The latest 1/4W 1% resistor deals

Resistor deals just get better!

Last time I looked over selling websites it was a 2000 deal, but I have now found a couple of 2500 1/4W 1% metal film Res bargains.

First one is the Chinese site Banggood @ £7.42 (US $9.51) plus a 12% voucher popped up, which you have to bop in at the time of placing the order, taking the price down to a penny pinching £6.53

I then run the details through ebay and a similar package came out at £6.99 ($9.18):

* Please note I have no connection with either company, I just do this for service for you Hams and constructors. £ to $ conversion is done at the time, and can change with currency fluctuations.

Good luck!

Steve, G1KQH, is a regular contributor to and writes from England. Contact him at [email protected].

7 Responses to “The latest 1/4W 1% resistor deals”

  • Robert, VA3ROM:

    G’day. BEWARE of these “deals”! They are selling “rejects”. You’ll find when you check them that none will be anywhere near 1%. Oout of hundreds I’ve checked it varies from 5 to 20%. With electronics, you get for what you pay. Very few, if any will be 1%. Caveat emptor, eh.


  • Steve G1KQH:

    Myself. I have not seen any problems on the ones I have measured at random.

    Maybe others that have bought them would like to comment too?

    73 Steve

  • Mike, WV2ZOW:

    Robert: You know for a fact Banggood sells rejects? Still a good deal even if they are within 5%. I should mention just about everything Banggood sells ships free to USA. They are not fast, but if you pay a little more, many products are available from a USA warehouse. BTW, they also sell a 40 Meter QRP transceiver for $3.79. Never had a problem with any of their stuff, but I will check my resistors! –Mike, WV2ZOW

  • Ron Wright, N9EE:

    Most 1% resistors I have worked with do not have color bands for color bands have only 3 places for value, 2 for number and one for multiplier. A 4th for I believe tolerance. Usually 1% have the actual value in 4 digits, 4 numbers written in plane numbers like 4700, not color bands. But I could be wrong for I am sure I have not seen all manufs resistors and some might use bands for 1%.

    But as was said even if these are 5% it is good deal and good assortment.

    I buy lots of resistors from DigiKey, usually 1000 for like $9, all same value of course and I have this need, but for hobbyist a good assortment is good to have.

  • Ron Wright, N9EE:

    I should add I like, have found some good bags for Ham Radio Go Bags and other uses. I recently bought 600 Ohm to 600 Ohm transformers for use in digital radio to computer interface, 10 transformers for $4.50, $0.45 each. I have bought lots from them, just takes a while for much comes from China so has to travel I think by boat, hi. I have found some electronic tool sets on banggood, good soldering iron and kit for like $10. They sell a lot of stuff.

  • Ross KG5OED:

    This message is for Mike, WV2zow: could not find that transceiver on their web site. Must have been a one time deal. Thanks tho. 72/73`s

  • Boots VK3DZ:

    Remember 20% tolerance resistors?

    Assortment deals of those were useful for making networks & filters with oddball values that I could find in the bargain mixtures using a bridge. And cheap.

    A heap of circuits just don’t need 5 or even 10% tolerance resistors. For those that do: reach for your DMM (calibrated).

    Resistors have other characteristics I’m often more interested in. e.g. long-term stability, voltage rating, physical reliability of the package, noise figure, reactance etc.

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