SIM31 again

I tried SIM31 again, and it sounds familiar like PSK31 and it is a way. But it uses FEC (Forward Error Correction) and it copied signals very well. Much better than PSK31. Good for QRP work. You also can run the software in automatic mode. First I thought, why should I make a contact with a computer. But I did. Today I worked RA3AL/QRP (see photo of his shack) running 1 watt and I was using 5 Watts on 20 meter. Perfect qso. Also worked RN9AZ Asiatic Russia 3500 km. I wonder what the mode will do on 2 or 6 meters. So, when you are in for something new, try SIM31.


Today I made my first SIM31 QSO. It took a while before I understood the possibilities of the software. (Het kwartje is gevallen ;-) ) My first qso was with an automatic station CT4KO/QRP on 20 meters. After him I worked SP3AMZ. You have to work with the newest software release. I use now version 6763. It’s nice to try this new software on several bands, to find out how it works. You can find more information & last release on the web site of ON4NB.

Does it work?

With WSPR I got good reception reports, e.g. Australia on 20 meter, but I was spotted nowhere. Very strange. Yesterday the same. I was doubting the antenna wasn't okay, but the reception was good. I don't know why they didn't hear me with WSPR. The clock is OK. With JT9 I was heard. And I made a qso with EA7AH with 2 watts. So there's nothing wrong with the antenna.

Vacation time is coming

I got a mail from Harry PA3CWQ about his vacation adventures with the FT817 and Alex Loop. He wrote:

It gives me a lot of fun working QRP in digital mode like JT65HF during my Holiday’s and also from my QTH of course. In May I was in Spain near Moraira Costa Blanca in JM08BR. I am always traveling with my qrp-rig, the Yeasu FT-817 (with a little accu) and my Alex loop. This loop gives me a lot of fun, only a little bag in my suitcase and I am qrv from 10 to 40 meter. I was calling cq on 14.076 MHz with 5 watt and John VK7XX was coming back for me. That gives me a lot of fun, tnx John.

Harry PA3CWQ

The Alex Loop seems to be a great travelling antenna. Maybe I should buy one.

The PAØ call

Several years ago I changed my old call sign PAØPSY (and my first one) into PC4T and a few others. (PA9B | PH0TO) but they changed suddenly the rules. When changed you can't get the old call sign back. WTF. If I had known I would not have changed my call sign. Now they will withdraw this rule. At the end of this year I can go back to my first and old call sign again. [link]

Next question: should I? I made a lot of contacts with the PC4T call sign, also they know me by blogging. And now everyone can get a PAØ call sign, it's not special any more. So I tend to stick to the PC4T call sign.

Still in


It was hard to make a CW or JT65 contact this morning. Sounds like 2008. With less sunspots. I heard a weak CW station on 14060 KHz, but he was jammed by 2 other stations. Why? Anyway, I could make 2 qso's with PSK-31 (YO2UH and EA5ICP) on 20 meter

Yesterday I made 3 CW qso's. On 30m OM4KW and on 20 m OK2KN and Z63ZED. Maybe later on this day I will try my luck.

40 meter band

Monitoring 40 meter band at 10.30 UTC.

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