Remote Operations – ETH083

Remote Operations - ETH083

In this episode we talk with Ria Jairam, N2RJ, again. I had Ria on my podcast back in episode 76 where we talked about Software Defined Radios. This time around, we talk about Remote Operations.

Remote operations has come a long way in the past 20 years or so. I have heard about people having a remote site 10-15 years ago, but their setups is a lot harder to make. Now, you can do it with just a Radio and an internet connection. Well you might need some wires and stuff too but…

Remote Operations using a FlexRadio System

Ria was kind enough to let me use her station last week remotely. Ria lives in New Jersy and I live in Texas. While I was using it I made my first HF contact in probably 15 years to a gentleman in TN and another one from IL. So basically I was talking from Texas to New Jersey to Tennessee and Illinois.


Technology has advanced so far and makes working remotely a lot easier. I recently listened to an episode of the Hamradio 360: Workbench podcast where George was talking with Michael VA3MW about his setup. The reason that he did remote operations was because he lived in the city and his noise floor was way up, but he had another piece of property, a family cabin if I’m not mistaken, that he setup his station at and was able to connect remotely to it from his home.

The reasons for operating a station remotely are vast.

  • You live in an HOA or another antenna restricted location.
  • You live in a retirement home but you still want to make those DX contacts.
  • You live somewhere that has a high noise floor and you couldn’t make a contact even if you had an awesome setup
  • Maybe you can’t afford a $1000+ HF setup, you can RENT the use of a remote station.

Listen to the episode and check out the show notes


ETH081 – Flying Around the World with Brian Lloyd

ETH081 - Flying Around the World

I’m sure that all of you have heard about Amelia Earhart and how she wanted to become the first woman to fly solo around the world. On June 1, 1937, she and her navigator took off from an airport in Florida and attempted to do just that. She however didn’t make it, but she came close. Her plane disappeared somewhere in the Pacific ocean.

Eighty years later, Brian Lloyd, WB6RQN, decided that he would attempt to fly around the world solo following(for the most part) her historic flight. Thankfully, Brian made it home back here to Texas, however it wasn’t without it’s problems.

In this episode of the Everything Ham Radio Podcast, we talk with Brian about his trip We talk about all the highs and lows, about all the awesome people that helped him along the way and generally about his adventure.

Give this episode a listen, I had a great time talking with Brian and I hope that you enjoy listening in on our conversation. You can find the show notes for the episode as well as listen to it at:

Amateur TV with Tom O’Hara, W6ORG – ETH080

Amateur TV with Tom O'Hara - Everything Ham Radio Podcast Ep 80

Have you ever wanted to be in a movie? Or maybe on TV? Well while you can make your own movie and you could be on a TV, you probably won’t be on commercial TV. However you can be on Amateur TV.

In this episode I talk with Tom O’Hara, W6ORG. Tom has been a ham for a while and had a successful ATV business for  over 50 years!! He retired and shut his business down at the end of 2014, but that hasn’t stopped him from working with Amateur TV!

Listen to this episode to find out more about Amateur TV and about Tom:

System Fusion DR-2X Repeater, Solar Eclipse and More – ETH079

In this episode we talk about the Yaesu System Fusion DR-2X repeater, the upcoming Solar Eclipse and more.

There is some interesting new features on the DR-2X repeater over the DR-1X that came out a couple years ago, but there is also something that it doesn’t have. Some of these features, I wish that we had on our club repeater, but those features are not enough for us to go out and buy this version.

There are a lot of special event stations that are going to be on the air around August 21st this year when the full solar eclipse occurs. This is the first time since 1918 that a full solar eclipse has gone from one side of the US to the other. I unfortunately am to far south to the see the full eclipse, but I should get about a 75% one here in the DFW area.

We also talk about some other stuff, but you are going to have to check out the show notes and listen to the episode to find out what that is.

73s de Curtis, K5CLM

RepeaterBook – A FREE Online Repeater Directory – ETH078

ETH078 - RepeaterBook

In this episode of the Everything Ham Radio Podcast, we talk with Garrett Dow, KD6KPC, the creator of RepeaterBook is a free online repeater directory that covers all of the US and Canada as well as several other countries around the world.

You can use RepeaterBook directly from its website, or through its app. You can find the app on IOS, Android and Kindle. RepeaterBook has done a great job on getting and maintaining the information of about 35,000 repeaters thank in a large part to about 95 admins that maintain the records in their assigned areas and from the ham community at large.

Make sure you give the interview a listen and check out the show notes.

Kickin It With the HR360 Workbench Crew – ETH077

ETH077 - HR360 Workbench Crew

If any of yall listen to the Hamradio 360: Workbench podcast then you will know the names George and Jeremy. They are the host of that podcast and some good friends of mine. Several episodes ago they talked about some miniature data radios and some uses for them. I had some questions about it so I thought what better than to do that to come on and talk about them on an episode so that yall can hear them too.

I got all my questions answered, Thanks George!

We went on to talk about their podcast and things that they had been doing and even an upcoming show topic and then wrapped it up with their thoughts on how Hamvention was this year and what they thought about the new venue.

I think we had a great conversation and I hope yall do to.

Check out the show notes for information about the episode, links to all the items that we talked about and other information. You can also listen to the episode directly on the website or on your favorite podcast listening app.

Software Defined Radios with Ria Jairam, N2RJ – ETH076

In this episode we talk about Software Defined Radios Everything Ham Radio Podcast Logowith Ria Jairam, N2RJ. Ria has been a ham since she was a teenager but we won’t say how old she is now, that just wouldn’t be right. She is very knowledgeable about amateur radio, as well as IT topics as that is what she does for a living. She is another example of how amateur radio can help you in your professional career, because she was able to find and get her job through her amateur radio contacts.

We start out by giving just a general overview of what software defined radio is and where it came from. Did you know that you can actually see like 30 MHz of bandwidth on your screen at one time. Some radios allow you to select up to eight different frequency radios and show an individual waterfall display for each of them! How cool is that.

We talk about some uses for SDR’s in amateur radio and some of the equipment that you need to use one.

I also have a special offer that yall might be interested in as well, but I can’t tell you what it is, you have to check out the show notes or listen to the episode to find out.

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