Pofung UV-6R Dual Band Handheld

Pofung UV-6R 136-174MHz & UHF:400-470MHz Dual Band Handheld FM Professional Two-way Radio

Pofung UV-6R


Lots of radio in a small package. Built well and performs well.



Brilliant Easy to read display

The first thing that impressed me aside from the size and quality was the brilliant and easy to read display of this radio. The two line display and the choice of display color make this radio easy to use and navigate through the menu system. The various option for screen color lighting also make the radio easy to read. The fact that the display lighting can be changed to suit the operator is a nice feature.

Superb audio quality

I have to say that after owning a few of the big 3 brand of radios I was thrown back by the outstanding and loud audio this radio has. I was not sure what to expect at first with such a small radio but the audio is outstanding, sounds great and no distortion even at full volume.

Features and Specifications:

  • Dual Band Transceiver
  • Brilliant L.C.D. Display
  • D.C.S. and C.T.C.S.S. encoding
  • VOX function
  • Flashlight/Alarm feature
  • FM radio band receive
  • 128 memory channels
  • Dual watch
  • Menu driven programming
  • Software available for programming (cable sold separately)
  • Drop in Li-On charger
  • 7.4v 1800mah Li-On battery
  • High (5w) and Low (1w) power settings
  • Accessory ports for adding speaker microphone (sold separately)
  • Belt clip ( Soft case also sold separately)
  • Selectable frequency steps
  • Selectable repeater offsets
  • Adjustable squelch via menu
  • Adjustable TOT (Transmission Timer)
  • Cross band receive/transmit
  • Dual VFO
  • Narrow and Wide FM selectable

And much more to even include in features.

The radio itself is great little performer. Battery life on receive is fantastic, battery life on transmit has yet to be determined. Looks rugged and fits nicely in the hand.

For the price of this radio (under $50.00 with free shipping to Canada and U.S.A.) you cannot go wrong for a radio to throw in your shirt pocket or your backpack as a take along radio to listen to N.O.A.A. weather stations, FM stations and monitor local repeaters. Accessories are all about one third each of the cost of the radio, which makes the low price of this radio even more impressive. The small antenna with SMA connector though lacks in receive performance of course, but other antennas can be purchased and used with this radio to get out of those fringe areas.

The Pofung UV-6R is a great introduction to the increasing line of radios on the market. It makes it affordable for the first time user and easy to operate; it also performs well and gets great audio reports into the repeaters. It’s light weight and long battery life make a great emergency radio for that go-kit or to have on hand when needed for that last minute hike.

Fred Lesnick


**** (4 out of 5)

Fred Lesnick, VE3FAL, is a regular contributor to AmateurRadio.com and writes from Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada. Contact him at [email protected].

12 Responses to “Pofung UV-6R Dual Band Handheld”

  • Chris N1WKO:

    I’m stil leaty of the Chinese radios. After the TCF of my Wouxan, I’ve beev scouring eBay for a Yeasu FT-51R. Howevsr, there are a lot of people who swear by the Chinese equipment.

  • Matt W1MST:

    Does this radio have true same-band dual-receive?

    That’s become my must-have feature for my next HT upgrade.

  • Fred VE3FAL:

    Chris I cant argue your comment on being leery. Some of the stuff coming out of the smaller Chinese markets leave lots to be desired, but I find the larger companies like Baofeng(Pofung) are doing a much better job now after allowing reviews, offering free radios for folks to test and review (things smaller Chinese companies refuse to do). I look at it that if I bust this $35.00 radio in the bush I have nothing to lose, vs. wrecking my Kenwood or Yaesu.

  • Fred VE3FAL:

    Matt it is not true dual band receive as in two separate volume controls. It will toggle between the two frequencies in dual watch mode is what it does.
    Last night during the thunderstorms we had, I had one vfo on fire department while listening to the local repeater on the other. They will listen, then when done, continue to monitor between the two.

  • Greg:

    Isn’t it still a UV-5R? Nothing appears to have changed and it is listed as a UV-5R variant: https://baofengtech.com/compare

  • Fred VE3FAL:

    The keyboard and placement of buttons has changed. The guts are probably close to the same radio, but the exterior has changed slightly.
    As well as more options for display colors and lighting. Firmware is also newest firmware.

  • Greg:

    Backlighting colors have always been there… And your review states crossband receive capabilities but Amazon states it’s a semi duplex radio.

    Sorry this review seems like a paid review with little credibility (and simply copy and pasted spec details that match a UV-5R)

    Knowing Baofeng it’s simply what they do best… Rebrand an old product as new

  • ve3fal:

    No paid review at all, no $ incentives here, and my review should have stated dual receive, not cross band receive. I never owned a UV-5R but in my research it states newer features and placement of keys etc.

    It may look like copy and paste, but I have worded much of it as I seen out of the box and simply looked at what and how their description is worded because of the Chinglish issues we see.

    Once again at $39.00 in my backpack or hiking kit, I drop it, break it, falls in the water it is not a huge loss like other models.

  • ve3fal:

    I should also add that this is cross band transmit/receive, not cross band repeat that some might be confusing it with. I can use VFO A on 2 meters and VFO B on 440 and listen on one and transmit on the other just like most other models.

  • pa3fua:

    My UV-6R review with combination of the software is really bad. It does not allow you to save frequencies properly and in the option menu it also does not store what you want. As example trying to store 145.75000 on CH 0 will jump to 430.00000 also setting CTCSS is quit a problem. Whatever you set it jumps to OFF. Seems this radio has been not so well designed on its software part yet. A puxing 888 as example also has a much better receiver on both bands the receiver does not perform well compared to other chinese low budget radios.

    My suggestion stay away from this model if you want to use programming and need good reception.

  • ve3fal:

    PA3FUA I find that interesting as I had no issue at all putting in any programming using the software, the radio taking the commands, or sending the commands back to the software to save. I take this radio with me on hikes and canoe trips and it has no problem hearing NOAA weather stations with the small antenna which if you know how are geography is and distance between major cities/towns is quite remarkable actually.
    I know there are lemons out there from time to time, but mine had no problems and still runs well.

  • ROUSber:

    I am having a problem with my UV-6R. When I start the scan, either VFO frequencies or memories, the scan does not stop on a busy frequency. I can not find the reason, despite re-initialization of the device, and the use of Chirp or Baofeng application. The firmware is the HDBF230 – 16.04. Do you have an idea. a new firmware, maybe.
    Thanks a lot for your help,

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