Arrival of new antenna

The End-fed antenna I have now is the W1SFR KX3 helper End-fed antenna. It's a great antenna and is working nicely. It is very well-made along with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, I have been very happy with mine and have used it without issue as a full time antenna. So with all this positive feedback why am I looking at and purchased another End-fed antenna? The W1SFR has a maximum rating of 100 watts. With my digital operations I have to be mindful that my End-fed is only rated at 100 watts max and I imagine that is an SSB rating. The other "thing" is the W1SFR uses the coax shield as the counterpoise and it has been causing me some grief at my  home station, some lights and our washing machine. I wanted to stay with an End-fed antenna as it fits on my property nicely and over all I am very happy with the performance of the End-fed type antenna. The antenna I decided on is from Ultimax Antennas and it's their Ultimax DXtreme, their 33 foot model. You can order the Ultimax antenna with lengths from 33-124 feet. I chose the 33 foot model as it just fits my property nicely, it would be great to go for something longer but at this time I am going with easy and convenient.
On the Ultimax site it says that the DXtreme antenna covers 6m to 160m and that ALL DXtreme models are of a different design that work most efficiently with the length of wire it is sold with. This End-fed antenna has a rating of 2kw which is more than enough of a buffer for me. Unlike the W1SFR End-fed antenna the DXtreme has provision for a counterpoise. I ordered the counterpoise that Ultimax offers for their antennas. As with most End-fed antennas an antenna tuner in needed and I have my new LDG AT200proII. I will be interested to see if I can get the antenna to tune on 80m! I would imagine the bandwidth may be narrow but that is where the AT-200proII tuner comes into the picture with its ability to call up a memory tune in no time.
The DXtreme antenna arrived here last week but the weather has not been co-operative for me to install the antenna. I don't want to rush the installation as some heights are involved and at my age, I don't bounce very well anymore!
Mike Weir, VE9KK, is a regular contributor to and writes from New Brunswick, Canada. Contact him at [email protected].

7 Responses to “Arrival of new antenna”

  • Steve Roberts:

    Hi Mike and thanks for mentioning my KX3Helper End fed antenna! As we all know, grounding an antenna has a lot to do with reducing noise. With the limited length of the feedline (25′ suggested minimum) that can be an issue especially if the antenna is used in a static location at home. It’s really designed to be used as a mobile antenna…easily deployed without any additional radials, counterpoises etc.

    I have found that by adding a counterpoise of 50 to 100′ helps a great deal with operating on 40 and 80m. I’ve added counterpoise studs to some by request and I have a permanent antenna at my cabin and have added a 100′ counterpoise mainly because the feedline is off the ground and is not great as a counterpoise.

    You should see some improvement in noise reduction and 40/80 meters with your new antenna. Good luck!

    Steve, W1SFR

  • George va3get:

    Mike, you could use a longer wire, down one side of the property, across & back up the other side.

  • Mike ve9kk:

    Good evening Steve and very nice to hear from you, yes your antenna is fantastic and I have had no issues with the antenna at all. I have posted many times with the great results I have had with this antenna. This new antenna I hope will get me on 80 meters. I had no idea that you also provide a counterpoise connection on your End-fed antenna. I agree that it really is meant for outings and you toss a line into a tree and your on the air in no time. I have done this many times with my KX3 and it worked great for me. This was the main reason I deployed it here as my antenna. I am concerned with my digital operations and I don’t want to overdrive the End-fed. Steve thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and come summer I will be exploring my new province and bring along my KX3 and your great KX3 Helper End-fed antenna.

  • Mike ve9kk:

    Good evening George and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, this is very true and is a great idea. This fall we had lots of work being done in and around the house. We had windows being replaced and a roof being shingled. Along with a few other reno’s, I did not want to have a long wire that was either in the way or had to be taken down and put back up again.
    Have a great week George,

  • Dave. N6XJP:

    Mike….seems I’ve been using End Feds for quite some time with very good success. And yes, the counterpoise makes a big difference. But. We are both retired now (XYL KD6OTI), and have relocated to an HOA. I used to have a 65 footer up a 75 foot pine. But alas, the highest I can get anything now is 8 feet – at the eaves – and sloping down to a fence of about five feet. Yup. Near horizontal, close to the ground, and if it gets out at all, it’s pretty nearly NVIS. The counterpoise is only a couple meters below it at the feed point. Thought about feeding it from the far end, but that would call for about 100 plus feet of RG8X. Thinking about a “V” shaped double counterpoise fanning out from the feed…say 30-45 degrees either side of the antenna. To maybe encourage a lower takeoff angle. Anyone have any thoughts on that…I plan to try it this weekend. Best to all.

  • Mike ve9kk:

    Good morning Dave, sorry to hear the location of the End-fed is not working all that well. With mine itis at one end about 20 feet max in the air mounted on a tree and at the other end about 7 feet off the ground and it attached to my shed via a pole. I hope you get some answers from the group who reads this post. Maybe I will post again with the content of your issue (if that is ok with you) you may get more readers as it’s a new post. I would imagine there is someone out there who has an answer to at least get you up and going?

  • Santiago HI8SMX:

    Would be following this post to hear the results. I´m in planning on bying one myself and would loke to hear your results.

    Santiago, HI8SMX

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