HAPPY NEW YEAR…..I have a plan

A belated Happy New Year to all the readers of the blog! So now that we are 2 days into the New Year what is the long range forecast for VE3WDM? While we are on the subject of forecast the weather up this way has been to say the least DAM COLD!! There does not seem to be a break anytime soon with the forecast this weekend temp's are to be in around -30 with the windchill.  Lets warms things up with some 2018 plans. This year Julie and agreed that it's the year to cut back starting with our cable TV that can run way over 125.00 per month. I purchased a small HD antenna and am able to pickup (for free) close to 30 channels. This week the cable company will be getting a disappointing call with our cancellation. We also have Apple TV 4k and pay a minimum for Netflicks and Crave TV. The other cord we are cutting is the eating out which we are planning on moving to only once a month as eating at home is cheaper and can be healthier as well. Regarding ham radio I have all I need and some but my plan this year is to get on the radio and pound out some CW! With the conditions not being so great I have still been able to make contacts both here in North America and over seas.  I worked dam hard over the years to learn CW and get my speed up and it's like a language that if you don't use it you loose it. I am also set up for the digi modes just to change things up a bit. Finally with less TV and going out it looks like I am going to catch up on my ham radio  reading. These are not drum roll type plans for the New Year but it's a start!
Mike Weir, VE9KK, is a regular contributor to AmateurRadio.com and writes from New Brunswick, Canada. Contact him at [email protected].

8 Responses to “HAPPY NEW YEAR…..I have a plan”

  • Dan Reynolds KB9JLO:

    What antenna did you get?

  • Mike VE3WDM:

    Good morning Dan, I live in a condo in the city at about 60feet. With a very small foot print for a balcony I purchased the MFJ 1788. I have had it for 4 years now without any issues.
    Thanks for stopping by Dan

  • W3MSH:

    I recently semi-“cut the cord” on cable TV.

    Tired of negotiating the cost of unwanted channels and converters/local DVR’s!

    Now only have a data plan plus Sling TV at $30.00/month for three concurrent streams (including my Android devices away from home) plus 50 hours of cloud DVR.

    Saved me $150.00 per month!

    Thanks for the post, Mike!



  • mike ve3wdm:

    Good evening Bill, nice to hear from you and we just called last evening and cancelled the cable and they tried and tried to get us a deal to stay……but like you we are tired of paying the price for channels that we don’t watch. We don’t get Sling up this way yet but we do have Netflicks and Crave TV.
    Have a good weekend Bill

  • Harry K7ZOV:

    Happy New Year to you and yours…. Hope it is a great one.

    As far as TV goes, being in the mountains of AZ we recently just got two HDTV so that is still limited. So I went to Amazon and paid $30 for a Android/KODI TV box. Added Mobdro, Show Box, Terrarium and Sling to it. Stating this month, instead of paying $80 for Direct TV I will be paying only $25/mo (for Sling) and have almost what I had before. Actually a lot more since I will also have the free streaming movies and past and present TV shows. Cable and Sat TV has prices itself out of this house. Besides I spend more time on the air anyway. Wife likes the Food Network and a few others, and we like watching TV shows with no damn commercials. Plus the added movies for free. No need for Netflex or Amazon or Hulu etc.

    Looking forward to reading your blog and when I can commenting. You always have a interesting one.

    Take care and stay warm.

    73 Harry K7ZOV

  • mike ve3wdm:

    Good evening Harry very nice to hear from you and I hope you are not in this deep cold as we are! Today with the wind chill it was -32 and this eve it’s suppose to get down to -35 or more!!!!! Have said that seems more people I talk to the more have move away from cable and Sat TV. As for Sling TV it’s very hard to get it up here in Canada you have to have an Americain address, credit card and then use a VPN to make Sling think you are in the U.S…..way to much hassle! It would be nice if they were up here but maybe in time. So it’s netflicks and local Crave TV and the trusty HD TV antenna. Like you I am going to get on the radio more and Julie loves the series on Netflicks, it will take some getting used to but in time all will work out.
    Harry have a great weekend and all this extra non TV time may allow me to post more as well…..:))

  • Harry K7ZOV:


    Google Kodi… It will run on a PC or Android very nicely. Add COVENANT. This is the new EXODUS… What does that do? A lot. Gives you lots and lots and lots of movies. First run in many cases. It also gives you all the TV programs going back to the first season up to today. My wife got hook on seeing all of the Games of Thrones and now the Vikings series, among others. Unedited and commercial free. We had a PC hooked to our TV in the living room using the HDMI for about 2 yrs. The Android box has KODI with EXODUS pre-installed. It sure beats cable and beats Direct TV Satellite.

    Speaking of which, I have a VHF and a UHF egg beater antenna on the roof. They are hooked to a Kenwoon TS-711 and TS-811 all mode VHF and UHF transceiver. I am about to attempt making SAT QSO’s. I figure people are doing it with a simple FT-817 I should be able to also. You might want to make a home made dual band egg beater antenna and stick it out the window near you loop. This might open up a new world of fun for you (and more blog stories).

    BTW the weather here has been mild. In the teens in the morning and about 10 degree C at noon. No snow. We usually have snow late October and early November. This year nothing. Next week, mid week a 30% chance. Being at 6,800 ft (I guess that is about 2,000 meters) and lots and lots of pine trees and lakes, means snow = life = full lakes = low fire danger. Right now that is now what we have. Kind of scary. Meanwhile the rest of the Nation is stealing out snow. They can keep the cold, but let us have some of he white stuff.

    Take care and be warm. Happy dxing

    73 Harry

  • Mike VE3WDM:

    Good evening Harry, WOW you sure are setup with entertainment and I had a smile on my face as I read the shows your wife was watching are the same as mine as well. As for VHF and UHF I have never dabbled with that, we are on the 6th floor with south exposure. Good thing is the antenna is small and portable but I will have to do some reading to see what it’s all about and what is needed radio wise? Watched the weather this evening and next week we are headed up to -2C and all the way up to 0 so warmer weather is on the horizon.
    73 Harry and have a great weekend.

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