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Droid Invasion

73 from the anywhere, anytime shack.

Radio Three Four Papa

I downloaded the complete Radio Three Four Papa set at K5ZD’s website
as a learning tool. Athletes watch hours of video in order to gain an
understanding of their opponent’s skill and strategy. I lost a lot of
points last weekend when I failed to search for additional
multipliers. My Q count was sufficient however I did not log enough
mults when 15m opened to the east and midwest.

When do I shift from a calling CQ strategy to a search for multiplier strategy?

My NAQP rate was a thrill beyond 50 watts into a ground mounted
vertical. I blissfully called CQ while I heard in the corner of my
competitive mind, “Search for multipliers.”

I continued calling CQ instead of bagging a few 15m rhinos for the
long haul score. I’m listening intently to Radio Three Four Papa as
the team moves between CQ and hunting for multipliers. Rate is nearly
everything in RadioSport however an extra section or zone usually
decides a top ten finish.

73 from the anywhere, anytime shack.

The Next Level Part II

My weekend is wrapping itself up and NAQP CW delivered a lot of ham
radio fun. I’m also grateful for the friendships that follow our
hobby. Whatever one’s passion there is another who shares the same
albeit RadioSport or chasing DX or logging grid squares on 2 meters
when the ‘e’ goes plasmic on very high frequency.

I had fun this weekend sitting in front of a high frequency
transceiver pumping radio frequency toward destinations unknown. A
local ham opened his station for guest operation and my cans jumped to
the next level when monoband antennas surfed some serious radio waves.
It felt tubular and hang ten like while Q after Q went into N1MM

Sometimes I wonder if ham radio forgets to emphasize friendship from
across the miles. I enjoyed making new friends this weekend especially
when a QRP operator in Texas mentions in his e-QSL, “Good ears. I
enjoy reading your blog.”

I want to say you are welcome and it is my pleasure sharing a personal
journal about ham radio. Our hobby is not for everyone that is okay. I
would like one Texan QRP operator committed to their passion instead
of ten Paris Hilton types committed to nothing other than nothing.
What will those new numbers translate into over the next five years?

The Next Level

The heart of ham radio beats strong and the next level awaits. The
North American QSO Party CW is less than 24 hours away when operators
will compete for Box positions. Our high frequency spectrum will
ignite with signals juiced by the awesome power of solar Cycle Twenty
Four. The competive spirit of RadioSport underpinned by good
sportsmanship will certainly drive the beginning of our fall and
winter season.

There is something to be said about being in the right place at the right time.

I logged a station in Mexico this afternoon on 10m and it is a first
since my re-entry into ham radio. The numbers are steadily improving
with glimpses of epic high frequency conditions. I’d like at least one
of those memorable events worthy of three cups of Starbucks and better
than the best fish story. Perhaps?

Strategy is straightforward that is be in the right place at the right
time. I’m looking forward to moving to the next level and having a lot
of ham radio fun through Saturday evening. Also, the biggest secret in
RadioSport that does not require a non-disclosure statement is, call
CQ a lot.

73 from the anywhere, anytime shack.

Riders On The Storm

Who rode the storm to destinations unknown? I was surprised when Cycle
24 decided to awaken its fury for benefit of some and the
consternation of a few. The coronal mass ejection was enough of a
sensation that it snatched a few brief minutes on the nightly news.

However, ham radio operators surfed some of the best VHF conditions
yet seen much like a powerful southern hemi arriving along the central
coast of California.

I called Fred, KI6QDH and he was stoked because 10m delivered point
break like surf with strong signals arriving from the midwest. VHFDX
was lit up east of the great propagation divide and why so? I wonder
what factors contribute to this difference between west and east coast
propagation? The ‘e’ MUF map intensified across the south while barely
a flicker was seen in the south west.

The storm raged above yet I could only look at the map while the magic
band went aggro for a day. It was one to remember for riders on the

73 from the anywhere, anytime shack.

2010 WRTC MP3s Are Hot

Thanks to Randy, K5ZD and his Internet team for providing the hottest
playlist in RadioSport. One receives the full range of excitement and
intensity as heard in the cans of WRTC competitors. Their rate is an
education for those who want to dare the challenge of the Box. I
downloaded the entire collection of recordings to begin the pump prior
to NAQP CW weekend.

I spent the greater portion of the weekend working my logbook and
updating my award endeavors. My inventory of traditional cards arrived
earlier in the week prompting several SASE envelopes to stateside

Six meters needs a flare because the magic band remained quiet through
the weekend. It makes the Q all that sweeter when all the elements
converge for a whole lot of ham radio fun.

73 from the anywhere, anytime shack.

For The Love Of Droid

I’m writing my post off my Droid keyboard this evening after
activating the mobile features at my blog. The new world of mobile
blogging has taken hold afterall the world is our shack. Mobile
wireless is the frontier of today and likely tomorrow as well.

There is much to explore with this device held in the palm of my hand.
It is the power to transform and communicate ideas from anywhere,
anytime that makes this technology so compelling.

I caught up with my bureau QSLing this morning and have a shipment
ready for the League later this week. Six meters west of the great
propagation divide was rather quiet through the day. I maybe a little
impatient at the moment.

This is a Droid test message from the anywhere, anytime shack. 73.

Has anyone noticed a lot of broken links after Newington rolled out
its new website? There are a lot of dead ends on the digital highway
leading to headquarters.

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