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This Weekend In RadioSport | VHF Is Shackadelic

I’m trying something new this weekend and operating VHF RadioSport is a first inside the shack relaxation zone. My operating location isn’t a hilltop nor am I located inside my vehicle either. It is one of those fantastic days when weather conditions fall into place. The marine layer isn’t rolling in early or lingering late without a hint of sunshine.

Our Cycle 24 generator has heated ambient air into the comfortable seventies. The sound of Morse code mingles with finches and scrub jays creating wonderful conditions both inside and outside the shack.

CQ World Wide VHF Contest (link).

VHFDX (link).

Certainly, this weekend isn’t going down as epic 6m, instead, it is taking on a new challenge and propagating a little radio frequency toward unknown destinations.

73 from the shack relaxation zone.

SFI = 79 | A-index = 1 | K-index = 0 | Sunspot count is 17 @ 2111UTC.

This Weekend In RadioSport | 2010 CQ WPX CW

Finally, the weekend is here, and time to enjoy RadioSport in the shack relaxation zone. It is all about ham radio fun.

Contest on!

This Weekend In RadioSport | Lucky 7QP

RadioSport USA | 7th Call Area QSO Party.
The party includes seven states and a whole lot of ham radio fun through the weekend. This event is one of my favorites because it is regional and low power friendly while Cycle 24 figures itself out. Has anyone noticed the astonishing decline in sunspot numbers? Perhaps it is part and parcel or is Cycle 24 completely different, whatever the case, it is an amazing scientific phenomena.

I plan on deploying my vertical tomorrow morning after walking Radio Dawg. She really needs a little exercise afterward fire up the radio and go for ionospheric fun. I’ll focus on the high bands 20, 15, and 10m while sending Morse Code straight off the paddles. It’s been awhile and CQ WPX CW is around the corner.

Rules (link).

SFI = 79 | A-index = 3 | K-index = 1 | Sunspot count is 0 @2111UTC.

See Also.
Radio-sport dot net | While N4PN Rules NEQP, W0BH Looks For Fifth Straight Single Op Victory In 2010.

P.S. The Beach Boys Amateur Radio Club meets this evening for our founder’s photograph. The only requirement for membership is a Hawaiian print shirt. 73s.

This Weekend In RadioSport | Going Mobile

RadioSport USA | Florida QSO Party.
This weekend presents a great opportunity to practice, practice, and practice one’s RadioSport skill set. Perhaps, instead of operating from the function keys, give those paddles a good workout — make’em sweat. I’d encourage trading the band map feed for spinning the dial — find’em and log’em but listen first.

State QSO parties are much like a beach club house party. Everyone is a little more relaxed and easy going. This is the time to work on skill development when there is less pressure not to make a mistake.

Rules (link).

RadioSport USA | Nebraska QSO Party.
We’re in good shape this weekend with Nebraska filling the gap between the coasts. I remember logging W0BH/M during this event and how much fun it was when Robert activated a new county. Likewise, I logged a sense of satisfaction because mobile operators are pushing an envelope using vertically polarized antenna systems and battery power.

I’m going to challenge my station this weekend and log as many mobile stations as possible.

Rules (link).

SFI = 75 | A-index = 9 | K-index = 1 | Sunspot count is 0 @2111UTC.

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Radio-Sport dot Net | Sunshine State Showdown Looms With 2010 Florida QSO Party.

This Weekend In RadioSport | Cosmic Fun

RadioSport Russia | Yuri Gagarin International DX.
Building a successful franchise is a patient endeavor and RadioSport Russia is on the way toward that goal. There is an interesting twist to this event — satellite contacts are permissible. Additionally, there are few locations on the globe actually launching space vehicles and one can log the following…

  1. RT3F — Cosmonaut Training Center.
  2. RS3A — Laboratory of Space Engineering.
  3. R3K — Russian Space Flight Control Center.
  4. UP7Z — Expedition of Kazakhstan amateur radio operators to Soyuz 17 landing site.

Rules (link).

RadioSport Asia | Japan International DX.
Fun for the west coast of the United States and an opportunity to pass out needed -Qs to those supporting our RadioSport results.

Rules (link).

RadioSport USA | Georgia QSO Party.
Splitting an event into two time periods is an excellent idea and the Georgia QSO Party provides such an opportunity. One can relax in the shack and have time enough for family through the weekend.

Rules (link).

SFI = 76 | A-index = 11 | K-index = 2 | Sunspot Count is 23 @ 1211UTC.

This Weekend In RadioSport | AirWaves

I wanted to take an opportunity at thanking Bruce Horn, WA7BNM for maintaining RadioSport’s competitive schedule. The WA7BNM Contest Calendar was recently revised and Bruce’s craftsmanship scores big time -Qs in the shack relaxation zone.

Immediately, on the landing page, one discovers niches occupying RadioSport space inside ham radio. Secondly, a schedule table is available with time bar graphic in each respective row — one can quickly analyze a weekend’s worth of activity at a glance. Furthermore, one can receive either a weekly schedule via email or subscribe to the calendar using really simple syndication.

Lastly, one can customize their calendar for specific events while toggling between custom and full calendar as well.

A job well done indeed! Thank you Bruce.

RadioSport EU | LZ Open 40m Sprint.
The heavyweight exchange is back for a little fun on a low band space this weekend. This one is seeded number one USA East Coast conference against the 12th seed West Coast who may generate a few signals against that radio frequency wall.

LZ Open is all about -Qs not multipliers because everyone can log everyone. A station can be logged after a lapse of 30-minutes on the same band.

This event is not accepting paper logs.

Rules (link).

RadioSport EU | SP DX.
This event is straightforward in its scoring system that is log Polish stations for three points in the log. Given current conditions, our East Coast competitors can pass out valuable -Q points too participating stations, it’s an event to practice, practice, practice one’s search and pounce skill.

Rules (link).

SFI = 76 | A- index = 15 | K-index = 2 | Current Sunspot Count is 25 @0011UTC.

This Weekend In RadioSport | Aggro Prefix Time

Who owns the single operator all band low power record? Is 60 million points possible for a multi-multi station? Who will log 1,528 prefixes or more this weekend?

It’s aggro prefix time for high frequency airwaves and operators are transmitting unusual prefixes from their callsign quivers. Everyone is a multiplier. It is important to listen first after clicking that flash spot before pushing to talk.

No one likes a busted call when log adjudication rolls around. One pays a penalty in points, ouch, especially when operators are chasing records or looking to establish a personal best.

Rules (link).

Have fun, double check receiver filter settings, check audio, and listen first. Everyone likes a clean log.

Contest on!

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