New WSPR map

In case you didn’t know about it already, check out this new map of recent WSPR spots. (Editor’s note: please be advised that we have had a report of this link freezing a computer and requiring a reboot. I do not believe that it’s a malicious link, but it may be very resource intensive to load…)

It’s much faster than the ‘official’ one, which could bring Firefox to its knees on a slow computer. And it remembers allyour preferences including zoom level. A must-bookmark, if you’re a WSPR fan.

Julian Moss, G4ILO, is a regular contributor to and writes from Cumbria, England. Contact him at [email protected].

4 Responses to “New WSPR map”

  • kc2nyu:

    Julian – that is really neat, thanks for telling us about

  • Joe KB3PHL:

    What ever you do DON’T click on the link to this webpage. When I did it locked up my computer so bad that I had to cold reboot twice just to get it back to normal. Someones STUPID idea of a April fools joke I think. CLICK AT YOUR OWN RISK !

  • Matt W1MST:

    I tried the link and didn’t have any problem, though the layering on the Google Map seemed to use a lot of resources. I suspect that it might not work well on all hardware/software configurations, especially those that may older to start with.

    I have added a note with the link that some people have had problems with it, and to click at your own risk.

  • Larry VE8NX:

    Works fine here and is very fast.

    It does initially open up with all the frequencies clicked so if you have an older computer and there is a lot of activity that may cause some delay.(3GHz & 8GB memory here)

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