RadCom and the IC7300

My RadCom arrived by post today. Unlike in the recent edition of PW, the advertisers were publishing details of the new ICOM radio and were keen to take deposits. Perhaps they have got later data? I quite like the look of the new IC7300 radio, but feel the price will soon fall to £799 or less. I can wait. I may wait to see what the FT817 replacement looks like. A 5W (or maybe 10W) radio would suit my needs better.

The latest RadCom has a review of ICOMs latest flagship radio, the IC7851, selling for around £9000. Does anyone really spend this sort of money on amateur radio gear?  With PSU, tower, big beam and big rotator this implies over £10000 on amateur gear. I suppose some people must spend this sort of money. My FT817 has served me for over 14 years now. To me, this was an investment and I had to give it careful thought.  I wonder how many XYLs are happy for their husbands to spend over £10000 on a hobby?

Each to their own. If you really have that kind of disposable income how you spend it is your decision.

Roger Lapthorn, G3XBM, is a regular contributor to AmateurRadio.com and writes from Cambridge, England.

2 Responses to “RadCom and the IC7300”

  • Harry K7ZOV:

    Your comment about people spending so much for a hobby is one I have discussed with a few people not too long ago. I have a setup that is beyond my wildest dream. You can see on on QRZ.COM.. It has taken me 15 yrs and a whole lot of luck and good timing and tons of trades to get it. To be quite honest that is know way I could pay for the K3 L-Line, KX3 KX-Line, the IC-756PROII and the IC-7000 then or now. That said lots of people do drop a ton of money into their hobbies. I know two people that have well over $12,000 into their fishing hobby…Boat, trailer, motor(s), fishing gear etc. I knew on lady who was a camera nut and love taking photos (film days). She told me that all her cameras, lens, filters and such was well over $15,000…and that was back in the late 1980’s. We live in the mountains and people have a hobby of camping. Not uncommon to see a $250,000 CLASS A motor home that is taken out a few weeks a year and sits the rest of the time…Lots more people have just tents and camping equipment. Sounds low cost. Not really. Tents, sleeping bags, camp stoves and heaters all add up. We have guns in this country and always will. I have known a few gun nuts that have well over $20,000 in guns and ammo for hunting and target shooting. Just another hobby.

    So is ham radio expensive as other hobbies? It can be if the desire is there. However most hams are ….dare I say it? …. Yup CHEAP… And we look for bargains and pre-owned equipment. It is easy to have a QRO station with a huge tower and lots of beams if you have the money and desire to do it, and be happy. You can also have a FT-817 and have a ton of fun and maybe more excitement with each contact, and also be happy.

    Just my observation. Before I got into this massive trading, selling and buying and more trading I had a FT-817 that I got with a blown final and repaired and a TS-450SAT that need TLC. From there I went though well over 100 deals and spent about $1,500 spread over the past 15 years… It can be done. I am waiting for the IC-7300 to come out…Then I will wait a few years and get one..pre-owed and with some sort of trade. I am not only cheap..in reality I really don’t have the money to spend.

    My 2 cents on this…can’t afford much else these days….

  • Frank ON6UU:


    Ever heard about motorcycles, some spend 35.000€ on a Harley, it is their dream. (mine too)

    Don’t compare, the hobby is about radio, most people compare themselves to others and want …more…bigger…more expensive then the guy next door.

    It’s about radio, remember, and how much fun YOU have. And that can be with a 100€ kit or a 12000€ transceiver.

    I’ve known guys who had it all, good transceivers, good antennas and time to be on the radio 24/7 if needed, well they worked it all in a short time, first in SSB, then in CW, then in SSTV, now they don’t even hold a licence anymore, they sold it all, being bored to death since nothing new came up anymore…. .. They were also nothing more then “59ers” …. ..

    Remember…all that counts is the fun you have, be it with a foxx-3 or a Rockmite, be it with a “bigger” radio. As long as it is “fun”.


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