Global Overlay Mapper ham radio mapping suite gets major update


The Global Overlay Mapper has been around for some years. The previous version was built as a series of browser pages within a Windows shell, and reached the end of its life once Window introduced ‘User Account Control’, making remote updating too difficult. At the time I was away from Ireland, back-packing around the world as a pro-travel photographer ( for 8 years.

Now back home again, I decided to completely re-write the Global Overlay Mapper as a proper Windows program that was compatible with Win 7, 8, and 10. Its 38 maps were updated to include all the new countries, prefixes, flags, and IOTA entities. (The Global Overlay Mapper is the only ham map-suite that displays all IOTA entities.) As a proper Windows program, I could now add a variety of features that I’d been planning for some time. You can now geocode a Cabrillo or ADIF log – in other words, you can add positions to each QSO and then plot your log on a map, thanks to the nice guys at HamQTH.Com. You can plot lists of positions or Maidenhead Locators. You can see, display, and plot callbook information. You can see real-time NCDXF Beacon transmission schedules, and plot the beacons.

The Global Overlay Mapper is ideal for every ham, no matter where their special field of interest might be. The local ragchewer, the HF and VHF dxer, International or Local Contester, Field Day Team, Emergency Communications Specialist, DXCC and Award Hunter, IOTA expeditioner; all will find the Global Overlay Mapper an important tool for everyday use. The Global Overlay Mapper is now shareware – it works for 30 days, then requires registration, which costs just USD15. If you registered a previous version, you can upgrade for just USD5.

To find out more, and download your copy, please visit:

Tim Makins, EI8IC, is a special contributor to Contact him at [email protected].

11 Responses to “Global Overlay Mapper ham radio mapping suite gets major update”

  • Larry Springsteen WB8LBZ:

    Hi Tim,
    This looks interesting. I can use PayPal for the fees – all good stuff. I am downloading it right now and will be testing it this weekend.

    73, Larry WB8LBZ

  • teodoro jaramillo HC5K:

    Read with real pleasure your News’letter and topics are the very best
    and such a variety on our wide world Hobby…and challenges with times
    changing so much…..Congrats…

    Favor info….how do we download the new world MAp ,and will love to
    downloaded and pay for it if any and have it printted in a large
    size for the WALL and be up to date… with all the INFO.Thanks
    for Help and again Congrats for the Work publishing such useful material.

    73 Ted Hc5k/kg4lrj

  • ted HC5K:

    Need HELP to be able to download and PRINT for a couple of friends
    here in the Local Club.

    I have been unable to download print and or place it on a Memory for
    I will be great to have it LIVE in the SHack…!!!.
    Please HELP


    Ted Hc5k

  • Tim Makins EI8IC:

    Hi Ted – thanks for your interest in my products. The Global Overlay Mapper is an active product – the maps on the screen and the information that you get from them are constantly changing, and as such, its not really suitable for printing a fixed and stable view for long-term observation. By capturing a view of the maps, you are missing the whole idea behind the product: to provide a quick acting and dynamic tool to assist the ham operator understand his hobby more clearly.

    However, that said, if you did want to print a particular screen-view, the easiest method, as mentioned on the ‘Help > Printing’ page of the comprehensive ‘Help and Information Guide’, is to do a screen-capture by pressing the ‘PrintScreen’ button on your keyboard. This will put the current screen image on to the system Clipboard. You can then open a suitable Graphics program, paste the clipboard into a new image, and print using the Graphics program’s facilities. Please note that the Global Overlay Mapper License does NOT allow you to publish or share any screen captures without specific permission from me.

    73s Tim EI8IC.

  • Terry GM4PSL:

    Very interested in your maps. With regard to the 2015 major update: does it reflect dxcc calsign changes, such as Bosnia NOW being E7 and longer T9?


    Terry GM4PSL

  • Terry GM4PSL:

    Apologies for my redundant earlier mail -seems that my question in answered in the header text regarding callsign updates.


    Terry GM4PSL

  • KC6BST:

    Dear Sir: I signed up along time ago. Is another fee still required. I forgot my pass word and log in. My email has changed since years ago.


    Bill White

  • Bill White:

    Dear Tim: You ask me for my old email but I cannot remember it to confirm my purchase of the old maps. Is there
    anything else you can ask me to confirm. I believe I included my call sign at the time of purchase.


    Bill White


  • Michael Aust:

    On 3-28-2022
    Set $24USD via PayPal for Global Overlay Mapper v5
    got a password, tried many times

    Specified a Username on your website
    and never get a password back from your Server

    Are you still alive or is this a site dead to auto send out ways to activate your mapping program 73 Mike WB6DJI

    Will ask for a PayPal refund if I cannot register program

  • Tim Makins EI8IC:

    Good grief,man. Hold your horses! You make a purchase at 5 o’clock in the morning, there is a payment problem, and an hour and a half later you are leaving messages all over the internet as if the world is coming to an end. Of course the site is still working, but I am not online 24 hours a day! I am awake now, at 8 o’clock, and have sent an email to you.

    Tim EI8IC

  • Tim Makins EI8IC:

    By the way, if anyone wants to talk to me (and its always nice to get comments and suggestions about my programs) please DO NOT LEAVE MESSAGES HERE as I am unlikely to see them. I haven’t been to this page in 5 years. Just send me an email. The address is on my website.

    Tim EI8IC

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