A wonderful surprise

A couple of weeks ago I received an email to inform me that a 5lb package was on its way to me by UPS from Elecraft. As I had not ordered a KX3 or indeed anything else from Elecraft recently I wondered if I was the winner of a competition I had forgotten about or whether it was just my lucky day. I accepted the explanation from Elecraft Sales that it was just finger trouble at their end – those drop-down auto-complete lists can sometimes be a bit too helpful – and thought no more about it.

This morning the postman knocked on the door and handed over a package that looked as if it weighed about 5 pounds…

KX3 S/N 110

Actually it was not a complete surprise as by then I had been let into the secret. A fellow Elecraft reflector subscriber, blog follower and someone with whom I have often corresponded about Elecraft and other matters (who wishes to remain anonymous) suggested to Elecraft that, in his words, “in appreciation for all of your constructive criticisms and suggestions over the years of how to improve Elecraft (and other) ham radio products that a fully accessorized KX-3 arriving on your doorstep would be a pleasant surprise.” It was, you better believe it!

Wayne and Eric were in on the conspiracy, as was a friend of my benefactor who was passing through the UK on his way home from the US and carried the radio across the Atlantic in his hand luggage before consigning it to the Royal Mail for the final leg of its journey.

I can hardly find the words to describe how delighted I am at this wonderful surprise. As I have written before, I didn’t want to even think about ordering a KX3 until orders were being fulfilled off-the-shelf because my health situation makes it impossible to plan very far ahead. My wish is to “beat the bugger” and survive as long as possible, but having a brain tumour is like having a time-bomb in your head with no idea what the fuse is set to.

A trio of Elecrafts

For the time being, Elecraft KX3 serial number 110 joins its two older siblings: K3 s/n 222 and K2 s/n 392 in my shack. But it will be a constant reminder and incentive to get fit and well enough for some QRPTTF operation. Thanks to everyone involved in sending me this wonderful little radio.

Julian Moss, G4ILO, is a regular contributor to AmateurRadio.com and writes from Cumbria, England. Contact him at [email protected].

12 Responses to “A wonderful surprise”

  • k8gu:

    Wonderful! You deserve it.

  • k7zov harry:

    I second that…You deserve it….Can hardly wait to hear your report.

    Thank you Elecraft …


  • Mike G4KXQ:

    Wish all my premonitions came true. I’d do the lottery every week.

    Great news I’m looking forward to your blogs whilst I save up.


  • Chris Meisenzahl (K9ROC):


  • Matt W1MST:

    Julian, that’s an amazing and truly inspiring story. I am always impressed by the generosity of our fellow hams. But it’s also proof of the gigantic contribution you’ve made to our hobby through your writing.

  • Geoff, K6TFZ:

    Good for you, Julian. You have given so much to the amateur radio community and they have remembered you. I always read your quips and pieces. Keep up the great attitude and beat that bugger. Geoff

  • Cliff Fox KU4GW:

    Congratulations Julian! I had something similar happen to me recently that I wanted to share with you in that I also recently received a QRP rig as a gift! Not as nice as a KX3, but just as much appreciated! I was talking to one of my friends WD4CWE on 3.895 LSB back on Saturday April 21st and was telling Don that I had sold my Yaesu DVS-2 digital voice recorder for 145 dollars in hopes of buying a QRP rig for QRPTTF ops, but as Murphy’s Law almost always prevails I wound up with only 65 dollars after having to buy new disc brake pads and rotors for my daughter’s car. Well, I had sat up all night on the following Monday night and was dreading waking up because I just knew I was going to be very depressed due to April 24th being the 1 month anniversary of my dear wife of 27 years, Irene’s untimely death at age 48 due to a pulmonary embolism. Around lunch time on April 24th my daughter Elizabeth woke me up and said “Hey Dad! Do you know someone from Dolly Parton Parkway in Sevierville, Tennessee?” to which I replied “Yes! That’s where Ten-Tec is!” and Liz said “What’s that?” and I told her that it was Tennessee Technical and then she said “Well, the UPS man just dropped off a box for you from there.” and I said “Well, bring it in here and open it!” She did and inside was a brand new Ten-Tec R4020 2 band QRP radio! I looked at the invoice in the box and written on it was “Mr. Fox – A Gift For You From Your Friends on 3.895” Can you believe those guys! They set me up with a new QRP rig! I’m tickled half to death! Whoever was a part of sending me this rig I want to thank from the bottom of my heart! It could not have arrived at a better time and it sure cheered me up on a day I was dreading! Anyway Julian, I wanted to share that with you! There are a lot of good caring hams out there and you and I both have been the beneficiaries of their kindness! I hope that you get many years of enjoyment from your new KX3! I will keep you in my prayers in hope that God will heal your tumor. I too have a incurable blood cancer called multiple myeloma (MM) that I have fought and survived for 5 years now. This cancer is what disabled me by getting in the bone marrow in my spine and giving me severe osteoporosis in the vertebrae in my spine. My MM is in remission now after having a autologous stem cell transplant, but I still must take a so called “maintenance” drug called revlimid 21 of every 28 days to keep the cancer at bay and so far so good, it is working! Wow! We sure do have a few things in common! God bless you my friend and I hope to work your station sometime in the near future! Enjoy that KX3 you lucky dog you!

    Very 73/72!
    Cliff – KU4GW

  • Greg K7YDL:

    Congratulations! A gift well deserved.

    I’m truly impressed with the thoughtfulness of Elecraft… may their success continue!


  • Wade KJ4WS:

    The same thing happened to me with the Tennessee Phone Net and the Southern Country Cousins. After volunteering to call the Tennessee Net. Several folks found that they could not hear my little station when thunderstorms were making their noise. I am a disabled person and there was no way that an Amplifier was within my budget but, I sure got one. Jerry/KB4VEL made contact with me and ask if I would be available anytime on the next Sunday for a visit. He mentioned that he would stop by with a vintage Heathkit SB-201 Amp which had been donated to me by the members of the Southern Country Cousins.( 3970 Khz.) The state of Tennessee isn’t very tall but, it sure is wide. Jerry drove from Alcoa,Tennessee to Columbia,Tennessee ( about 500 miles round trip ) to bring me the Amplifier. What came out of the trunk of his car was a beautiful sight for me. It was a very pampered 10 out of 10 Heathkit Amplifier that looked like the builder had just completed it. I tried to at least pay for fuel for the trip but, Jerry would not hear of it. Ham radio operators are constantly going out of there way to help people in need. So, Thanks Country Cousins, and Cousin Jerry! You can now hear my station most stormy Wednesday evenings at 6:30 Central calling the Tennessee Phone Net on 3980 Khz. And then again at 8:00 pm Central with my check in to the Southern Country Cousins ( 3970 Khz ) Thank You, to all the folks who helped me in such a generous way, you know who you are.
    73 de Wade/KJ4WS

  • Robin, N6RLS:

    Congratulations and best wishes, Julian. Elecraft (as you know) is a great company and it’s so cool of them to reward all your efforts toward them (and others…) Enkoy that KX3 and, as we used to say in the 1970’s, “Keep on truckin’!!”

    Robin, N6rls
    Berkeley, CA

  • Andy KD4UKW:

    Bravo to all involved! Julian, who knows how many posts you have made to the Elecraft reflector over the years… must be at least 5000??

  • sergio - pu2sub:

    Congratulations! A gift well deserved 73

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