available to buy if I do not win, because I really need to give this a try.

    Paul Artman KG7OWO
    823 Dove Avenue North East
    Salem, Oregon 97301
    United States Of America

  • Luke AD0KI:

    Would be a great tool for me and my kids!

  • Greg (Joseph) KK4TIX:

    I’ve tried my hand at CW for ages. Never steady but would love the opportunity to utilize this method of communication worldwide. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Frank K5HS:

    Count me in!

  • Jose J. Grajales KP4JJG:

    My son and I, share this passion!

  • Ed kh6reo:

    I really enjoyed the sample lessons, seems like a nice program.

  • Joe Richins KC7GZC:


  • va3ggb (Gary):

    Tried many techniques to learn cw…..still searching for THE ONE!!!

  • Brad w8rbt:

    Thanks for the chance.

  • Fernando ke4ymx:

    i would love to see a better way to learn morse code.


  • Scott W9VHE:

    I’d love to get my code speed up again

  • William foreman K5WCF:

    Thanks for the chance. Great giveaway, and from the free excerpts sounds like a great way to learn.
    Hope I get lucky and win!

  • Gary Sumrall AB7AB:

    Hello from a CW guy that enjoys the hobby. Great giveaway, and from the free excerpts sounds like a great way to learn.

  • Thomas Dies KF5ELO:

    I’ve always wanted to learn code. I could use this.

  • Les kd2bfp:

    I always wanted to learn morse code and this seems to be an excellent method to use.

  • Ryan KD8ATF:

    I have been trying to learn code for some time now but never been able to stick with it! This would be great for my 30min drive to/from work! 73 KD8ATF

  • Richard K7REB:

    Great promotion! I’m somewhat rusty with my CW and this would be a great way to get proficient again!

  • Tim Worrell ( W2TKW ):

    I have tried learning Morse a couple of times. I have always been confounded because I have no sense of rhythm which makes it difficult to pick up on the timing involved.

  • Jim KD0NPU:

    this may open a new facet (for me) of HAM

  • Tom AJ4UQ:

    Sounds interesting, worth a try.

  • Glenn:

    Learned morse code 40+ years ago – long forgotten. Time to learn again

  • KEU1813:

    -dah .dit .dit -dah _ is 62 to old to learn ?

  • Brad AC7R:

    I’ll give it a try.

  • John Fitzgerald KB5HCT:

    This sounds like it may be what I need to help me learn mose code with my visuall impairment. I sure hope it’s blind friendly and will work with my screen reader.

  • John Kendall KG6ASD:

    Really want to learn Morse code and operate CW, hopefully this product will get me there.

  • Mike Mazulis KC1EUG:

    I am new to the hobby and would love to learn CW!

  • Jim Sinkula:

    Just getting into amateur radio. Want to learn as much a possible as soon as possible.

  • Gerry@kd2kbn:

    big thank U & 73 from the ham community

  • Harry K4BAD:

    Time to improve my code so I can have CW QSO’s on the amateur radio satellites. First learned code over 40 years ago…..talk about rusty! HI

  • Paul W3AAB:

    Code will work when phone may not. Learn Morse code before it’s a lost art.

  • Lynne KA1AAM:

    I started in amateur radio in 2011 and have always wanted to learn Morse Code to expand my ability to contact the world.

  • Mike Marcum KD4V:

    Have thought about building a QRP station with my kids and teaching them morse code. Could use your product to teach them. Thanks for the giveaway!


  • Ed Danaher KV4MI:

    I’ve been trying to learn code for several months with little success using apps and computer based systems. My goal is to use CW as my main means for QSOs. I am interested in trying this system.

  • Dar (in a ham course):

    •–• •• -••- -•- — •! (I used an online chart…would love to learn Morse Code for real : )

  • Tom-K8ADO:

    I could use all the help I can get to learn code.
    Thanks for the contest.

  • Dean K6DIN:

    Well, I can use all the help I can!

  • Jason ke0cdo:

    I am interested in learning morse code.

  • wh6erv:

    Thank you for this opportunity. I am a fairly new ham and morse was not required for my technician’s license. I would like the opportunity to learn it so I have more communications options.

  • Michael Gale N3MDG:

    Thank you for this opportunity. As a no code ham I’ve heard that I’ve part of ruining this hobby. I’d like to make for it by learning Morse Code voluntarily.

  • Tim, KB3OZA:

    Let the learning begin…

  • Randy- KD8JEB:

    That would be a good new years resolution. Learn code.

  • Josh KD8SLQ:

    Sounds interesting.

  • Kc2yjq:

    Sounds interesting and helpful. Thanks.

  • Scott K3BYU:

    Learning CW in 2016 is something I’m hoping to do. These lessons will help!

  • Scott K3BYU:

    This will help me learn CW!

  • William- kaOrsn:

    Would love to win this as well! I think that CW is getting ready to explode again with popularity!

  • Lillian Peterson KM4NRU:

    It is like learning music. The sound corresponds to a meaning. Very interesting experience.

  • Paul R Mark,KE0FGY:

    As new ham I would like to learn the skill to use CW, based on what I read your materials benefit me to learn the code, In years past I’ve tryed the conventional methods with not much headway. Kept me from becomng licensed until the rules changed.

  • Jason Miles KE7IET:

    This sounds interesting. I’d like to try it.

  • Tony K0JAR:

    Would love to learn CW….. Studying now for my next level up.

  • Rick KK4QNV:

    My son and I are working towards our Extra ticket. We both know that we should learn code as well, but getting my son motivated to commit is a challenge. After listening to the two sample lessons, I am confident that this could be the way to learn. If I win, we will commit to it and complete the course to learn Morse Code.

  • W4RNO Dick Owens:

    Listened to both demo lessons an was impressed with the the way the material is presented.

  • francis kd8hcy:

    this looks like the way to learn code if you don’t get up to speed just replay the disk

  • W4fin:

    Good luck with product

  • Nate KK6KSL:

    Took a cw class. Got the basics down. Just can’t see to master it. Would be nice to win.

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