FCC Enforcement: A Call to Action

In recent months on 40M and 80M, there has been a concern by many Amateur Radio operators regarding certain individual’s operating behavior, specifically on 7.200 MHz and 3.822 MHz. Constant vulgar and indecent language, music being played, transmitting without a call sign, hate language, threats, and the use of the “N” word, have been normal operating habits by a few.

In the spirit of “self-policing,” when confronted by other Ham Radio operators concerned about the behavior, the result is a confrontation that does not resolve the situation but makes it worse.

For the reasons noted in the paragraph above, the FCC Enforcement Bureau has been contacted and notified of the behavior, which includes the Enforcement Bureau Chief and the FCC Chairman. The FCC has responded and is committed to eliminate the issues and will engage FCC resources to resolve this matter.

The FCC is requesting the Amateur community participate and assist in this effort:

“One of the ways that you, as amateur licensees, can assist the agency is to focus on long term patterned bad behavior yourselves. Begin a log of this behavior, noting days of the week, times of the day, and call signs of those stations that consistently and intentionally violate the Commission’s rules. Track this behavior over an extended period of time – say 30 days – and then send me your logs. Once we establish a consistent “pattern” of behavior, I can then request that a field agent from one of our local offices be sent to that location. By working together and establishing the “pattern” of behavior, we can ensure that our agent is in the right place at the most appropriate time to monitor the behavior and confirm the possible violation of the Commission’s rules. This helps to maximize use of our very limited and very valuable resource . . . our field agents”.

Amateur Radio is an extraordinary service to our communities and a wonderful ambassador to the world. We should not allow this type of behavior on the Amateur Radio bands. It is an absolute shame this type of abhorrent behavior is being conducted on Amateur Radio frequencies.

This is a Call-To-Action for all Ham Radio operators to assist the FCC as is being requested to ensure this type of behavior is curtailed and eliminated.

Ron Lowrance, K4SX, is a special contributor to AmateurRadio.com and writes from Missouri, USA.

124 Responses to “FCC Enforcement: A Call to Action”

  • Frank Shears, K7RMJ:

    Thank you for publishing this.

  • Walter Underwood - K6WRU:

    In what part of the US is this heard?

  • Dave NK7Z:

    Where do we send the logs?

  • Jay Thomson KC7MS:

    Glad to see something is being done about this. Very embarrassing when trying to show others what ham radio is all about and they hear this going on. The same goes when showing grandkids the hobby. There are more than just a couple of operators involved in this. Vulgarity seems to becoming the norm in QSO’s. This type of behavior needs to come to a stop right now.

  • William Bonillas KI7THK:

    Snail mail or E-mail address(s) to send logs to?

  • donald garner:

    was about to give up and sell out i am 58 got my ticket in 06 started trying to be a ham at the age 13 no one to help i finally did it what a let down to here and be treated the way i was .hope it gets back to what my dreams were about.

  • KD2JNL:

    Good job guys… This is a great article…

  • Dewey Jacks KC9SYJ:

    Great article and useful information! I am ashamed that this kind of behavior is taking place,…this not what the hobby is about! How am I to introduce anyone new to the hobby if what they hear is profanity being used on the air?

  • kirk mcintyre km9cq:

    I sure hope they can clean up that mess ! Been a long time in coming. I can not believe it has took this long for the FCC to (try) do something about it. They will have to make it severe in whatever they do or the problem will move and return !! GOOD LUCK

  • walter bradshaw K4OIM:

    I am like the others,be trying to show someone what ham radio is all about and run across all that dirty talk.Thank you i will help monitor.

  • james kennedy kb0wez:

    on the surface it would appear the FCC is concerned about this issue but people have been documenting and reporting this activity for far to long it seem’s they want us to do their job, and thats not what my role is nothing aggravate’s me more that someone not doing the job that they are paid to do,I have over the years done just as the post suggest’s we do,to help them with this issue, is this the best the FCC can do?

  • neil:

    With the state of today’s Uncle Sam, it’s not surprising that it’s taken this long for Enforcement to become involved.

    How long? Not that the ARRL is “enforcement,” but I wrote to [email protected]
    in Nov 2016: “For a couple of days in a row, at around 9:30 AM, on 7.200 MHz there’s been someone playing a tape recorder for almost continuous malicious QRM…”

    Their response included: “Official Observer Reports (here at HQ)…. [indicates] that 7.200 MHz seems to be among the worst spots on the Amateur Radio bands for this kind of activity.”

    So, assuming the ARRL and the FCC have a line of communications, I think more-than-one-year is a long time to pass before officially addressing this problem.

    Given society’s momentum towards ending democracy and civility, it’s easy to be pessimistic that gov’t institutions — or whatever is left of them — will have any interest or ability to eliminate this problem.

    Our best hope for gov’t action is our traditional marketing propaganda that Ham radio is a family-friendly activity (unlike certain other unrelated radio services), and adults should not need to be concerned that our childrens’ ears are going to be assaulted by barbarity just because they sat down at their parents’ radio stations and started tuning the bands. This is the perspective to share with our Congresspeople whom are responsible for the FCC. Maybe a few of our representatives will become Hams themselves when exposed to the concept, but that of course if going off on a tangent.

  • Roger Whitaker K9LJB:

    Just as it is on the Internet, don’t feed the trolls. Don’t engage with them on-air. That just feeds their warped sense of satisfaction as they thrive on people noticing them.

    When demonstrating ham radio to non-hams, stay away from the cesspool frequencies. Turn the dial and move on.

    This sort of activity is one reason why I turn the dial even further and slide on down to the CW portion of the bands. 😉

    Those of you who have the stomach for it, please log these offenders and let the Amateur Auxillary and FCC know about it. The more reports that pour in the sooner the offenders will be silenced.


  • Harry K7ZOV:

    I have been a ham since 1963. 75 meters, even back then, had pockets of cesspools of foul mouth morons. Over time I have ran across a few on 40 and one idiot on 20 meters who thought he was a disk jockey. Some, but not all of these morons I suspect are not hams or even CB’s just idiots who do not believe they are “Sovereign Citizens” and the federal laws are not legal and do not believe they have to follow them, (Look up Sovereign Citizen movement for more info). Some might be prepers who have illegal stations and feel they need to get on the air. That all said, it is a shame that this is still around on the ham bands. The key words is “still” around. They have always been there and still are. I suspect less then 1% .. However less then 1% in 1963 are fewer then less then 1% of the 800,000 US hams today, so it seems like more and in reality are more.

    File you complaint with the FCC and ARRL and hope someone will get off their bureaucratic ass (both at the FCC and ARRL) and just twist the dial. I have never run across any of these idiots when showing off ham radio. Maybe I have been lucky, I don’t know. At least they have not infected PSK/Olivia etc so far. With some luck they won’t.


  • Goody K3NG:

    The two frequencies mentioned are a good start. We need to look at everything from 3600 to 4000 kHz.

  • KA3SRE Willie C.Fair:

    Will assist in monitoring and report any infractions of non compliance.

  • "SAP" N0SAP:

    Dear FCC,

    Now that we have your attention, I hope you will start monitoring the bands more often for violators. Hams will be more than happy to rid the airwaves of this trash, so please give our emails and audio files serious consideration when we send them to you. This is all we can do in the “Self Policing” of our wonderful hobby. We need your efforts to lower the boom on these violators, to send a strong message “The FCC Is Back” in the law enforcement business.

  • Nick K5EF:

    In recent years, the Commission has seen its budget for field offices and enforcement severely cut. When licensed as a young ham in 1964, it was not uncommon to get an FCC notice that REQUIRED an immediate response for merely key clicks in the Novice Band. In my case and within days, I received three such notices in the mail from three different FCC monitoring stations for the same single QSO. My, how Times have changed!

    The Amateur Service can only self-police those in its ranks that recognize common decency, have pride in self, and respect the rights of others. The clowns that pollute the HF bands possess none of those attributes/qualities, and so, self-policing has no effect.

    Send the Commission these requested reports as often as necessary. The FCC alone has the authority to rid us of these QRMing idiots. While the ARRL may drop the ball in some matters, this is clearly one they have no ability or authority to directly correct – except to push the Commission via lobbying to act when solid reports are received.

  • Joe, W7RKN:

    The FCC enforcement is a joke. There is a ham (sic) in Northern California, that was cited and and fined, originally in the 1990’s. He is an attorney by profession and knows all the hoops. He continually asks for, and gets, continuations. He has presented ‘documents’ that show that it is illegal to require a license to operate a 2 way radio, and as such, the F.C.C. has no legal jurisdiction, and there fore, refuses to pay. As stated earlier, when a court date is set, he simply asks for a continuation, for whatever reason he chooses. He still gets on the air and harasses people, uses foul language and is very racial in his slurs. He has a very high power station and uses his power to jam frequencies o the point of no use. He *IS* careful to make sure he is not interfering with emergency communications, because a whole different set of rules comes into effect and he would be up the proverbial creek, if he ventured into those waters.

    Here in Northern Nevada, there is another ham that abuses repeater privileges. He has received certified mail, telling him to stay off of the repeater(s). He refuses to do so, The F.C.C. has sent him letters, etc., but to no avail.

    Truth be know, the F.C.C. simply does not have the resources to pursue these scofflaws. In the old days, a coax pinning party used to work nicely. I also know of an instance where a tower was pulled down and destroyed. Obviously, two wrongs don’t make a right, but sometimes fighting fire with fire can bring results legal avenues do not. <>

  • Richard KWØU:

    I hope this call helps. We had a good FCC enforcement specialist a few years ago, but he retired and I don’t believe anyone replaced him. Unfortunately these things can take time; a couple of decades ago 14.336 (county hunters) was plagued by a joker, but eventually the feds got him. It is harder when the perpetrator is outside the U.S., like a certain Canadian who embarrassed his fine nation with bizarre and filthy rants. I think he’s gone. All we can do is watch and report them, without giving any the satisfaction of engagement. Pathetic and maybe mentally ill, they are worth no one’s time.

  • Brian k0old:

    Well as mentioned above it is far past time for the FCC Enforcement to take action. I know on the mentioned 80 meter section and the 7.200 especially I have heard everything from threats to rape a man’s daughter to other indecencies about his wife. And this being just last year. Things are out of control. We (hams) will do something if our efforts are followed up by prosecution and confiscation of the violators equipment or severe fines or suspension of license. But when we turn in reports and band frequencies and nothing happens it make us lose heart. I became a ham so I could do volunteer work with relief agencies and National Weather Service and S.A.T.E.R.N. and other groups. I took pride in being a step above the CB’ers and a professional licensed radio operator.I hope your statements are with sincere conviction to remove the trash from the air waves. Thanks for making the post.

  • Bryan M0IHY:

    It’s sad to hear of your troubles, we have something similar regarding repeaters in the UK.
    Easier said than done but ignore them and eventually, they’ll get bored and go away (they feed on attention).
    Hope you catch them.

  • jerry w5kaw:

    well it’s about time! I sent certified letters and such plus worked trying to get this crap cleaned up as it came from 14.313 so I can tell you this that N2FUV AND K1LEM AND AC1DD and some unidentified on there are the trouble makers!! so I hope this time something puts them off the air for good!!

  • Mike W5EGO:

    The FCC can’t be bothered to do their job, but wants to push it off on us. They have the resources to monitor these violators 24×7, and the locate them down to a gnat’s whisker. Instead, they ask us to do their job. Nope. There is plenty enough evidence, all you have to do is collect it. This will require you to do something out of the ordinary for you. You will actually have to work.

    FCC field agenda and other employees: If you are going to suck on the federal tit, then you careerist jobsworths had best consider actually Earning Your Pay, instead of simply checking the days off your short-timers’ calendars.

  • Tom Langer KD9FPC:

    I agree, ignore and it goes away. If they have no audience, they have no reason to continue. I ran across both of these, and heard some very well meaning hams ask them to stop and it only spurred more activity!

  • Dave 2E0DTB:

    Over here across the pond when dealers used to ask you for your call sign before any radio transactions or selling would commence has shall we say rules has lapsed shall we say recently ,repeaters experience abuse on weekly and daily occasions ,due to the fact that dealers are selling ,digital ,c4fm and all manner of radios and powers to the cb fraternity ,who can access all devices ,that ham lads have had to study and gain certain licence classes and priveliges to operate ,cob fraternity cocking a snoop at ham fraternity ,all because dealers only interested in a sale ,indeed manufactures have made radios now that need call sign input but this is poor security of call sign as any 5 or 6 digits entered in to radio will allow operation of radios ,I actually imputed any 6 odd characters into my own ic7300 and guess what I could operate radio ,as I said very scant security .

  • David Corbett kb5rjl:

    I fear, this is only going to get worse where it is, and become completely unenforceable in the vhf/uhf area, with the massive proliferation of cheap handheld and mobile radios, that have almost no limits on transmit frequencies. I know of many in non-radio activities (off-roading, FAR-103 aviation that sell and promote these radios and pretty much just pick what appears to be an unused frequency to use. They have little if any idea that there actually are regs and laws for transmitting. Basically, no enforcement, no problem. I predict.. major problems in the coming years.

  • P T "Packy" PIckrell;AE3O:

    This is commendable and in my and many others best interest for sure. I have been inactive for some 20 years and now have retired and ready to rekindle the Hobby that I loved over the years ! I have heard this filthy childish banter over the past several months and often wandered if Riley could come back in the ranks and get this mess cleaned up as he did many years ago ? It os obvious that this is a threat o our future and need the proper enforcement and done so promptly. Thank you Packy

  • N2IFJ:

    Like many Amateur Radio Operators I have confronted these violators and have been called every bad word you can think of. It is time we do our part to stop this bad behavior to continue to ruin our great hobby! Please listen and log as much as you can. Record if you can. I will do my part as much as possible. Let us continue to enjoy our great hobby and clean up the bad apples from ruining our Amateur Privileges!
    Thank you, Chris (N2IFJ)

  • N3RAV:

    I have listened to these people on 7.200 They continually mock the FCC and name people at the FCC in their tirades. A few even read letters they received from the FCC and boldly announce “they know who we are and won’t do a —– thing. It all needs to be stopped. Also, I have heard long time hams use very vulgar language in the course of regular discussions. Very disappointing. Time to clean it all up. I too, will keep a log as requested. People should not feed their egos by wasting time arguing with these offenders. let’s all hope the problem gets solved — quickly!

  • Kd8pqe:

    We are in a leadership crisis in this country. Look at the FCC and the recent leadership of ARRL. Perhaps Riley should come back to run ARRL not the FCC enforcement policies.

  • John K7BIT:

    So what individual is responsible for FCC enforcement? Its time for FCC to publish its enforcement actions, so the good hams can see them in action and this also provides more information to track down repeat offenders. Hams as a group or individual can only monitor. FCC however is responsible to arrest, shut down, remove equipment, prosecute offenders. When it comes down to intentional QRM, threating harm, that should also become a Homeland security issue. As it can impact emergency communications.

    Hams again can only report, FCC needs to step up and take action.
    Its time for a new program leveraging all the exceptional technology available today to hunt these offenders down, same as terrorists.

    So FCC are you going to continue to blow off all the hams? Or get on with improving things.

  • Jay:

    Wow, W5KAW sites the people his crowd don’t like. This is why when FCC asks for comments, they need be aware of who gives them. Its like somebody who robs a 7-11, crusading for safe streets. Come on W5KAW you are a hypocrite. The stations you mention give their calls, do not play music or use expletives to excess. Your body RSY is on record with a drunk hour of obscene talk and tirades on 7200. Its on Utube, Miss Laura wrote him a letter, and Oh have you noticed nothin’ has changed.

  • no9n:

    Eight out of ten hams don’t know the rules from so called agreements. Agreements change by area too. I’ve seen this from several OO’s even. People make up stuff out of thin air. Don’t they have to have special authorization to experiment with ESSB? Isn’t it illegal to experiment and/or modify a radio? Politics will come into play for sure. One group talks good about republicans or democrats and the guy listening doesn’t like it. Report. Expect that to happen a lot. Many thousands of hams don’t understand what they are hearing and why. Example: The guy complaining that I’m splattering on him on lsb has moved in 2 kcs above me and his receiver is 3kcs wide. Do the math. This happens constantly. People just don’t think or don’t understand. Several manufacturers of radio equipment make dirty junk. (even some of the expensive stuff) The band conditions are a big, big problem. Yes, worse than MMGW. One minute I’m talking to the group and the next minute there are 3 groups there on the same freq. No one at fault but the crap hits the fan many times. I’ve recently heard several fights from nets and adjacent freq. rag chewers. The net people always think they are in the right, period and the FCC itself caused this. Example: The frequency is in use 2kcs above the net but they start it up anyway and then complain that they are being qrmed by the freq above. They also feel they are in the right because there group is “registered”. I’ve seen this happen many times even though the rules are specific here. Simply put, everyone in the hobby not doing what I do believes that what I do is wasteful, stupid and wrong for any ham to do and I should be killed if not worse. I don’t have the right to exist. AMers at 6kcs wide hate ESSBers at 6kcs wide even though they both take the same space. Cw and digital operators hate everyone with a microphone and think we should all be run off the planet. 7200 and 3822 don’t bother me much and if they did I would roll the knob and not listen. I seldom listen by the way. I’ve actually talked to several of the guys like Brad on 3822 and there is nothing wrong with him and many of the other guys except that they are ignorant to the ham ways in many respects. Most of those guys that I’ve heard on 75 meters are interested in conversation and building projects. That’s not ham enough though. On 7200, it’s a near constant train wreck of NO ONE IS RIGHT and EVERYONE IS WRONG and it seems to be a continuation of the long time 14.313 14.275 deal. I recently caught wind from an FCC insider that the FCC was considering absolute bandwidth limits for transmitters. The FCC apparently has no idea what a train wreck, atomic bomb, ww3 that will be simple because people don’t understand now what’s going on. SDR radios have made the problems worse not better because now everyone has a spectrum analyzer and no idea. If I’m 50 over on you, I’m going to look dirtier on your monitor than when I’m s3 AND I’m going to appear to take up more space. You want reports? Do that and reports will come in by the millions? I can’t see what all the fuss is about myself. People have been arguing and fighting on ham radio as long as I’ve been around and I started listening to hams in the 70’s and got my novice ticket in 81. I think things may even be better today than it was back then because it’s not as crowded overall as it was then. My 5 cents and I could go on for a week.

  • Clay KI7TMN:

    I’m glad to see this post! I’m a brand new ham, and obviously I’ve spent a lot of time listening while studying, and I was astonished and disgusted to hear this identical garbage.

    Having spent a lifetime in business dealing with budgets, I fully understand the FCC’s budget constraints. However, that doesn’t prevent the FCC from deciding how to allocate the budget that they do have.

    I will start monitoring and logging this activity when I find it, and will report it as soon as the protocol is establish.

    Clay, KI7TMN

  • k4tft:

    Cmon folks…look how long it took the fcc to get rid of K1MAN. The FCC has been tasked, in the new era of terrorist crackpots, to work closely with homeland security. Do you really think they care about a bunch of hillbilly rednecks carrying on over ham radio. Turn the dial…..

  • KA4AFE:

    I am ashamed of this behavior! The ARRL just says turn the dial if you don’t like it. I am callin for the FCC to raid all the offenders shack, and confiscate all Radio related equipment! Radios, amps, test equipment, antennas and every thing! This action although severe would send a strong message!

  • Dennis K4DL:

    I have been an Official Observer for a number of years. In all that time I have only sent on notice card out. In response, one of this persons friends sent me an unsigned letter in an envelope with no return address. The letter informed of many things about myself I was unaware of. It seems that OO’s had been documenting this ham’s on air activities for some time and forwarding them on to the ARRL and FCC because in the very next QST I as this ham’s name and call sign in an article. The FCC Enforcement article no less. Seems he became indebted to the FCC for a tidy sum. So, yes it seems to take forever. And yes, it is frustrating to hear it go on for so long. But they do at times take action and use all that documented pattern of abuse into account. Never give up! Never surrender!

  • Eddie N4EMP:

    One can only HOPE this “action” gets results!

  • Jim Rutter KC3DBO:

    It’s not just HF , with the ease of getting Radios now days and cheap Chinese ones. Like baeofang. Folks are on now will no license. Just watched a video of a guy recommending a Vr5 and was talking on his to a group like he was on a walkie talkies.

  • Ed W4SOD:

    One cannot expect much better since CBers took over the ham bands. What does it take now to get a ham license…..just sign on the dotted line?

  • Sterling N0SSC:

    So we can track planes using ADS-B multilateration to an accuracy of 100m using RTL-SDRs, Raspberry Pi’s, and NTP timing, but we don’t do that for HF lids?

    I think there’s an opportunity there.

  • Bill - WA8MEA:

    1) Listen to what Riley Hollingsworth said; “Turn the big knob!”
    2) I am afraid that if too many hams start flooding the FCC over two frequencies with bad actors, they might do like our grade school teachers did and keep the whole class after school. In other words, punish ALL of us!

  • jerry w5kaw:

    wow now that’s funny the comment above from jay who doesn’t give his callsign but yet thinks I support what rsy does he’s his on man and he has to deal with the issues he causes so no I don’t support him in that regards! but if you were attacked like rsy was attacked I doubt you would do any different! but yeah I do hope fcc ends this crap and does more to keep the freq’s clean!!

  • Goody K3NG:

    >Cmon folks…look how long it took the fcc to get rid of K1MAN

    They basically had to wait for him to pass away. Did he ever pay his fines? I sense that he didn’t.

  • Goody K3NG:

    >One cannot expect much better since CBers took over the ham bands. What does it take now to get a ham license…..just sign on the dotted line?

    Some of these guys were licensed in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, way prior to any testing requirement changes. This claim doesn’t hold water.

  • Bill - WA8MEA:

    Good stuff by Riley!

    “One Big Knob!”

  • Paul ZS2OE:

    Visiting Canada for some months I was amazed to hear how folk swear and curse and bash religions on air, primarily out of the US. Maybe the influence of social media where you can say anything and get away with it ? Pretty sad but goo dthat the FCC is acting.

  • Ray AA4EZ:

    I have been an OO for years and find that the ARRL does not do anything. I do not believe that they even pass the advisory card information on to the FCC. I know my OOC does not even acknowledge receiving my required monthly report and does not act on my request to have others monitor certain frequencies. I hope no-one is counting on either the FCC or the ARRL to really do anything. As others have pointed out, they have been very ineffective in the past.

  • John KC2OII:

    Keep tracking these bad guys and keep reporting, we shall get action from the FFC sooner or later. Have patience, keep monitoring, the action will eventually come.

  • Bob WB3DYE:

    WHY wait??? The FCC has the technology to find the culprits..This call to action sounds like another stall

  • Vidas N8AUM:

    FCC won’t do a thing and could care less since there’s no or very little incentive to enforce their own laws.

  • Freddie Joe Ferrara,Jr. W5FJF:

    Call To Action FCC!!!!!!!

  • Billy Joe Bob BR549:

    The FCC is an incompetent bunch of lazy bureaucrats. I’m on 7200 every day playing music, qrming, and jamming. If you don’t give a call you’ll never be found unless some hambone stool pigeon rats you out. Even then nothing’s gonna happen cuz the FCC couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the directions were written on the heel. They need to stop pretending to enforce the ham bands and put a license in every box of cracker jack. No money in the budget my azz. They got plenty of money to watch porn and push useless paper all day. What a sad joke. Trump needs to shut ‘em down, and the EPA and the XYZ, you name it. Speaking of CB, I mean ham radio, it’s time for me to get my 5 tone roger beep back on the air. 10-4?

  • bubba BR549:

    This is a tactic for the FCC to occupy your time so you will not complain to them. Several of the problems on HF have been reported to the FCC in fantastic detail for years. The FCC angered Congress with several scandals and had their budget reduced greatly. All you can do now is avoid these lid frequencies. When there is no where left to go we can all find a new hobby. many already have.


  • don ve2diw:

    Thanks for the article.I wish our Canadian Industry Science would do more for the Amature operators here.

  • Adrian k4bwl:

    Been a Ham since 1955. Born Again Christian
    Hope they do something this time
    I just stay clear of this

  • jerry w5kaw:

    well I been saying if some of you really cared you know needle in the coax and cut flush with side cutters will fix the problem so I know some of you live near these troublemakers and can do something about it! you know southern justice does work!!

  • do ve2diw:

    I have been listening for the last 30 days,the rubbish on the 7.2 mhz.I cannot believe,that these people using the frequencies as they are,realize what the world is thinking of this minority,that is ruining our hobby,& hurting so many people.I have recorded,& will be sending my info to the authorities,hoping things will change in the near future.

  • David Fargas:

    It’s interesting that certain characters in this comment section are calling for, “southern justice” where it concerns people they consider rulebreakers when they themselves have received multiple warning letters from the FCC and have been captured on tape using profanity and making obscene comments:


  • Fred VE3FAL:

    I have been sending recordings and letters for years to the FCC and Industry Canada for some of our cancers, only to be told by the FCC I need not send anymore. But yet the rubbish continues.
    I have cassette recordings to this day of the Stump Jumpers and Herbie and the clan still to this day that I used to record and listen too.
    Self policing will not solve this garbage

  • Frank ka2ufp:


  • Frank ka2ufp:

    …every morning 7.185…east coast…same player from 7.200…just listen you will figure it out…

  • Bob N2OG:

    Most of the problem people on 7185 and 7200 is (Jay) G E Davis K1LEM, What a mouth on this guy, the F and N word are nothing new for him, darn shame we have people like him in amateur radio, best just to stay out of the phone portion and stick with cw, I have not heard any crazy crap there.

  • Bob N2OG:

    K1LEM on 7200 5/24/18 jamming and playing music now at 1:25 pm. He claims to have sent the FCC a hand written letter for his cancellation of his amateur license.

  • 185 DOJO:

    If the FCC was serious….all the work has already been done for them! Just look up any of those offending calls on YouTube.. Hours of recording, voice recognition software will confirm voice, cancel their license. Yeah it really is that easy if they had any intention of doing something….but they don’t!

    Update: As of this morning K1LEM license is canceled (by him, not the FCC), but I believe it to be a ploy to just change call sign…

    N2OG if you think K1LEM is bad, do a youtube search on K9RSY, LEM is a choir boy compared!

    And W5KAW is just chiming in to attempt to make it look like he isn’t one of the offenders…..He is!

  • n2og:

    What ever you think Joe (185 dojo). You are ALL ignorant little 12 year old children!

  • Jay:

    I am so unhappy the obscene sexual predator K9RSY just goes on and on.
    Its so bad the 7200 police men K1LEM just resigned from radio for good.

  • n2og:

    Gary (Jay)
    You Are the worst one for the obscene comments, for someone that was a school teacher, you sure have most filthy mouth out there. This morning on 7185 6/3/2018 at 07:45 you were interfering with the OMIC net, playing your recordings. Do Not Tell me it Was Not You, it has been recorded and sent in to FCC enforcement division. And as far as K9RSY and the rest of the misfits they will have there day.You have a wonderful day now.

  • David Fargas:

    In private Email, Laura Smith disavowed her comments quoted in this article, the public forum in which they were spoken and the recent QST article discussing the same.

    N2OG, you’re wrong. Gary is a ham problem child but compared to K9RSY his comments are nowhere near obscene. Simply search K9RSY on YouTube and you’ll be treated to a brutal display of public indecency, profanity, indecency and vulgarity that meets the textbook FCC definition of all those things. It’s an almost daily occurrence and has been for over a year now.

    Laura Smith simply doesn’t care and seemingly has no plans to take any action at all.

  • n2og:

    No one by the name of David Fargas in the FCC data base as a amateur radio operator.
    So you have no say in any thing that goes on in the ham world.
    EVERY ONE on 7200 is involved and are not innocent by any means.
    Anyone who has to use profanity in every sentence is ignorant plain and simple.
    And everyone on 7200 are ham problems.
    And I am not wrong.
    Thank you and you have a good day.

  • Frank ka2ufp:

    …X arrl official observer…ka2ufp… No Respect Support organization, HARASSED with 29 e-mails after OO card sent to w3jkc daniel couture. Reported harassment, nothing NEVER DONE..X ceo response, go to next step on my own. sc ooc said call local PD…Hands, Palms UP ORGANIZATION which only wear Blue shirts,flash thumbs up and ask for IRA contributions…

  • Frank ka2ufp:

    Daniel Couture
    March 20 at 9:35pm ·
    1418 CHANSON CT
    LITTLE RIVER, SC 29566
    …ka2ufp.received many harassment e mails from dan couture w3jkc while a OO and still receiving after … if you read first paragraph it attacks and the one sentence agreement…”BELLOW IS WHAT YOU WILL FIND HE WROTE ON HIS QRZ PAGE AND I THINK IT SAYS IT ALL!!!!!”

  • Jefferson:

    K1lem IS NOT OBSCENE IN THE SLIGTEST. K9RSY a drunk, a wanna be and a cult, slime obscenity mouth operative of the beat women and rape girls society. There every day doing his thing.
    Now, as for KA2UFP we in DC area know him as a defrocked OO and a jammer along with his put buddy K2RKB.

  • n2og:

    Jefferson, it sounds like you are on 7200 everyday, and I can bet you are just like the rest of the low life that are on there and without a call sign to boot. I could care less what you or the rest of you morons think of K1LEM, he is a mental case. And thank God he is gone. You are one of the one’s that are afraid to put your call sign on these forums! Well as you can see I’m not, so what are you afraid of, you seem to have no problem shooting of with bs here.Tells me you are afraid someone will know the truth about who you are Mr, DC
    Thank you and have a nice day

  • Frank ka2ufp:

    …dan couture w3jkc very frustrated individual. deliberately, intentionally causes interference to my communications 3.977.50…thank you…ka2ufp

  • Canine Dog:

    N2OG you are Frank or is it his Qrming buddy K2RKB. Y’all have a nice day 10-4

  • n2og:

    Canine dog, You must be some kind of stupid! Just look at the first four letters you typed, then go and see a doctor for more of those stupid pills he gave you for the rocks God gave you for brains.

  • Canine Dog:

    Just an update. K1LEM did not have his HR license revoked or receive an NAL. He asked FCC to cancel his license because Smith sent Gary another QRM letter for 7200, while at same time allowing many unidentified stations plus obscene behavior of K9RSY to go unchecked. What sort of system do we have here? And even today we get a dead man in Newark New York, making threats to K1LEM, when the man isn’t even licensed anymore. Sick sick sick You are and who would want to be a part of that? I guess Gary decided he had had enough.

  • John K:

    Now we hear dead people on ham radio????, maybe zombies are after the man! who knows, 7200 does have a bunch of crazies on there.Did you hear this dead man speaking?.the rest of us would like to know.

  • n2og:

    Gary or is it canine dog or methus or Jay or watershed or applebark music, what is it going to be today.
    Second thing what did this Dead man say to you?, You must have been on the radio to hear whatever this dead man said to threaten you, sounds like this is just another lie exiting your mouth.
    We also know YOU are Still playing recordings of K9RSY and playing other noise that drowns out anyone having a somewhat normal QSO, and most of normal is out the window on 7200.
    If you had half a brain you would still be a ham operator, but you want to be just like W6WBJ and K3VR, but you will not learn, all you do is throw a tantrum when you can’t get your way, so look what it just got ya.And thank God for that.

  • Law and Order:

    N2OG, this is not a legitimate call. You are a sick puppy. The things you accuse Gary of doing is not from his station. I assume if we could use real names, let me say you would have a law suit for innuendos and false statements. FCC did not revoke any licenses that I know of. Sorry sicko.

  • n2og:

    Law and Order…I mean Gary E Davis the ham with many call signs from 1964 on up.From Vermont to S Carolina. You have to do what ever you please. All I can say is good luck at that and have fun trying Pedo.

  • n2og:

    For the last few weeks Gary E Davis has been playing Vulgar recordings of K9RSY, all it took was a little direction finding to see where the signal was coming from, all the thank’s from the new SDR Tracking software, Gary think’s No one knows it is him doing this on 7200, this morning he was at it again at 10:00 am est. I just wonder how long it will take for the US Marshall’s to be at his door with a warrant for his arrest.I myself can not wait to see the headlines.

  • n2og:

    Again today 8/30/18 at 10:00 am est, Gary E Davis playing another recording, over and over again wanting others to join in with him, with playing recordings of K9RSY.
    Gary needs to be dealt with very soon before it is too late.

  • John K:

    Gary E Davis, now KX4NB, 30 South Main st, Campobello,SC 29322

  • John K:

    Gary is using the post office as his new address. Makes me laugh, The FCC is that stupid!!!!!, just let Gary right back in there to jam and bother other hams, it is a sad sad day.

  • KC2YJV:

    I have nothing on HF in 4 years and have decided to buy a new station to make contact with old friends once again! So I have contacted my friends on 3.97 7.50 and all of a sudden I find myself under attack from k2rkb because he does not like the two people I talked to! Not only has he made comments that are vulgar but he has now made comments about my other half and I find this unacceptable!

  • KC2YJV:

    I have nothing on HF in 4 years and have decided to buy a new station to make contact with old friends once again! So I have contacted my friends on 3.97 7.50 and all of a sudden I find myself under attack from k2rkb because he does not like the two people friends I talked to! Not only has he made comments that are vulgar but he has now made comments about my other half and I find this unacceptable!

  • KC2YJV:

    I have nothing on HF in 4 years and have decided to buy a new station to make contact with old friends once again! So I have contacted my friends on 3.97 7.50 and all of a sudden I find myself under attack from k2rkb because he does not like the two people friends I talked to! Not only has he made comments that are vulgar but he has now made comments about my other half and I find this unacceptable! I DO NOT EVEN KNOW THIS HAM PERSONALLY!

  • John K:

    Did you post that enough times, you may want post it another 5 or 6 times, you know just to get the point across.

  • n2og:

    KC2YJV, Why not just talk to your animal friends instead, just stay away from the people kind of friends, then this other guy will not call you names?, I don’t know give it a try.Go meow meow or bark or something.

  • KC2YJV:

    This is not my posting! Please remove them!

  • w3jkc:

    Someone really needs to do something about K2RKB and KA2UFP. These two idiots have been creating so much drama and crap on 3.977.50mhz AND IT NEEDS TO STOP. These two hang out on 7.200mhz. Causing problems and telling those morons to come to 75meters to jam people. THIS NEEDS TO STOP!!!

  • n2og:

    Just to let all of you know…Gary Davis now KX4NB is doing the posting of all you guys, I heard him on 7195 telling Harry KA1FXK and John KB3MZQ just the other morning, Gary goes around the bands recording everyone and then use’s the recordings as he wishes, He plays some over the air and some he posts online in forums like here, just as he just did with KC2YJV. Gary heard you two talking about those two other guys and used that to post right here. Gary claims to have been a school teacher, That he was not, Just look again at the post of the ones he made of KC2YJV and read it, you will see what i’m talking about. You have to get out and smell the roses sometimes to really get the big picture, but it is not the other two doing any posting.And I’m sure Victor can type a better post than Gary can.

  • John K:

    I just got a phone call and they have told me Gary E Davis is no longer a ham operator, The FCC got him again!. THANK YOU FCC

  • John K:

    W3JKC, You were on 3977.5 bothering two hams on 9/4/18 at 6:45, they were on the freq before you, why do you have to cause hate and discontent. I was on and listening at 5:00 pm just to see who was the trouble maker, well it was you.

  • W3jkc:

    John k. You need to think again. K2rkb and ka2ufp are the ones causing all the nonsense on 3.977.50. They both qrm both 3.977,50 and 7.200. The only reason they even come to 3.977,50 is to bad mouth everyone there. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE DRAMA… K2rkb is a liar and a trouble maker. They both are sick people with deep mental issues. IT NEEDS TO STOP!!!

  • John K:

    W3JKC, I have heard you with the f word the n word toward both of these other two just last night, and the f word tonight. So who is the bad guy?, sounds like you right now, I have not heard the other two with any profanity out of their mouths, Only You, You were also heard telling one of the stations you were going to make a special trip to knock on his door, sounds like a personal threat to the guy. And They are not bad mouthing any one. I have also seen you brandishing a weapon on the internet bragging you would use it on a amateur radio operator last year if they came to your home.You sound like Gary Davis making threats to other hams. It’s not a good thing to do.It’s a good way to go directly to jail.

  • W3jkc:

    Really?? Are one of the 7.200 crew cause I think you are and you seem to have a lot of nothing to say. None of us on 3.977.50 talk like that. I think your just doing here what you idiots do on 7.200 and that is cause drama. Well you are wrong and I am not going to get into a stupid argument here. Nice try though. I know who you are and you my friend are one of those morons that act like idiots on 7.200. It is sad that you and the others there act the way you do. Some professional help might make your live better. Try it!!!!

  • John K:

    W3JKC, You are a liar, I heard you plain as day Last night and this evening as well with the profanity, SO Don’t LIE to me, I Hate liars!. Second of all I have never transmitted on 7200 not today or any other day for that matter, But I listen to all bands, and I have heard YOU on 7200 along with the whole lot of you ex CB’ers, I wish the FCC had not stopped the code test, then You and the rest of the morons would not be on amateur radio. We did not have all the profanity back in the 50’s and 60’s. But now you children think profanity is ok, in fact I bet you use it in front of your family and around kids, and don’t lie because I know more than you think. I will continue to keep the FCC informed, and do not think I was the only one that heard you.You keep that in mind.

  • Bill p:

    I was also listening last night John and your full of crap!!! Your the liar buddy!!! Don’t listen to that idiot he’s just trying to start a fight like those morons on 7200

  • w3jkc:

    Man you are so full of crap!! None of us talk like that. Your just trying to start a fight like those morons on 7200.. Nice try.

  • John K:

    You are both liars, I have no transmitter, I listen on SDR.U, and make recordings and send them to the FCC enforcement online. I can not make up story’s when it goes straight from SDR to the FCC web page. Wait and see for your self.

  • w3jkc:

    John you a nut job. Have fun. Lol Another OO want to be moron. Lol

  • Canine Dog:

    You full grown bad breathe diaper depends drips need to just grow up. I think Gary former KX4NB learned a hard lesson about America and the storm troops at FCC. Worse the double dipper diaper shacks that keep spewing Smith something to delete from her computer and go back to her Nails and Facebook page.

    I used to believe in US, not now, more like those who want to get armed and move to Montana.

  • John K:

    Gary (canine dog) why don’t you just commit suicide and get it over with if you hate life so much, you brought it all on by yourself, no one did it to you.The FCC does not just pull peoples names out of a jar to pick on, they go after people who do not abide by the law, and you are no law abiding citizen. You have been caught jamming, playing music, interfering with ongoing QSO’s, not giving your call sign, there is so much more Gary, it must not click in your little noggen that what you are doing is not normal.

  • David Fargas:

    @N2OG: You are a liar, sir. There is absolutely no proof whatsoever that K1LEM or AC1DD are the people playing recordings of the vile K9RSY.

    I don’t know what your problem is with Gary, but you need to get over it. If you don’t like him or his opinions, that’s fine, but pretty much everything you’ve said about him is a lie.

    He took all three exams and passed them in a single day in pursuit of a new license since the FCC unfairly granted him a reconsideration on his previous one, despite the fact that his cancellation was filed in error. They are now jamming up his new license even though no NAL/FO has been issued against him and there are no legitimate issues with his operating practices.

    You may not like Gary, and with the way he sometimes comes off I can understand that. But lying about him and pretending he, relative to, among others, the extremely vile K9RSY, is THE problem on 7200 to the exclusion of all others makes you a moron. And if the FCC can treat him unfairly, they can treat YOU unfairly as well.

    And when the new arrangement with the FCC where ARRL OOs now collective evidence in enforcement cases takes effect, watch out. Big mouths like Francis up above aren’t just going to be sending out cards for you to ignore, they’re going to be submitting evidence that is actually going to be used in enforcement cases.

    And, FYI, whether or not I’m listed is irrelevant to anything I’ve said. But since you want to make a thing of it, what’s the deal with your call-sign, assuming you’re the person who is actually the licensee?

  • n2og:

    I don’t know what the deal is with my call sign, Can’t you read!
    Davis you have been a trouble maker for years,I can remember as far back as 1964 you were jamming nets and playing music over the air and interfering with other hams. I’am 82 years old and can still hear just fine. And any fool can pass all three test now!So what. I’m not too happy the FCC dropped code but they did and there was nothing you or anyone could do about it period. Now back to You if you are so smart, tell me why do you act like a child?, changing your voice to a little girls voice, just how grown up is that? being a amateur radio operator. That is what one could to expect from a CB operator. But not a ham. You even got John doing the same thing, You should be ashamed with yourself, what are you now 73 years old, ACT your age!.

  • Cat Night Out:

    To: David Fargas,
    You sir are entirely correct. Gary did cancel license and then on reconsideration found FCC only allows 24 hours to get a cancellation dumped. Smith came in as the unjust hurricane she is and failed to assist. Indeed, the grant of cancelation was done. The only thing FCC has done for Gary in years ! She (Smith) does have agenda and she also entertains through Emails and phone to her desk all sorts of invalid or intentional slurs about K1LEM and probably others. I took exam and passed with all elements 97,100, 96. I took element 2 in NC others in Spartanburg (ARRL) , but had previous license so could grandfather. The KX4NB calls was totally legally obtained. She after being tipped about it asked that the license be held aside. I called this woman and she was rude, implied some sort of on going investigation. This is a RUSE that could keep license forever in LIMBO.
    I am an American and I am now not really after what I earned, rather that Smith be disciplined and several federal whistleblower groups have been called.
    The phoney call who is a sicko N2OG, more than likely KA2UFP.
    73 guys, just remember this could happen to any one of us.

  • n2og:

    (cat night out ) You mean Gary E Davis.
    Gary, you really should be admitted into the mental hospital, you are in serious need of help, whatever the bi polar med’s you are on is not working for you, maybe they will up the dosage for you before you hurt yourself.
    And I want to know WHY you don’t answer the questions that you are asked, all you do is change the subject, why is that Gary?, sounds like you are hiding something from the public.
    I think you did something wrong that you should have not done!.Just what was it Gary, I’m a DR. you can tell me.
    Now on to the subject of the FCC, as (john ) said above they do not pick names out of a hat and say ok let’s get him this time. No what has happened in your case was they found you not giving your call sign, playing music over the amateur radio, interfering with others, jamming amateur radio emergency comm’s, jamming amateur nets, and so on. I have seen all those You Tube videos of you, and others as well.
    None of you should have a amateur radio license, everyone of you act like children, I have checked all of your ages and it really stuns me just how you all act, you should all be ashamed of yourselves.
    Now as far as this last license, You tried to get around the system, well Gary as you can see it not work. You cannot change your social security number for one, second you cannot change your name without going to a judge, and much paper work involved, and lets say you did change your name, YOU still cannot change your social#, you just thought you could cheat the people at the FCC, and they would never know, no one turned you in this time, you did this to yourself, no one twisted your arm.
    That is why I say get some medical help! while you still can.
    Oh, and it is n2og, I don’t have to make up a bunch of names to post online of myself, and try to make it look like it’s a bunch people here sticking up for you!.

  • Canine Dog:

    N2OG, you sir are a mental case. You have a negative fascination with Mister Davis, who did voluntarily get out of radio because of morons like yourself. You have no proof what so ever Gary plays tapes on 7200 and that he continued transmissions after having the license cancelled. False accusations from a childish and sick old fart such as you. Obviously you are obsessed with Gary Davis for some strange reason. What you say has no effect what so ever on Gary at all. The player of the tapes, if Smith really did have the FCC professional direction finding, which she says she has, not really just goes by call in anecdotal complaints. The FCC does NOT work on Sundays! The station is trailer trash W3JKC. Oh, you missed that one uh.

  • n2og:

    So, Gary. I guess that if the FCC does not work on Sunday, You can play music, jam the nets, bother others QSO’s, well because it is Sunday and the FCC is not watching, is that right? yes or no?.

  • David Fargas:


    It’s absurd that one only has 24 hours to withdraw a request for cancellation, and even more absurd that one has to rely on an entirely non-transparent and, seemingly, biased system of reconsideration.

    We simply have no idea how this process works and what procedures are in place; how is a decision made as to whether or not a license cancelled in error should be reconsidered? What’s the criteria? By all appearances, it seems to be no more than that some unelected and unaccountable bureaucrat says, “Well, a bunch of people have made complaints about this person”, never-mind the fact that the complainants are, mostly, liars and lids themselves whose violations are significantly worse than this guy… “But, uh… uh… there’s a lot of complaints about him!”… There is no discernment whatsoever, and that’s extremely sad.

    Where is the League in all of this? Why aren’t they advocating for transparency and clear, codified procedures? Why aren’t they advocating for treating the non-remunerative services differently from Commercial and Emergency services? Oh, that’s right… they’re too busy trying to get Congress to fight HOAs for them.

    But this N2-HOG doesn’t like Gary Davis for some inexplicable reason, so he’s fine with government-sanctioned bullying by unaccountable public officials seemingly making up law and procedures as they go along.

  • n2og:

    I see Gary you are not going to answer the Question I asked YOU!, are YOU going to play music, jam the nets, bother others QSO’s on this and every Sunday, you know as you said the FCC is not paying any attention to you on Sunday, because they don’t work on Sunday. So is it a YES or NO ? that is All I want to know.

  • Cat Night Out:

    Yes, I see, the old 85 year old N2OG, senile old fart still puffing steam from the pot. Old fart just die or something. Gary never transmitted on 75 as KX4NB and hasn’t had an antenna for years. Get over your insane negative fascination with somebody much more intelligent than you are. Let me say, Gary consciously gave up the license, Smith loved that. She then invented a closed door so he cannot be licensed again. So its a soft and easy and illegal way to invoke some bogus excuses to keep HR for old fart diapers like you.
    So be it. Gary is gone and he is quite over the injustice of it. In fact what would be the point of pursuing even a complaint against Smith. Let her Buzz on. Its over ROVER

  • n2og:

    That was your first word up above here Gary, so that is an answer you gave me, YOU PLAN ON PLAYING MUSIC, JAM THE NET’S, BOTHERS QSO’s ON EVERY SUNDAY. YOU SAID YES, AND I KNEW YOU WOULD.
    AND Gary YOU ARE THE LIAR!, IF YOU HAD NO ANTENNA FOR YEARS, THEN HOW THE HELL DID YOU TALK TO KB3MZQ, AND KA1FXK ON 7.195 the other week, just before the FCC put the binders on kx4nb. AND DON’T LIE Gary, I heard YOU, AND it IS on you tube!. AND NOT to mention your other JEW friend Peter KC2QYM.
    So now go ahead Gary it’s your turn, tell us some more of your out right lies.
    Wait I know….here it goes, I know some YOU tell everyone.
    I worked as a disk jocky.
    I worked as a grade school teacher.
    I worked as a Collage Professor.
    I worked as a prison guard.
    I worked for the NSA.
    I worked for the Department of Justice.
    I worked for the school system as a Janitor.
    Now the LAST ONE is more like the real truth, come on Gary, don’t lie anymore. because it is all on YOU TUBE, W1IT, K1LEM, and the last one KX4NB.
    Listen to them all Gary, instead of posting here and posting on you tube. Then you can retract all the lies you have told to everyone over the years!!.
    AND Gary YOU HAVE NEVER TOLD THE TRUTH IN YOUR LIFE. I bet Elizabeth is turning her grave right now.

  • Canine Dog:

    N2OG, You are one sick dog. Why are you so involved with Gary Davis. Gary has MS degree and associates. He has worked at schools and colleges and DOJ. Jealous? Well, you are mentally deranged and if I can find you I will have the mental health people pick you up before you hurt someone. We know you old piece of szit will just open and blast about crap you have no knowledge of. Obvious at 82 you have and always will be first class- Yes a first class loser.

  • n2og:

    Gary we all want to see on paper all the degrees you have, take a picture with your high class camera that you have, and post it right here, or on your yt page. Then once we see it, I and everyone will leave you alone, hows that. I bet you wont do it, and want to know why?. BECAUSE Gary YOU ARE A LIAR and you will not do it, we will keep on until you hang yourself, or overdose.
    Now lets see the documents. All of them!!!.
    And again you NEVER answer the question given to you, all you do is change the subject. Every time. You were on 7.195 with the call KX4NB. And it had been TERMINATED. and that call is up for grabs.
    Lets see the documents.
    Oh, by the way I have already checked with the DOJ and they have no record of you working for them, and also checked with other places you claimed to have worked at, and got the same answer no one by the name of Gary E Davis.
    Show us the documents Gary!.

  • Baby Horse Manure:

    N2OG you are obsessed, I really think nobody is going to open up to an old degenerate alcoholic with LOW IQ and give you any information what so ever. But, we will let you be now, I have better things to do than rub ass with a szit cake like you. Bye

  • n2og:

    Gary you are just a liar, I knew you would not show us any truth to that phony story you tell everyone, and that’s because you ARE a PHONY. Gary the Pedophile.

  • Steve K9hy:

    A year ago I sent in “awesome” digital recordings with dates, time, freq’s and were sent back marked refused and I used priority mail and w/delivery confirmation $$$ out of my own pocket. Asked why and NEVER got RSV back with any sort of and explanation..NIL … Big timers violating pt. 97, 301, 302(b). 2.815 (b) & (c) and so on…

    Same with illegal equipt. builders/sellers and still DBA on air and on their
    internet market sales and shop of illegal equipt. and especially 10m free bander sets and amps…
    If it were and FM Pirate on commercial broadcast band they be all over it –ASAP.

    And I mean ASAP… It is this crazy downsizing with all this FCC EB WWV/WWVH next… More lawyers vs. RF Engineers…

  • Horse with no Name:

    To: K9KY: You know all my life I really had respected the US Gov. . I even worked for them for a while. Now, when I see the small minded and selective terminations they make to these little nobody FM stations and threats made. While same time allowing a complete wash of FM and yes AM bands by religious and right wing crackers .. you must wonder. I think FCC says it works on complaints which could include the 12 year old with a 100mw fm radio he is just playing with as a DJ. The Smith era shows great intolerance and selective harassing of people such as the former K1LEM and indeed, for years K1MAN. How much legalese have they wasted? Indeed, the only smart move they made years ago was to back away from 11 meters. We all know a 5 watt radio on 11 is a joke. Look at the pill boxes out there. In fact CB tech is way ahead of hams and the first amendment isn’t being infringed they way they did on 7200 (not to everyone, just a few of the least offenders) RSY still in full manure bloom.

  • n2og:

    To the horse with out a name=Gary E Davis 215 Applebark lane Inman, SC, W1IT, K1LEM, and last one KX4NB, now you are going to lie to K9HY, Gary you should be ashamed of yourself, I’m very sure poor Elizabeth is turning in her grave, and brought in to the world a liar such as you.

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