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A new batch of QSLs

A batch of QSL cards arrived from the bureau today (thanks, Ian.) Here are just a few of them.

More QSLs

A new batch of QSLs arrived from the bureau today. This is a selection of the most colourful ones.

QSLs sent

I have just sent a new batch of QSLs via GlobalQSL for printing and distributing via the bureau. I like the Global QSL service. It takes away the chore of sending QSL cards and reduces the work to a simple log export to ADIF file.

I had to purchase 1000 new card credits before I could upload them. Today’s batch, from last summer until now, was over 400 contacts on 398 cards. That’s excluding local FM QSOs and contest contacts. I didn’t realize I was so active on the air. At that rate I’ll be ordering another batch before the year is out!

eQSL fraud?

In the last couple of weeks I have received two eQSLs for contacts that never happened. The QSLs were from made-up callsigns that are clearly SWLs, e.g. UA-123456. But the message with the card says simply: TNX For QSO TU 73! Curiously, both QSLs contained exactly the same wording.

Now I have nothing against SWLs. I started in this hobby as a broadcast SWL and I feel that all hams should have had experience as an SWL to get familiar with procedures, propagation and so on. But I am uncomfortable with receiving eQSLs from listeners as the eQSL system has no way to distinguish a listener report from an actual contact so their presence messes up my totals.

In practice it isn’t a big mess-up as I have never received an SWL card from a country I haven’t had a proper QSO with. So I do accept eQSLs that make it clear they are for reception of a contact I made. But TNX FOR QSO? Who do they think they are kidding, and what do they hope to gain from it?

QSLs received

QSL cards received by G4ILO 13 Dec 2012

I received a batch of cards from the QSL Bureau this morning. Here are a few of the more colourful.

Which ham sites would you really miss?

This morning I received an email to warn me my subscription to will run out next month. Forgetful as I am becoming, I thought that this time I’d better get on and renew it right away before I forget.

The amount asked for Bronze membership is $20.00 US. But if you think that’s too much you can pay any amount, even as little as $5. You could probably get away with $1 but surely nobody is that cheap?

Bronze membership is really worth it because it allows you to use your own QSL design. Free members only get a plain text card which is pretty boring.

I’m glad eQSL allows free membership because it’s better to have as many hams as possible registered with the system (and hopefully take the steps needed to become Authenticity Guaranteed) even if they don’t pay a cent.  According to eQSL nearly 90% of members never donate any money. I’m not very good at mental arithmetic but if every user paid something then the minimum membership fee would be about $2 a year I think.

It’s always tempting to freeload, to put off donating until another day, but I think everyone should donate to help keep running the sites they use most.

Here’s my list of sites I use most every day and would really miss:

There are a couple of omissions that may surprise you. But those big sites you’re thinking of must make enough from advertising to get along without my help. I probably visit them less than once a week, so I wouldn’t miss them as much as the sites in my list.

Which ham radio sites would you really miss if they closed tomorrow?

Latest QSLs

A batch of QSLs just arrived from the RSGB Bureau. Here are a few of the more attractive ones. Enjoy!

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