Saying good-bye to my little buddy.

Today we said good-bye to my best buddy of 15 years.....Oliver. Peace be with you, my little buddy you will be missed very much. 

Mike Weir, VE9KK, is a regular contributor to and writes from New Brunswick, Canada. Contact him at [email protected].

18 Responses to “Saying good-bye to my little buddy.”

  • Dennis Kagel -WA2JWO:

    We understand. Our cats and dogs are our “other children”.

  • Richard KWØU:

    Condolences, Mike. It’s hard to explain this to people who never had pets, but they live in our heart. Oliver will be there.

  • Roger Fowler W8WTR:

    I concur with WA2JWO & KW0U. If one has never had pets , one cannot feel what one goes through when they loose one.

  • KA3USB:


  • Francis VE9FCP:

    We can never keep them long enough! I am so sorry for your loss.

  • Andy KI7HNF:

    That is a face that will be missed, no doubt.

  • John ZS1ZC:

    With you, Mike – we lost our Hector the day before, a Jack Russel type dog who had also been with us for fifteen years. He was a friend and guardian, loyal, and a beautiful combination of innocence and intelligent mischief. It’s hard to understand how a small mammal can hold the heart of a family. Oliver was part of you and yours. I’m sorry you had to let him go.

  • Dan KC3NUL:

    We lost our beloved cat in August and it still feels like it was just yesterday. RIP Oliver!

  • Gary - N1PZB:

    Sorry about your loss. My Shack Cat King is 17 years old and I treasure every day
    he continues to watch over my equipment. RIP Oliver.

  • Elwood Downey:

    Sorry to hear it, I know it’s hard. When my last one died I kept humming that old classic by Skeeter Davis “The End of the World”. Focus on the good memories, that helped me recover (some).

  • My deepest condolences. I lost my dearest feline buddy, who we called, “CQ.” CQ was incredible. He loved hanging out in the ham shack, and whenever I got on the voice portion of HF bands and called, “CQ, CQ, CQ…,” or when others could be heard on the radio’s speaker, calling, “CQ, CQ, CQ….,” he’d turn his attention to what was going on. It was cool.

    Check out this picture:

    (Yeah, he has a FB page, but he did pass away)

    He was like a son, in many ways. I am truly sorry for your loss.

    73 de NW7US dit dit

  • Tim Lindstrom ab0ts:

    yes I have had a few dogs… today though I was up on my roof and the neighbor’s dog was so surprised, a worried bark! It is Winter and time to play with antennas… making the end fed half wave antenna by reworking the dipole antenna… a good thing to do… and the black dog was watching!

  • Mike VE9KK:

    Dennis, Richard, Roger,KA3USB (John), Francis, Andy, John, Don, Gary, Elwood and Tim…..all of you thanks so much for your kind words. Julie and I have had a very hard time and your messages have been a great help.
    Julie and I thank you all so much.


    Condolences, been there all too often. Most recently this summer we had to do the kind thing for our little Yorkie of 12 years, Libbie. Still miss her terribly but can feel her looking over us.

  • Mike VE9KK:

    Good evening Rick and thanks for taking the time to reply, yes our pets do find a very special place in our hearts. We really miss Oliver as he was part of the family as I suspect Libbie was to you.
    73 and take care,

  • DAvid ac9xh:

    Rest in peace Oliver.

    I know also of losing a member of our family .One of our pets. They become more than a pet, they become our companion, friend, protector,guardian,and comforter. I believe our loved ones including pets as spirits will meet us again in the afterlife. Oliver is probably sitting on a some gear waiting for the Day of reunion.

    I owned a guinea Pig and two Rabbits. They shared my hamshack. everyday they kept me company when i was tinkering ,etc. My guinea pig Darwin, would coo when i was on cw. My rabbits bubbers and thor would lay down on the carpet like they were dogs ,relaxed and stretched out until they got bored or until Darwin came up to them and started playing.

    I have several more years ahead of me but im looking forward of reunion in the after life. Our Creator always has a way of touching our hearts with the beauty of his creation even in the form of pets.


  • Mike VE9KK:

    Good afternoon David and thank you very much for the kind words. It truly is my hope to see Oliver on the other side, like you with your pets I too had a very special bond to Oliver.
    Thanks again and have a great upcoming week,

  • Mike VE9KK:

    Good morning Tomas sorry for not responding sooner to your comment but for some reason it was buried within some comments that happens now and then. Thanks very much for your kind words regarding Oliver. Yes it is very true that it’s like loosing a very close member of the family. The Funny thing with Oliver was when we got him 15 years ago, and I was never fond of cats at all I was what they call a dog person…. Golden relievers to be exact. My wife and daughter went to pickup Oliver as a kitten I just stayed home. From the first day he arrived he was allover me and I did not want anything to do with it. Over time, he grew on me (as he NEVER left my side) and I became very fond of him. We became very tight, and he changed my view on cats.
    Maybe CQ and Oliver are having a bit to eat and CQ is giving Oliver the heads up on what I was doing in the room with all the radios.
    73 Tomas and thanks for the comment,

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