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A summer outside

During the week I took a trip with 3 other members of the Workington Amateur Radio Club ( to the Furness Amateur Radio Club. A short hours drive away courtesy of Barry, G0RZI. There was a 2 pronged attack on their club, firstly Glyn M0UXH gave the low legendary power supplies presentation (legendary as it has the dubious honour of being the most postponed talk at the club) and my chat about what we do as a club with a hot soldering iron.

What struck me is what might be a common theme for clubs, not just with amateur radio, but the fact that we can all get a bit stale. What also struck me was that we have a similar demographic. Some really talented, clever people who can design and build stuff without batting an eyelid. Some (and I include myself in this) enthusiastic but short on skills and experience, and those that just like to use stuff.

I shared our experiences with building the Radio Kits digital power and SWR meter, the Ultimate 3 kit from Hans Summers and my experiences with Arduino’s. The latter included the great stuff being done by K3NG (Radio Artisan bloke) and those that support his work in producing kits and PCB’s. I was pleased to see that I wasn’t the only one who has an interest in the ‘Maker’ fraternity and that tinkering is alive and well in Cumbria.

In between all this mucking about I do occasionally operate. But owing the excellent summer we’ve had I prefer to be outside, in fact I should be out on my MTB today but I’ve got a 10k race on Tuesday and don’t fancy doing it after an ‘off’. This weekend is the Cumbria Raynet support to the SBU 35 trail race from Bassenthwaite to St Bees over Honister. First one home in about 5hrs 30mins and the last around 12 hours. A long day for us but nothing compared to the competitors. Maybe I’ll do it next year. Maybe I’ll make use of Ennerdale Brewery instead, the summer ale was great.

After that it is most definitely heading for Autumn and time to bring out the mic, soldering iron and broken PCB’s. Looking forward to it already!

BEC Fab Lab

Not strictly Ham Radio but worthy of a mention, I dropped into the BEC Fab Lab today to talk to them about laser cutting some cases for our clubs summer build. We’ll be doing something simple this year ( the Hans Summers, GoUPL Ultimate QRSS kit v3 – mine is on order) and I’m keen to tie in what we do with them as we could use their services and they could potentially open up amateur radio to a wider audience.

I was really impressed and can’t wait to get my hands on their 3d printer, I just don’t know what I ought to print…perhaps a callsign badge

BEC Fab Lab

Christmas is coming….

No, I’m not expecting any new radio related ironmongery or a new rig. Especially as this week seems to have cost me a small fortune ( I had to buy a new car but that’s another story). Bust Christmas can give you a little bit extra, time that is.

I’ve only planned on doing 2 things, one is to activate the clubs callsign MX0WRC on Sunday, something that hasn’t been head on the air for a while. After refurbishing the shack the temporary antenna came down in the strong winds we regularly get so a Delta Loop will be helping us out. The plan is to show a few of the more novice operator how to use the clubs kit in the warmth. So if you hear a feint CQ from far off Cumbria then please call back. You may make a novice’s day.

The other little job will be to give away a few points in the RSGB VHF Christmas Cumulative contest. I’ve long lamented about the poor VHF signals that make it into St Bees but with a fair breeze I should work a few stations further afield than GD land (about 40 miles across the Irish sea). I’ll probably do it from the house so the QSO’s will be less than 10 but hey its only a bit of fun.

So If I don’t hear you or work you on Sunday then I hope to try again between 26th December and the 29th December for some armchair operating. Tea and biscuits at the ready!

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