Waste of money

Yesterday I received a personally addressed letter from our cash-strapped radio society, the RSGB. What had motivated them to write to me? Apparently it was to tell me the annual subscription is to rise to £47 a year – the first increase since 2006 – and to ask if I would donate to the Spectrum Defence Fund – which I already have, once, and a lot of good that did – or the Radio Communications Foundation.

Why could this letter not have been put in the same mailer as RadCom, the monthly magazine that all members receive, or even published in the magazine itself? Why did this even merit a letter, rather than a page of the magazine, in the first place?

A few months ago I read that the RSGB was to use a bequest from a silent key member to employ a professional fund raiser. This, presumably, is the result. What a waste of money.

Julian Moss, G4ILO, is a regular contributor to AmateurRadio.com and writes from Cumbria, England. Contact him at [email protected].

6 Responses to “Waste of money”

  • Fred W0FMS:

    47 quid a year? Wow.. I think the $39 the ARRL charges is steep. That is $73.76 USD at today’s rate or 2x as much roughly. I suppose that’s correct. Every time I check everything is 2x as much over there than here. You guys don’t make 2x what we earn, do you?

    I have the utmost respect for you chaps over there. But I really think the gents on this side of the pond might have had the right idea throwing the Tea overboard in the 1770’s.. no offense. That is unless Barack manages to change us into Europe (or worse) like he wants.

    I supposed the $90 or so that RSGB wanted at Dayton for US membership (that every American I saw at the booth turned down) wasn’t too far off the price you Brits pay. Add in the expensive Royal Post and it all makes sense!


    Fred W0FMS

  • F. Tweed:

    Don’t blame our President for our present situation. He inherited the situation and he political parties, both of them, do not want to accept any responsibility so the have done their best to blame him. No matter what he plans to do, he will get no help….God Save the Queen.

  • Freddy McGavin EI4GMB:

    I wish we could all spend spend spend like Barack and friends. Unfortunately we can’t. Long live the Tea Party!

  • m3ozp:

    Yes unfortunately Britain is the land of rip off. If it’s not the Govt and their taxes, it’s the utility companies, and if not them someone else. If they’re not careful they will price themselves out of business. Hopefully some of those utility companies WILL price themselves out of business. Goo job too. The banks and all are just riding on the backs of the poor low waged here in the UK. Viva la revolution!

  • Richard KW0U:

    Sorry, Freddy, the “Tea Party” is just a front for the Koch brothers and other ultrarich who are directing anger away from their greedy far right agenda. Notice none of their shills in Congress said a thing when the last president doubled the national debt for pointless wars, corporate giveaways, and tax cuts for their cronies.

  • Freddy McGavin EI4GMB:

    The Tea Party is made up of different groups concerned with fiscal prudency and observance of the american constitution. I think it is a bit rich, pardon the pun, to suggest it is a front for the Koch brothers and the ultrarich.
    Obama has run America in to the ground!

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