Ham Radio Needs a Super Hero!

What if we had a super hero for ham radio? Many hams are sci-fi fans and love movies and TV shows like Star Trek, Star Wars, Superman and all those other great gadget filled plots. Who hasn’t grown up dreaming of flying to the rescue of the world?


Wanted: Super Hero (tks to Wiki Commons)

If we were to design our own super hero, what would be the unique abilities and powers that he or she would have? Imagine the cw speed that a super hero could handle while building a surface mount kit using heat vision or x-rays. Hmmmm…. Antenna man? Sparks? Capt. Hertz? Contester Supremo? Commander QRP? Elmer? What would we call this super hero?

It’s your chance to sound off… let’s hear your thoughts. Leave a comment and dream on…

Kelly McClelland, K4UPG, is a regular contributor to AmateurRadio.com and writes from Florida, USA. Contact him at [email protected].

4 Responses to “Ham Radio Needs a Super Hero!”

  • Andrew, W8FI:

    They appear like an army of barbarians upon a hill top and remain still as if they had always been there. The fog around them hides their faces but there are there, standing tall. The initiative of the mind fails when terrorized and tormented by such spurious existences.

    Are there less? Are there more? What time of day is it…? Have I seen them before?

    Logic and reason fallen short, all resources and mental faculties exhausted. Resolve grows weak as the demons continue to reverberate, resona–


    Louder than bacon frying on the Sun, no ordinary man lunges through the door wielding a blue wand of fire, and some strange wooden thing that looks like it was made in the 16th century. With a flash of foil and spin of a coil he slays the exactors of anguish, silencing them forever.

    “Behold! The birdies of aether will bother you no more!”

    Holstering his Leatherman and jaunting for the door he pauses and looks as if thoughts propagated to his mind. He responds,

    “They call me Eddie Electron.”

  • Matt W1MST:

    Andrew, I think we need an artistically gifted reader to create a visual representation of Eddie!

  • Jarn0 - PA3DMI:

    How about Lieutenant Beam ….

    The Dipole Duo [ yep let’s make 2 ]

    Wave … just Wave

    Dame Duplex …

    The Yagi girls [ sounds more like Manga 🙂 ]

    The Tube Twins

    The Coil couple

    The Spurious boys [ the bad guys ]

    Professor Henry [ some old and wise guy ]

    The Handy Hoods [ bad guys but not to bad ]

    I can see the grafics before me 🙂


  • Kelly K4UPG:

    HA! I tried for 3 hrs to create a graphic using an online hero generator, but for some reason my software cuts the head off the hero image no matter how I tried to fix it. Figured I had more productive things to do, but there are some cool online tools to make Eddie Electron come to life!


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